The TV MegaSite's Friday 10/17/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jesse talks to his daughter at the Comeback Bar and tells her that she is not leaving town. Angie comes out of the back room, and wants to know what is going on. The daughter lies and tells Angie that she had wanted Jesse to help her boyfriend out of trouble. A pink cell phone is shown lying on the ground in what is the remains of the gazebo. Aidan, is in his car and calls Greenlee, but doesn’t get an answer. Ryan and Greenlee rush into an old abandoned building. While Ryan looks around the building, Greenlee peeps out the window. The wind blows out the window and knocks Greenlee to the floor, unconscious. Kendall, once again checks the doorbell. She goes back inside and watches the television where they are giving a tornado warning. Kendall calls Zach to tell him to come home because they are giving a tornado warning. Zach lets her know that he has turned around and is on his way home. Zach gets caught in the funnel cloud, and ends up over an embankment. There are live electrical wires dangling around Zach’s car. Zach is knocked unconscious with blood oozing down the side of his face. Adam and Erica are still trapped in the tunnels of the Chandler mansion. Zach comes too, but is trapped by the electrical wires. Annie and Corrina search for Emma outside the movie theater, but with no luck. Aidan reaches the gazebo and finds it totally destroyed. He sees Greenlee’s pink cell phone on the ground. To get the children’s mind off of what is happening, Krystal plans a speedy wedding ceremony for Babe and J.R. with Jesse officiating.

Annie finds Zach in the rubble of his car and goes for help. Zach manages to crawl out of the car just before it blows up. The tornado hits the Chandler mansion, and traps Adam and Erica inside the room. Just as Babe and J.R. are getting married, the lights go off. Aidan sees Greenlee and Ryan huddled together in the abandoned building. Kendall has a surprise visitor. Annie makes it to the Comeback Bar to tell Jesse about Emma and Zach. The tornado hits the Comeback Bar. Krystal, Kathy, Angie, Jesse, Randi, J.R. and Annie survive. They find Babe pinned under the rubble, holding onto Little A’s hand. Zach makes it back to the beach house and finds Spike and Ian hid under the rubble. Zach searches for Kendall and finds Bianca instead. Jesse finds that his daughter is badly hurt also.

