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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Angie is at the Pine Valley Police Station after Frankie had been brought in on a DUI charge. Randi rushes in. Angie fills her in that Frankie had been arrested. Jesse tells Frankie the consequences of his DUI and what it could mean to his leaving for Iraq. Jesse reads him the riot act for driving while under the influence. Adam questions Pete as to when they are shipping out the first shipment of “Bella.” Tad and Krystal visit Adam and lets him know that Babe had called them that she something to tell them. Greenlee, in a joking way, tells Aidan that she quit Fusion. Greenlee suggests that they get away from it all for awhile. Kendall is at Fusion working on notes to put in the boxes with “Bella.” Amanda comes in and is surprised to see Kendall already at work. Jesse demands to know why Frankie was driving drunk. Angie blames Randi for Frankie driving drunk. Amanda lets Kendall know what had happened to Pete. Babe and J.R. announce their engagement to Adam, Krystal and Tad. Adam acts as though he is very happy for Babe and J.R. Aidan plans a special surprise for Greenlee. Tad join Aidan at his table. Tad questions Aidan as to what he had found out .

Babe tells the women of Fusion that she is getting married to J.R. yet again. J.R. argues with Adam as to what he is up to. Krystal comes in with Little A. Adam suggests that they have an engagement party for Babe and J.R. Kendall and Greenlee continue to spar with each other. Pete comes in to the office. Kendall is surprised to see him there after him being struck with lightning. Kendall questions him as to why he was in the shipping yard. Pete sneaks a bottle of “Bella” out of the box and sets it on the table. Aidan surprises Greenlee with two plane tickets to an undisclosed destination. Babe gives her a bottle of “Bella” as a going away gift. Pete is horrified that Greenlee has a bottle of the perfume. Jesse gets another call. Angie answers it, but the other person will not say anything. After Angie leaves, Jesse calls the person back. Jesse tells the person that he loves them. Tad overhears Jesse’s conversation. Frankie tells Randi that he is falling in love with her .

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Holden and Lily say tell Mike and Carly that they have decided to give their marriage another try and Carly is happy for them. Mike is sad and tries to hold back tears when Lily tells him the news but he wishes Lily the best of luck with her marriage. Emma decides to shut down the development project because she blames herself for Ethan's accident. Mike tells Lily since the project is shut down he will probably leave Oakdale. Janet gets angry at Jack because he didn't tell her himself that he was going out of town on a private case instead he sent Carly to tell her the news. The incident makes Janet realize that Carly will always come first with Jack so she tells him that he should stop lying to himself and get back together with Carly. Janet also tells Carly not to lose Jack and try to have a relationship with him again. Emma decides to donate the land to the city and make it a wildlife preserve or a park for children. Lucinda's friend Brian suggests that they have a benefit to raise money for the project. Derek tells Jack and Paul that James has a beach house somewhere on the east coast and that is probably where he took Meg. Paul thinks Jack's way of finding Meg is too slow so he goes out to search for Meg on his own. James does indeed take Meg to a very secluded beach house and says that it will be her new home.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

In their post coital bliss, Ridge and Brooke discuss Bridget’s decision to pack and move out of Nick’s house. Since Brooke has a very hectic schedule she asks Ridge if he would mind stopping over and helping Bridget. He says he will be deliriously happy to get her out of that weasel’s hands. While watching Bridget packing her stuff, Nick says he can’t accept this, that separating is the only answer. She declares that she knows they will always love each other, but tells him she has already seen a divorce lawyer for a quickie divorce. She can not settle for a marriage like this, so if he really wants her to heal then don’t stand in her way. She does tell him it wasn’t all his fault. This little voice kept telling her, but she wouldn’t listen. Ridge shows up and glaring right at Nick he tells Bridget that he was happy to come and help get her out of here. He proceeds to tell Nick that he done Bridget wrong time and time again. Also Nick was just a little speed bump in his relationship with Brooke and now both Brooke and Bridget are in the past and thank God Nick is out of their lives. Ridge doesn’t want to ever have anything to do with him again after this.

At Big Bear, Taylor is relaxed and really happy that Rick brought her there for a change of scenery. He insists on talking about it when Taylor doesn’t – can she honestly say she wants to raise Brooke’s biological child? He springs it on her that Brooke and the kids are coming up for the Apple Fest. He wants Taylor to prove what an exceptional mother she really is. Only that kind of person would consider the needs of her child before her own and consider letting go and letting someone else raise that child. She hates the sound of this science experiment. Brooke arrives and is confused too and she wonders just what Rick is saying.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Trent admits to Melanie that he expected her to have sex with Claude, based on her reputation. Later, Nick threatens to take his life if he doesn’t leave Melanie alone. Trent, in turn, threatens to tell the school board about Max doing most of Nick’s work for the grant project. Melanie admits to herself that things would be better if Trent were dead. Hope reassures Lexie, who worries about Abe quitting his job and going after Stefano anyway. Abe tries to get Roman and Bo to take over as his successor. They both refuse. Later, the mayor announces that Hope will be taking over the position. Abe tells Lexie that he arranged for Hope to be offered the job, and Lexie hopes she accepts. Marlena and Anna talk about John, and Marlena tells her she can’t be with him anymore. She is going through with the divorce. Anna pretends to agree with her, but later calls John, telling him that they have to talk. Stefano and John both refuse to give up rights to the mansion, and both threaten to wrest control from the other. John continues to have headaches. Later, Rolf tells Stefano that John is getting ready to self-destruct, due to his engineering. Soon, he will be dead.

