The TV MegaSite's Friday 9/26/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Greenlee got sick in the Bahamas so Aidan and she returned from their honeymoon earlier than planned. Annie slept on the Chandler’s patio; she is startled when a Babe walks toward her. Angie feels bad that she did not approach Jesse about the phone call hang-ups. Ryan explains to Emma why she cannot see mommy, and why he is upset about the gun. Adam encourages Annie to take Emma back. Frankie was sentenced for his DUI, and he cannot practice medicine for six months, and he has to do community service. Angie attacks Taylor for convincing Frankie that his duty is to return to Iraq. Annie goes over to Ryan’s and demands to see Emma. Ryan refuses. Greenlee tells Kendall that she called Aidan by Ryan’s name. Kendall is shocked and wants to know Aidan’s reaction.

Greenlee goes on about how amazing Ryan is. Annie tells Kendall, and Greenlee that they are so predictable when it comes Saint Flipping Ryan Lavery who can do no wrong. Greenlee tells Ryan to give Emma back to Annie because he broke the restraining order and could be arrested. Taylor wants Frankie to give her some medicine for her shakiness. Petey arrive at Adam’s and tell him that the test on Greenlee did not relate her symptoms to perfume. Babe follows Petey, and overhears his conversation with Adam. Ryan tells Jesse, and his team to leave and to get away from his daughter. Jesse places Ryan under arrest. Greenlee accuses Annie of wanting Ryan arrested. Annie tells Greenlee to let go of her arm or she will have her arrested as well.

ATWT Recap Written by Gisele

Jack won't let Brad buy his forgiveness and tears up his check for $20,000. When Katie implies that she doesn't respect him, Brad goes to see Janet then apologizes to Jack for causing him to lose his job. After Brad promises to turn himself in for throwing Leo in the water, Jack assures him that Katie will be proud of him. After Mike informs Katie that he's going away for a while, she wants to have a fun time, so they go to Chicago and get drunk without telling Brad. On his way to see Bonnie at the club, Derek is taken by James and locked in the Fairwinds wine cellar after he refuses to go watch Meg at Faro Island. Worried when Derek doesn't arrive, Bonnie asks Dallas to find him but he has other concerns.

Surprised when he sees a picture of Meg and Dusty on his laptop, Paul calls Jack, but the picture has disappeared.  Paul then goes to the police station to read the coroner's report of Dusty's "death," but Dallas tells him to back off or he'll be arrested.  Concerned about Paul's behavior, Jack and Barbara take him to the hospital where he is admitted and sedated. Fighting to stay alert, Paul sneaks out of the hospital and finds Derek who tells him that Meg is at Swans Down cottage on Faro Island. There, Meg tries to get into a boat she found but gets stomach pains and stuns Dusty with the news that she's pregnant. Although she urges him to save himself, Dusty takes her back to the cottage and looks for a place where they can hide from James, but Meg insists she can't go anywhere, because she might lose her baby.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The weatherman announces that the San Ana winds coming off the desert are returning and it’s going to be a very hot night in Los Angeles. As gently as she can, Brooke explains to Ridge that Taylor is not bonding with Jack. With all her efforts and speaking with experts, she only wants what is best for Jack. She has asked Brooke to take over as his mother. He needs his mother, and Brooke is the biological mother. Ridge sees all sorts of problems here with Nick involved and tells Brooke so. He can’t be part of this, she will have to tell Taylor no. She has a comeback for every obstacle that he proposes and makes it clear that she can not turn her back or abandon her own child if he needs her. She has to be there for her child. Taylor laments to a very supportive Rick how it went with Nick. He praises her for being courageous enough to make the ultimate sacrifice. He assures her that this will work out.

