The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 9/24/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Greenlee and Aidan arrive at their honeymoon destination. Ryan visits the park and checks on the tree that he, Annie, and Emma planted. He is deep in thought. He remembers when Annie had been told that she had lost the baby. Annie sits on the bed in her bedroom and looks at a pic of herself, Ryan and Emma. Krystal, Colby, Carmen and the staff prepare for the engagement party for Babe and J.R. Erica is still with Kendall and Zach. Kendall leaves the room to check on Spike, who seems not to be eating his breakfast. Erica asks Zach what is going on between him and Kendall. Zach compares Erica and Kendall by saying that they are just alike. Babe comes into the living room and compliments Krystal and Colby on how good everything looks. Babe remarks that she and J.R. are finally getting it right this time. Tad and J.R. play a game of pool at Krystal’s bar, The Comeback. J.R. and Tad discuss his impending nuptials. Jesse tells the person on the phone that they cannot talk right now. Angie walks back into the room. They discuss Frankie and Randi. Angie states matter-of-factly that there will be no wedding between Frankie and Randi. Annie arranges flowers on the patio of the Chandler mansion when Babe comes up behind her and places her hand on Annie’s shoulder. Annie is startled. Annie tells Babe that she is to blame for what had happened to her in losing the baby. Annie remembers when she had pulled the gun on Greenlee. Greenlee surprises Aidan with poetry written on her stomach, thighs and back .Adam calls Erica to be his hostess at his party.

Everyone begins to arrive for the engagement party. Krystal goes in search of Tad and finds him still at the bar. Tad confides to Krystal that he feels that Jesse is having an affair. Ryan arrives at the Chandler’s. Emma proudly shows off her dress. Out on the patio, Pete kisses Colby. Greenlee begins to have an allergic reaction, and has to hurry to the bathroom. Angie arrives at the party without Jesse. Greenlee under the influence of the toxic perfume, begins to giggle, and tells Aidan that, of course, she wants to have Ryan’s baby. Ryan, searching under Emma’s bed for her doll, finds a pistol. Carmen finds out that Randi is an ex-prostitute. Tad goes to the police station, looking for Jesse and finds him gone.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Katie sleeps on the couch, as Brad wonders if she is ok; Janet asking them for a place to stay interrupts them. Carly sees Jack looking like he hasn’t slept in days and offers him a place to rest. Meg wakes up at the house by the beach that James has taken her to. Paul admits to Barbara he is worried they will never find Meg. Vienna comes to take Henry home from the hospital. Derek signs a statement about what he knows about James whereabouts. Bonnie asks Dallas to help get Derek out of jail. Meg is furious with James and wants to know what he did with Paul. He assures her that he is fine, as Meg is convinced Paul will come find her then. James tells her not to be so sure. James tells her that she is here for the foreseeable future. Carly and Jack talk about finding Meg and then Janet, but an exhausted Jack falls asleep in the middle of their conversation. Brad thinks Jack will come around, but Janet tells him that Jack has forgiven her but will never forget. Katie is angry that Brad doesn’t realize all the damage that has been done. Katie tells Janet she can stay in her room and Brad can stay on the couch. Bonnie asks Vienna and Henry for a favor; Vienna won’t help her get Derek out of jail until she admits that she isn’t after Henry. Paul finally agrees to take the sleeping pill Barbara has for him so he can be of some use to Meg. Paul sleeps and has a vision as to where James is keeping her; Barbara and Paul call Jack. Jack agrees to come help; Jack asks Carly to go with him to sketch what Paul remembers. Brad and Katie disagree on camera. Meg runs from James and calls out for help, as she is on the beach; James arrives and promises her that there is no one for miles. Carly sketches what Paul remembers, but Jack thinks they need more then just a house. Paul closes his eyes to remember more; he remembers a sign with swans on it. Vienna and Henry tell Dallas that being locked in the warehouse was a practical joke gone awry and they don’t want to press charges. Dallas is forced to drop the charges against Derek, as he tells Bonnie that he is worried that she is doing all this. Katie admits to Brad that she is having trouble getting over what he has done to a lot of people’s lives. Jack and Carly go to see Dallas, show him the picture, tell him that they researched it and there is a place like this off the coast of Maine called Swan Island. Dallas promises to check this lead out. James tells Meg that he wants her and the baby healthy and safe because she will be with him a longtime. Meg vows he won’t touch her baby. When James leaves, Meg frantically tries to find a way out. A frustrated Paul kicks Barbara out when she tries to coddle him. Janet and Katie talk about Jack and what he sacrificed. Janet tells Katie that she believes Jack still loves Carly, as Katie admits that no one has successfully come between the two of them. Brad comes home, apologizes, and wants to make things right with Katie. Katie tells him that she is tired of him telling her things he thinks she wants to hear and that he needs to do something about it. Derek thanks Bonnie for his release and wonders if that means they have a chance. Bonnie tells him only time will tell. Jack tells Carly that they still make a good team. Jack seems reluctant to leave Carly, but he has to head back to the station. Carly stops him and tells her ‘G-man’ to be careful. Jack promises he always is. When Paul falls asleep, he has a disturbing dream of Meg lying on the beach unconscious or dead. Paul tries to convince himself that it was a dream and not vision. Meg tries to pick the lock on one of many doors in the room she is in. Finally, she is able to get through one, only to walk into a darkened room with a cage. She approaches the cage only to be shocked to find a disheveled longhaired Dusty unconscious or asleep inside.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

