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AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Babe and JR are ready to leave for San Diego, California. Annie’s child custody hearing is today, but she calls to see the psychiatrist. Aidan tests the audio on the bugged earrings while Greenlee is in the shower. Ryan calls Greenlee and asks her to meet him because he needs to talk to her. Babe goes to Fusion to resign and tells Kendall and Greenlee that she was plotting to take over Fusion. Kendall tells her that her resignation will be happily accepted. Annie goes to see the psychiatrist in a distressed state. JR makes Colby promise that she will never marry Pete. He tells her to just say no. Adam is hiding in his library and refuses to say goodbye to JR. Taylor goes to see Frankie and asks him to go with her to see Brock Monroe’s mother.

Annie tells the doctor that she killed Richie, because he kept taunting and teasing her. She says that she did not mean to do it. Zach overhears Annie’s confession. Ryan tells Greenlee they belong together. Aidan listens in while Jake and Amanda were kissing and thinks it is Greenlee and Ryan making out. Mrs. Monroe did not know Taylor; this causes Taylor distress, so she leaves abruptly. Kendall receives a phone call from the FDA telling her that Fusion is closed until their investigation is completed. Annie wants to know if the psychiatrist will tell the police about Richie. Annie throws a glass at the two-way mirror and breaks it, but no one is there.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Alison tells Aaron that their marriage must end because he deserves someone in his life that loves him and doesn't hurt him all the time. Casey and Alison console each other about their failed relationships by playing a game of darts at Yo's. Dusty and Emily decide to become more then friends and make love. Margo suspects Lucinda helped Dusty fake his own death. Paul isn't angry when he discovers Dusty paid off the debt he owed to worldwide. Paul decides the only way to get rid of the ghost of James which continues to haunt him is to set a trap for Dusty. Paul begins his plan to make Dusty think he has found Lucy and Johnny.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna panics. She sees crazy Pam over Eric’s shoulder and is afraid to say more. Eric insists on knowing what is wrong that is making her cry. He can’t wait, he wants to get everything out on the table and settle it now. She lies and explains that things have changed. It will be tragic if they stay together. She has to end it, right here, right now. He doesn’t believe he will be better off without her. She cries for his own good, she has to set him free. He kisses her passionately and vows he will not let her do this. Rick is happy that Marcus agreed to be his best man. He doesn’t judge people and is happy for him and Steffy. Rick only wishes Brooke could be too. He wants to share that part of his life with his mom. She knows how important Taylor is to him and she states that this is not a hang up on her part. She is trying, but she has a lot of doubts about all the obstacles they have to overcome. Rick wants her to go to Taylor and let her know that Brooke does accept this marriage whole heartedly. If she can not do that, then he doesn’t want Brooke at the wedding. When Brooke can not agree to that, he ends up asking her not to come to the wedding. Steffy questions Taylor if this is what she really wants or it is the right thing to do marrying Rick? She knows her mother still loves Ridge. Taylor agrees they had a beautiful relationship, but it’s Rick now and it’s much simpler without complications. Brooke drops in on Taylor and says that she will do anything to stop this marriage.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Bo tells Max and Stephanie that the D.A. has refused to press charges against Max and that they are moving forward with the case against Caroline. Melanie sneaks Trent’s wallet into Stephanie’s purse. Bo questions Melanie about the murder, and later tells Hope that she is his prime suspect, even though Melanie insists that one of the people that Trent owed money to murdered him. Nicole and Phillip talk about him and Chloe, and also about Trent’s murder. Nicole thinks the real murderer probably has his wallet. Phillip later confronts Melanie, saying he knows that she has it. Max knocks Stephanie’s purse off the bar and finds the wallet and Trent’s I.D inside. Chelsea and Hope lay into Nick for his drunk driving arrest. He tells Chelsea that he was drinking because of the guilt he felt over Trent coming to town because of him. Melanie overhears him telling Chelsea that he hurt his hand in the lab. Abe starts his campaign for mayor and his confronted by Marino, who makes nasty comments about Abe’s son and the fact Lexie is a DiMera. Later, Lacey, their babysitter, tells Lexie and Abe that Theo has gone missing. Frustrated that her biopsy results have not come back, Kate leaves the hospital, despite Daniel advising against it.