The TV MegaSite's Thursday 10/2/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Taylor returns to the yacht, and find Amanda with Monroe’s jacket on making love to Jake. Taylor is not amused. Adam kisses Erica to test her sincerity. Annie knocks on the Slater’s door. Greenlee and Aidan run into Ryan at Confusion. Amanda thought it would be cute and sexy to put on the uniform. Taylor though it was disrespectful, because people are dying in Iraq. Kendall tells Zach that she cannot believe that he invited Annie over. Ryan offers Greenlee and Aidan a drink because he is celebrating filing for divorce. Aidan refuse the offer of the drinks. Annie feels like someone is watching her; Zach want to know if Annie is hallucinating. Kendall wants to oversee the visit, but Zach urges her to give Annie and Emma some space.

Opal tells Erica about the dark cloud coming to Pine Valley. Petey overhears Erica say that she is spying on Adam, because Babe gave him up to save herself. Randi has had sex, but never had a boyfriend. Frankie wants Angie out of his business. Greenlee vows to stay away from Ryan for good. Annie reminds Kendall that everyone thinks that she is the town crazy, but in reality, Kendall is the one on the edge. She tells Kendall that because she minds everyone’s business she is hanging on the edge, and she will be the next one to fall off. Zach walks up behind Kendall and pulls her into a kiss. Annie returns to the mansion, and someone walks up behind her, and put their hand over her mouth.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Casey is angry at Emily for having her tubes tied after he asked her not to do it so he tells Emily he will never forgive her. Casey also tells Emily that he is tired of being nothing more then a boy toy to her. Carly encourages Jack to invite Janet to the charity benefit tomorrow because Janet is what he needs now not her. Carly also allows Janet to borrow a dress that she designed so she can wear it to the benefit. Emma asks Holden and Lily to host the benefit because she needs to go visit Iva because her marriage is in trouble. Lily promises that she will try and be civil to Carly and tells Carly the same thing when they have a talk. Lily tells Carly she doesn't know if they can ever be friends again but they should try to be civil to each other. Margo thinks that Meg is lying to her and thinks there was somebody else in the lighthouse with her besides Paul when James died. Margo gives Meg 24 hours to tell the truth or she will put her in jail if she doesn't tell her the truth. Meg calls Dusty's lawyer to give him a message that she is in trouble and doesn't know what to do.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna begs Eric for another chance so they can make it right again. He gave Stephanie many chances, can’t she have at least one? He tells her that when he called, he did have divorce on his mind, but now he’s not sure. She makes the first romantic move, but realizes he is not ready. Not ready to trust her, but not ready to give up completely either. She asks that he not close the door just yet and she gives him a goodbye kiss. Stephanie tries to convince Felicia and Thorne that Eric feels betrayed. Despite that Donna might not have been with Owen sexually, he will not want Donna anymore. As Donna is leaving, Stephanie gets a chance to tell her just that. Regardless of what Donna says or believes, that marriage is over. However, Donna vows she will not give Eric up this easily.

