The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 10/8/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Taylor stops by the boathouse for a workout. Tad joins her and offers her his help in getting back to Iraq. Annie is asleep on the sofa. When Babe comes in and startles her, Annie knocks Babe to the floor. J.R. comes in and asks what is going on. Kendall and Zach are having a conversation when Ryan comes downstairs and surprises Zach. Ryan tells him that he fell asleep in Emma’s room. Pete tells Adam that he cannot sue Fusion. Annie calls Zach and tells him that Babe and J.R. don’t believe her about the stalker. Babe tells J.R. that if they go on like this that they are going to last. Frankie helps Randi move in to his apartment. Ryan notices the friction between Kendall and Zach. Babe suggests to J.R. that they leave Pine Valley and go back to California where they had been happy. Colby finds Pete and Adam alone together on the terrace. Pete confesses to Colby that he poisoned “Bella” and made everyone sick. Zach takes Annie to her psychiatrist’s appointment.

When Adam asks J.R. what Babe is up to, he informs his dad and Colby that he and Babe are leaving town and going back to San Diego. Colby begs J.R. not to leave. J.R. assures Adam that he will always be his father. Babe tells Krystal and Tad that she and J.R. are going to San Diego. Krystal encourages her to go and not look back. Tad lets Krystal know that Taylor’s fiance died in Iraq. Colby informs Adam that Pete confessed to the poisoning of “Bella.” Adam tells Colby that if she persists with this, then he will ruin Pete’s life and send him to prison. Zach and the psychiatrist are working together to make sure Annie doesn't get custody of her child.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Brian drops by the farm to give Luke and Noah some brochures for the foundation. Brian expresses his concern that if Luke’s gay film festival is the place they need to hand out brochures to find investors. Luke tells Noah that he is Lucinda’s grandson and he’s going to do it anyway. Dusty doesn’t like the fact that James is trying to buy the last word and warns Emily to just let this go. But he does invite her to go with him to the reading of James’ will. Paul refuses to take more medication. He doesn’t like what it does to him. He continues to see and hear ghost James. Meg doesn’t want James’ money in her house. But Paul insists he needs to be paid back for his losses. Lucinda tries to make amends with Lily but is promptly shown the door. She tells Holden for once she’d like Lucinda to face the consequences of her actions. Lucinda speaks with Luke and asks that he speak with Lily on her behalf. Lily tells Luke he has no obligation to speak for Lucinda and she is sorry to put him through that. Lily feels if she gives in to Lucinda then there is no telling what she might do.

Paul has a problem with Dusty being at the will reading, but is told James wanted him there. The lawyer presents a video, and James declares he is really dead. He just wants to make sure the Steinbeck fortune goes to the proper heir. Paul is livid that Dusty is included in this and warns Dusty to leave Meg alone. He grabs the urn and leaves. Meg takes a phone call from the accountant who tells her they are about to lose everything. Ghost James tells Paul that he is a loser and will lose Meg. Dusty is less than enthusiastic to be the heir and beneficiary of a small fortune. Brian is a sympatric ear for Lucinda. Lily interrupts and tells Lily that she means it, she does not want Lucinda in her life anymore and not to come near her children either. Meg seeks out Dusty to beg him to help as Paul was depending on the inheritance to bail him out. Emily oversees as Meg thanks Dusty with an embrace. She tells Dusty this is cozy, but Paul will never accept Dusty’s help so going through his wife is even worse.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Pam tells Donna that if she doesn’t leave Eric that she will be toast. Donna considers calling the police, but Pam shows her that she is packing a pistol under her belt. The Lemon Bar Bandit strikes again and the police have no clue. Donna offers to help Pam talk through this, but no violence. Pam counters that it is up to Donna what might happen to other family members. It’s very simple – leave Eric and all will be well. But, if Stephanie can’t have Eric, then nobody will. She doesn’t care how Donna does it, put on the performance of her life, just do it. It will save Eric’s life and then Pam will have served her purpose in life, for Stephanie to have the man and life she loves.

Stephanie tells Marcus she is so sorry what happened to him, but she is glad no permanent damage. Marcus tells all in the room that he is very grateful they have come to see if he is okay. He’d like to speak with Eric alone. He explains Donna’s side, how Owen took advantage of her and he hopes Eric will forgive her if she made a mistake by leaning too much on Owen. Steffy asks Taylor to be her maid of honor. Brooks looks disgusted as Rick kisses Taylor. Stephanie shares with Ridge her strange thoughts about the things Pam is accused of. Pam tells Donna to answer the doorbell, but not to say anything or she will be very sorry. It’s Eric and he tells her he misses her and he’s seeing things more clearly now. He kisses her, but she pulls away. Eric doesn’t understand what is wrong.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Lucas decides not to tell EJ about Sami’s pregnancy and urges her to do so on her own. She is worried about Stefano and about how EJ feels about her, so she isn’t sure. Lucas advises her to speak to her parents about it. Melanie flashes back to threatening her father with a knife the night of his murder, but can’t remember much more. The mayor commends Bo and Roman for conducting the investigation into Robbins’ murder fairly. They decide to knock Max off the suspect list by searching his room, but they find the bloody shirt, the stains on which match Trent’s blood as well as the fibers taken from his body. Stephanie urges Melanie to help Max, but Melanie goes off on her, calling her needy and possessive for begrudging Max a relationship with his sister. Later, when Melanie overhears Bo tell Max that he will likely be charged unless new evidence comes along, she pulls out Trent’s wallet from her purse and grins. Nick is arrested for drunk driving and admits to Maggie that he saw Daniel at a bar. He is still not over Chelsea, but hopes he can move on. Maggie wonders if he is trying to do that with Melanie.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

