The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 10/7/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the Comeback Bar, Taylor and Jake dance a slow dance. Krystal watches from afar. Suddenly, Taylor pulls away and tells Jake that she cannot do this, that she shouldn’t be here. Erica demands to know from Kendall why she thinks that Adam could be behind all this. Kendall can’t believe that Erica would defend Adam against her. Annie can’t believe that Zach is willing to help her to get Emma back . Greenlee meets up with Ryan at the boat dock. They both admire the moon. Using a listening device, Aidan listens to Greenlee’s and Ryan’s conversation. Erica asks Kendall to tell her why she thinks that Adam is behind bringing down Fusion. J.R. and Babe walk in and wonder what is going on between Adam, Kendall, and Erica. Adam turns the tables on J.R. and Babe, and tries to lay all the blame on Babe and J.R. that they are the ones, who are responsible for trying to take over Fusion. Taylor lets Jake know that when Brock died a year ago, so did she. She runs out of the bar and passes Jake in the doorway. Annie is confused as to what Zach wants her to do to get Emma back.

Ryan tells Greenlee good-bye at the boat dock. Ryan goes to visit Emma at Zach’s. Annie arrives back at Adam’s just in time to overhear the confrontation between Adam, Erica, Kendall, J.R. and Babe. Annie feels that someone is watching her from the bushes. She runs out of the house and goes back to Zach’s. When Zach opens the door, Annie asks him if she can talk to him. She is surprised to see Ryan there. Kendall goes back to Fusion and lets Amanda know that Adam denies being behind this whole thing. Kendall also lets them know that Colby had also gotten sick from the perfume. Pete listens very carefully to their conversation.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Paul continues to be tormented by visions of James but manages to persuade Meg to persuade Dr. Bob to let him go home. Paul threatens to kill Dusty with his bear hands when Dusty arrives to visit Meg at Fairwinds. Jack goes to spend the day picking apples in the Snyder Orchard with Carly and Sage. Janet can't stand to see Jack so unhappy about not being a cop so she admits to Margo that she destroyed the evidence in the Leo Morrissey case. Margo offers Jack his job back which he refuses after Margo tells him Janet told her that she destroyed the evidence not him. Margo later calls Jack and leaves a message for him to stop being an idiot and come back to work. Jack blasts Janet for going to talk to Margo without letting him know what she intended to do. Carly tells Jack he is being to hard on Janet and Jack yells at Carly that he is tired of her and Janet meddling in his life. Dusty gets a family Bible from Sweden and Emily asks Vienna to help her read the letter and Emily finds out that Dusty could be royalty and the entire Stenbeck fortune could belong to Dusty.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor drops by to tell Brooke that she and Rick are getting married next week, and they do want her there. But if she can not support the marriage, that is her decision if she chooses not to attend. Brooke tells Taylor that Jack is not here with her tonight, he is with Katie who just lost her baby. Taylor offers her professional help if Katie needs it. They both feel Jack could help Katie heal. Owen interrupts a loving moment between Marcus in the hospital bed and Steffy. He’s shocked to hear of Marcus’ snake bite. He also tells Marcus that he will not stop caring for Donna. Donna begs Stephanie again to do something about Pam. She might be the only one who could get through to her. Stephanie maintains that Pam is not crazy, she is only compulsive/obsessive. She will not condemn her sister and does not think she could do all these things that Donna is claiming so they should wait until the police find Pam and bring her in. Donna goes to see Eric and frantically tells him what happened with Marcus and how she could have lost him. While out for her daily walk, Beth is hit by a car. Brooke calls for Donna to quickly get there. Beth is okay, shaken up and scraped a bit but definitely lucky it wasn’t worse. It did look like the driver was aiming at her. Donna’s antennae goes up and she figures out – first Marcus and now her mom. Donna tells Owen she thinks it was intentional. But she wants no one to see them together so she insists that he leave the house. Pam sneaks up on Donna and professes that Donna better leave her honey bear, otherwise Pam will put her in hibernation permanently.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami has a dream that Johnny grows up and shoots people at Stefano’s behest. She freaks out and tells Lucas that she has to protect her children from Stefano, so she isn’t going to tell EJ that he is the father of her baby. Lucas threatens to tell EJ if she won’t. EJ waits for Sami at Chez Rouge and Nicole insists on telling him something important. Instead of telling him she’s pregnant, they discuss their relationship, and she wants him to choose between her and Sami. EJ will only admit to caring deeply for both of them, so Nicole leaves, telling EJ what she had to say doesn’t matter anymore. Marlena insists that John go to the hospital to have tests run, and says she will think about giving their marriage a shot if he does so. John refuses. Later, Stefano warns John that Marlena is dangerous. John has another seizure, and Nicole finds him. She wants to call the paramedics, but John insists he’s fine. She tells him that their deal is off, as she doesn’t want EJ in her or her baby’s life. John offers her money, but Nicole refuses, saying she just wants his friendship. Marlena asks EJ to try to talk John into going to the hospital, pulling the ‘do it for Sami’ card. EJ agrees to try.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Though Sonny turns down Anthony's offer, he's confident the former boss will eventually have no choice but to give in to temptation. Olivia is sure that he already has and begs Kate to reconsider marriage, but Kate appears certain of him and also that Olivia only asks because she is attracted to him and because she is the mother of Sonny's son. Olivia swears her again to secrecy, fearing the boy could be drawn into Sonny's lifestyle. Jason once more turns down Sonny and learns Sonny has been trying to contact his former men who now work for Jason. Nadine is shaken by falling right in front of Nikolas and later assures him their romantic encounter will not change her work or their friendship. He's bemused. Finding Ric and Claudia together makes Johnny go postal. Max has told his father he runs the organization, and now, Papa is coming for a visit.

