The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 10/1/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

The women of Fusion prepare for shipments of “Bella” to the distribution points. Amanda talks to a reporter, and tells her that “Bella” is a team effort. Erica visits Kendall at work and lets her know that Adam is after Fusion. Adam meets with Pete about the shipment of “Bella” that is going out today. Aidan questions Greenlee as to where she was yesterday. Greenlee is reluctant to answer. Taylor meets up with Frankie at the hospital, and thanks him for giving her for the prescription for the sedatives. Jake comes up and wants to know what is going on. Annie lets Babe know that Ryan is suing for divorce and wants custody of Emma. Erica, also, lets Kendall know that Adam and Annie are working together to gain control of Fusion. Erica calls Adam, and make plans for the morning. Jake questions Frankie as to what prescription drug that he had put Taylor on. After talking to the head of DiFranco, Babe fears that something in “Bella” is making everyone sick. Babe vents her fears over “Bella” to Amanda that it is making everyone sick. Greenlee and Aidan come into work. Annie lashes out at Greenlee, and lets Aidan know that Greenlee was with Ryan the day before. Greenlee and Aidan exchange looks. Adam is becoming intimate with Erica when Pete begins to wave from him from the door. Adam waves him away as he kisses Erica.

Adam finds out from Pete that the employees of DiFranco have gotten sick from the perfume “Bella.” Frankie shows Randi his new apartment. Frankie asks her to move in with him. Randi has her doubts and tells him, “no,.” After talking a few minutes, Randi agrees to move in with him. Taylor nervously runs out of her session with the psychologist. The psychologist follows her and offers her some comfort. Taylor remembers a time that she spent with her fiancé. Jake arrives back at the yacht. Amanda comes out of the bathroom, wearing only the top of a military uniform. Jake and Amanda begin to kiss on the bed. Taylor stops at the door and sees that Amanda is wearing her fiancé's uniform shirt. Aidan takes Greenlee to see their new home.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Luke happily welcomes Noah home from his trip. Janet continues to deal with not being in Jack’s life anymore. Carly tends to Jack, who is in the hospital. Dusty tells Meg that he is not pressing charges against Paul. Mike comes to say goodbye to Lily. Dusty asks Meg to keep his secret about him being alive. Holden, who is frantic to see if Meg is ok, finds her with a not-so-dead Dusty, and he unleashes his fury on him. Brian, needing them for a meeting, interrupts Noah and Luke’s reunion. Mike tells Lily he is going back to Europe to work with Neal; he wishes her all the best with Holden. Lucinda and Brian interrupt their goodbye, as Lucinda is pleased that he is leaving so Lily and Holden’s path back together is not misdirected because of him. Holden won’t promise to keep Dusty’s secret after what he did. Janet tells Liberty she is afraid to get hurt when it comes to Jack. Jack pours his heart out, as he tells a stunned Carly that he loves her and wants to get back together. Carly has waited to hear these words because he will always be her true love. However, an emotional Carly tells him that he is just going to her because his life is falling apart and that she realizes she is not the best person for him. Jack looks crushed as Carly excuses herself. Holden tells Dusty that if he decides to come back from the dead he wants him to stay away from Lily. Carly calls Janet and tells her that Jack needs her, as Janet goes running. Carly leaves Jack without telling him and runs into Holden, who is waiting for Meg. Carly tells Holden that she called Janet to take care of Jack, who is still in the hospital. Meg says goodbye to Dusty. Carly, Meg and Holden head home. Carly admits to Holden that Jack and she almost restarted their relationship after spending the time together relying and depending on one another, but in the end, she thought Janet was better for him. Holden offers to take Carly home, but she would rather go to Metro. Jack awakens to find Janet there instead of Carly and is disappointed. Janet explains that Carly called her and said he needed her, as Jack looks upset. Carly and Holden arrive at Metro, where Lily, Luke, Noah, Lucinda and Brian are having their meeting about the Benefit at Metro. Lily is furious to find them together, as Holden starts to explain. Lily and Holden leave to talk. Janet is babbling about all the stuff she brought Jack, who is lost in his thoughts about Carly. Janet finally sees this and is ready to bolt because she thinks Jack would rather be with Carly instead. Jack stops her and tries to explain, but ultimately he tells her that he is happy she is there. Meg finds a very sedated Paul at the hospital and wants the doctors to ease up on the medicine. She would like to take Paul home, but the doctors want to wait and see. A funeral director on the Island arrives to ask Dusty what to do with James’ remains. Dusty is confused, as the director explains that he is the only contact listed on his estate. Dusty tells him that the person he is looking for is dead and he should talk to James’ son because he could care less what he does with the remains. Lily apologizes to Holden for overreacting, but she wonders if she will always be in competition with Carly. Holden brings up her feelings for Dusty and explains he understands how she feels because of what happened with him. She wonders why he brings up Dusty; Holden doesn’t tell her, but just promises no one – not Carly or anyone will ever come between them again. Dusty makes plane reservations to get off the island as soon as he can.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie reflects on what Ridge said, that Nick wanted Brooke in his life for a long, long time. She and Nick talk and he explains they will always be one, big, happy, weird family. Bridget connects again by staying with Brooke and Ridge welcomes that. Bridget says she feels like she dodged a bullet and feels okay that things didn’t work out with Nick. At least she knows now, not after five years. Brooke notices Ridge is very quiet. He expresses his concerns about the legal custody. He surprises her with a folding travel bag full of weddings clothes for Hope, R.J. and little Jack. He wants to hear the words again that Brooke really wants to marry him, and she says yes.