ATWT Recap Written by

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke knows what she heard and doesn’t want Taylor to explain. Ridge is called by his father on his first day back on the job. Reluctantly he leaves the ladies alone. Brooke accuses Taylor of giving her Jack so that it would cause problems with Ridge. That was her scheme all along. Taylor can wait in the wings all she wants, but Brooke says she is marrying Ridge so get used to it. Taylor tells Brooke that she carried that baby for nine months in her body, so never tell her this is none of her business. Ridge returns, has to play referee and then asks to speak to Taylor alone. He tells her that regarding Jack he is not going to let her down. Still not liking Jack being pulled between three parents, Taylor suggests that perhaps it best that Nick and Brooke make a life with Jack. Ridge asks where does that leave him? She gladly offers perhaps it could be with her…….. she kisses him. Felicia, Thorne and Stephanie welcome Eric back to his office. They want him to start slow, but he’s not. He has to put his passion back into the business. Donna continues to hide and be afraid of what Pam might do. Instead Stephanie shows up and wants to know what is going on. Is the marriage over or is this some sort of game? Donna dismisses her and returns to talk to Owen. With Donna outside, Owen calls someone and says he has news about Eric and Donna that this person needs to know. When Stephanie returns, he tells her that Pam is blackmailing Donna and she will go after Eric again. Eric calls Donna and suggests that his attorney will be in the office soon and he’d like her to be there to talk about the divorce. Spying on Donna, Pam calls and warns her that Stephanie is back in her house; Donna had better keep her mouth shut. Stephanie is appalled to learn of all of this about her sister.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Lucas discovers that Sami only came to the clinic for a checkup, since everyone knows her at the hospital. Chloe looks at Sami’s chart and learns that she’s pregnant. She throws a fit and accuses Lucas lying of her, but he explains that EJ is the father. EJ tells Nicole to stay away from Stefano, and that he is only being nice to her to manipulate her. She agrees, and the two talk about their future. They end up making love in the living room. Sami decides to tell EJ the truth about their baby, but sees him and Nicole going at it on the couch. Lexie tells Stefano that he must end his association with Marino, or give up Theo forever. Stefano agrees. Lexie tells Marino that his campaign is going to go under, and he calls Stefano in a rage. When Stefano tells him he is cutting all ties with him, Marino storms over to the mansion. A hit man takes him out just as Sami comes out from around the corner of the house to witness it. Max and Stephanie accuse Melanie of planting the wallet in Stephanie’s purse. Later, alone with Max, Melanie admits to fighting with Trent he night he died, and to planting the wallet on Stephanie. She also admits that she might have killed Trent.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Carly accepts Nik's offer to buy into the hotel. Nadine accuses Carly of having a personal interest in Nikolas. Tracy is arrested in Mexico for bribing a police officer. Robin and Patrick discuss baby names. Robin says they can reschedule the wedding if Patrick would rather wait to get married. Patrick says he wants to get married as planned. Jason falls off the ladder at Liz's studio and hurts his ankle. Liz patches him up and says she enjoys doing so. Spinelli and Maxie head to the clinic to rescue Lulu. Spinelli ends up in a straight jacket and a padded room. Jerry joins Sam in the hot tub. Alexis arrives in time to witness Jerry kissing Sam. Sonny gives Jason one last chance to return the business to him. When Jason refuses, Sonny goes to see Anthony. Jason tries to smooth things over with Karpov. Nadine has a brief flashback of Jerry putting a needle in her arm.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Mallet gives Dinah a passionate kiss and tells her he shouldn't have gotten her into this. Marina and Daisy meet at the backdoor and Marina is in a bad mood. Daisy senses it and asks. Daisy and Marina talks about Cyrus and Grady. Daisy says she is over Grady and he is gone from her life. Bill confronts the kidnapper. Marina reaches Mallet to see if he is alright. Mallet asks her if he tried to reach him. She says no. Dinah finds Mallet looking for Lizzie and they ask each other if they have seen her or the kidnapper since he was scared off. Each say no. Then Bill shows up. Mallet warns him not to do anything. Bill storms off. Dinah tells Mallet to leave him alone. Dinah comforts Bill. When Mallet meets up with Marina she wants to know where he's been after seeing the dirt on his jacket. He evades her question. Marina in talking about the house, tells Mallet they will have to share a bedroom for awhile. Mallet stays quiet as Marina talks and when she is finished wants him to pipe in. He tells her about a guy getting away and he screwed up. Marina then gets on her cell to call the FBI and Mallet grabs her phone. Grady goes back to a blindfolded Lizzie to check on her. Tells her he doesn't want to hurt her. Then he leaves her and calls Daisy. Daisy tells him she is hanging up. He tells her to wait. Grady stays and listens with Lizzie as she talks. Daisy is down and Buzz tries to cheer her up. Marina orders Mallet to give her phone back to her. They argue about who was doing their job. Bill tries to get comfort from Lizzie's dog.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

There's a big conflict of interest for both Dorian and for Clint. She refuses to give Clint what he wants and has secretly contracted with Jack McNaughton to have a hitman take Ray out so that he cannot adopt Langston. Clint comes to the airport to inform Langston and the others what Dorian decided. But she protests that having Ray Montez come and take Langston to South America was all Clint's idea. Meanwhile, Cristian flies back to Llanview with Ray's wife, Vanessa and his daughter, Lola. The woman named Nel, who is Dorian's "conscience" asks Dorian if she really wants to go through with murder. And she talks her out of it. But it's too late. The hitman is "contracted" to do what Dorian instructed Jack to have him do. Clint now realizes that there is nothing anybody can do to prevent Langston from having to be taken away to South America with Ray Montez. But Nora motivates him to call it off. But before he can contact Ray and before Dorian can do anything, the hitman comes out and shoots Ray.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Nikki is back from Brazil and is questioned by Nick and Victoria, who are concerned that this may be getting too dangerous. Heather tells Paul she no longer needs his help after finding out the happenings in Brazil. Victor contacts Nikki via Michael while Heather is there to question her, he informs them that this will be the last time he will be in contact with anyone, he also requests to speak with Heather. Michael and Eden finally have a heart to heart. Noah asks Sharon about Paris after to talking to Eden at Crimson Lights. Jack and Adam are still working on their expose article. Adam is caught in a lie when Paul catches him at the motel. Nick learns that the Chateau has burned down after he and Victoria discuss Walter Palin’s death and whether Victor is capable of murder.

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