It almost seems like Jax and Carly are becoming friendly again, then Alexis arrives to work on their divorce, ruining the mood. Later, Jax is adamantly against the idea of her selling half her shares in the Metro Court to Nikolas. Things remain awkward between Nikolas and Nadine. Max explains to Jason and Diane that his father, a major mob boss, is coming to visit under the belief that Max is also a boss. Liz worries Jason will never have time for her, while Lucky and Sam take advantage of the chance to make love. Mac comforts Robin over Patrick's rejection of her proposal with chocolate chip cookies and conversation. Jerry interrupts Nadine's sleuthing in his room.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Marina is not happy and she is piling all on Mallet. The anger has to do with Harley and the house she wants Marina to sell. Grady is trying to get on Vanessa's good side by hitting on her. It doesn't work. Bill and Lizzie talk about an upcoming presentation. Alan wheels in and tries to take over. Bill is not falling for it and fights back. But Alan isn't finished yet. He asks Bill how to justify Vanessa coming to live at the mansion. Just then Billy walks in. Billy wants to know the same thing. Marina goes to Harley's old house and tells herself that she'll see the house and that the Mel's family should appreciate it. Meanwhile Mallet goes to see Daisy to tell her he bought Harley's old house and wants her to come live with Marina and he. He tells her it would be better than bouncing around from relative to relative. Daisy reminds him he hasn't told Marina he bought the house. Billy starts in on Alan. Lizzie fakes a phone call to Decker. Grady sneaks up on Dinah. Marina and Mallet are in Harley's old house and Marina sees a photo of Mallet on a bookshelf and asks him why she'd have a picture of him there. He attempts to tell her he bought the house for them and kisses her. Grady is still at Dinah's driving her crazy. Lizzie and Bill enjoy some time outside away from pressures of the family and business. Dinah runs into Ashlee. Ashlee sees how upset Dinah is. Dinah says that she hates her brother, Bill. Ashlee questions her about it. Dinah tells her what she did for Bill and how he just ruined it. Mallet tells Marina how he has seen her and her family at the house and how much they all love it. So when it came time to sell he had second thoughts and thought he'd buy it for them so that the family can have some place to go along with Daisy. Marina is shocked, speechless and goes into the house. Grady and Daisy catch each other. Daisy says she is leaving and that she is going to be very busy. Just then they are interrupted by Alan asking for Grady. As Mallet and Marina are talking, Daisy comes in with a box. Marina asks Daisy if she is moving in. Daisy says it depends. Next thing Marina is hugging Daisy. Billy and Vanessa are talking about her. Vanessa says that Billy is the second man to hit on her today. Bill and Lizzie are having fun dancing around the house. Until Grady catches them. Grady says he as an article he wants them to read. Alan is watching this from upstairs. Dinah compliments Ashlee on some work she did. Ashlee remembers a call that Dinah should know about. Daisy calls Harley. She tells Harley she moved in with Mallet and Marina. She tells Harley on the phone it feels right. Billy gives Bill some loving advice about Lizzie. Bill sees Lizzie do something he doesn't like.

OLTL Recap Written by Jeannie

Tess teases Natalie by telling her Rex is dead. Then she tells Natalie to write a new letter saying she's sorry she can't come back to see Rex. Jared goes to Bo about his suspicions that Jessica is Tess. Bo considers this and thinks about what John said about Jessica holding something back. Brody has flashbacks and attacks a cop. Bo pulls him off and tells him he understands what he's going through. Tess shows Jared the letter. Jared calls Natalie a bitch and says he's done with her. Adriana worries about Rex and wonders if she should let Gigi in to see him. Marcie tries to convince her its the best thing to do for Rex. Blair visits John and they go to bed together. Marty and Todd go on a picnic. Todd asks Marty to make it official and get married. Tina visits Roxy's shop and find her in tears. Roxy talks to Tina about Rex and Natalie. Tina goes downstairs to visit Natalie.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Michael finds a way to possibly clear River of his charges, but panic mode and Jeffrey cause him to do call on drastic majors. Heather interrogates Nikki and Victoria about Walter’s death, Nikki is definitely rattled because she knows the truth about Mexico and Heather and Kay know this. Ana and Tyra are missing and Devon and Neil are on the case. Karen shares with Victoria her reason for not wanting kids.

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