As they watch the kids play, Brooke asks Taylor if she is asking her to be a mother to Jack. Sadly, Taylor admits she just wants him to be happy. He deserves that. Brooke admits that she is shocked considering their past history, but also very impressed. Taylor sees how relaxed and happy Jack seems to be with Brooke playing with the kids and says that is the way it should be. It’s never enough, whatever she does. He needs more than she can give him. And as his mother, she needs to put his needs first, over her own. Bridget spies Owen dining at the same outdoor restaurant. She sashays over and splashes a glass of water in his face. She mutters about her father’s wife, and in his own house – men, they are all the same. He walks to her table and sits down. Sarcastically she says she has lost her appetite. She shoots him down at every turn. She doesn’t think there is a Prince Charming behind door number three. He doesn’t want to be a jerk. He just wants her to understand his feelings for Donna, but that she is totally innocent. She is totally devoted to her father. Bridget compares him to Nick, always there to save the day and be sympathetic and charming and so sweet, and she gets sucked right in.

Owen gets the picture, no more men for Bridget. He finds that hard to believe for a pretty girl like her, to give up on love. Stephanie and Ridge discuss how Nick has raked Bridget over again. He’s such a loser. She warns Ridge that if Taylor is having problems with Jack, Brooke will be there to pick up the pieces. He vows that won’t happen. Taylor gets Brooke to promise that she can love Jack with no reservations, no holding back and give him what Taylor can’t. They cry and hug as Brooke says yes.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Roman and Bo both urge Hope to take the position as commissioner, but she turns the job down, saying that she doesn’t want to spend so much time away from her family. John has a seizure at the pub, and Anna takes him to the hospital. Kayla does a scan of his brain and learns that his cranial region is clouded over. She wants to do more tests, but John refuses. Marlena confronts Stefano, demanding that he return the disc with John’s memories. Stefano refuses. Marlena vows not to let John die. Meanwhile, Rolf tells Stefano that they can reclaim John as the pawn. Stefano says that John is an outdated model he is no longer interested in, and would rather see how his self-destruction affects Marlena. Nicole confronts Trent, demanding that he return her money. He gets rough with Nicole and Max threatens him. Trent surmises that Max is a lot like his old man because of his anger, and not like a Brady at all. Nicole gets sick again, and threatens Trent’s life. Daniel apologizes to Chelsea, asking her not to blame Kate. She huffs off. Daniel reviews Kate’s charts and calls her, asking her to come to the hospital immediately.

GH Recap Written by Mandy

Jason asks Spinelli to do some personal research. Kate stresses over the omens. Jax suggests that Carly has an agenda for attending the wedding. Kate and Sonny reminisce about the old neighborhood. Johnny agrees to Lulu’s request for a visit. Kate tells Sonny about her life after she left home. Diane shows up with business news for Jason, but Spinelli tells her that Jason is otherwise engaged. Liz agrees to let Lucky and Sam take the boys on a trip. Clarice and Giselle are unable to attend Kate’s wedding, so Maxie steps in as maid of honor. Jason turns Diane down. Carly tells Lulu about the divorce. Jason asks Liz to meet him. Diane and Alexis argue over a dress. Jason asks Liz to go to Italy with him. Lainey tells Lulu that a visit with Johnny would be harmful to her recovery, but Lulu doesn’t agree. Olivia checks into the Metro Court.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Cassie and Cyrus are having an argument outside. Remy runs into Mel. With Dinah's help Grady goes through a new makeover. Mel helps Remy with their parents. Cyrus is caught the a barn by Harris and Cassie. He makes up a reason why he is there that makes sense to all. Remy and Mel catch Marina and Mallet kissing and make fun of it. Which makes all laugh. When Daisy sees a made up Grady she doesn't know what to say. Harris leaves and Cassie breaths some relief. Ashlee sees Grady's transformation and cannot believe her eyes. After Daisy and Ashlee leave, Dinah kisses Grady. Marina doesn't know what to do with the house Harley left her to sell. Looks like Grady and Dinah find a friendship between them that Daisy gets a inkling of.

OLTL Recap Written by Jeannie

Markko and Cole talk about Starr and what happened at the assembly. Blair arrives at school and Starr tells her the principal is trying to kick her out. Bo and Clint talk about BE. Bo asks who Ray Montez really is to Clint. Rex calls Bo and he leaves Clint to go and help Rex and Gigi. At home, Gigi is frightened that Brody has Shane and a gun. Bo questions Marcie on what happened with Brody. He asks how she got the head wound. Marcie says she fell and didn't think Brody meant to hurt her. Ray got an injunction to stop Dorian from adopting Langston. They go to court and each tell their side. The judge gives custody of Langston to Ray. Cole and Markko come out to hear the principal wants to throw Starr out of school. Cole steps up and says she'll have to throw him out too as the baby's father. Markko and Cole threaten to quit the soccer team, too. Blair threatens to have the family newspapers and magazines print how the school hates mothers. The principal agrees to let her stay. Brody and Shane set up camp. Brody is staring into space when Shane asks him what's next. Brody pulls out a gun.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Victor is rushed to the hospital, the doctor shares with Nick, Nikki and Victoria that he is slowly trying to kill himself by starving himself. Heather who is rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with Epstein Barr confronts Victor defending Adam; of course Victor does not want to hear that and orders her out before he presses charges. Nick, Nikki and Victoria insists that he is evaluated by a psychiatrists, he orders Michael to get him out of there pronto. Michael deals with his own family drama as he confronts Jeffrey, who admits that he turned River in. Eden visits River at the jail and Glo also does and finds out about Eden and is outraged. Jack schools Adam on the ways of Victor Newman while they continue their witch hunt in Mexico.

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