The TV MegaSite's Monday 9/22/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

At B.J.’s Frankie and his buddies are having a party before they ship out back to Iraq. Frankie begins to take a pic of his buddies when Taylor takes over the picture taking. Randi comes in to join the party. Amanda and Jake go out of the back of Fusion, kissing. As Jake looks away, he sees someone lying on the ground. They rush to see who it is and find Pete unconscious. Opal, in a panic, goes to Adam’s to see if Pete is there. Colby answers the door and tells Opal that her son is not there. Opal begins to panic more that something happened to him. Amanda calls Opal with the news that they found Pete unconscious. Adam and Erica stand by the window while lightning and thunder explodes outside. When Erica begs Adam not to leave, he holds her close to him. Kendall comes home and finds Zach, sitting in the living room in the dark. Zach asks her how Ryan is. Kendall informs Zach know that she is not happy and neither is he. Adam starts to kiss Erica, but she pulls away.

While unconscious, Pete dreams that Colby is expressing her love for him and he turns into a superhero who annihilates Adam when he tries to pull Colby away. Jake tells Pete that he was hit by lightning. Opal comes in, all relieved that Pete is fine. Opal reminds Pete that he is grounded. Pete asks to speak to Colby alone. Opal has reservations, but Pete insists to talk to Colby alone. Taylor orders Frankie to get focused on his mission in Iraq. Frankie begins to voice some opposition, but Taylor orders him to “shut up.” Everyone is shocked by his outburst. Erica interrupts Kendall and Zach’s conversation. Erica lets Kendall know that she cannot go through with this with Adam. Amanda and Jake come into B.J.’s. Jake immediately notices that Taylor is there. Taylor has a flashback from the past and hurries out of the bar. Jake follows her. She informs Jake that she has to go back to Iraq to be with him. Taylor goes back to the yacht, but hides when Amanda and Jake come in. Adam finds out from Pete that he had succeeded in spiking the perfume, “Bella.” Opal comes in and lets Adam know that she knows what he is up to with Erica.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Chris gives Ethan a clean bill of health and a reason for Alison to go search him out again – supposedly to thank him for his help with Ethan. Paul finds Meg is missing. Barbara pleads with Mike to get Paul out of the collapsed hole, but he tells her that there is nothing more for them to do. Emma and Jack talk about his life now. Paul calls a shocked Barbara to tell her that he is ok, as an angered, Barbara relays that to Mike after she feels he was ready to pack it in. Barbara finds out from Paul that James took Meg, and she suggests he work with Jack because he resigned from the force. Paul calls Jack. Lily, Holden take Ethan home and have a small family celebration. Holden looks depressed when Mike shows up outside. Alison tells Aaron that she can’t blow off work so she can go home to Ethan’s party, but then she later blows off work to go to Chris’ to see Morty supposedly. When Alison overdoes it trying to convince Chris about how happy she is, they share another kiss. Paul tells Jack what happened with James, Derek and Meg and he agrees to help. They go in search of Henry to find out about Derek. The Snyder party ends early, as it is suggested that Lily and Holden get some rest, as the kids head off with Emma. Holden assumes Lily is going to go be with Mike and even offers to look after the kids, but Lily doesn’t want him to leave. Jack and Paul talk with Henry about Derek. Aaron talks about having kids. Jack and Paul go to Bonnie for help with Derek. She finally agrees to call him. Derek agrees to meet her at Metro where an enraged Paul and Jack are waiting. Derek doesn’t give up any answer, as Jack and Paul play good cop, bad cop so to speak. Jack runs Derek downtown to see Dallas. Lily wants to take a shower and asks Holden if he would like to stick around to take one after so they can relax together. Emma talks to Aaron about waiting a little while before he and Alison try to have kids. Alison pulls away from Chris, who pleads with her to reconsider her marriage. Alison tells him that it is too late and heads home and right into Aaron’s arms. She desperately comes onto Aaron, who is a little stunned by how she is acting. She tells him that she wants to have a baby with him – now. Aaron is unsure at first considering her quick turn around, but gives in when Alison tells him that she is sure now. Dallas questions Derek, as an impatient Paul waits. Bonnie arrives at the station and Derek wants to talk with her only. Paul pleads with her to talk with him. Derek wants her to represent him, but Bonnie tells him that he is crazy; she was his victim and will not represent him. When she tells Paul and Dallas, Paul again pleads with her to do as he asks because if he will talk about where Meg is, it would be to his lawyer. Holden is in Lily’s room when she comes out of the shower. Holden thanks Lily for keeping his clothes for him. Chris heads into work when he can’t get Allusion off of his mind. After Holden showers, he touches a sleeping Lily’s hair. She awakens, takes his hand and asks him not to leave. He lies down beside her, tells her she is beautiful, which leads to a kiss. When Lily pulls back gently, Holden asks what is wrong. She tells him that she is so happy he is home, as they fall back on the bed and begin to make love.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna holds Eric and pleads with him to give them another chance. Just have faith in what they had and could have again. She wants him to believe her that she never stopped loving him and Owen was just giving comfort and support to a good friend who was mourning the loss of her husband. Stephanie argues with Brooke that Donna doesn’t deserve another chance with Eric. She betrayed him and ended up with Owen in her bed. Eric saw it and he is the one who threw her out and knows it is over. Brooke defends her sister; it wasn’t what it looked like. Donna needs to explain to Eric. Ridge calls and wants very badly for Brooke to come home. He later tells her he wanted to get her away from his mother before there was any blood shed. He tells Brooke that she needs to understand that his dad is coming back and life will be back with his family as usual. He knows she wants to protect her sister and he wants to protect his mother, but it should not affect their lives. They need to get married. His dad can be his best man. As foreplay, they make a deal not to let the Donna, Eric, Stephanie triangle split them. Thorne and Stephanie notice the empty crate and immediately run upstairs as they suspect Donna.

