The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 9/30/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Zach sits on the sofa doing some work when Kendall comes into the room. She starts to complain about everything in general as she sits down on the sofa beside Zach. Zach pulls her feet onto his lap and begins to massage her feet and toes. Zach picks up the phone and starts to hand it to Kendall. Kendall wants to know what that is for. Zach tells her that she wants to call and check on Ryan. Greenlee has Ryan’s face cupped in her hands. Ryan assures Greenlee that she doesn’t want this. Someone prowls through Aidan’s P.I. office. They stop long enough to pick up a pic of Greenlee and looks at it. Opal is deep in thought as she reads the tarot cards. Tad comes in and begins to make a joke about the tarot cards. Krystal tells him to stop and listen to Opal. Annie is released behind the wall in the living room. She begins to scream for help. J.R. and Babe release her from her prison. J.R. conducts a search of the house and finds no one there. Ryan orders Greenlee out, and for her to go home to her husband. Greenlee is reluctant to leave, but Ryan forces her to leave. Aidan comes up to the door of his P.I. office and finds the door slightly ajar. Aidan raises his pistol and goes in. Aidan finds Jesse, playing one of the video games. Jesse confronts Aidan about his snooping into Jesse’s past. Jesse orders Aidan to stop snooping of he will close down Aidan’s P.I. office .

Greenlee visits Kendall and blames her for the shape that she is in after visiting with Ryan. Ryan comes into work at Cambias and finds Zach, busy at work. Annie blames Ryan for having someone to follow her. Opal and J.R. come in. Opal asks to talk to J.R. and Babe alone. Annie calls Kendall to check on Emma and hears that Greenlee is there. Annie insists that she is coming over, but Kendall advises against it. Annie watches Greenlee talking to Emma from the window. Ryan visits Annie to tell her that he wants a divorce and he will seek full custody of Emma. Greenlee finds Aidan at the P.I. office. She asks him does he love her. They proceed to start kissing and making out. Opal tells J.R, and Babe that something bad is coming to Pine Valley. Someone watches J.R. and Babe from the bushes.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Alison is devastated when the doctor tells her that she has pelvic inflammatory disease and the antibiotics used to treat the disease will cause selling in the fallopian tubes making it almost impossible for her to have a baby. Alison blames her former life as a prostitute for the cause of her disease. Aaron tells Alison that this doesn't change their relationship. Emily goes through with tubal ligation surgery despite the fact that Casey begs her to reconsider if she loves him at all. Paul thinks that Meg and Dusty are having an affair because he finds them together in the lighthouse. Paul is unable to follow James orders to kill Dusty only shooting him in the shoulder. James and Dusty struggle for the gun and James falls from the lighthouse to his death. James tells Paul before he takes his last breath that he is week and pathetic and will never be worthy. Carly saves Jack's life after James men almost kill him. James later strands them on a boat together and they realize that they love each other. The police arrives and rescues everyone and before Meg leaves for the hospital she tells Paul she loves him and she is glad he found her. Paul doesn't know what to think and James ghost tells Paul that Dusty is going to take Meg away from him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie thanks Owen for meeting with her. He wastes no time in telling her that he never had sex with Donna. Yes, he kissed Donna and admitted his love for her, but she would never cheat on Eric. Stephanie finds it hard to believe that Donna never crossed that line in all the lonely months while Eric was in the hospital. She informs him that Donna’s marriage to Eric is over. Eric wants nothing to do with her, so Owen’s path is clear. Donna is lurking and sees this exchange and confronts Owen to what it was about. Owen feels Donna’s hostility and says he expected this, but he told Stephanie the truth. He was in love with Donna, but they did not sleep together. Ridge has second thoughts about Brooke being named Jack’s mother. He also is not that happy about Katie moving in with Nick. He even quips he thought she would have the good sense not to. Now her sister is going to be part of her new life with Brooke officially being Jack’s mother. Katie is surprised that Ridge is okay with this. He admits it was his idea to make it legal, but he thought Nick would jump all over that and reject it, wanting to be the sole parent. He reminds her that Nick may love Katie today, but he loved Brooke and Bridget too, things change. It’s wise they both keep an eye out. He plants the seed of doubt in her head that all of this happened a little too fast and Nick wants Brooke in his life for years to come.

