The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 10/14/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the Fusion office, Erica realizes that Jack still cares for her. When Carmen walks in, Jack tells Erica that he and Carmen are having dinner at ConFusion. Carmen comes to the conclusion that Jack had been just using her to get back at Erica. While on the patio of the Chandler mansion. Adam orders Pete off his property. Colby comes out, and informs Adam that Pete stays where he is or she will tell everything to the police. J.R. and Babe are in a hotel in San Diego. . They kiss. Kendall walks in on Annie and Zach. She finds out that Annie had indeed killed Richie. Kendall threatens to call the police, but Zach stops her. Annie threatens Kendall that that if she goes to the police then Annie will tell them that she had worked with Zach to kill Richie. Aidan holds a gun on Ryan. Ryan orders Aidan out of his house, but he refuses to leave. Greenlee walks in and Aidan isn’t the least bit surprised to see her there. Greenlee tries to mend fences with Aidan, but he refuses to listen to her. Aidan walks out on her and tells her not to ever come near him again. J.R. lets Babe know that he has their wedding planned for the next evening at the same time that they had married five years ago. J.R. also surprises her with her choice of wedding gowns, flowers, etc. Babe, in turn, surprises J.R. by showing him that she had kept their wedding rings that they had used five years ago. Babe lets J.R. know that she had never stopped loving him and would always love him. Zach orders Annie to leave. Kendall realizes that Zach had done this so that Emma would one day have both parents. Kendall lets Zach know that she loves him more than anything. They kiss and make love. Colby and Pete arrive back at Opal’s house. Pete can’t believe that Colby had really stood up to her father. Opal comes downstairs and tells them that she had had an awful dream. She recounts the dream to them.

Annie runs into Emma at the boathouse. Annie reprimands Corrine for letting Emma run loose like that just by herself. Annie tells Corrine that she is being stalked, and that Corrine need to never leave Emma alone by herself . Greenlee confesses that she loves Ryan. They kiss. Corinne demands that Annie give Emma back to her or she will call the police. Adam confesses to Erica that he wants his family back. Emma comes running into the house, and tells Ryan that she had seen Mommy (Annie). Greenlee picks up the pistol and leaves. Erica and Carmen have a cat fight over Jack. Adam breaks up the fight and fires Carmen. Annie asks for a room at Opal’s. Opal comes back downstairs and tells them that the bad thing that is going to happen is here. The doorbell begins to ring.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Katie gets food poisoning from some food that Spencer gives to her and ends up in the hospital. Spencer substitutes for Katie on Oakdale Now and Katie suspects that Spencer poisoned her. Katie sends Liberty to the TV station to get the container of left over food she threw in the trash but Liberty can't find the container in the trash. Katie tells Brad her suspicions about Spencer but Brad doesn't believe her without proof. Carly and Jack spend the day together and then share a passionate kiss. Carly and Jack almost make love until Janet arrives to ask Carly for advice on how she should make up with Jack. Janet suspects that Carly is hiding Jack upstairs and they are having a romantic day but Carly denies it and Janet leaves after she apologizes to Carly. Carly tells Jack that he should give Janet another chance and sends him back to her. Jack tells Janet that he wants to take it slowly with her and she says that is fine with her. Carly sits home and cries because she sent Jack back to Janet.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Owen tells Donna that he understands, she did what she did to protect the man she loved. He thinks there might be a way to get her husband back. Exhausted and sipping too much wine, Donna takes Owen’s advice and intends to sleep in his bed while he crashes on the couch. However, he joins her on the bed and she welcomes his kissing her shoulders and neck before she finally says she loves her husband too much, she can not do this. Brooke summons Rick and wants to share with him what she discovered with her visit to Taylor. He doesn’t believe it when she says Taylor is still in love with Ridge, and accuses her of just meddling again in his and Taylor’s life. She assures him that Taylor and Ridge will not reunite as he and Brooke are committed to each other. She just doesn’t want Rick to settle for being second best. Taylor is embarrassed, but confesses to Ridge that she still is in love with him. He wants to help so asks her to define that love. Her concern is if Ridge is happier with Brooke than he was with Taylor. She wants to go on with her life, but she knows she will always love Ridge. She clings to him and then passionately kisses him.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Melanie and Nick flirt with each other at the pub and kiss. Stephanie talks Max into taking Trent’s wallet to Bo to help clear Caroline. Unfortunately, the only prints found on it are Max and Stephanie’s. Nicole has a paternity test and ultrasound done. EJ learns that he is the father. Nicole asks him if he wants to help her raise the child. Sami tells Lucas that she plans on keeping her pregnancy a secret from EJ. Lucas promises to keep her secret for now. Abe and Lexie fire Lacey for negligence. Angry, she meets up with Marino. At Abe’s press conference to announce his mayoral run, she accuses Abe and Lexie of being negligent, and claims Abe tried to hit on her. Lexie tells Abe she can’t handle the scrutiny of politics.

GH Recap Written by Mandy

Alexis thinks that Sam is in serious trouble and might be smuggling drugs for Karpov. Olivia and Kate talk about Sonny and his son, Dante. Sonny goes after Karpov, but Max stops him. Max keeps up his being in charge charade in front of his father. Lucky questions Claudia about Johnny, but she covers by saying that he is with a hooker. Carly and Jason talk about Sonny going after Karpov and Jason confronts Sonny.

