The TV MegaSite's Monday 9/29/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Frankie gives Taylor the prescription for the sedatives that she requested. After Taylor leaves Frankie, she bumps into Jake. At the Comeback Bar, Krystal, Babe and J.R. have a celebration on the upcoming nuptials. Opal comes in, in a distraught state, and warns them that they are in for a terrible time. Greenlee calls Kendall to tell her that Ryan had been arrested. Before Kendall can leave, Zach walks in and wants to know what is going on. Kendall lies, as usual, and tells Zach that she is meeting Greenlee for drinks. At the police station, Annie demands to see Emma, but the police officer refuses to let her see Emma. Zach sees through Kendall’s lie and lets her know that he knows that Ryan had been arrested. Kendall wants to go to the police station, but Zach refuses to let her get involved. Greenlee overhears Annie’s conversation with the cop. Adam gets questioned by a cop about having the gun just lying around the house. Adam puts all the blame on Annie that she is a wacko and she had probably stolen the gun from his safe. Greenlee and Annie come face to face at the police station. Annie accuses Greenlee of trying to help Ryan steal her child. Greenlee urges Annie to drop the charges against Ryan, but Annie refuses. Jesse lets Annie know that Adam had changed his story about the gun. Taylor takes one of the sedatives and goes in for her therapist’s appointment.

Jesse calls Kendall and tells her that he wants to see her at the police department. Taylor is calm and collected during the session with the therapist. Opal reads the tarot cards for J.R. and Babe. Zach and Kendall take Emma home with them until this is all over. The therapist tells Taylor that she needs a few more sessions. Annie confronts Adam about changing his story about the gun. Annie blackmails Adam into changing his story. Adam orders Annie out of his house. Babe and J.R. come in and tells Adam that Annie is not going anywhere. Annie comes into the living room and sees the patio doors open. As she is closing them, she notices another door open. Annie steps inside and the door closes behind her. Annie starts to scream for them to let her out.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Brad tells Janet that he confessed to his role in Leo’s accident; Brad finds out Katie didn’t come home when he tells Janet that he needs to talk to Katie about what he did. Katie awakens after a drunken and hung over night beside Mike in bed. Bonnie shares her fears with Carly about a missing Derek. Jack learns that Brad confessed, but he is too preoccupied with where Meg is to focus on anything else. Jack gets a ‘text’ from Meg saying she is in Mattamoi. Dusty and Meg continue to search for a place to hide from James – they find a lighthouse. James finds Paul at the house where Meg was staying. Paul doesn’t believe Meg would meet up in secret with a supposedly dead Dusty – that is until he finds a necklace that belonged to Jennifer. James goads Paul about Meg leaving him for Dusty. Carly agrees to help Bonnie find Derek, but she checks in with Jack first, who tells her about his lead with Meg. Katie panics and tries to come up with a story; Mike suggests the truth because nothing happened. Katie calls into work to tell them she is doing a story in Chicago. Janet tells Brad, who is on the phone calling hospitals, that Katie is in Chicago. Brad thinks she went there alone to think and stayed at the WOAK hotel room they have there. Carly and Bonnie head over to the wine cellar where they find Derek, who tells them what James, is up to. Carly realizes Jack is walking into a trap and heads off to go find him when she can’t reach him by phone. James plays on Paul’s insecurities saying Dusty plans to take Meg away with his baby. James gives Paul a gun to seek out Dusty and Meg. Brad shows up in Chicago and tells Katie he is sorry and that he confessed; they make up right before Mike walks out dressed only in a towel. Brad is furious because he thinks Katie slept with Mike; they try to explain, but Brad doesn’t want to hear it, and stomps off. When Mike sees how much Katie loves Brad, he tells her to go after him. Dusty and Meg finally get the electricity to work at the lighthouse and start to send SOS signals. Jack shows up at the remote place called Mattamoi and asks a stranger to take him out in his boat to search the island. Paul continues to look for Meg and Dusty, sees the lighthouse, and heads for it. Katie goes home and asks Brad for understanding; Brad thinks she has made her choice and isn’t listening to her, but Katie finally wins him over wither speech about how much she wants to be with him; their make up session is interrupted when Dallas calls wanting Brad to come down to the station – as Brad and Katie prepare for the worst. Meg and Dusty agree to disagree when it comes to Paul. Meg convinces Dusty to rest with her so they sit down and Meg lays her head on his shoulder, as they fall asleep, and that is how Paul, with his gun drawn, finds them. When Jack asks the man about an island he can see nearby – Fire Island – the man attacks Jack and throws him overboard, just as Carly arrives to see this. Dallas tells Brad there will be no charges brought against him, as Brad and Katie are thrilled and realized Dallas said something to Leo’s parents. Dallas also admits to wanting Brad to sweat a little bit because Jack quit the force because of him, and that is why he didn’t tell him on the phone. Carly jumps in the water and pulls an unconscious Jack to safety. When the men in the boat circle around, Jack wakes up and wants to protect Carly. Soon, he has fallen unconscious again and a desperate Carly can’t rouse him; Carly performs CPR on Jack to try to save him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie awakens with a satisfied smile on her face as she watches a sleeping Nick. He’s serious about her moving in. Beth is glad to see Katie so excited, but asks that she keep the conversation G-rated, no details. She’s tells her mother about the move and wants her to be happy for her. Everything is turning out the way she wanted it to. Brooke and Ridge also awaken from a hot, steamy night. She wants to thank him in that special way for his agreeing last night to take Jack. He wants to do it up all legal like if they are going to be new parents. They stop in to see Nick to make sure they are all on the same page. Nick has serious doubts that Ridge can accept Nick as a permanent fixture in his life if they are both parenting Jack.