Donna refuses to believe that Stephanie and Eric are meant to be back together. Owen pitches his case one more time for her to let him love her. Despite all that has happened, she still wants her husband back. Katie refuses to live like this to believe that Nick will rip off Brooke’s clothes and be unfaithful the first chance he gets. She tells Ridge to look inside his own heart. Here he is going to marry Brooke again, sounds like he doesn’t trust her. They both agree to watch carefully, but not to be paranoid. Nick and Brooke openly share a new bond over “their son”. Brooke hopes Katie will be okay with all of this and also be a large part in Jack’s life along with her own baby.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

EJ helps Sami with her resume, as she is looking for a job. Lucas tells Sami about Caroline’s arrest. She sends the twins off for the day with Lucas and EJ, then passes out. Lucas discovers her when he comes back for Allie’s bear. Hope tells Chelsea about Caroline, and advises her not to come to the station just yet. She asks Chelsea if she has feelings for Nick, but Chelsea says she doesn’t. She confides in Hope that they should consider Melanie a suspect in Trent’s murder. Kayla tells Lexie that she was offered an interim position as chief of staff. The mayor asks Abe to spy on Bo and Roman, since he doesn’t trust them to do an adequate job bringing Trent’s murderer to justice. Abe refuses. Later, a board member at the hospital asks him to consider running for mayor. Max and Melanie both accuse each other of murdering Trent. Steve, Bo and Roman go over the list of suspects, and come up with four names, Nick, Max, Nicole and Melanie. They question Melanie, who denies any involvement. She threatens to leave town, but Bo says she can’t.

GH Recap Written by Mandy

Lulu receives a note saying that she will pay for killing Logan, but Johnny doesn’t believe her. Jason refuses to retaliate against Karpov until they know for sure he was responsible. Ric finds out that Anthony has been faking his paralysis and that he was Kate’s shooter. Carly tells Morgan why Sonny doesn’t spend time with him anymore. Jason apologizes to Liz for missing the flight. Mac questions the Zaccharas about Kate’s shooting. Olivia wants Sonny to admit his guilt in Kate’s shooting.

