The TV MegaSite's Friday 10/3/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Opal read her cards and all she sees is doom and gloom. The doorbell rings and Opal says that it is more bad news. Erica opens the door to Krystal and tells Opal that she was right, because dark and evil is at the door. Annie walks into the living room, and is attacked by a man. Greenlee tells Aidan that she will break off her relationship with Ryan. Krystal wants more news about the doom and gloom heading toward the Carey women. The security, at the Chandler mansion, checks for the intruder but cannot find anyone. Opal envisions that Erica and Adam will be bound together by total devastation.

Opal keeps repeating herself, “disaster is coming and complete devastation will consume Pine Valley.” Opal and Krystal decide to tell Jesse about the trouble heading toward Pine Valley. Erica tells Adam that disaster is headed their way. Annie believes that everyone is turning on her. Opal and Krystal tell Jesse about the vision that will be bad news for Adam, Erica, Adam, Krystal, Babe, JR, and Jesse. Aidan gives Greenlee earrings for an anniversary present and plants a bug in them. A strange woman in the hallway says hello to Jesse. He tells the woman that she cannot be there. A man enters the living room and stares at “Lil A”.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Lily is upset with Lucinda for butting into her life, as Brian defends Lucinda much to her delight.  Meg is worried when she doesn’t hear from Dusty after making a call to him regarding Margo’s threat of arresting her if she doesn’t come clean about what really happened with James and Paul.  Allison makes more excuses to Aaron for not wanting to make love.  Margo tells Emily that Casey doesn’t want to see her and comments about Emily having her tubes tied and being selfish.  Meg goes to see Holden when she is worried about Margo threatening to arrest her.  Lily interrupts and Meg and Holden, as they cover.  A happy Janet and Jack prepare to go to the benefit.  The benefit is a success and Lucinda makes the Snyder’s happy when she announces that the Board at Worldwide is be selling back the Farm to Emma for $1.  Allison tells Chris that her marriage is in trouble before she rushes off; Chris tries to go after her, but Aaron sees this and stops him.  Dusty makes a shocking entrance at the benefit and tells Margo that he was the one that got shot at the lighthouse.  The town is stunned to see that Dusty is alive… no one more then Lily and Emily.  Lily finds out Holden knew Dusty was alive and is angry.  Jack wrestles with the fact that he is no longer a cop anymore when everyone leaves to go down to the station to take Dusty’s statement.  During his fight with Aaron, Chris alludes to the fact that Allison and he slept together.  Aaron confronts Allison, who is forced to admit the truth to a devastated and furious Aaron.  At the station, Emily rips into Dusty for letting her and others think he was dead, but soon they are becoming close and on the verge of kissing when Margo interrupts.  Allison tells Chris that because he told Aaron what happened between them, he has killed any feelings she may have had for him.  Lily dances with Holden but thinks of Dusty’s arrival back into her life. 

