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AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Annie arrives at the courthouse, and Emma runs into her arms. Emma wants to know if she can go home; Zach reminds her that her parents have to talk to the judge. Ryan insists on Greenlee listening to him, and he insists that she wants him because she kissed him. She reminds him that she is married to Aidan, and that is whom she loves. Adam opens the door to find Carmen on the other side. Carmen, and Jack have been out all day to file legal papers for her re-trial. Zach tells Annie that the psychiatrist intends to tell the jury that she is unfit, because she confessed to killing Richie. Jack want to know what is Erica do hanging out at Adam’s place. Erica tells him that it is none of his business. Petey thinks that Colby fought with Adam over him because she likes him.

Colby made it clear to Petey that she does not like him. Greenlee is upset that Aidan invaded her privacy and bugged her earrings. Aidan should trust her, and she is upset that he does not. Annie interrupts the proceedings to tell the judge that she want Ryan to have full custody of Emma, because she cannot provide a stable home at this time. Jesse meets Natalia at the boathouse; Natalia is Jesse’s daughter. Ryan cannot believe that Annie did not put up a fight, and gave up so easy. Angie is home dressed in a pink nightgown. She has set the table, and is chilling the wine. Annie begins to cry as she watches Emma run into Ryan’s arms. Annie accuses Greenlee of stealing her husband, and her daughter Emma. Aidan looks at a picture of Greenlee at the office then he throws it down.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor realizes Brooke is never going to support her marriage to Rick. Brooke brings up Taylor not having children and the age difference to get Taylor to admit it’s not a good match. In a few years, they will both be miserable. Taylor vows she will not lose another man to Brooke. Then she shocks Brooke by asking will she give back Ridge? Donna tells Eric they don’t have to have this conversation tonight. He wonders why she wanted to apologize and now won’t tell her what is wrong. He takes off his ring and lays it on the table and says obviously their marriage is over. She lays hers aside his. Pam smiles from her hiding place. Later she tells Donna that she will be better off, women like her should not be married at all. Donna cries for Pam to quit taunting her and just go. Pam warns her that she will be watching her, but if she really leaves Eric and he goes back to Stephanie then Pam will be out of her life. But that is her life now, watching Donna. Ridge has a conversation about Taylor with Steffy. Reality check – he reminds her that Taylor is marrying someone else and so is he. Eric confesses his Donna woes to Stephanie. She hugs him and admits she still loves him.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Daniel tells Chelsea that Kate’s life could be at risk, and she needs to get back to the hospital, but won’t say any more than that. Theo finds Chelsea at the hospital. Abe and Lexie are alerted, and they later learn Theo wandered off to find Chelsea. Daniel tries to get Chelsea to be friends with him, but she refuses, saying that she has moved on and he should do the same. Sami won’t tell Marlena and Roman that she’s pregnant, but admits that she has a secret she’s keeping to protect someone she loves. The advise her that telling the truth is always the right thing to do, so she heads off to tell EJ that she’s pregnant. EJ tries to talk John into getting checked out at the hospital, but he refuses. John calls Nicole for advice, but ends up threatening to tell EJ that she is pregnant if she doesn’t. Nicole relents and tells EJ she is having his baby, just as Sami walks in and overhears.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Max's father thinks that Carly is Max's girlfriend, but wants her for himself. He also orders Jason around like a lackey and is initially hostile towards Maxie and Spinelli when they come to Jason for help. Kate's office was broken into and a threatening note left, but Max senior assures them that the note is too obvious to be from Karpov. Alexis threatens Karpov with legal action, prompting him to order Jerry to kill her. Overhearing Kate quiz Robin about Sonny prompts Patrick to set a wedding date.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Bill is waiting for Lizzie. Lizzie tries to find out who her kidnapper is. Natalia marks another day off the calendar. Decker calls Olivia. Then tells Bill and Billy if they don't meet now the entire deal is blown. Dinah can't believe what and who got her into something big as kidnapping. Frank gives advice about life on waiting to Natalia. Natalia calls Olivia. When Olivia tells her to get going and get over to the Beacon, Natalia tells Frank something is up and she has to go. Frank questions her. Natalia can't give him a straight answer. Dinah gets angrier at Grady for kidnapping Lizzie. Grady says he saw an opportunity and took it. When Dinah leaves, Lizzie starts screaming. Grady tells her to shut up. Grady then calls someone and tells that person he'll take care of the problem. Not wanting to miss out in an opportunity they start the presentation. Bill is looking on the computer and sees an earlier message from Lizzie. Bill pours his heart into the presentation, mentioning who he is and where he came from. Grady tries to calm down Lizzie. And after the presentation, Billy congratulates Bill on a good job. Bill leaves the office. Dinah meets him outside and he at first brushes her off. Then he changes his mind and tell her that Lizzie never showed. Natalia works a deal with Decker for Olivia, with Olivia there. Then tells Olivia she has to get her to the hospital. Natalia sees Olivia after the examination. Olivia tells her she is fine and it is not her heart. Then Rick comes in and tells Olivia. Dinah doesn't like what Grady has done let alone using WSPR's basement as the hideout. He tells her he did this for her. Then she kisses him!! Lizzie is praying for help and screaming for it too.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

At the hospital, everybody is on edge not knowing if Rex is going to make it or not. And everybody somehow knows it's got something to do with the fact that Adrian wants to prevent Gigi from seeing him. Tess believes that Jared is completely fooled believing she is Jessica and has given up on Natalie. But after talking to Leo the contractor, he seems to know that Jessica is "not herself". Tina is not certain what she should do and afraid of Tess. But they both want to save Natalie. Out of nowhere, Cain Rogan appears to find Tina.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

River breaks out of jail, this causes pandemonium for the Baldwin, Bardwell families as River ask Glo to care for Eden and Michael is forced to talk sense into a fugitive River. Dinner at the Chancellor’s to welcome the prodigal son home, Billy and Cane make their rivalry known during this occasion as Chloe tries to milk her pregnancy for all its worth. Jack is also forced to eat crow as Jill boasts about the wonderful job Cane is doing. Nikki lets Victoria and Nick in on her plan to send authorities on a hunt and Adam breaks into the ranch obtaining the supplies needed to forge Victor’s diary.

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