Thorne has to physically pull Donna apart from Eric and toss her out in the hallway. Stephanie makes sure that she goes downstairs, away from Eric. She states to Donna that Eric has had many flings and probably will have many more, but face the fact their marriage is over. Stephanie tells her that if she tries to sneak back on the premises again she will have her arrested. Lying in bed, a sad, confused, lonely man, seeing his wife’s face on one side and Stephanie’s on the other, Eric has to listen as he hears Donna shout to him when Thorne stands in her way to prevent her from going back upstairs and then bodily throws her out of the Forrester house.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Lexie confronts Stefano, telling him that she wants him out of her life. He offers to get Theo the best treatments and specialists, but she warns him to stay away from her son. Nicole tells Victor about being legally married to Trent. He vows to get back every cent of the divorce settlement she received. Melanie and Trent fight at the pub. Nick comforts her, and Chelsea gets angry. Both Stephanie and Hope accuse her of still being in love with Nick. Later, Nick blows her off when she offers to keep him company. Chelsea learns that Kate is in the hospital. Trent tells Melanie that they are exactly alike. Max, Caroline, and Nicole all threaten Trent. Victor makes a phone call to Nico, asking him to do something for him that involves Trent. Bo admits that he is Trent’s enemy as well. Later, Max disappears. Caroline offers Melanie a room at the pub.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Sonny runs into Olivia at a Bensonhurst bar. Jason tells Kate that he won't attend her wedding to Sonny. Lulu brings Nikolas and Lucky to see Laura, but Laura won't wake up. Sonny tells Olivia he is marrying Kate. Maxie asks Kate if any of Kate's family will be attending the wedding. Jason suggests to Carly that she shouldn't scheme to get Jax back. Lainey doesn't believe that Laura ever woke up. Lulu realizes that Laura never woke up - it was all in her head. Maxie wants Spinelli to be her date for Kate's wedding. Patrick wants to get to know Matt better, but Matt doesn't want to have anything to do with him. Kate tells Carly to stay away from Sonny. Lucky tells Sam that he is worried that Lulu will end up like Laura. Jason refuses to go to Sonny and Kate's wedding, even after Maxie pleads with him to attend. Sonny convinces Olivia to attend his and Kate's wedding.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Frank catches Natalia looking at the want ads. She is not exactly looking at ones to be a stripper or call girl. Frank isn't so sure those are right for her, not that she isn't beautiful enough, he tells her. Frank does offer her support and fixes it so she can see Rafe, she gratefully takes it. Later Remy and Olivia come to Company to talk to Frank. Bill tells Lizzie what he heard Alan mumble. Rick and a couple of nurses rush into Alan's hospital room. Natalia is still looking for a place to live and is not getting anywhere. Frank listens to Olivia and Remy talk about Ava and her not coming home. Rick gives the Spauldings some encouraging news about Alan's health. But yet he is still guarded. Again Olivia and Natalia get into an argument over money and job and their kids. Olivia takes Natalia by the wrist and tells her to go with her. Remy talks to his mother about taking her car without asking. She tells him she had to talk his father out of calling the police. She then tells him if he ever wants to borrow her car just come and ask her. The they get into a discussion about Ava. Alex visits her brother, Alan. She wills him to survive and wake up. Natalia visits Rafe in prison. Remy stops by Company and Frank is really glad to see him. They talk about what has been happening with Remy. Frank is very supportive and smiles. Rick goes to great lengths to wake Alan up. One of them is yelling at him. Bill joins in. Then Lizzie gets into it with Alex. Beth, who is holding his hand at the time feels him squeeze her hand. They get all excited. Alan wakes up and opens his eyes. Rick keeps calling to him and and asks if he knows what happened. All but Lizzie leaves the room. Beth asks Rick what to expect. Alan just stares at Lizzie and Bill, who has returned from being out in the hall. While at Company a pregnant stranger goes into labor. Remy springs into action as an EMT with his mother's help starts to deliver the baby. Natalia hugs Rafe before leaving him. After the visit with Rafe, Natalia talks to Olivia. Olivia offers her a ride back to the boarding house. Natalia says no, that she has to talk to Rafe's attorney. A guy named Russo talks to Natalia and offers her some hope. Alan is able to move at least one arm and hand. He writes a message to Lizzie. But it is not one she wants to read. It read, Who are you?

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Rex and Gigi sleep together, declare their love and are determined to pick Shane up from school and let him know that they are both his rightful parents. But Brody is distraught after Gigi has dumped him and will not let that happen. So he goes to Shane's school before they are scheduled to pick him up, takes Shane with him to the court house and gets his name changed to Shane Lovett. She admits that he loves Brody and suspects nothing. Tess is not going to let anybody find Natalie although Tina helps Jared attempt to find her. Natalie is still stuck in the locked room downstairs even though Jared senses that she is nearby. Todd is worried that Marty keeps having dreams about John and might "catch on" as to whom both he and John are in her life although she tells Todd she trusts and wants to be with only him.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

Daniel’s show wraps up and things between Colleen and him heat up in the gallery. At a nearby bar in New York Amber sulks but Billy cheers her up while probing for information about Cane. Michael goes to see River to get an explanation about his sister Eden, River ask Michael to take her in and he obliges. Michael also vows to do all he can to get River off. Cane shows Kay and Esther the ultrasound, Kay insists the baby is Lily’s both Esther and Cane become concerned. The SEC drops the charges on Jill and elated she goes to tell Cane but is forced to bond with Chloe. Lily tells Daniel to not string Colleen along if she isn’t the one. Chloe gets a hand massage from Cane. Billy shows interests in Lily.

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