Beth thinks Katie might be rushing things. Katie gushes that she still thinks that things are working out the way they are supposed to. Ridge assures Nick that he still has reservations, but he’s not going to stand in the way of Brooke raising her son. They want shared legal custody. Can Marone deal with that? He won’t allow Brooke to have Jack unless there is a legal paper as Nick could yank him away at any time. Nick doesn’t like it either that Ridge is so involved when he’s not the parent, but he gives his promise he will have his lawyer draw up the papers to share custody. He’s doing it for Brooke and for Jack. Brooke says there is no great gift for their son.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Daniel tells Kate that she may have a tumor in her lung, but a biopsy needs to be done to determine if she has cancer. Kate agrees to schedule the procedure and goes right back to work. Nicole comes in complaining of frequent vomiting. Daniel suspects she may be detoxing, but instead, she learns that she is pregnant. Chloe tells Phillip that she wants to start singing again, but she promised Lucas to help with Allie. Lucas overhears and encourages her to focus on her career, asking Phillip to help her. Phillip agrees. Caroline is arrested for Trent’s murder. Stephanie confronts Max about his bloody shirt, and he admits that he got in a fight with Trent, but insists he didn’t kill him. Julie sees Nick and Melanie kissing, and thinks that Melanie is a troublemaker. Later, Melanie and Nick head down to the station when they hear of Trent’s death. Hope and Steve learn that Trent was in a fight and has scratches and bruises all over him. We pan in on Max’s bloody shirt, Nick’s bruised knuckles, the wallet Melanie stole from Trent, and Nicole’s fingernails. Steve thinks Trent may have had multiple attackers. Later, a fiber is found on the body that may lead them to the killer. Roman is forced to put Caroline behind bars. Bo vows to find the real killer.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Sonny and Kate's wedding is just starting when Kate is shot at the altar. Everyone is shouting and wondering who the shooter is. Sonny tells Jason to find out who is behind Kate's shooting. Cody finds a shell casing. Jason tells Spinelli to run a trace on the shell casing. Claudia isn't surprised that Kate got shot. Carly finds out that Kate is really Connie from Bensonhurst and tells Jax, who says he knows already. Lucky and Sam pick up Cameron and Jake for their trip. Elizabeth arrives at the airport, wondering where Jason is. Kate is brought to the hospital. Monica says that the bullet is lodged in Kate's spine. The guests are questioned by Mac. No one saw the shooter. Johnny brings Lulu back to Shadybrook. Tracy brings Johnny to Laura's room and tells him he needs to let Lulu get well. Sonny sits by Kate's hospital bed and says that he is sorry that this happened. Lulu finds a note saying that she killed Logan and that she will pay. Claudia meets up with Karpov. Karpov says he wasn't behind Kate's shooting. Sonny tells Jason to send a message to Karpov. Ric finds Anthony putting away a gun.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Dinah tries to talk to Grady about changing his image. Rick gives the Spauldings more news on Alan. And gives them advice on how Alan should work on getting better by himself. Bill is not so sure Alan is really sick. Felicia helps Remy at his new house. He tells her he doesn't want the house. Coop and Frank give each other advice over a hoagie at Company. Standoff is still in process involving Daisy, Mallet Marina and Trey, who has a hold on Daisy and a gun on Mallet and Marina. Frank asks Coop to double date with him. Coop is not interested. Remy and Felicia go at it about Remy going back to school. Remy doesn't want to. Felicia tries to convince him the house would be good for him. He finally has enough and leaves. Lizzie blames Bill for stealing the company and shareholders, again. Lizzie checks in with Beth. She tells Beth she has to go and to keep her informed if something should happen. Mallet tackles Trey as Marina holds a gun on him. Frank hears about the "Hostage" situation with Daisy and congratulates her for doing a good job handling the situation. But warns her not to do that again till she is a cop. Grady is in the Police Station and stops by to talk to Daisy. He tells her he heard of her latest situation. Grady and Trey are alone in the office and Grady calmly walks up to him and says something in Trey's that makes Trey flinch as Grady walks away. Mallet and Marina are at Company having some beers and a meal and joking with each other. Remy is spending some time with his Dad while his Dad practices his boxing moves. Clayton says he'll back off since that is what Remy and Felicia want. While at the hospital a woman named Susie stops to talk to Bill. Lizzie can't believe it. Before leaving the hospital Gym, Remy picks up a Medic Test Application. Daisy tells someone she is on the phone with about her latest encounter with Grady. She tells this person so is so over Grady. At towers, Lizzie arrives and asks one of the waitresses about Bill. Bill and Susie seem to be hitting it off till she starts not getting what Bill is saying about business.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

In the "shoot out" at Llantano Mountain State Park, both Rex and Brody have been fatally wounded. Bo and Gigi are worried about Rex. But Shane is only concerned about Brody and wonders why nobody else cares about his "dad". After Ray Montez has "won" custody of Langston and Clint expresses his "gratitude and congratulations" for a job well done, Cole overhears their conversation and will not let them hurt his friend, Langston. Addie goes to visit Dorian in jail, knowing that something has happened and promises her sister she will protect her and prevent Langston from being taken from them. Marcie can sense that her friend Rex is in danger and well as Starr's family. And so can Michael.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

Lily resigns from Jabot and Cane is forced to figure out a way to stay connected to her, so he asks Colleen to test for Jabot. Jack has gathered all his siblings together in New York to talk about taking back Jabot, at the end of the conversation Tracy and Billy agree to give him their proxy, but Ashley is cautious and in wait and see mode. Glo wants Kevin to see if Kay is really cracking up, Kay has confided in Esther that she is off but Kevin is not privy to that side. Esther and Chloe have a heartwarming visit, where Chloe admits that she does not love Cane but maybe another brother. Lily tells Chloe off.

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