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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the Chandler mansion, Adam looks at a pic of himself and J.R.. Erica comes into the living room and questions Adam if he had gone through with his plan to re-unite his family. J.R., Babe and Little A join them. Adam encourages J.R. and Babe to stay with him, but J.R. refuses. Aidan and Annie outside of the Comeback Bar argue over Ryan and Greenlee making such fools of them. At the beach house, Greenlee pours out her heart to Kendall. Kendall encourages Greenlee to go to Ryan. A police officer attempts to arrest Ryan, but Ryan resists arrest. Ryan knocks the officer unconscious. A special bulletin comes over the police radio that they have issued a tornado watch for Pine Valley. The storm clouds begin to look menacing and the wind begins to pick up outside the beach house. Opal, Pete and Colby hurry into the Comeback Bar to warn them to close down the bar before disaster strikes. Opal faints and then stops breathing. The EMTs are called to take Opal to the hospital. This results in Krystal, Kathy, Little A, Babe, J.R., Angie and Jesse to huddle down at the bar. Pete and Colby go to the Chandler house in search of Adam. Adam and Erica make plans to go to New York, but they get sidetracked by a noise. Adam and Erica investigate the tunnels, and find some disturbing evidence that someone had been living within the walls of the mansion. A tornado warning is issued for Pine Valley. Jesse’s daughter come into the bar and is upset that he is not leaving with her to see her Mother. Angie comes out of the back of the bar, sees them together and wants to know what is going on.

Kendall calls Ryan to let him know that Greenlee had left the beach house and she has no idea where she had gone. Ryan goes in search of Greenlee. Annie goes to Ryan’s and finds a newspaper as to where Corrine had gone with Emma. Annie finds Corinne and Emma at the movies. Annie and Emma share a tearful reunion, but then Emma disappears. Annie and Corinne go in search of Emma, but cannot find her. They find a piece of clothing of Emma’s and realize that Emma had been kidnapped. Ryan finds Greenlee at the gazebo. Ryan encourages her to give them a chance when a funnel cloud catch their attention. Zach leaves Kendall, Spike and Ian alone at the beach house.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Katie is hurt when Brad doesn't believe her when she tells him that Spencer is trying to kill her in order to steal her husband and job. Henry arrives to visit Katie and tells her that she is feeling guilty for doing the same thing to Molly Conlin years ago. Henry advises Katie to stop being paranoid about Spencer and enjoy her life now with Brad. Vienna also suspects that Spencer is hiding something so she and Henry break into Spencer's room at the Lakeview and find a locked box but before they can open it Spencer arrives in her room. Henry and Vienna pretend to be making love in the wrong room and leave quickly. Brad assures Katie that no other woman can replace her in his heart so she agrees to give Spencer another chance. Spencer later tells Brad and Katie that Henry and Vienna broke into her room. Jack tells Janet that he almost slept with Carly and she tells him to give her a call when he has chosen either her or Carly. Parker advises Jack to stop stringing Janet and Carly along and leave them both alone until he can decide which woman he wants in his life. Jack and Carly briefly consider getting back together but decide against it because they can't be sure that their relationship would work this time.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge lays it out to Logan that usually people take birthday pictures and move on. She and Nick spent too much time looking at each other. He will share Brooke with Jack, but not with Nick. She doesn’t feel like she is a toy that can be shared in the playground. She is appalled they are even having this conversation. He only wants her to look at him that way, not Nick, otherwise why are they getting married? He doesn’t want to be the outsider and she doesn’t want to monitor her every move. Stephanie tells Taylor that if Nick turns that baby over to Brooke and Ridge, that is the end of their relationship. And she still believes that Taylor is the only woman for Ridge. Taylor walks into the party in the midst of a heated discussion. She tells them she did not give Jack up just to have him in this war between Brook, Nick and Ridge. She leaves and Ridge follows. Rick spends time with the wedding consultant. Without Taylor there, it’s obvious that the lady is coming on to him. Stephanie finds Rick’s schedule and shows up as he is having lunch. She says she didn’t come there to hurt his feelings, but she doesn’t think Taylor will go through with the wedding. She just spoke with Taylor and she is sure she wants to get back with Ridge. Taylor felt good with Rick taking care of her, but she’s still in love with Ridge. Rick still won’t buy it and dismisses her. He has to sample some wedding cake. Taylor thanks Ridge for getting her out of there. He’s sorry that he messed up things for Taylor at Jack’s party. And he assures her that she is still important to him and she can talk to him about anything. She questions if he can really be a father to Nick’s baby, and if not, then he should get out now. Don’t marry Brooke. Brooke is walking in and hears this. She charges to Taylor and tells her to butt out. Her suspicions are confirmed. Taylor is not interested in marrying Rick, she is still in love with Ridge. She warns Taylor that she is sorry about that and that Taylor can’t move on, but she better stay the hell away from Ridge.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Chloe comes to see Marlena, saying that she fears Lucas is cheating on her. Marlena advises her to be honest with Lucas and confront him with her fears. Meanwhile, Sami asks Lucas to pretend her baby is his. He refuses. She later visits a clinic, and when Lucas finds out where she has gone, he assumes she’s having an abortion. He rushes to stop her. Chloe calls him and hears a nurse call Sami Lucas’ wife. Nicole is evicted from her hotel room and EJ offers to let her stay at the mansion. She accepts, but Stefano throws a fit, forcing them to admit that Nicole is pregnant. Stefano is overjoyed and celebrates. John tells Stefano that he is giving up control of the DiMera empire and will be moving out. John tells Marlena that he has done so as well, and hands her the signed divorce papers, saying that the ball is in her court now that he has done everything she wanted him to.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Tracy tracks down Luke in Mexico and convinces him to return to Port Charles to help Lulu. Johnny is convinced Anthony can walk. Spinelli goes to Shady Brook to see Lulu. Maxie visits Lulu on her own and is concerned about Lulu's condition. Maxie convinces Johnny to go for a visit. Johnny stays outside Lulu's room while she's with Dr. Winters then he leaves unnoticed. Lulu finds a letter on her bed accusing her of Logan's murder. Liz summons Jason to her studio. When he arrives, Liz asks Jason to help her paint the walls. Jason is surprised by Liz's request but he complies. Carly gets Jason's advice on selling her stock to Nikolas. Nadine and Nikolas start to get cozy at Wyndemere until Carly arrives and interrupts.