GH: Night Shift Recap Written by Laurie

Robert is still in a coma.  He “dreams” about a party full of people from his past.  Luke, Sean, and Tiffany are there as are Robin, Anna, and Mac.  The party guests insist Robert is dead but he won’t hear of it.  Kyle arranges for Eric to enter a Stem Cell treatment program at a clinic in Portland.  Eric and Kyle discuss the possibility of a future together.  Claire and Kyle’s relationship is still strained.  Eric talks with Claire about Kyle.  Jagger learns that Stone’s mother has filed for custody.  Saira and Jagger get together, much to Leo’s dismay.  Patrick doubts his competency as a doctor.  Toussaint receives a letter with a photo enclosed.  Robert comes out of his coma.  An explosion erupts in the hospital parking lot just as many of the doctors are outside.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Mallet and Marina are spying on Cassie and Cyrus trying to get into a car. Cassie and Cyrus meet with success in getting in that car. Grady is all over Dinah, kissing her. She is loving it. Lizzie is still tied up. While Bill is on the phone. Beth then comes into the Library where Bill is and he asks if she has seen Lizzie. Beth says no. Beth then asks if something is wrong. Lizzie tries to get out of the ties that are around her wrists. Bill tells Beth that Lizzie never showed up at the park or their meeting. Bill thinks Lizzie bailed on him. Beth tells Bill that Lizzie is never one to share the limelight. Marina catches Cyrus and plays dumb. She tells him she thought he left town. Cyrus asks about Harley's old place. Marina tells him that she and Mallet are buying it together. Mallet visits Cassie and tells her that if Grady returns to call him. Cassie tells Mallet that she doesn't think he'll be around anymore. Dinah and Grady go back to check on Lizzie. Neither of them answer Lizzie as she asks questions. Cyrus wants to know if Harley knows about Marina buying the house. She says Harley is the seller. Cyrus wishes Marina luck. Cassie thanks Mallet for helping her on a house project. Mallet ask Cassie is if she is ok. That she seems rattled. Cassie says she is fine. Mallet then says he'll take off to his #2 job as security at Cedars. Just then Cyrus walks in Cassie's and asks if she need anything. Cassie says no. Mallet tells Cyrus that he is sure he is the one that stole some equipment and it is just time before he is found out. Bill and Dinah meet up. Dinah plays innocent about where Lizzie is. Bill tells Dinah what Beth think Lizzie did. Dinah goes into Lizzie's room with a garbage bag and fills it with Lizzie's stuff. Marina tells Frank that she and Mallet are buying Harley's house. Frank is amused. Not at all unhappy as he listens to Marina chatter away about it. As Frank stays quiet. After she is done he just walks away. Marina is dumbfounded. After Cyrus tells Mallet about a receipt, Mallet leaves. Cassie wants to know where he is going to get a receipt. He says he's done it before. Grady is out in town when Cyrus sees him, stops him to talk to him. Frank hands Marina a bankbook that he was saving for her. He talks to her about when she was young and when he and her mom divorced. Mallet runs into Dinah, who is outside near her car. He kids about her hiding a body. The subject changes to the house Mallet bought with Marina. Mallet tells Dinah he bought Harley's old place with Marina and they are together. Bill is upset and Lizzie is trying to loosen the ties on her wrists. At Harley's old house Mallet enters and thinks no one is there, then Marina sprays him with can of that party string and tells him Frank gave her the rest of the money via something he's been saving for her. Mallet is touched and confused. Cyrus teaches Cassie how to beat the polygraph. She tells him she can't do this and she can't believe he talked her into it. Back At Spaulding - Lewis, Dinah returns with that black garbage bag. Grady wants to know what it is. Dinah says Lizzie's clothes. Bill is outside in his yard when he spots an envelope. He opens it and it is an ransom note.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Right when Dr. Joplin informs Todd she refuses to go through with his "plan" to have Starr believing that her baby died so that he and his "friend" can raise it, she gets a call to get to the hospital as it looks as though Starr is having contractions. She goes to meet with Starr, Blair and Marcie and informs them that Starr might be giving birth sooner than expected. They are all confident and appreciative of her. And, at that point, she knows she is not about to help Todd. Marty still believes what Todd has told her; that Starr has chosen to let him raise her baby. John interrogates Janet the nurse and informs her that he knows that Todd Manning is hiding Marty Saybrooke in his home. He just needs to prove it. At that point, Janet does not know what to do in regard to John's "suspicion" and the fact that Todd and Marty are, in fact, together in the house and ready to move away. Tess makes certain that Viki never finds out what she has done to Natalie or Jared. And she "motivates" Tina not to tell her.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

At Crimson Lights, Lily talks to Devon about her recent love woes; Devon suggests she get away and go see Aunt Liv. Lily agrees and prepares to go NYC, but before leaving Crimson Lights she has a intense conversation with Cane; who believes severing their ties is a good thing. Colleen is bummed by Daniel’s confession about loving Amber and Daniel is being schooled by none other then Chloe who orders him to take control, Kay offers the same advice to Amber. Cane and Chloe share pleasantries, Cane also gives her a gift for the baby. Jill confronts Kay on her health and finally gets the truth. Tyra and Ana return to Genoa City and Karen is not that excited.

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