Katie drops in on Nick and they discuss their baby and about Jack possibly having a new home with Brooke. Nick wants them to make some decisions together on their future now that Bridget has moved out. They kiss, he lets her hair down, they kiss again and then he unbuttons her blouse. He sees her scar, he kisses her scar, he carries her to the bed. The filmy curtains are billowing in the wind and the night is definitely scorching. As strongly as he feels against it, eventually Ridge comes around. He tells Brooke that her happiness is his priority. Her heart is so huge and if this is what she wants, then he will be there for her. She hugs and kisses him and says they will work on this and whatever comes their way, they will face it. Taylor lays in bed with Rick, but all she can think of is happier days with Ridge. She’s moved on, she tells herself, yet she can’t get Ridge out of her mind.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Chelsea confronts Daniel and Kate once again, vowing not to forgive them. Daniel later tells Kate that she has lung cancer. Caroline, Nicole, and Max insist that Trent won’t be bothering them anymore. Nicole and EJ discuss her case against Victor. Nick and Melanie meet at Chez Rouge, where she discovers mysterious bruises all over Nick’s hand. Melanie has Trent’s wallet. Stephanie finds blood on Max’s shirt. Bo, Hope, Kayla and Steve discuss Bo’s potential new job as the commissioner. Later, Trent stumbles out of the bushes and falls on top of Caroline with a knife in his back. She screams and the police, along with Bo and Hope, find her holding the knife and crying.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

An armed Nikolas rescues Nadine from Karpov's ship. Robin visits Sonny and says she can't attend the wedding. Jason visits Sonny and tells him Carly will be his date for the wedding. Maxie is upset to learn about Kate's past. Karpov sends some flowers to the church. Diane worries when she learns Carly and Claudia will attend the wedding. All the guests arrive at the church. Kate and Olivia argue right before the wedding. A shot rings out as Kate and Sonny stand together at the altar.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Matt Reardon runs into Dinah at the gym. Rafe tries to make a call to the outside world. Olivia doesn't look good while talking to Buzz and he questions her about it. She says it is nothing. Natalia meets with Mr. Russo. Daisy gets into hot water. Rafe has a sort of father and son talk with Buzz. While talking with Natalia, Russo's cell goes off. Natalia questions him about getting it. On the other end is Olivia, who after the call feels neglected. After almost fainting Buzz sees this and orders and drags her to the hospital. Finally Russo gives Natalia his attention. She stops it and asks where the ladies room is. She makes an excuse to freshen up. At Cedars Buzz and Olivia wait in the waiting room. Olivia is about to bolt out of the hospital, but Buzz catches her. Dinah and Ashlee talk about a project. Dinah practically brushes her off along with her ideas. Daisy meets a guy named Trey that could be trouble. When Mallet and Marina gets to his place and find it in shambles and Trey no where to be seen they take off knowing Daisy is in trouble. We see Trey and Daisy going down an outside flight of stairs with Daisy promising not to say anything and Trey not believing her. Olivia goes to Mr. Russo's office and sees he and Natalia kissing and Olivia yells for him to back off. Some guy offers some info as to what happened to Daisy and Trey but doesn't want to get more involved. Olivia gets on Natalia's case with Buzz looking on. Trey and Daisy wind up at a locker room. Natalia calls the public defender and Mallet and Marina catch up with Trey and Daisy and there is a gun stand off.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After the judge rules in Ray Montez' favor to give him legal custody of Langston, nobody will that that sitting down. But Clint is delighted in Ray for "coming through" for him. Maybe now that he has Dorian in a "desperate situation", she will give him back his company. But when Clint and Ray are alone in Nora's home, they are seen and overheard by Cole. John is still trying unsuccessfully to find Cristian Vega. Todd knows that he has lied to both Marty and to Janet about Starr wanting him to adopt her baby and about how "happy" his family is. Bo, Rex and Gigi locate Brody when he is with Shane. He has a gun. And he is having flashbacks of being in Iraq, following orders that caused a child to get shot, and he feels a need to "protect" Shane. Bo demands that Brody drops his weapon and give himself up.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Concerned about Victor, Nikki, Victoria, and Nick go to the ranch and find the house in utter disarray. It is evident that Victor is on the run again. Nick contacts Michael who refuses to give any information on his whereabouts. While Nick and Victoria state they have to find him, Nikki thinks he needs to be left alone and allowed the time to grieve. Jack has gathered his sisters and surprise guest Billy to talk about taking over Jabot. Glo and Jeffrey are also discussing this when Glo admits that Kay is not going to sell her any of her shares after Jeffrey‘s conversation with Kay that states this. Jill thinks appointing Cane as CEO was a mistake after he refuses to listen to her and asks that he be allowed to do the job he was hired to do. Kay informs Jill that basically she is just mad because she can’t control him. Eden is having trouble adjusting to school. After mulling over the idea, River agrees to let Michael represent him. Kay shows signs that she is cracking up, and Glo and Jeffrey intend to use it to their advantage.

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