GL Recap Written by Beth

RJ is still asking questions about Cassie and Cyrus. Dinah is acting dumb about Lizzie's whereabouts. Mallet and Marina are making plans about how to nail Cyrus and Grady. Cyrus wants to take the rap for Cassie and she says no that too many men in her life including Josh have done that in the past and look where that got her. Bill, Billy, Vanessa, Beth and Alan, Dinah talk about how to get Lizzie back. When things get heated and people start blaming Bill for the kidnapping. Dinah speaks up and defends Bill. Telling them he'd walk through fire to get Lizzie back. Dinah goes to see Marina and Mallet with a house warming gift. Dinah offers Mallet a job. Marina pipes up that he has to help get the house in order and he has a job. When he excepts, Marina hands him Dinah's gift and walks off. Cyrus and Cassie go for a polygraph test. Alan tells Bill he will call his powerful friends and call in some favors to get Lizzie back. Bill warns him not to go too far but to do what he has to. Bill leaves locking the door so that Alan can't leave the room. Lizzie gets the hands restrains off only to be caught in the act. Cassie passes the polygraph. Cyrus thinks it's his turn next till the officer in the office tells him the detective in charge of the case wants to see him. He goes up to see that it is Harley. Beth tells Alan that she can't let him out of the library. Grady and Lizzie struggle. Mallet meets up with Bill and Dinah about how to handle getting Lizzie back. Bill wants Mallet to get him a motion detector so that they can track where the money goes. Mallet doesn't first agree, but Dinah talks him into agreeing with Bills request. Alan tricks Beth into letting him loose. Everyone is in shock when they see Alan on his feet. Billy comments that Alan never did need that chair. Alan smiles and says, yup. Then Alan tells everyone to go and help him find his granddaughter. Marina tells both Cyrus and Cassie they passed the polygraph. Dinah tells Mallet she loves working side by side again. Mallet is angry and asks her if she thinks it is a date. Dinah kisses him. Bill goes to the drop off. Only to be met by a hooded and masked figure who talks.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

All of the people in Dorian's home believe that they must say good bye to Langston forever. But Dorian is secretly working with Jack McNaughton, ready to stop at nothing to prevent Ray from taking Langston away. After Viki returns home, Bo comes to see her. And they are both beginning to realize that Jessica may really be Tess and may be responsible for the disappearance of Natalie and Jared. Tess overhears and knows she better get out of the house and out of Llanview with Bree and the new baby. Tina is almost ready to reveal what she knows to Viki and Bo. But she finds that her dog is missing and Cain Rogan might have kidnapped him. And, yet again, she chickens out. Rex's life is still on the line. Adriana wants to prevent Gigi and Shane from seeing him. And there is nothing they can do about it.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Nikki goes to Rio to elude the authorities only to be found by Paul and the authorities. Luckily Paul gets her out of trouble. Victor still grieving burns down the Chateau he purchased for Sabrina. Jack and Adam continue their expose. Nick shares with Phyllis that he has rehired Sharon for “Beauty of Nature”, she is not pleased.

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