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie is rushed to the hospital. She cries when she hears that she miscarried. Nick is there to hold and comfort her. She says that all of this is her fault for hurting Bridget, so he does not have to stay with her when there is no child. He maintains he will go nowhere, and he and Jack will need her more than ever. She desperately wants to see Jack. Not sure it is the appropriate time, Brooke takes Jack so Katie can see him. She holds him briefly and calls him her sweet boy. Donna tells Marcus that she talked to Eric and he didn’t ask her for a divorce just yet. Owen tracks her down and tells her he can get over losing his job, but he can’t get over losing her. She shouldn’t settle for a man that is old enough to be her father. Do what is good for her too. He vows he will never stop loving her, and to be aware of crazy Pam as she is still out there. Stephanie tells Felicia and Thorne she needs more time to think before confronting Eric, but Donna is not going to get her hooks in him again. Thorne speaks sternly to Marcus and warns him that the Forrester’s are back in charge of the company now so get used to the changes. Donna oversees this and they both feel that Thorne is making a threat. Before Donna can open a crate she is expecting from India, Marcus does the honors for her and opens it only to be bitten by a King Cobra. Through her binoculars on the rooftop lounge, Pam is looking and smiling.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole complains to John about EJ, and he asks her advice on what to do to win Marlena back. They agree to form an alliance to help each other. John suffers from another seizure. Sami doesn’t tell EJ about being pregnant, and later agrees to stay the night with Lucas at the Horton cabin. Phillip warns Daniel to stay away from Kate, but she tells Phillip to back off. She shoos him and Lucas off, and she and Daniel bond before her biopsy. Stefano tells EJ that the reason he can’t let go of Sami is because she is the mother of his child. He adds that EJ must stop fighting his feelings for her. Chloe gets a part in the opera in Kansas City. Phillip congratulates her with a kiss, which Morgan walks in on. Later, after Phillip admits that he is still in love with Chloe, Morgan divulges that she is heading to Chicago for an internship for two years. She and Phillip agree to stay friends and she leaves.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Nikolas' negotiations with Carly for the hotel makes an observer think they have something going on. Carly does not wish to sell out. Kate will walk again. When Patrick turns down her proposal, Robin is stunned. Spinelli urges Jason not to break the truce. Sonny decides to take control of the organization again.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Frank and Mallet work on an investigation together. Emma wants some mommy time with Olivia. Buzz gives Daisy advice. Daisy asks Natalia if she could go to court with her. Natalia's answer comes in a form of a smile and hug. Mallet visits Rafe in his cell while he awaits transfer to court. Mallet tells him he is just respecting Rafe's father's memory by helping as much as he can. Mallet pats Rafe on the back and then they both leave the jail cell on their way to court. Daisy and Natalia continue their talk outside. Natalia thinks she is a horrible mother. Daisy says the contrary, that Natalia is a wonderful mother. They walk together into court. Emma is getting impatient waiting for Olivia to get dressed for Mommy/Daughter time. Cassie is watering her flowers when she gets a call from Josh. Seems there is a problem. Seems Josh is on some kind of list that the military won't let him leave or go anywhere in Afghanistan. Josh wants Cassie to get Jeffrey on it. Then the phone goes dead. The judge calls Rafe's case. Mallet looks on from the gallery upstairs. While Frank testifies in Rafe's behalf. Judge sentences him to 2 years. Mallet comforts Natalia while Frank goes to the prison with Rafe to help settle him in. Buzz tells Olivia of Rafe and Natalia's situation in a way Emma understands because she is with them. Emma wants to make Natalia a card to make her "feel better". Seem Cassie has to go to a party that the Ambassador of Afghanistan is going to get get help for Josh. Cyrus wants to go with her and gets dressed. Cassie is impressed. But then Cyrus says he is ready what about her. Cassie is stunned. Cassie then goes back into her room and changes while talking to Cyrus through the door. She then invites him into her room to see the dress. His reaction makes her ask if it is good. He tells her too good. She laughs and they go. Natalia and Daisy and Mallet go back to Company, where Emma hugs Natalia. Natalia is thankful. Then Olivia gives Natalia a dirty look as if to say I could have helped. Buzz feeds both Natalia and Daisy some soup. They sit while talking to Frank. Frank and Natalia leave and wind up at Gus' old house. Frank says he didn't think when he asked her to go for a walk that this is where they'd end up. Mallet is feeling like he lost his best friend when he calls Dinah for a date. Daisy talks to Buzz and tries to figure out what and why this happened to here and Rafe. Natalia and Frank wind up cleaning the house. Frank wants to know if Natalia plans on moving in. Natalia says no. She just wants something to do. Rafe gets some info.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Adriana rushes to the hospital after not being seen nor heard from for a long time. And she stands her ground that she is Rex's wife and she calls the shots about who can and cannot see him. And she informs Gigi that it's her (Gigi's) fault that Brody shot Rex. Rex is awake but there's no guarantee that he will live. Marty is surfing the net to find the article of the night when she was raped. She probes Todd for information that he does not give her. She does not seem to be "catching on" to who really raped her. But she has a lot of questions she will not let go of. After Cole informs Dorian of Ray Montez's secret with Clint, she becomes confident that she can run him out of town and prevent him from taking Langston. Meanwhile, Cristian and Ray's wife, Vanessa are stuck in South America together.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Eden finds out about River’s past on the internet and is livid. Michael thinks putting Eden on the stand will help River win the case. Billy is back in town and at Jabot, he is also on to the identity of Jack’s silent partner Glo. Kevin is the pivotal person in Glo’s plan to get Kay’s shares by having him question her mental state. The demise of Nick, Phyllis and Jack and Sharon is on the horizon as Nick reads the letter from the editor and is also informed by Sharon of Phyllis’s meddling, he is not pleased by her actions at all and makes no qualms in calling her on them.

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