Brooke loves her beautiful new ring and states that she has never been happier. Nick and Katie drop in and Ridge and Brooke tells them that R.J. and Hope couldn’t be happier to have their little brother living with them part-time. Nick brings out the custody papers, but Ridge has his own addendum he wants to be followed. For Jack’s sake, essentially he wants respect between himself and Nick. They sign the papers with Katie looking on rather sheepishly. In the midst of this happy little family scenario, Katie doubles over with abdominal pains.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Daniel and Kate discuss her upcoming biopsy. Phillip and Lucas learn that she is in the hospital, and she admits to both of them that she might have lung cancer. Nicole confides to John that she is pregnant. Later, she begins her date with EJ, but Lucas interrupts, telling EJ that Sami is in the hospital and needs to tell him something. Lucas demands that Sami tell EJ the truth and leaves. EJ shows up at the hospital, but Sami is reluctant to tell him she’s pregnant. Caroline tells Roman, Bo, and Mickey that she pulled a knife on Trent at the pub the night he died, but didn’t kill him. Mickey divulges that witnesses have come forward stating that she was seen threatening Trent with a knife. Max tells Kayla that Melanie is dead to him.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Olivia finally consents to let Patrick operate on Kate, and tensions mount as the time for surgery comes closer. She also quizzes Carly about whether or not Sonny is telling the truth about being in the mob. Nadine and Nikolas part after making love, both sure that the other has regrets. Nikolas later approaches Carly about buying the Metro Court. For some reason, Johnny rams a boat, though the other boat disappears, and he is arrested. During the questioning process, Scotty makes plans to throw the book at him, but the lack of the other boat makes this impossible, and Johnny also "confesses" to killing Logan, but double jeopardy protects him. However, Scotty taunts that it really does not matter what is done to Johnny; law or no law, he's being punished by Lulu's madness. Robin, now awakened to the value of life and time, proposes to Patrick. Before her surgery, Kate once again attempts to tell Sonny something important, but does not manage to.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lizzie gets ready for Alan's moving back into the old house till he is stronger. Lizzie is talking to Bill about it. Natalia and Rafe meet with the new Lawyer. Although this lawyer is not telling them what they want to hear. Bill has breakfast with Billy at Company. Olivia comes in and Buzz drives her crazy worrying about her. Lillian later has a moment with Olivia. Alan is outside with Lizzie wanting to get out of the wheelchair. Alan doesn't want anyone talking about him. He suggests moving in at the boarding house with Buzz. Lizzie won't hear of it. Billy and Vanessa have a Pow-Wow with Bill about his love life. It doesn't go well and Bill leaves. Lillian grabs what she needs and leaves Company and Olivia get angry at her day and spills her guts to Buzz. Natalia tells this lawyer to do as she wishes or she will get someone else. The lawyers says be my guest and leaves. Natalia goes to see Olivia, who doesn't like Natalia's idea of dropping the lawyer. Alan talks to Lizzie's dog about taking a walk. Lillian stops by the Mansion to talk to Lizzie. Lizzie talks to her about Alan. Lillian doesn't seem as worried as Lizzie about him. After breakfast. Billy and Vanessa meet the Towers bar. The subject on their minds is Bill and Lizzie. They think that Bill and Lizzie belong together. Matt has a talk with Billy about Vanessa. Matt wonders what Billy is up too. Buzz visits Rafe in prison. Rafe is touched with Buzz's visit. Bill and Lizzie have a planning meeting with Decker who is going to help them build a mall, when Alan comes walking in. Alan starts monopolizing the conversation. After Decker leaves, Lizzie gets so excited that Alan seems his old self. Bill on the other hand doesn't. Matt and Natalia run into each other. Natalia tells Matt of her problems with Rafe and getting a lawyer. Matt wants to meet with Natalia over something to eat and they can talk. She agrees. Bill is alone looking at a sonogram picture of his late son. He tells the picture he is trying to move on. Decker meets up with Olivia. Natalia is happy to see Buzz stopped by the prison to see Rafe when she arrives there and sees him leaving. Lizzie tells Alan she can handle Bill. Lizzie asks Alan to stay. Alan agrees. Bill returns to where his parent are and they continue to talk about him and Lizzie. Bill want his family together. Billy asks about the Spaulding house. Bill says yes. Olivia and Buzz talk about helping Natalia. Olivia tells Buzz she tried, now she has others she has to help. Rafe asks his mother to stop trying to help him out of his messes and to trust him to make the right decision. She starts to cry as Rafe tries to comfort her.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

John is returning from his flight after unsuccessfully looking for Cristian. But he runs into an old acquaintance who "enlightens" him about whom the mysterious woman might be who Ramsey might have hid in his house before he died and who Todd is now hiding. Meanwhile, Marty finds her way downstairs and gets on the computer to find the newspaper article where she got raped. But she still cannot find out whom the rapist was. Rex is hanging between life and death. And he has a dream where he's on a game show that is called: "Are you fit to be Shane Morasco's Dad". Deceased Colin McIver and Jen Rappaport host the show and it's in the format of "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire". And they ask Rex many questions about his shady past. And one specific question comes up that he cannot answer and that is about who (among 8 choices of men) is Rex's real father. And it looks like Rex might have lost the game where Brody has won and Brody is seen as Shane's real father.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

The trials and tribulations of raising teenagers has been bestowed on Lauren, Michael, Nick and Sharon. Both Eden and Noah are caught at a rowdy unsupervised high school party; Eden already in hot water has snuck out and Noah has forgotten to tell his parents a few key details; they are punished Noah takes his well but Eden is of course defiant. Phyllis allows the green monster to overcome her as she rewrites the letters from the editor (niceties excluded). Billy gets to know his big bro Cane while torturing wife Chloe who just happens to be Billy’s “ex stalker chick”, Amber also joins in the fun but realizes only more that she misses Daniel. Lily decides that she’s going to give Colleen her blessing and allow her to be the new Fresh Face of Jabot, she also contemplates on-line dating. Jack sees Nick and Sharon hug through the door.

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