The TV MegaSite's Monday 10/20/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Aidan searches frantically for Greenlee before another tornado hits. He finds her under the rubble of an old abandoned building. When she comes to, the first words on her lips is, “where’s Ryan. “ Adam and Erica are still trapped behind the walls in the Chandler mansion. Opal has been taken to the hospital by ambulance. A tornado hit’s the Comeback Bar, but everyone is alive except Babe and Little A, who are trapped under the rubble. J.R. and Krystal manage to get Little A free, but Babe’s leg is trapped under a beam and it has severed an artery. Angie works, frantically, to save Babe’s life. Aidan manages to find Ryan, alive. Zach finds Spike and Ian safe and sound under some rubble. He searches for Kendall, but finds Bianca instead. When Bianca comes to, her first concern is about her baby. Zach is surprised that Bianca is pregnant. Zach finally finds Kendall, but she is not breathing. Another tornado hits, but it misses the Comeback Bar all because of the prayers of Krystal. Annie’s concern is on Emma and where she is. Babe comes to long enough to want to say good-bye to Little A. Adam questions Erica as to her feelings for him.

Another tornado hits and Aidan’s leg is trapped under an electric pole. Ryan manages to lift the pole off Aidan’s leg. Babe quits breathing, but Angie manages to revive her. Zach finds out that he is the father of Bianca’s baby. Jesse leaves his daughter just long enough to go to the hospital to check to see how everyone is. Jesse tells Tad and Opal what had happened at the Comeback Bar. Kendall is taken to the hospital where she goes into cardiac arrest. Opal is frantic when she finds out what had happened to Babe and J.R. and the others at the Comeback Bar. Adam confesses to Erica that he had indeed been the one, who was behind the mess at Fusion.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Lily finds out that Dusty now owns part of Worldwide. Holden checks in with Meg wondering if she and Paul are ok; Meg assures him everything is fine, as she thinks Paul is getting better. Emily is worried about what Paul is going to do to Dusty. Lily and Dusty disagree with his decision to stay in Oakdale; Lily is upset with Dusty and wants him to stay away from her and Holden. Derek comes to see Bonnie, but he thinks she would be better off without him. Lily tells Holden that Dusty is sticking around now that he owns part of Worldwide. Lily and Holden worry Dusty will always come between them. Paul hires Derek to plant drugs on Dusty by blackmailing him since he didn’t press charges against him before. Emily overhears this plan and calls Paul on it. Paul explains that this is part of the bigger plan to discredit Dusty in Meg’s eyes. Holden goes to see Dusty to tell him to stay away from Lily because of how much he hurt her, but Dusty calls him on his affair with Carly causing Lily more pain then he ever could have. Faith tells her mom that she is worried that they are going to split up again; Lily assures her that she and Holden are going to try harder then ever before to stay together. Derek goes to see Meg to tell her what Paul is up to. Holden and Lily try to come to an understanding about forgiving and forgetting and the past staying in the past. Meg learns of Paul’s underhanded activities from Derek. Emily and Paul argue about his plan to set up Dusty and when Dusty interrupts them. Paul taunts Emily to tell him, but Emily lies. Meg confronts Paul about him offering Derek money to set Dusty up. Paul tries to make Meg understand his twisted rationale, but Meg can’t take it and tells him that she is done and can’t help him anymore. Lily and Holden really listen to one another and promise to love one another unconditionally and to believe and trust in one another blindly. Meg tells Paul that she can’t risk the stress he is putting on her and the baby; she is leaving. He is acting like James and she can’t live like they are. He needs to figure out a way to get over his obsession with Dusty, and until then, he can’t be a husband or father to their baby. Derek asks Bonnie for another try after he explains that he can do the right thing because he just did it, as Bonnie gives him another shot. Emily advises Dusty to be careful around Paul because he isn’t playing with a full deck, as Dusty is unfazed. Meg leaves and ‘James’ advises Paul to be a man and do something about his wife, who just left him for Dusty. 'James’ tells Paul to get rid of the obstacle in his way for good, as Paul tells him that he is right that he knows what he will do.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

