The TV MegaSite's Monday 10/13/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jack and Barry are at the Chandler mansion to take their depositions on what happened to Colby when she used the new fragrance “Bella” and the effects that it had on her. Erica arrives and hangs around to see Jack. Greenlee sits on the sofa in her apartment and remembers the argument that she had with Aidan over Ryan. Aidan comes in to pick up a few things. Greenlee tries to talk to him which results in him placing the apartment keys in her hand. Zach sits on the sofa in his home playing with Ian. Kendall comes in to join them. Kendall questions him as to how he had gotten Annie to give over custody of Emma to Ryan. When Annie pays him a visit, Ryan lets her know that there are some visitation restrictions on her visits with Emma. Barry lashes out at Jack for his questioning of Colby. Erica thinks that Adam is going too far in suing Fusion for what the perfume did to Colby. Greenlee wants to fight for their marriage, but Aidan just walks out. Erica finds Jack on the patio of the Chandler Mansion. Jack tells her that he is defending Fusion in the lawsuit. Pete asks Adam why he is pushing this hard for a trial. Greenlee and Kendall enter Fusion and find the place a mess, because the FDA took their files. Greenlee blames Kendall for the end of her marriage.

Annie is forced to move out of Adam’s mansion. A limousine driver arrives to take Annie to her new place. Someone watches her from outside the window. Suddenly Zach appears and she lashes out at him for pretending to be her friend and then making her lose Emma. Pete talks to Colby about Adam wanting a speedy trial. Colby takes Pete’s side which surprises him. Pete confesses that he wants to tell Kendall and Greenlee the truth. Colby talks him out of confessing. Greenlee tells Kendall that Aidan bugged her earrings. Jack visits Greenlee at Fusion and finds out that her marriage to Aidan is over. Aidan goes to the new house and dismisses the contractors, then takes a sledgehammer and tears down a wall of the house. Greenlee goes to the new house and finds it in shambles. She sits down and begins to cry. Ryan stands by the fireplace in his house. He turns around and sees Aidan sitting in one of the chairs with a pistol in his hand.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Luke and Noah learn their college may pull the plug on the gay film festival they are a part of. Lucinda confronts Holden and asks him if he told Margo to question her. Margo and Dallas investigate Lucinda. Dusty tries to apologize to Luke and Noah, as Luke doesn’t take it well, but Noah wants to hear him out. Holden tells Lucinda that it wouldn’t be too hard for Margo to put two and two together with her role in helping Dusty disappear. Lily tells Lucinda that maybe she should be punished for her part in this. Margo and Dallas find a paper trail of Lucinda’s helping Dusty. Lucinda realizes she is not welcome and starts to leave, as Holden has second thoughts and asks Lucinda if she wants him to call Tom. Lily has second thoughts too, but Dallas coming to arrest her interrupts their moment. Luke bumps into his old friend Reg at the meeting about the film festival and finds out that the Board is leaving the festival’s fate up to the new student body president – and only one person is running – Luke’s old best friend, Kevin. Brian admonishes Luke for his decision regarding the foundation and the film festival. Brian threatens to walk if Luke doesn’t tread more lightly, where this is concerned. Dusty and Noah talk and patch things up, but Lily interrupts them needing to talk with Dusty. She pleads with him to help Lucinda, but Dusty isn’t sure he can because he would be no good to Johnny if he were in jail. A furious Lily tells Dusty that he owes her after she put everything on the line for him when he was in trouble with that hooker. Kevin and Luke connect awkwardly, as Luke introduces him to Noah. Noah reacts a little jealous to both Kevin and Reg. Later, Reg thinks based on Kevin’s reaction to Noah’s affection for Luke, he won’t be supporting the festival. Lucinda has an answer for all of Margo’s questions. Holden pleads Lucinda’s case, as Dusty comes to Lucinda’s rescue when he shows up at the station. Dusty explains he asked Lucinda to help and then explains rather unapologetically, why he had to do what he did. Margo finally cuts Lucinda and Dusty a break. Luke decides he isn’t going to take the school’s discrimination and censorship and wants to run for student body president against Kevin. Lucinda and Dusty talk about her reasons for what she did; she stands by what she did. Dusty understands and promises her that Lily will forgive her. Holden realizes Lily went to Dusty for help when he tells her what happened at the police station and she doesn’t have a big reaction. Brian and Lucinda talk about how she dodged a bullet; he also advises her to take things slowly with Lily even though she is tempted to push it. Brian tells Lucinda about Luke and when he tells her that he might quit, she tells him that she and Luke both need him very much. Holden and Lily argue about her going to Dusty for help and not him. Lily thinks it is a non-issue because she wants him and not Dusty, but Holden is not convinced. Dusty arrives and tells Lily they are even now, as he walks off. Luke and Noah discuss his feelings for Dusty, and Luke admits to overreacting, but he is sensitive about his family. Noah shares with Luke that Dusty was the one who advised him to wait for him. Noah is also forced to share information about Lily seeking Dusty out earlier. Holden thinks Dusty ended things and that isn’t how he wants Lily; he isn’t sure they will make it that way.