GH Recap Written by Mandy

Sonny says that he has a surprise for Kate. Maxie brings Lulu a “goodie” bag and Lulu confides in Maxie. Olivia admits that she met with Sonny. Jax and Carly talk about business and about the divorce proceedings. Jax asks Alexis to represent him in the divorce proceedings. Johnny asks Carly to assure Lulu that he isn’t abandoning her. Anthony shifts the responsibility of imports from Trevor to Ric. Kate realizes that in the eyes of the Catholic Church, Sonny and Carly are still married. Maxie talks Carly into attending the wedding. Lulu promises Laura that she will get better and reclaim her life. Carly asks Jason to escort her to the wedding.

GH: Night Shift Recap Written by Laurie

Claire is still disturbed about her tryst with Leo.  Kyle and Leo get a visit from their mother, Patricia.  Leo feels like he can’t measure up to Kyle in his mother’s eyes.  Robert continues to adjust to his illness and his new living quarters.  Robert wonders if Patrick is “the right man” for Robin.  Patrick reconsiders his position on Robin’s loan to Jagger.  Kyle befriends Eric, a gay patient in need of a new liver.  Kyle talks a reluctant Claire into dinner with his family and Saira.  Kyle punches Leo after Claire comes clean about what happened.   Leo tells Patricia he’s “different” from Kyle and he’s always felt out of place.  Kyle voices his own frustrations about being different.  Jagger and Robin discuss their prior emotional moment.  Robert apologizes for being absent from Robin’s life.  Robert blames himself for Robin’s trust issues.  He advises Robin to “take a risk” and let down her “guard."

GL Recap Written by Beth

Dinah is not starting her day off in a good mood. Cyrus helps Cassie with a painting project. During this a male neighbor comes to call. He says he is worried about her with the break-in an all. Bill meets with Decker. Lizzie goes to see Alan to see if she can get through to him. Then calls Decker to ask if Bill has talked to him yet of their deal. Decker lies to her and says someone has offered him 4 she ups it to 4 1/2. Bill is seen nodding ok. Decker tells Lizzie ok. Dinah is in search of something and goes snooping. Grady finds Cyrus and is not happy. He thought Grady would be in South America by now with a job offer. But finds there is none. Dinah meets with Decker at Towers. She is not impressed. She leaves as he pours 2 glasses of wine. Decker then calls Lizzie's cell and tells Lizzie to put him on intercom. He makes a date with them to meet again. Beth brings her baby to see Alan hoping it will jar him. New Bill and Lizzie can't keep their hands or lips off of each other. And Bill tells her she wouldn't leave Alan's bedside that she is not that competitive. Alexandra visits Alan and Beth. Alex sees how upset and worried she is. Alexandra tells Alan to look at her. Then suddenly Beth goes to get Lizzie and tells her to come with her.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Brody takes Shane with him to the courthouse so that he can legally adopt Shane and have Shane's last name changed to Lovett. Shane wants that to happen but admits that he wonders what Brody's "rush" is and why his mom was not involve in the decision. Langston has a similar conversation with Dorian's wanting to adopt her. Gigi, Rex and Marcie all frantically try to find Shane and are worried what Brody might do. Todd and Marty are growing closer. She wants to sleep with him and wonders why he is hesitating. He tells her he wants the two of them to raise Starr's baby and nothing will stop them. Tess still has Natalie locked in the room with Jared having no clue what happened and Tina afraid to tell him because of the threats Tess is holding over her.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Michael and Lauren become Eden’s legal guardian and offer to help River find better legal support but he declines. Eden meets Noah and its not so friendly, this prompts Noah to asks why girls are so difficult; this presents an opportunity for Sharon and Phyllis to take pot shots at each other. Phyllis questions Sharon about Jack’s whereabouts, while Nick watches Victor fall apart to the point where he collapses after being visited by Sabrina’s ghost. Jack and Adam are in Mexico investigating what went down there and just what was Walter’s involvement. Kevin informs Michael that he is 99% sure that Jeffrey was the one who turned River in, Eden overhears this and goes ballistic.

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