GH: Night Shift Recap Written by Laurie

Robin finds Robert unconscious on the bedroom floor.  Robert is brought to GH and prepared for surgery.  Patrick says Robert has an infection as well as fluid in his lungs.  Robin realizes she can’t cope with Robert’s illness on her own so she calls Anna.   After Robert’s surgery, Patrick says all they can do is wait.  Anna visits with Robert.  Robin says the infection is in Robert’s bloodstream and the situation is dire.  Anna promises that all will be well now that she’s there to help.  Patrick apologizes to Robin for putting “distance” between them.  Eric tries to flirt with Kyle.  Kyle confides in Eric about his issues with Leo.  Eric says Kyle is “hiding behind” everyone else’s problems instead of living his own life.  Jagger brings in a group of injured “white supremacists” into the ER.  Epiphany gets into it with one of them.  Things get out of hand so Jagger steps in and security escorts the troublemakers out.  Epiphany gets upset and leaves.  Toussaint catches up with her at Jake's.  Saira wonders why Leo and Kyle are fighting.  Claire tries to make amends with Kyle.  Kyle presses Leo to tell Saira “the truth about Claire.”  Leo blames Claire for making the first move.  Leo says he’s falling in love with Saira.  Saira tells Leo she’s concerned about Kyle and plans to talk with him.  Leo tells Saira to give Kyle some “space” and offers to talk with Kyle instead.  Saira seems suspicious but she agrees.  Later, Saira asks Claire if she slept with Leo.  Claire admits that she did.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Alan wants out as Beth visits him. He knows who he is. A moment later he softens his mood and hugs Beth. Marina has Peyton and take the baby to the office to visit Mallet. Marina decides it would be a good time to have Mallet take care of Peyton. Cyrus is doing chores around Cassie's place. Cassie gets a call from Josh while talking to Cyrus. She tells Josh that Cyrus is doing some work for her around the place. After the call, Cassie tell Cyrus that Josh wanted to wish RJ good luck on his first day of school. Then Cassie asks Cyrus if he is busy today. Lizzie has a conversation with Grady about games and a clock. Then Dinah runs into Grady at Towers. He tells her in short of the conversation he had with Lizzie. Bill waits for Susie to get ready their dinner at the Mansion. Susie shows up on the stair balcony. After she leaves it, Bill calls for Lizzie, but Alex answers and tells him she left for a "hot date". Alan ask Beth about her classes. She says her professor says she is a natural. Marina tells Mallet that as far as she knows the house is baby proof. That their are numbers by the phone and tells Mallet to have fun before she takes off. Mallet finds animal crackers and shows Peyton. Cassie asks Cyrus for an "Non Date" date, but take a shower first. She goes to walk in the house and the door handle comes off. Cyrus tells her he was going to tell her that the handle wasn't screwed on yet. Lizzie gets annoyed with Grady. Bill is trying to act interested in what Susie is saying. Susie then gets up from the table and goes behind Bill to massage is shoulders. Mallet is trying to entertain Peyton. It seems to be working, she isn't crying is smiling. Beth and Alex run into each other and talk about Alan and his health. Then they both visit Alan. Alex brings his family album. Alex and Beth leave him alone with his photo album. Bill gets an interruption from his date, Dinah. Dinah tells him she met with Grady. Then Bill yells up to Susie there is a change of plans. Grady tackles a photographer as Bill and Dinah walk into Towers. Lizzie has to bread up the fight. Mallet is having good playtime with Peyton. Beth calls Lizzie telling her that Alan wants to see her. Susie doesn't like where Bill took her saying the place is dead and leaves. Bill asks the bartender for a drink. Dinah goes back to her place and thumbs through mail. Mallet is caught be Marina and Peyton asleep in the couch. Mallet says he turned on the baby monitor. Lizzie arrives to once again visit Alan. They hug after she arrives. Cassie and Cyrus continue to get close. Mallet shows Marina what he did for Peyton. She seems pleased that he could watch Peyton with no problems and gives him a break. Alan and Lizzie talk about Bill. As she gets up to go, she is at the door and sees Bill standing there. She changes her mind and goes back to Alan side.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Cole goes to inform Langston, Marco and Starr of the conversation he overheard between Ray Montez and Clint Buchanan. Clint revealed to him that he has a "war" with Dorian Lord since she took his company from him. And he bets that that is why Ray showed up out of nowhere and the judge awarded him custody of Langston so that Dorian will never see her again. And they are all determined to get to the bottom of it. Rex is in critical condition. Gigi and Bo are worried about him and notice that Shane has wondered off. Shane goes to find Brody who's been taken to jail. Brody is traumatized remembering the young boy whom he shot. Gigi finally reveals to Shane that Brody is not his real father. Rex is. Meanwhile, Tess "works" on Jared to make him believe that Natalie has bailed on her family and dumped him. And he deserves better. Yet he still does not believe that Natalie would do that to him. And when they all hear that Rex is in critical condition, Tess uses that against Natalie. She realizes that when people find out that Natalie has done nothing and not even shown up to be there for her brother who could be dying, they'll all see what a worthless, selfish person Natalie is. Natalie is distraught and horrified that she cannot see Rex and is locked in the room where Tess has kept her.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Billy is home and Jill is ecstatic and so is Cane. Colleen tests for the Face of Jabot and Cane is impressed and hires her unbeknownst to Jill who’s not in favor. Lily finally gets mad and tells Colleen her accepting the position will put a strain on their friendship, this does not deter Colleen she accepts the job. Billy goes to Amber’s where he gets a place to stay and the goods on Cane and Lily’s break-up. Nick is distraught about Victor’s disappearance as they embark on their next cover; Nikki blames Phyllis for her family’s turmoil but Nick does not believe its her fought. Karen moves in with Neil and shares some of the death of her mom, while Roxanne and Devon let Lily get mad. Nikki pleads with Victor to stop making his kids suffer.

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