The TV MegaSite's Monday 10/6/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica visits Adam about Opal’s visions. Kendall holds Emma on her lap. Zach comes into the room. Kendall tells Zach that Emma could be sick and they should take her to the hospital. Greenlee looks at a report on the sales for “Bella.” Stewart paints a picture of the full moon. Ryan admires the pic of the full moon. At the hospital, Jake examines Emma. Kendall calls Ryan to let him know that Emma is at the hospital. Someone watches Annie from the bushes. Annie senses something is wrong and asks, “who is there.” Annie nears the bushes and sees someone. She screams. At the boat dock, Taylor stops and admires Stewart’s painting of the full moon. A groom brings in his bride and bridesmaids to the hospital because they are experiencing itching and a rash among other side effects of the “Bella” perfume. Ryan arrives at the hospital to see Emma. The groom confronts Kendall about the “Bella” perfume poisoning his bride and her bridesmaids. He threatens to sue Kendall and the company. The women of Fusion celebrate the success of “Bella.” Kendall comes in and lets the women of Fusion know that there are people being brought into the E.R. with side effects of “Bella.” Greenlee realizes that she had had the same side effects from “Bella.” Kendall gets a call from Angie that the ingredients of “Bella” had been contaminated. Kendall orders Babe and Amanda to get on the phone and demand a recall of all “Bella” that had been shipped.

Jake finds Taylor at the Comeback Bar. Taylor tells Jake that when she is around him she feels vulnerable. Annie gets a call from Jesse to come down to the P.D, for questioning. While at the police station, she meets Ryan, who tells her that Emma had been in the hospital. Annie visits Zach and confronts him as to why he hadn’t called her to tell her about Emma. Zach agrees to let Annie see Emma. Annie asks for Zach’s help in getting Emma back and he agrees. Kendall confronts Adam about trying to take over her company. Kendall lets him know that he will not take over Fusion without a fight. Ryan and Greenlee meet up at the boat dock.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Kim introduces Kate and Brad to a new star, Spencer. Kim wants Brad to be her co-host. He’s hesitant, but takes Katie’s advice to jump at this chance. It’s obvious that Spencer thinks Brad is hot. Casey bemoans his problems with Emily to Alison. His breakup is caused because Emily does not want to have a baby and hers to Aaron is straining because Alison does. He knows that Alison slept with Chris, but thinks Aaron will eventually come around. Casey apologizes to Emily, but she still thinks it’s better to leave it as it is. Chris talks to his mom about possibly leaving Oakdale for Africa. She guesses it has the added bonus of getting away from Alison Stewart. It scares him of what he might do if he stays. Reluctantly she gives her blessing.

