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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Frankie and Randi arrive at The Comeback for breakfast with the parents. Tad serves drinks while he talks with Jake. Amanda arrives. Taylor comes in, and upon seeing Frankie, hugs him, and tells him that she had gotten her papers to return to Iraq. Krystal beside Tad, points across the room to Aidan, who is drinking alone. Greenlee sits alone on the sofa in her apartment. She remembers the conversation with Aidan and Ryan the day before. At Opal's house, Annie remembers her conversation with Zach the day before as the doorbell begins to ring loudly. Annie starts to scream for Pete to make it stop. There is incessant knocking on Greenlee’s door by Ryan, who insists that he knows that she is home. Pete opens the door and finds Colby standing there. Opal comes downstairs and tells them that she had had another nightmare. Frankie, Randi, Jake and Amanda help Taylor celebrate her redeployment. Amanda gets sick and has to be led to the bathroom by Randi. Jesse and Angie sit at a nearby table. Jesse gets a phone call and leaves. Jesse meets up with his daughter outside, who insists that she go with him to see her mother. Jesse, reluctantly, agrees. Frankie sees Jesse with the woman and wants to know what is going on.

Opal lets Annie know her dream about Annie and Emma. Ryan tries to talk to Greenlee about things working out for them when Jack comes in and orders him away from Greenlee. Zach surprises Kendall when Rachel brings the boys to spend the day with them at the beach. Zach asks Kendall to have another baby with him, but she doesn't think it's the right time. Annie lets Ryan know that someone is stalking her and that Emma is in danger. Greenlee confesses to Jack that she still loves Ryan. Jesse lets Angie know that he is going out of town for the night. Krystal wants to learn about the tarot cards. Ryan gets stopped by the police for speeding. Opal tells Colby and Pete that disaster is upon them as she rushes to The Comeback. Annie enters The Comeback and asks for Jesse’s help concerning the stalker. Aidan follows Annie outside and tells her that Greenlee and Ryan drove her crazy just like they did to him. The storm clouds gather outside the beach house. Kendall hears Greenlee crying, goes out onto the porch and hugs her.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Kim and Bob say good-bye to Chris after Allison fails to change his mind about going to Africa. Allison tells Aaron she still loves him but can't be with him because she doesn't want to make another mistake that could hurt him again. Casey and Allison have some fun to try and forget about their failed relationships. Bob tells Meg that Paul is putting her under too much stress and it could harm her pregnancy. Bob also tells Meg she should put Paul in the hospital again but Meg insists Paul is getting better. Paul threatens to kill Dusty if he comes near Meg again. Paul and Emily team up once more to keep Meg and Dusty away from each other.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor dreams of Ridge, but is awakened by Rick who remarks that she had the most beautiful look on her face, must have been a good dream. Ridge is awake, but also is having the same daydream. He shares with Brooke that Taylor felt humiliated the night before, but he still feels she will marry Rick. Citing less stress on Katie, Brooke wants to have Jack’s first birthday party at her house. But when she calls Nick, Katie has already gone all out and decorated the house. Since Stephanie is stopping by Ridge’s, Brooke goes to the party alone. Stephanie calls Eric the love of her life, to which Ridge laments this is exactly what Taylor said to him just yesterday. Stephanie wonders what might happen if Ridge were still available? She’s shocked when she hears that Taylor gave up Jack, yet Ridge is marrying Brooke anyway and all will be one big happy family – this won’t work! She leaves him with one last thought – life with Taylor might be a little less complicated. Rick finds it hard to accept what Taylor said about Ridge being the love of her life. She assures him Ridge is in her past and that Rick is her future. Stephanie leaves Ridge’s and goes straight to Taylor, also putting the seed of doubt in her mind that perhaps this is the last opportunity she has to reunite her family and get back with Ridge. He is going to co-parent with Brooke and that relationship could ignite again. Ridge shows up at the party and wants to speak with Brooke alone. She thinks he is over-reacting because he saw her and Nick cozying up for a birthday picture with Jack. He says he won’t share her with Marone.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Daniel tells Kate that her biopsy results have come back, but they’re inconclusive. Kate says being sick has made her realize you should appreciate the people you care about and she and Daniel make love. Lexie tells Chelsea that she should try to forgive Kate and Daniel. A reporter blindsides her with questions about her extramarital affairs. Abe tries to defend her, but Lexie tells the man that the campaign is not about her or Theo. It’s about Abe, and he would make a wonderful mayor. She later vows to help Abe win the campaign, no matter what people say about her or their family. Marino solicits Stefano’s help to beat Abe, and Stefano agrees, provided Marino stops attacking his daughter. EJ accuses Nicole to trying to trap him for money after she assumes that she is moving into the mansion. She storms off. Chloe learns that Sami has moved in with Lucas and throws a fit. EJ comes by the cabin to see Sami and Johnny, and confides in her about the situation with Nicole. Sami suggests that fate might be driving him and Nicole to be together. Later, after he leaves, she cries and tells Johnny that you have to make tough choices to protect the people you love. Nicole tells Chloe about her pregnancy. Lucas apologizes to Chloe and promises to make Sami leave. Chloe says she doesn’t mind her staying as long as she doesn’t cause trouble. EJ apologizes to Nicole, telling her that he wants to be a part of her life and their child’s life. He asks her if they can finally go out on a date.