In front of Owen, Donna tells Stephanie that sister Pam is blackmailing Donna. No one was supposed to know. She’s afraid that Pam is watching right now and she will do it all again if they don’t comply. When Pam calls, Donna tells her that she is going to sign the divorce papers and Stephanie returned to speak to her about that. Pam insists this is the last time she will see Eric, no funny business. Ridge allows Taylor to kiss him after she implies that Brooke should raise baby Jack with Nick and Ridge be with Taylor. When he questions this, she tells him she knows all those feelings are still there. She loves him and she is not going to defend that or apologize for how she feels. It’s not that simple for him. He’s feeling those same old feelings too and he does love Taylor, but his future is with Brooke. Taylor says she is telling Rick tonight because she does not intend to live in that fantasy world. When Ridge’s world falls apart with Brooke, he knows where he can find Taylor waiting. At the office Eric shows Stephanie the divorce papers and says that he is expecting Donna, he is ending his marriage today. Donna shows up with Owen which Eric finds ironic that she would bring her lover. She has no attorney so he’s going to look over the papers as a paralegal. She knows Eric will be fair so she signs. Stephanie needs Donna’s help to find Pam – in exchange for what Donna wants – Eric. Rick comes home with samples of wedding cake, only to be disappointed and finds no Taylor in sight. When she arrives, he is stunned when she says she is sorry, but she can’t marry him.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Marino’s murderer tries to shoot Sami, but she knocks the gun out of his hands and gets inside the house. Roman takes her, EJ and Nicole down to the station for questioning, and Sami and Nicole get into it over Nicole’s motivations for having EJ’s baby. Later, Roman has Sami work with a sketch artist to get a picture of the suspect. Nicole wants to go to the hospital to get checked out, as she tripped over Marino’s body earlier ad fell. EJ wants to say goodbye to Sami first, but Nicole freaks out, accusing him of thinking Sami is more important than their baby. The shooter tells someone over the phone that he plans on taking care of Sami Brady later that night. Melanie confides in Max, telling him that she blacked out while fighting with Trent over her knife. When she came to, Trent was already dead. She begs him not to tell Bo and Hope. Stephanie interrupts them and after Melanie leaves, she’s able to get Max to tell her what Melanie told him. Meanwhile, Melanie tells Bo and Hope that they should look more closely at Stephanie as a suspect. After she leaves, Stephanie comes by, saying there something Bo needs to know about Melanie. Melanie makes her last web cast as ‘party girl.’

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Sonny tells Anthony he wants to run his organization, but Anthony says he will only agree to it if Sonny marries Claudia. Sonny refuses to marry Claudia, so therefore, he isn't interested in working with Anthony. Alexis finds Sam and Jerry in the hot tub kissing. Sam tries to explain that Jerry and Karpov are working together, but Alexis doesn't believe her. Alexis checks Jerry's PDA and doesn't find any information regarding meetings with Karpov on it. Spinelli is put in a straitjacket at Shadybrook. Maxie helps him escape from the padded cell. Lulu asks Maxie and Spinelli what their escape plan involves to get her out of Shadybrook. Jason asks Kate to speak to Sonny about not retaliating. Tracy and Luke are both going to be arrested. Mac finds pharmaceuticals in Sam's apartment. Jerry tells Karpov that Sam will go to prison once the police find drugs in her home. Jason visits Anthony and tells him to stay away from him.