Susan is livid. Dusty is alive. If she finds him she will kill him for real with her own two hands. She hopes Emily will stay mad at him too. Lucinda asks Dusty to please stay away from Lily, but he says he can’t do that. Holden feels Lily is making excuses for Dusty; he let her grieve for so long. Lily also is livid when she finds Lucinda with Dusty and has known almost from the beginning that he was alive. Holden instructs Dusty to take his hands off of Lily and leave town. Susan wants answers from Alison of why her marriage is on the rocks. Aaron is the best thing to ever happen to her. Alison reveals to Casey that Dusty may be back in Emily’s life. Emily tells Dusty that she is a reporter and she will accept his exclusive story. When leaving, he grabs her arm and asks her not to go. Lucinda is waiting when Lily returns home and explains to Holden that she and Lily have issues they need to discuss. Lily and Lucinda spar and Lily insists Lucinda should have told her Dusty was alive. Lucinda maintains that she saved Lily. Lily says her manipulations end today and she wants her to leave.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Marcus is rushed to the hospital suffering from the snake bite. Pam looks on from a distance while Donna freaks. The doctor administers an antidote and says he should be fine. Steffy visits and cries over his condition. She crawls into the bed with him and he says this is just a speed bump, he has big plans for them. Catching Donna in the hallway, Stephanie inquires if her boy is okay. Donna fumes that Stephanie is there and asks why? She demands that Stephanie leave the hospital, but not before she wants Stephanie to promise her that she and her crazy sister will stay away from the Logan’s. She squarely blames this on both of them. Stephanie denies having anything to do with this and she honestly doesn’t believe Pam did either. Pam is afraid and is in hiding. Donna begs Stephanie to help her. Find Pam before she does this again, the snake was meant for Donna, not Marcus. Katie wants nothing more than to go home and be with Jack so she talks Brooke into letting her do that. Brooke does tell Ridge that she had a strange vibe. Katie was clinging to Jack like a lifeline. Brooke hopes she did not make a mistake. Nick wonders too if this is a good idea and if Katie is up to this. Katie tells Nick she could not have gotten through this without him, and she loves him so much. She fawns over “her boy”.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Max makes up with Melanie, and warns her to stay away from Phillip, who has promised to help her find her father’s killer. Chelsea lays into Phillip about what happened with Morgan, and he tells her that Kate is ill, but refuses to elaborate. She calls Daniel to try to find out what’s going on. Sami wakes up in Lucas’ bed, dreaming about kissing EJ, but really kissing Lucas. EJ is forced to leave Johnny with Stefano when he can’t find Sami. She later catches Stefano with Johnny and freaks out when Stefano alludes to her having more children with EJ. Lucas learns that Sami has not yet told EJ she’s pregnant. John calls the board members of one of Stefano’s companies, wanting him ousted from the CEO position. Kayla tries to get Marlena to use her divorce papers as leverage to get John to have more tests run. Marlena refuses and serves John the papers herself, urging him to get checked out at the hospital. He refuses to believe that their marriage is over and kisses her.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Because Jason won't let Sonny take over again or start a mob war, Sonny declares him to be nothing to him. Anthony is right there to offer support and his entire organization to punish Karpov for Sonny. Johnny suspects his father is the one really behind Kate's shooting. As Kate lies, waiting to come out of anesthesia, Olivia talks to her, wishing she had gone ahead at some point, any point, in the past and told him that she had his baby so he would have married her, not Kate. When Jax hears that Carly plans to fly commercial to a meeting they will both attend, chivalry demands that he offer her the private jet, but he goes commercial, not trusting himself to avoid the mile high club. Nadine turns to the Jackal for solace, but no romance happens and Spinelli tries to intervene on her behalf with the prince. Nikolas remains baffled by this woman. Claudia and Ric's latest verbal sparring ends in bed.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Jeffrey and Reva are lost. But Jeffrey won't admit it. Then decides to hit the road. But now the car won't start. More trouble with Cassie and Cyrus at the party. Olivia does a photo shoot. Later Olivia is in her room and fall onto her bed, saying, "Oh, God." Natalia goes to check on Olivia and is told to go away. Natalia smiles and says, "And here I thought I something was wrong. An old acquaintance of Cassie's from her Cassie and Richard days sees her. Jeffrey and Reva find out they are only out of gas. Jeffrey says he can't find his cellphone and thinks he lost it. Reva tells him she mailed it home to him. She didn't want it going off all the time during their honeymoon. While Jeffrey goes to get more gas, Reva stays behind and tries to keep herself busy. She even tries to flag down cars to get help. Only 2 big bikers stop. Back at Olivia's, Natalia tries her best to talk Olivia to go back into the hospital. When that doesn't work, Natalia start thinking of another way. Natalia goes to see Mr. Decker. Just then, Olivia shows up. Decker tells her not to worry that her assistant, Natalia, has cleared up everything. Natalia finishes with Decker and excuses herself. Decker tells Olivia that Natalia is a keeper. Reva is not having luck with these two bikers. Come to find out Jeffrey hired them to keep an eye on her till he got back with the gas. And news Reva or Jeffrey don't understand. Reva then says that it is ok they go home. When a guy gets to nosey and close to Cassie, Cyrus tells him off. And Cassie likes what she hears from what Cyrus is telling the guy. Olivia wants to know why Natalia covered for her. Natalia says she did it as a favor. Olivia says that Natalia did it as an opportunity to help her son then goes into her room and slams the door. When Cassie and Cyrus come to her house, RJ meets them at the door and compliments his mother on how she looks and is even nice toward Cyrus. Mallet runs into Natalia and tells him that everything is ok with Rafe. When Reva smells smoke near the garage, and goes to investigate, Jeffrey follows only to see the two bikers from earlier making kielbasa on the grill. Reva can't wait to sink her teeth into it, so she says.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dorian goes to confront Clint and tells him she knows what he did involving Ray and Langston. He tells her he has no intention of taking Langston from her. All she has to do is sign over his company back to him. And Langston can stay with her and Ray will go back to South America. But she indicates that she is not going to do what he wants so easily. Meanwhile, Antonio, Talia and Sara find out that Ray was in prison and charged with murder. When Nora overhears them, she knows who Ray is from what Clint and Dorian shared with her. And the three of them (DA and 2 cops) go to find Ray right when he's talking to Langston and her friends in the high school and tell him they need to take him down to the police station for questioning. Cole talks to John and tells him what Clint is up to. They both miss Marty but have no clue that she is alive and well and with Todd Manning. Marty decides she wants to leave the rape behind, still having no clue what Todd did. And she wants to have a relationship with Todd.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

A bad storm is brewing in GC pairing all the star-crossed lovers together. At Crimson Lights newlyweds Jana and Kevin entertain Daniel and Amber with tarot card readings. At Cane’s faux hacienda de amour Billy shows up and he and Chloe take a walk down memory lane, as he questions the paternity of her baby. Of course she claims he’s not the daddy but in the end after he’s gone she admits the truth. At Jabot “soul mates” Cane and Lily while stuck in the elevator contemplate playing tic, tac, toe but opt for a passionate kiss instead which Billy witnesses. Phyllis and Nick discuss the reasons why he protects Sharon then have make-up sex. Jack and Sharon talk about the state of their marriage and while preparing to dance they make love.

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