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AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Greenlee is hallucinating while sleeping. She is talking to Aidan, and she says she want to have his baby, but she calls him Ryan. Ryan accompanies Emma to her room to look for her doll, but he finds a gun hidden by Annie under her bed. Little A is choking and Annie helps him to spit out the engagement ring. Kendall yells at Annie to stop assisting Little A, because Annie does not know what she is doing. Erica asks Kendall why was she yelling at Annie when Annie was the only one trying to save J.R.’s son. Zach tells Erica that Kendall’s screaming was what it is always about and that Kendall thinks that the whole world revolves around Ryan Lavery. A doctor diagnoses Greenlee as having an allergic reaction to shellfish.

Greenlee is scared because she called Ryan’s name. Ryan wants to know why Annie hid a gun in Emma’s room. Adam takes responsibility for putting the gun there during the Satin Slayer days. Tad asks Jesse if he is having an affair. Jesse admits that he met someone while on the run and he fell in love, but after finding Angie again he knew he still loved her. Jesse decides to tell Angie the truth about the woman he met while on the run. Ryan tells Kendall to please keep her nose out of his business. Kendall admits that she was wrong for being a “buttinsky”, and she apologizes to Zach. Zach finds that it is ironic that it took Ryan to make her see that she was wrong. Ryan insists that he will take Emma.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Lily wants Carly to stay out of her family's life and Carly promises to do so but later tells Jack that she feels she has lost her chance at a new life. Holden argues with Lilly about her visit to Carly but later realizes that she is right and promises to let Carly go save their marriage. Paul is desperate to find Meg and isn't helping things at the police station by getting angry so Jack takes him to his house and orders him to take the pills Barbara gave him. James arrives and taunts Paul by saying he doesn't have Meg but she probably left him for another man. Paul refuses to believe James but later has a vision that Dusty is with Meg. Meg is happy to find Dusty alive and he admits he faked his own death to fool Craig so he could go find Johnny. Dusty tells Meg he tracked Lucy and Johnny to Bangkok and was on his way to meet them when two guys jumped him beat him up and the next thing he knew he was in a cage. Dusty thinks he is in Bangkok but Meg tells him he is in a beach house on the east coast. Meg helps Dusty get out of the cage and they walk to the ocean to look for a boat but there isn't a boat anywhere in sight.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Things are a little frosty between Bridget and Katie. Bridget quips she thought Katie would have moved in with Nick by now. Katie says nope and lets her know at this point that they barely can look at each other. Bridget reveals to Katie that she has seen a lawyer and soon will have Nick out of her life. Katie states that Nick still loves Bridget and no divorce lawyer can change that. Katie says that she has no expectation of being with Nick, but she does miss Bridget. She misses her friend and has every hope she will have that back someday. Bridget reminds her that she has cleared the way for Katie to be with Nick so that is friendlier than Katie has a right to expect.

