The TV MegaSite's Friday 9/19/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Gisele

Ryan and Greenlee hold hands at ConFusion as he pours his heart out to her. As Ryan admits she's what's missing in his life, Greenlee stops him. She can't let herself be hurt by him again and can't be the one to comfort him anymore. Zach confronts Kendall about the state of their marriage, asking why she never wants to be alone with him. Kendall denies anything's wrong and resents her husband for talking to Greenlee about her. When he continues questioning her, Kendall storms out of the house and runs to ConFusion to confront Greenlee, who turns the tables on her and accuses Kendall of encouraging Ryan to dump his feelings on her. Since Kendall keeps insisting that Ryan needs a life preserver, Greenlee tells her to help him herself. Ryan returns to his dark penthouse alone. Kendall decides to take Spike to Ryan's and places the little boy in his arms. Aidan prepares a surprise meal for his wife with Tad's help. In return, Tad wants Aidan to get Jesse's phone records, so he can figure out what's going on with him. When Aidan brings up adultery, Tad refuses to believe his best friend would do that to his cherished wife.

Adam and Pete talk strategy about sabotaging Fusion's new perfume, Bella. As Erica prepares for her dinner with Adam, Opal asks her if she's lost her mind. Later, as they're eating at the Yacht Club, a thunderstorm frightens Erica. Opal storms into Cortlandt Manor yelling at her son for chasing after Colby. Accusing Pete of consorting with the enemy, Palmer grounds him and takes away his car keys. Later, Pete sneaks out of the house and goes to Fusion's loading dock to break into the boxes of Bella. To J.R.'s surprise, Babe accepts his proposal of marriage for the fourth time. After the power goes out, Babe and Annie share their lingering fear of Richie's legacy. Babe and J.R. announce their engagement to Annie. Up in her room, Annie hears Richie's taunts again and shouts for him to go back to hell. When Opal gets a bad omen from her tarot cards, she shouts for her son, just as he gets hit by lightning after he's finished taping up the tainted Bella boxes.

ATWT Recap Written by Gisele

After Lily dreams that Holden brings Ethan's limp body out of the hole, Holden comforts her. Alison and Aaron went to hear if Ethan can be heard through a device that was lowered in the hole. Derek receives a phone call and releases Henry. In the warehouse, Vienna and Bonnie share some canned food. At the site, Mike is setting up a new rig. Meg searches for Paul then finds him in the hole trying to rescue Ethan and tells him she loves him. Paul places Ethan in a harness and he is lifted out unharmed, but when they try to pull Paul out, the rig breaks and sends dirt on top of him. Barbara takes Meg home to rest. James appears to Meg and fills her in on everything to do with the money and the loan sharks then demands that she sign a document making her son James' heir and thus save Paul's life. Henry manages to blast open the warehouse door and rescue the girls. Derek appears and takes Henry, Vienna, and Bonnie to the hospital where they hear that James is back. At the hospital, Ethan stops breathing due to some dirt in his throat which Chris hadn't seen. Derek lets Paul out through a tunnel that James had built. Paul is angry when he realizes that Derek has been helping his father settle old debts and goes searching for Meg, vowing to kill James if he has hurt her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie and Brooke argue over Donna's involvement with Owen. Each accuses the other of withholding certain amounts of the truth. Brooke wants Eric to know that Pam tried to kill Donna and Owen saved her. Stephanie doesn’t see where that makes any difference. Donna cheated on Eric, that is the important part of why he no longer wants to see her. Ridge and Thorne discuss the situation. Thorne just hopes all of this will bring his mother and father closer. Crates are delivered to the family and they assume it is more equipment for their father’s therapy. However frightened, but familiar eyes, peer from inside the box.