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Kate hates it when Sonny announces his intention to rejoin the mob to protect her. Max's dad shows up and Jason allows the charade to go forth that Max is boss, but warns his guard that he has three days to get Dad out of town or tell him the truth. The current situation won't allow for such things as this. Maxie and Spinelli initially clash with then work with Olivia to keep things running at Crimson. After being handcuffed together, Robin and Patrick realize they love each other and want to marry. Nikolas finds Nadine collapsed in her apartment. Carly fully intends to sell Nikolas half her shares in the hotel, despite Jax's unhappiness with the idea.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lizzie is in her room practicing her presentation. Bill on a run. He stops at the front door and sees the newspaper's headline and cringes. It reads Make or Break for Spaulding-Lewis . Alan sees the headline and shows it to Billy and Vanessa. Bill goes to take a shower and runs into Lizzie. They fight over who should have the bathroom. Bill gives up and gives it to Lizzie. Lizzie just about kicks herself for it. Grady catches Daisy hiding in the bushes. Grady wants to know what she is doing following him. She at first denies it. Then admits it. She tells him she saw him with Alan the other day and wonders. Daisy thinks Grady is seeing another woman and describes her as blonde and perky. Grady tells Daisy it's not like that. Meanwhile Vanessa is trying to help Dinah with Spaulding Enterprises and the Station. Vanessa tells Dinah to not mess things up for Bill. Dinah just walks away saying, "Best Stuff, Mom" Vanessa just puts her head in her hands and shakes it. Daisy tries to tell Grady after he catches up to her in the park, "that it has been hard on her when she defended him. Now she sees him for who he is. That all he cares about is himself." And then she walks away. Dinah and Alan have a short conversation as Dinah tries to get on Alan's nerves. Billy and Vanessa discuss why they both moved into the Mansion. They both agree it was for Bill and not for them. Bill and Lizzie have a fight over her family. Daisy goes to get advice from Buzz about what to do about Grady. At first he can't believe what he is hearing. Then he does give her some advice. Alan wants Lizzie to get out of the relationship with Bill. Bill catches Billy with a drink, but doesn't stop to listen to him. Billy tells Bill that Vanessa turned him down for lunch and other things. Billy tells Bill that he will one day wind up like him. Bill taste the drink and realizes it is ice tea. Alan is still trying to persuade Lizzie that she can do anything without Bill Lewis. She tells him she'll call later and leaves. Dinah tries again to get into the Spaulding-Lewis office. The guard tells her he has been warned about her. Grady is at Marina and Mallets house throwing beer bottles at it. While Daisy is upstairs in her room. She hears something and looks out her window to find it is him. She tells him to stop. Billy is trying to rub in Alan's face that after today, Bill and Lizzie will be a couple in and out of the office. Dinah doesn't know what to do. Grady sees her from downstairs on some building. He calls out to her, but she doesn't respond until he comes down and sits next to her. He tells her he feels sorry for earlier. He opens the door and we see Lizzie tied up. Dinah can't believe her eyes. Grady has kidnapped Lizzie.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Natalie convinces Tina to get her out of the locked room and to realize that Tess is dangerous. At Rodi's, Jared runs into the Leo the contractor who remembers Tess. Jared is ready to forget all about Natalie. But he has his "suspicions" about Jessica. He offers to introduce Leo to his father, Charlie and help him get more work if Leo tells him what he knows about the "business deal" he had with "Jessica". At the hospital, Adriana still blames Gigi for what happened to Rex and won't let her near his hospital room. Everybody, however, is angry at her and nobody sees her as anything important to Rex. Gigi is distraught that she is at the desperate mercy of the fact that Adriana is legally Rex's wife and calls the shots. Charlie finds her and encourages her not to give up on her future with Rex. Todd asks Marty to marry him. She admits that she likes him but wonders what the rush is. Blair and John are sleeping together but not certain what their "future" is nor whether they are after their respective partners.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Michael talks with the federal attorney about getting River out on bail, while River escapes from the hospital thanks to help from Eden. Nikki tells Nick and Victoria the truth about Victor and Mexico, she also shares that she is being tailed by the police. Nick ask Sharon to come back to Newman and Beauty of Nature. Jack immediately becomes wary but encourages her to take the job. Adam gets caught by Heather with a criminal that she prosecuted. Adam plays it off and says he was speaking with him about job leads not forging Victor’s journal.

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