With the doctor’s blessing, Eric gets ready to return to work. Thorne and Felicia are concerned, but he assures them he is fine and needs this. First he wants to speak with his wife. They think he means Stephanie, but he means Donna. She arrives at the house and Stephanie is gracious and invites her in and up to see Eric. Donna is happy to see Eric looking so well and felt that he could never forget what they meant to each other. Slowly she realizes he didn’t call her there to make up. He tells her it was insulting to see her picture splashed in the papers with Owen, having such a good time in Paris and then seeing her kiss him right here in his own house. Maybe just a kiss, but it was too much. She knows she let him down, but she never gave her heart to anyone else, it always belonged to him. She begs him to listen to her and more importantly tell her what he intends to do. Is he going to leave her and go back to Stephanie?

Days Recap Written by Jenni

EJ tells Phillip to tell Victor that he will never win a case against Nicole. Nicole tries to tell EJ that she is pregnant, but finds the time is wrong, so he arranges a date for them later on, where she promises to give him the big news. Lucas takes Sami to the hospital, where she vows to be an independent woman her children can be proud of. She then learns that she is pregnant. Melanie mistakes Phillip for Victor, and explains that she needs help finding out who killed her father. Phillip blows her off. Victor visits Caroline in prison, and vows to help her get out. She makes both him and Bo swear not to do anything illegal to help her. Kayla worries that Victor might be using the situation to work his way into her mom’s life. Bo reviews the fingerprint analysis, and learns that only Caroline’s prints are on the knife. He and Kayla tell her that the D.A. is moving forward with pressing charges against her.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jax tells Carly that their marriage is still over and she asks for another chance. Anthony tries to get Claudia to offer condolences on behalf of the family to Sonny. Sonny admits that if Kate dies, her blood is on his hands. Nikolas and Nadine have dinner and take things to another level. Jason takes Liz to look at Kate and tells her that it could be her if she stays with him. Jason refuses to take out Karpov for Sonny. Olivia meets with Patrick about Kate’s surgery. Johnny admits that he might have driven Lulu over the edge by taking her to the wedding, starts drinking and tries to drive a boat. Jason tells Carly that Kate was the target, not Sonny. Kate asks Patrick to relay a message to Sonny if she dies.