Thorne is also worried that this continuing breech between Stephanie and Brooke will once again cause problems in Ridge and Brooke marrying. Ridge doesn’t think it will this time. Eric insists on knowing more details so Stephanie tells him just enough. While Stephanie and Brooke are in a heated discussion, Donna slips quietly out of the crate and slithers her way upstairs. She cries and pleads to Eric. She knows he is angry at her and wants her gone, but she confesses she loves him, always will. She never gave up on him and just wants a chance to explain. He recoils when she throws her arms around his neck and tries to persuade him not to give up on her either.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Max confronts Trent at the pub, punching him and later threatening to kill him with a broken bottle. Steve, Kayla, and Caroline show up, urging Max to stop this before he goes to prison. He relents, but Trent threatens to press charges. Bo thinks Max needs to apologize so he won’t go to jail. Melanie confronts Trent, who asks for her forgiveness. She refuses, screaming that she hates him. The board decides to let Lexie keep her job, but she resigns, saying that she wants to spend more time at home with Theo. Later, Abe admits that he quit his job as well. Lexie freaks out, and Abe doesn’t help matters by adding that he plans on getting back at Stefano for what he has done. Victor tells Daniel to stay away from Chelsea. Meanwhile, Kate has x-rays done, and Phillip and Lucas set up a video chat with Austin and Billie for her. Daniel looks at her x-rays and thinks something is wrong. Bo and Hope confront Nicole about being married to Trent, and she tells them the whole story. Bo tells her that they will have to inform Victor.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Sonny goes to the old neighborhood and runs into some familiar faces. Kate invites Jason to the wedding but he declines. Jason tells Spinelli he's not interested in online dating. Max and Carly have a dinner date. Carly convinces Max to patch things up with Diane. Alexis confronts Sam about her flirtation with Jerry. Sam is still determined to go through with her plan to find evidence against Jerry. Alexis confides in Diane about the situation with Jerry and Sam. Jerry tells Sam he's still interested in moving their flirtation forward. Patrick is upset to learn that Noah was an unfaithful husband. Patrick tells Robin that Matt is his brother. Matt is less than thrilled with his new family. Lulu summons Nikolas and Lucky to Shady Brook. Lulu is unable to wake up Laura when Lucky and Nik arrive.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Bill is on the phone and hangs up just as Alex and Lizzie come by. They see his anger. Dinah has a guest, Grady, who is playing a video game and driving her bats. She is playing this game with him. They decide to watch some TV and come on the vandalism report. Back at the old Spaulding house, Bill, Vanessa and Lizzie are talking about Alan and how he looked their last visit. Later Lizzie plays with Bill's legs like she is a physical therapist. Some guy named Sean drops by to see Bill. When Alexandra sees what Lizzie is doing she is not amused and shows it. Lizzie on the other hand is pleased with herself. Dinah calls Grady tell him that someone took out a stereo from her house. Coop informs Cassie that Josh is in Afghanistan. She is shocked but not surprised since Reva is partly responsible. Dinah visits Cyrus. Cyrus tells her to give Grady a break. At the police station, Frank put a person he wants to question in a hallway with doughnuts as Grady comes secretly up a flight of stairs. Lizzie and Alexandra have lunch at Towers. Frank looses his witness when he gets scared. He frees Cyrus. At the desk Cyrus, getting his things, is met by Cassie. Alexandra tells that everyone in their family for generations falls for someone who ultimately tries to steal their company, but she is happy for her. First place Cyrus goes when he is released is Cassie's. She shows him the lock picking kit she found. He is scared stiff. He asks when she knew? When she found the kit she knew it was him. Bill is visiting an unconscious Alan. He talks to him to see if he can hear him and see if his monitor rises as he talks. When it does Bill calls for a nurse.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Natalie is still stuck in the locked room, helplessly watching the video where Tess attempts to convince Jared that she's left him. But when Tina is alone with him, she tells him she believes differently. He also gets a pep talk form Roxy and from Charlie. John is on a flight, and he's having "dreams" about Marty. She is sleeping in the room where Todd lives and having dreams about him. Tess discovers that Todd has "feelings" for Marty and warns him he better not defy her or she'll tell everybody everything. Rex and Gigi declare that they are going to be together and Shane must know that Rex is his real father regardless of the consequences, but Brody is furious at what they have done. Marcie comes by and he goes off on her knowing that she encouraged Gigi to dump him.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

River is arrested, Michael finds this out when Lauren turns on the television. Glo is also there and has an idea who gave River away, none other than Jeffrey. Michael also meets his half sister Eden, who immediately blames him for the their dadís arrest. Billyís entrance at Danielís show makes a huge impact, Amber is shocked to learn his true identity and Danielís shock to learn that Liam is real and Billy Abbott. Kevin, Jana and even Lily warn Amber that he is trouble but she refuses to listen. Colleen convinces him to stay since he and Lily have hit it off so well and he agrees. Cane attends the ultrasound with Chloe and is plagued with memories of the loss of his and Lilyís baby. Chloe learns the conception date June 28th, which she stresses to the doctor Cane may never know. She also pays off a nurse to continue to altering the ultrasound.

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