Brooke reflects on what it would be like if she got to raise little Jack. Ridge comes in and they discuss Bridget’s situation. Ridge badmouths Nick, but Brooke wants to leave him out of it and concentrate on their own future. She feels good when he tells her that he will do anything for her. They get on the subject of kids and again she perks up when he says they will never be too old to want to have more in their family. She has put it off as long as she can so after lovemaking, she gently tells Ridge about running into Taylor, Rick and Jack at Big Bear and that Taylor had made a decision. She now wants Brooke to be a mother to Jack. Taylor brings Jack to Nick and tells him she had a good time at Big Bear and she sees things more clearly now. She needs him to be supportive of something she has decided. She confesses to Nick that she has been devaluing herself and turning it into a competition with Brooke and babies pick up on everything. Those feelings do not translate into love so no wonder that Jack has not bonded with her. She is stopping the cycle. Sadly she says goodbye to Jack and hands him to Nick and leaves.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Chelsea confides in Nick about not being able to forgive Daniel and Kate. He explodes when she warns him to stay away from Melanie, and accuses her of being manipulative. Claude calls Trent, telling him that he must pay his debt off in cash, or deliver Melanie to him. Trent calls her, and she and Max both come over. When Trent makes his proposal, Max attacks him. Nick shows up and stops the fight, promising to pay Trent off with his grant money if he leaves them alone. Trent refuses. Max says that Trent is leaving town tonight, one way or another. Roman calls the mayor and suggests Bo for the commissioner’s position, despite Bo’s reluctance to take the job. Caroline shows up and tells Bo and Roman that they have to get Trent to leave town, as she is worried about what Max might do. They say they can’t, and Caroline vows to take care of it herself. Lucas snaps at Chloe when he learns she left Allie with a babysitter he doesn’t know. Chloe confides in Nicole, telling her that she feels trapped by Lucas. Later, he apologizes, telling Chloe that he loves having her in his life. Nicole begs Phillip for help with Victor, but he says it’s a no-go. She once again threatens Trent’s life. Phillip and Chloe toast to getting what they want, but they both wonder if they know what that is.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Kate and Sonny have the wedding rehearsal. Olivia arrives to town and befriends Carly. Olivia tells Carly about Kate's past. Olivia goes to see Kate. Sonny suggests that Olivia stand up for Kate. Olivia and Kate agree. Nikolas asks Jax to sell him the Metro Court. Nadine gets caught snooping on Karpov's ship. Lucky stops Johnny from visiting Lulu. Claudia talks Ric into taking her to Sonny's wedding. Carly tries to convince Jason to take her to the wedding. Liz agrees to go to Italy with Jason. They make plans to meet at the airport after Sonny and Kate's wedding.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Natalia hears a report on TV about Rafe by Doris that makes her turn the TV off. She ignores a phone call and lets the machine get it. Buzz sees Olivia at Company and gives her advice. Then Natalia meets with Olivia at Company. Olivia wants to really know what is going on with Natalia. Natalia looked surprised. Doris sees Daisy and Ashlee at Towers. Marina and Mallet are now daring each other to do stuff. This while they paint Harley's old house. Natalia doesn't like the way the situation with Rafe is going. Daisy visits Marina at the Springfield PD and talks about Rafe. Ashlee is now upset with her mother over Rafe, telling her she is just trying to make an example out of him. Doris admits to Ashlee she was wrong. But Ashlee has no clue what she is talking about. After a bit it comes clear she was talking about their relationship. Ashlee then smiles. Olivia and Emma share some time in the park. While at the park Olivia tears down a sign dedicated to her. Natalia in a good mood goes to Company. Buzz is confused. He saw her last in not such a god mood. Then she shows him. Buzz has some bad news after she shows him a document of payment. Buzz tells her to go talk to the lawyer. Decker runs into Olivia at the park, Bill and Lizzie's names are mentioned. Decker sees Emma and says he now knows why Olivia turned him down. Daisy wants to help Rafe. Marina realizes it but says she can't. The only way is if she picked up a police academy application. Daisy storms out of the Springfield PD. Marina vents and Mallet lets her. He doesn't speak until she is finished. As she is not happy with Daisy. Ashlee meets up with Daisy at Company. She is happy and tells Daisy that Doris complimented her. Buzz buts in on the conversation. Buzz says maybe Doris will talk to him about Rafe. Natalia tries to get in touch with the home loan officer. She then gets a visit from Daisy. Daisy doesn't like the look on Natalia's face. She thinks something is wrong with Rafe. Natalia tells her Rafe is ok. Daisy wishes she never got involved with Grady or this would never have happened. Daisy tells Natalia she is a very good Mom. Natalia says she knows Daisy hasn't had it easy either. Daisy says she is ok. They both say they know what they have to do.

Olivia tells Decker about both her daughters to a point. Tells him her older daughter is in the hotel business. Natalia prays near Rafe's picture. Rafe calls Natalia. Just before they are disconnected she tells him to hold on she is going to get him out. Natalia goes to see Mr. Russo. But before she does. She decides the outfit she is wearing needs to be toned down. She takes the jacket off and unbuttons the first 2 buttons of her blouse.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

In the courtroom, after hearing the testimony of both parties who want to adopt Langston, he rules in the favor of her uncle Ray Montez. Everybody is outraged including Langston. Dorian lashes out at the judge and threatens to ruin him. He then holds her in contempt, has her put in hand cuffs and tells her she will spend the night in jail. While Cristian is locked up in Ray's previous cell with his uniform and name plate, Ray's wife talks to him and they look like they might "work out a deal" to get him out of there if he helps her find her husband. Brody and Shane are still missing. Gigi and Rex notify Bo. He puts out and APB and Amber Alert. They find a fellow SEAL who served with Brody. And the guy informs them that he knows that Brody is dangerous and he is responsible for killing a child in Iraq. Hearing that, Rex and Gigi are horrified.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Victor orders Michael to get him out of the hospital, while Nikki, Nick and Victoria discuss having him committed. Nikki is against it but is forced to concede after Nick talks to Phyllis and comes to the same conclusion: Victor needs to be committed. Eden visits River one last time before he is extradited. She pleads with Michael to help him. Just when she thinks he won’t come through, he does. Michael gets the extradition suspended and River stays in Genoa City. Jack and Adam are run out of Mexico after mentioning the name Tony Amato. Sharon and Noah talk about Victor’s condition. Sharon suspects Jack is lying about his whereabouts and contacts him only to speak with Ashley. Victor escapes from the hospital.

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