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie comforts Eric when he tells her his marriage is over. He confesses she was right about Donna and he appreciates her not saying “I told you so.” Donna drops in on Owen. She feels she has no one else to talk to. She is upset as she tells him that she ended her marriage. She reveals her deal with Pam in order to protect Eric and those she loves. He’s very concerned and thinks she should have called the police and have Pam in custody. He even convinces her in order to really prove her marriage is over to Pam and even Eric that she should stay with him. Brooke demands that Taylor answer her. Which one does she want the most – Ridge or Rick? Taylor refuses to play that game and let Brooke come between her and Rick. She asks her to stop and just leave now. Brooke leaves with the lingering thought in Taylor’s head that she really is still in love with Ridge. Taylor drags out old pictures of her and Ridge in happier times. Steffy laments to her dad that she can’t see this upcoming wedding being one that will last. Steffy wishes it was he and Taylor getting back together. Brooke tells Ridge that Rick is not Taylor’s true love, he still is. He’s floored when Brooke asks him to talk to Taylor. She’s concerned about both Taylor and her son, Rick.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Max accuses Stephanie of stealing Trent’s wallet. She denies it, saying that Melanie probably put it there, based on her history. Stephanie concludes that Melanie killed Trent. Max says he knows for a fact she didn’t do it, and Stephanie says the only way he could know that is if he killed Trent himself. Phillip asks Melanie about Trent’s wallet, and she tells him he gave it to her the night he died. Phillip threatens to tell the police unless Melanie tells him the whole story, so she admits she pulled a knife on Trent. Phillip asks if she killed him, but she doesn’t remember. Chelsea finds Kate trying on clothes at a store, and lays into her for faking being sick. Kate explains that she is waiting on test results, and that Chelsea needs to grow up and stop pitying herself. Kate tells her that neither she or Daniel did anything wrong and Chelsea storms off. Nicole tells EJ she is pregnant and Sami accuses her of lying. She lifts Nicole’s shirt to prove it, but is surprised to learn that Nicole is telling the truth. A visibly shocked EJ listens as Nicole tells him how excited she is to be a mother. EJ tells her that he needs proof he is the father. Marlena learns that John hasn’t signed the divorce papers. He comes to the hospital to tell her that he is changing, and that he advised Nicole to tell EJ the truth about their child. Marlena is glad he did the right thing. Later, Sami comes to see Marlena and goes into a tirade about Nicole being pregnant. Marlena tells her that she’s glad Sami isn’t the one pregnant.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Karpov asks Jerry to get rid of Alexis. Sonny tells Alexis she shouldn't start an investigation regarding Kate's shooting. Patrick talks to Coleman about Sonny having a son. Olivia and Claudia get into an argument at Jake's. Carly agrees to talk to Sonny on Kate's behalf. Robin asks Maxie to be her maid-of-honor, while Patrick asks Coleman to be his best man. Maximus still thinks that Max is running the organization. Carly begs Sonny to not avenge Kate. Sonny says he needs to take care of Karpov himself. Sam tells Lucky that Karpov is planning another shipment. Sam asks Lucky to move in with her. Jerry shows Alexis a photo that was taken of Sam and Karpov meeting at the warehouse. Kate warns Olivia that Claudia is trouble. Sonny puts a gun to Karpov's head.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva sees Jeffrey off to the office. Jeffrey wants Reva to relax and take care of the baby that she is carrying. Cyrus loves Cassie's homemade cookies. Mallet and Marina go to inquire about buying the house. Olivia gets checked out. And gets news she wasn't hoping for. Her body could be rejecting Gus' heart. Rick says it can be treated, but they have to focus first on her symptoms. He wants her to get dressed and meet him at the cardiac unit. He leaves Olivia alone with Natalia. Then Natalia leaves. RJ has concerns when it comes to Cassie and Cyrus. And he voices them. Cassie says that Cyrus works for them. Jeffrey decides not to leave Reva right away and kisses her. Then he leaves after saying it is going to be a long 9 months. Cassie doesn't know what to do about Cyrus. Reva goes for a drink. Olivia goes to Company only to be met by Natalia. They have an argument about Olivia's health and Natalia's "obsession". Natalia then gives Olivia a peace of her mind. Olivia then storms off. Mallet goes for another job. Cassie tries to explain RJ to Cyrus. Cassie says they are finished. Cyrus agrees. Reva does a favor for the Towers bartender is mining the bar. The phone rings and it is a person for Alexandra calling for a reservation. Reva tells them they are booked. Then Jeffery arrives at Towers and wonder what Reva is doing there. And on top of the bar. Reva says she was answering the phone for the bartender. Cassie talks to RJ about Cyrus and he's not coming by that much anymore. She continues by telling him he always comes first. Mallet notices a plaque at the hospital in memory of someone. They are told it is Mrs. Winslow for her daughter. Mallet and Marina are shocked. Cyrus calls Grady, but gets his voice-mail. Cassie gets locked out of her car just as Cyrus appears. She tell him about it. Then he gets going on trying to open her car door. Reva's emotions are getting the better of her and Jeffrey gets the brunt of it. She tells him she is going to get a job.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

John calls Janet the nurse into the station and informs her that he's found out her history of shady doings and the fact that she's had many different identities. She tells him he has gotten the wrong person and she doesn't know what he's talking about. he tells her, however that he knows many people she knows such as Max Holden, Cain Rogan and Tina Roberts. Meanwhile, Viki comes back unexpected. And Tess tries to "Play Jessica" so that her mother will suspect nothing. But Viki informs her, she is back because she's very worried about Natalie. Jared finds Natalie. But Tess locks them both in the room, knowing that Jared cannot get out and inform anybody what he knows. Meanwhile, Cain Rogan finds Tina and demands that she hands over the jewels. But he manages to eat the "chips and dip" that Tess prepared for Tina and for Jared. And Cain passes out on the floor.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

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