GH: Night Shift Recap Written by Laurie

Saira confides in Robin about Leo’s infidelity.  Saira gives Leo a chance to confess.  Leo apologizes for his infidelity.  Leo confides in Robin about the situation but Robin is less then sympathetic.  Jagger informs Patrick the “skinhead” he (Patrick) threw out of GH was found dead.  Patrick feels responsible and he struggles with his decision.  Jagger says GH may be a victim of retaliation so he ups the security.  Epiphany feels guilty about the situation.  Monica tells Patrick the hospital board is questioning his competence.  Later, Jagger informs Patrick charges will be filed against him on behalf of the dead “skinhead.”  Kyle and Eric grow closer and Eric’s condition grows worse.  Kyle is still on the outs with Claire.  Leo and Saira disagree about how to treat a cardiac patient.  The patient is later brought into the ER.  Saira feels guilty even though Leo is able to save the patient.  Leo tells Saira he loves her but Saira says what she has with Leo “isn’t love.”  Robin says Robert has pneumonia and “his fever is still dangerously high.”  Later, Robert tells Anna he “can’t win this one” and he’s convinced his “time has run out.”  Robert apologizes to Anna for his past mistakes.  Anna refuses to leave Robert’s side.  Robert lapses into a coma. 

GL Recap Written by Beth

Alan is up to something. He is caught by Bill. Alan tells him to move out. Bill says he is staying. Beth enters and gets into their discussion. Bill tells them he is off to go and get Vanessa. Bill tells Alan to get rid of the cigar and the smoke. Felicia and Mel go to see if Remy is ok. Bill meets Vanessa at Company. Bill and she get talking about Alan. Bill says he can't believe she was once engaged to Alan. Vanessa says everyone can be young and foolish. Dinah is right outside the door listening to her brother and mother, when Grady comes next to her. Dinah is not at all happy to see him. On their arrival home, Bill and Vanessa catch Alan and Beth flirting and playing with each other. Dinah tells Grady everyone is against her. Grady can't believe that. He then starts to leave and when she asks what he is up to, he tells here to consider it my pay. Blake tells Marina to empty Harley's before they hand it over to Remy. Marina is not happy. She says she will get her family to come over and get Harley's "stuff". Mallet invites Mel to a house gathering at what soon will be Remy's. Mel says maybe. Their mother is thrill with the idea. Grady walks into the old Spaulding Mansion cautiously, that is until Alan senses him. Bill walks in wondering what Grady is doing there. Alan tells Bill that Grady is there to see Elizabeth aka Lizzie. After Grady leaves he tells Alan they have to get rid of Grady. Alan tells Bill he couldn't agree more. The Coopers get to Harley's old house and start talking about the good old days with Harley and other Cooper memories. Dinah is having lunch with Vanessa and tells her that she is the one that got the Spaulding Mansion and the business all for Bill. Dinah feels that everyone is against her. And that nothing she does is wrong. Even getting the mansion and business. Vanessa thinks that Dinah is doing this because she lost a baby. Alan is talking to Lizzie's dog. Bill catches Alan on his feet. Bill tells Alan that he doesn't want to hurt Lizzie. Later in the discussion, Bill tells Alan he hasn't changed. The Coopers decide to toss the football around inside the house. Felicia thinks the house is too much for Mel and Remy to care for. Blake disagrees, but Felicia wins. Buzz is not happy and neither is Blake. Dinah tells her mother that Bill is playing a very dangerous game and hopes he knows what he is getting into. When Vanessa is at a loss for words, Dinah leaves. Dinah goes home and lays on her bed kicking herself for what happened during the day. Mel tells Mallet that he hopes to find a buyer for the house. Mel says that maybe you have. Mallet looks at her questioningly.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dorian privately asks Jackie McNaughton for "legal advice." And she reveals that she is not going to "comply" with what Clint wants just because he's promised to get Ray out of town so that she can keep custody of Langston. She remarks to Jack that she has worked too hard to hang onto the company and she won't let Clint get what he wants. Meanwhile, Nora, Antonio and Talia haul Ray down to the station after hearing that he is a murderer and that he may be connected to Carlo Hesser and what happened to Cristian Vega. John is determined to find the "mysterious woman" in Todd Manning's home. Addie encourages Blair to "go forward" with John. Todd and Marty are getting closer and ready to move out of town and leave the past behind them. She still has no clue that he raped her many years ago.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Nick and Phyllis are excited about the solo issue of Restless Style unfortunately, its not received as well as they would like. Nikki faces off with Brad at Crimson Lights, is threatened by Adam at the Athletic Club and warned by Phyllis at Restless Style to straighten up and fly right. Nick accepts the proposition Neil and Victoria are offering after Adam who is still ostracized suggest it. Heather begins investigating Walter Palin aka Tony Amato, the first person she questions is Brad. Sharon is not allowing Phyllis's harsh words in Restless Style to get to her but Jack reads her the riot act. Adam finally accepts Jack’s offer to expose Victor.

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