GL Recap Written by Beth

After Dinah tells Bill they will call security and screen every phone call that comes in, she goes to be by herself and think things out. Frank and Bill have a run in concerning Marina. Alan tells Bill he is back in charge of getting Lizzie back. Frank call Jeffrey. Jeffrey tells Frank he can't do anything about Lizzie and her kidnapping. After he hangs up he tells Reva that the one kidnapped is Lizzie. After they talk about Lizzie and Alan, Jeffrey tells Reva he has to get going. Reva tells him she is alright and that she has paperwork to do. Jeffrey goes back to talk with Frank about Lizzie. They meet at Company. After Frank leaves, Buzz in impressed and tells Jeffrey. Reva goes to the gym to work on her health. At the office, Cyrus and Dinah meet to talk about Grady. Cyrus wants to know what she is up to with Grady. She tells him that Grady is another name on her payroll. Bill tells Alan he called Mallet. Alan is furious. When Alan hears from a maid that Bill has a meeting with Decker. Alan tells Bill that all of this has really turned out quite nice for him. Bill is not amused. Bill tells Alan to be careful. And the reason to have the meeting is to make all seem well. And tells Alan to back off. Buzz is in charge of the Towers Bar when Dinah come for a drink. That drink winds up to be that and advice. Frank is sitting down at Company when Cyrus comes in and he and Frank have words about Harley and Marina and broken hearts. Ashlee has a few words for Cyrus about Grady. Alan goes to see Jeffrey. When Alan sees a baby book on Jeffrey's desk, he asks if they are adopting. Jeffrey tells Alan that Reva is pregnant. Alan congratulates Jeffrey. Jeffrey thinks Alan wants something. Alan asks Jeffrey if he likes his life now or would he like to be the guy he used to be. Ashlee tells Cyrus that she saw Dinah and Grady together. When Reva comes to Company to get a meal, the waitress questions her if she is pregnant because she doesn't order the usual. Reva tells her no. Alan wants Jeffrey to find Elizabeth aka Lizzie. Jeffrey says he hasn't done anything like that in years. Alan is sure and repeats his request. Bill is bombing at the meeting, which is at Towers. Reva and Buzz have a fun time baby talking. She says having this baby is a blessing. Buzz wonders what has happened to her as she sits at the bar eating raw vegetables and water. She then orders the waitress to get her some decaf. She tells the waitress that she is pregnant and they laugh with each other. Alan and Jeffrey make a deal. But Jeffrey tells him this meeting never happened. Cyrus goes to see Dinah, but she is not there so he leaves a note and decides to go investigating the offices and comes up with some ties that looks like what Lizzie is tied up with. And he wonders. Dinah appears at the meeting and Decker. Decker wants Bill to talk to the people in the room. Decker asks Dinah if she knew about Bill's plan. Dinah says she does, but at first doesn't want to say anything without him. Bill goes for a walk. He winds up home and Alan joins him. Alan asks about the meeting. Bill says everybody loved him. Alan says he doesn't love him. Jeffrey takes out his gun. Reva practices her speech about the baby she is going to give Shayne when he comes home. She then hears a knock at the door only to open it to a smiling Josh. She smiles at him.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

John knows that Dorian had something to do with Ray Montez getting shot and he questions her. He also notices that Vanessa had a pistol and intended to shoot Ray also. But Cristian defends Vanessa to the cops, explaining that she merely protected her step-daughter from the man who murdered her mother. And Dorian tells John that she backs the woman (Vanessa) who prevented a criminal from taking Langston away from her family. Gigi is not going to accept the fact that Adriana is preventing her from being with Rex. She and Marcie find out from Michael that Rex has been moved to a "private care facility" that is in Dorian's living room. And Marcie tells Gigi she can help her find a way to get into the house to be with Rex. Janet, the nurse, tells Todd she found out about Marty's history involving many things including her son Cole who believes his mother is dead. And she knows that Todd raped her. He tells Janet he knows all about her shady history and she better not tell Marty what she knows. Janet has a dilemma on her hands.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

Victor is destroying himself and everyone around him as he continues to alienate his friends and family. He also makes Heather more determined by threatening her, she refuses to back down and states she will catch him. Billy on the other hand is out to take down his "donkey" of a brother Cane. After bonding over lunch and a job offer Cane is warned Kevin not to trust his "jackass" of a lil bro. Jill idea of Cane being her puppet is shot down when Cane calls the shot much to her chagrin. Adam lies to Paul about why he's at the Motor Inn and Nick plans to visit Victor in Buenos Aires as a plan to elude the authorities. Nikki still doubts Victor's innocence.

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