GH Recap Written by Mandy

Sonny wants to start a mob war to avenge Kate, but Jason does not want to do that and Liz fears what will happen if he does. Kate needs surgery, and though Sonny trusts Patrick and Robin to succeed, Olivia opposes the idea. Anthony schemes about how to best take advantage of the current turmoil and urges Johnny to get Lulu out of his life. Carly and Jax are still no closer to reconciling. When Jax visits Kate, she starts to tell him that there is something she should have told Sonny that he has.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lizzie and Alan are talking and they want a fresh start. Bill is on the phone with business. And he sets up a meeting. Buzz and Coop are on a computer at Company and Coop is worried. Daisy shows Marina an outfit and talking diversion tactics. Mallet interrupts their talk. Grady is all over Dinah, until she moves away Coop and Buzz talk about Coop's mom. Marina is getting Daisy ready for a sting. Before Daisy leaves, Marina tells her not to be a hero. Grady is kissing Dinah when he suddenly stops and goes to the door and opens it and looks out. Dinah wants to know what gives. Grady says he thought he heard Daisy out in the hall. He walks back in and grabs his coat and tells Dinah he'll be back. Alan is being a bad patient. Lizzie says she has to go and check her messages. Alan asks her if she will keep him in the loop. She insures him she will. She then goes to find Bill. When she does. He is at Company on the phone. She gives him a smug smile till he ends the call. Then she wants to know what he's been up top. Buzz interrupts them and ask about Alan. Meanwhile Alan has flown the coop and left the hospital saying it is time for a walk. He winds up finding Daisy, who he calls Susan. She corrects him by saying she goes by Daisy now. He asks about Rafe. She asks about seeing Gus. Marina is worried about Daisy. Mallet tells her she is fine. Dinah is up to her old tricks. She parks a car and leaves a paper on the windshield. Lizzie goes back to Alan's hospital room to find him gone. Daisy and Alan are talking about work. She tells Alan she is undercover. She is trying to get rid of Alan. But instead she goes with him to get pizza. Grady stops by Company and Buzz just about throws him out. Daisy and Alan also show up. Daisy tells Buzz to help Alan. Dinah gets arrested for unpaid parking tickets when the cop that issued the one that is on her car sees it. Dinah tell him she is about to pay it. He tell her he was the one who issued the last one. And drags her off. Decker meets with Bill and then Lizzie shows up. Decker is confused. Daisy goes to the gym and runs into Coop. They talk about Alan and Buzz. Dinah and Mallet run into each other at the police station. Mallet with a smile wants to know what she is doing there. Dinah tells Mallet she parked and grabbed an old ticket thinking no one would notice. Then Vanessa shows up. Dinah is shocked that Mallet would call her. Grady sees Daisy outside and sits down. She tells him she is working. Next thing she know is he grabs her. Buzz tries to talk some sense into Alan about going back to the hospital. Just then Lizzie shows up at Company. She is shocked to see him there. Just as Alan gets up to try to explain he collapses down on the bench he was sitting on. Buzz tries to help he down.

OLTL Recap Written by Jeannie

Rex's ghost sees himself on the operating table. Then he is suddenly thrust into a game show called Who's Shane Morasco's Father. Everyone gathers at the hospital waiting to see how Rex is. Gigi tells Shane the truth. Shane thinks she's lying and keeps talking about Brody. He argues about the DNA test and Gigi explains how Brody used Rex's toothbrush. Charlie and Jared talk about Jessica. Jared says something isn't right there. Tess taunts Natalie saying she can go see Rex and then saying she can't. They argue. On the game show, Rex has to answer questions about his life and who his real father is. When he answers correctly at the game show, he gets better in the operating room. When he answers wrong his health fails. He faces Jen and Lindsay. They finally ask Rex who his father is and give eight photos; Bo, Charlie, RJ, David Vickers Mitch Laurence Snoop dog, Kane Rogan and Jackie McDonald. Rex calls his lifeline, Roxy. At the hospital Roxy does a prayer circle. Everyone joins in. On the lifeline, Roxy says not David Vickers then the line goes dead. Time is up. Rex guesses Bo but is wrong. They say Brody won Shane and Rex flat lines.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Billy is back in town and making the rounds, he meets up with Cane who invites him over to his house to hang. When he runs into Lily he says that he came back for her and that Colleen could never replace her. Colleen tells Lily she’s accepting the Faces of Jabot position and Lily is not impressed. Chloe and Colleen exchange harsh words. Jack and Adam go to NY to meet with a big time editor about doing a tell all story about Victor, Adam is having a change of heart though and threatening to back out. Eden cuts school and is invited to a party that Noah begs Nick and Sharon to attend. They agree but Michael and Lauren don’t and she sneaks out. Nick and Phyllis celebrate their solo issue of Restless Style in bed. Chloe is shock when Billy shows up at her door.

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