GH Recap Written by Mandy

Claudia plays along with the charade that Max is the boss. Carly finds out that Kate and Olivia have a family secret that they don’t want revealed. Karpov suspects that Sam is double-crossing him. Claudia realizes that Maximus used to do business with her father. Sonny suggests that Jason is running the business into the ground. Maximus gives Max woman advice. Claudia tries to keep the peace with Jason. Kate tries to get through to Sonny, but he says that he will do whatever it takes to keep Kate safe. Edward agrees to get the charges against Luke dropped. Carly and Olivia talk about Sonny and their children. Maximus reveals to Sonny that he knows Max isn’t the boss and that he is leaving for Palermo. Alexis issues a search warrant for Sam’s apartment, while Jerry makes dinner plans with Sam.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Dinah goes to read a magazine and notices some of the letters are cut out from each one she picks up. Bill checks Lizzie's room to see that her clothes are gone and tells Alan. Alan says she wouldn't leave without her clothes or her dog. Then the dog shows up. Alan and Bill then know something is not right. Meanwhile Dinah and Grady argue over the ransom note. Sh leaves, he follows and catches up with her only to kiss her. Ashlee spies on them and calls Daisy to tell her that Grady's "mystery woman" is Dinah. Ashlee doesn't know about the kidnapping of Lizzie. Daisy runs into a look alike of Rafe. Lizzie senses someone there and starts screaming again. Dinah is in the doorway. Dinah leaves and Lizzie tries to get free of the hand restrains. Daisy is a a store and she hears Grady on the other end of shelving. She later spies on him checking out what he bought. Lizzie still blindfolded has gotten a hold of a broom and is using it's handle to bang on the wall. Dinah runs into Ashlee and they begin to talk on random subjects including Grady. Dinah takes off and Ashlee says to herself that the talk didn't go well. Daisy finally approaches Grady and she looks into the bag he's got and asks him who the stuff is for. He tells her it is for him. When she tries to grab the bag out of Grady's hand it drops and Daisy sees the contents and questions him about a perfume. Bill wants to call the FBI. Alan reminds Bill about the last time the FBI helped the Spauldings. Then Dinah comes in and pretending not to know where Lizzie is asks for here. Alan spout, "Why not asks your brother where my granddaughter is." leaves the room. Grady wants Daisy to leave him alone. Then when he goes back to check on Lizzie, he sees her banging with the broom handle. Beth sees Alan getting out of his chair and she tries to get him back in. Then Alan mentions Lizzie's name. Beth wants to know what has happened to Lizzie. Dinah tells Bill Lizzie is safe. Bill says that every time he needs her she is there. Beth and Alan are not concerned about Emma and if she is safe as well as James. After their talk, Bill leaves and Dinah picks up the ransom note. She puts gloves on and starts cutting more magazines and superglues another note. Grady brings Lizzie something to eat. Lizzie feels a key in her hands. Daisy and Ashlee talk about Grady and his actions. Lizzie thinks she is on the way to freedom.

OLTL Recap Written by Jeannie

Markko talks to Dorian about helping Langston. Cris talks to Vanessa about catching the first flight out to the USA. He tries to call Sarah but the call breaks up. Bo and Roxy try to talk to Adriana about doing what Rex would want and letting him see Gigi. Adriana refuses. Roxy says she's going to get a lawyer and fight her. Gigi and Shane talk about Brody and Rex. Shane wants to see Brody but Gigi tells him Brody is in a hospital for mental health. Shane wants to write to him. Gigi talks about Rex and Shane agrees to go see him. Gigi says since he's family Adriana can't keep him out. Clint tells Ray he has to tell Dorian he's taking Langston to Columbia tonight. He gives him two tickets. He think's it will call Dorian's bluff. Nora walks in. Ray leaves and Clint and Nora argue over what Clint is doing to Langston. Nora wonders if they still have a relationship. Antonio decides to go to Columbia to find Cris. Gigi and Shane arrive at the hospital, and Adriana tells them that Rex is gone.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Nikki, JT, and Victoria continue to send the authorities on a wild goose chase. Colleen and Billy get the let’s just be friends speech from Amber and Daniel. Jack and Adam begin their Victor diary. Tyra and Ana agree to move in with Devon and Lily. Paul signs on to help Heather.

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