The TV MegaSite's Thursday 9/18/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Amanda catches Petey trying to sabotage Bella; she takes him to see Kendall and Greenlee. Angie believes that danger is following Jesse and he is in trouble; she tells Tad about it. Kendall and Greenlee do not understand how Adam plan to get Fusion when they own shares equally, and neither of them plan to sell. Petey tells Adam that he got a job as an intern; Adam agrees that it is a good idea for Petey to work at Fusion in order to wait for the precise moment to taint the perfume. Babe tells Kendall that she thinks that Petey is working with Adam. Tad tells Jesse that he is acting suspicious which is causing the people he love to worry. Angie tells Jesse that she thought about the last twenty-eight years and she started to get scared.

Jesse tells Tad that he needs him to stay the hell out of his business. Adam asks Erica to dinner. Greenlee accuses Kendall of mismanaging her own life and butting into everyone else’s life. Ryan is tired of Kendall pushing him toward Greenlee. Kendall finally gets it, maybe and tells Ryan that she has important things to deal with like her own messed up life. JR gets on his knees, and asks Babe to remarry him. Kendall is furious with Zach and wants to know why did he tell Greenlee that she is unhappy with their marriage. Zach ask, “Well are you happy”? Ryan confesses that he lost a baby he never got to hold, he misses Spike and he feels void inside, but he doesn’t know what to do about it. Greenlee grabs his hand, and hold on tight to it.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Carly tells Jack that she hopes this crisis will bring Holden and Lily back to each other because they need each other. Carly later sees Holden and Lily sleeping in the same sleeping bag while they wait for Ethan to be rescued tomorrow. Carly advises Jack to allow himself to need Janet because she is good for him. Carly tells Jack that if Holden and Lily do get back together she will be waiting for someone to love her and someone she can love with her whole heart. Janet wonders if Jack still loves Carly and he says he will always care about her but he isn't what Carly needs and she isn't what he wants anymore. Carly overhears this conversation between Jack and Janet and goes home a little sad for herself but happy for Jack. Lily stops Holden from going to get Ethan until the proper equipment arrives tomorrow because she couldn't survive if she lost both him and Ethan. Paul overhears Meg defending him to Mike and when most of the people have left the work site he goes down to find Ethan and the gold. Paul is happy to find Ethan is okay and he is even happier to find the gold bars that James said were down in the hole. Paul sits and waits beside a sleeping Ethan to be rescued in the morning.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna laments to Brooke that she feels things are slipping away. Stephanie and the Forrester kids are controlling everything and she has been banned from seeing Eric. She wrote him a letter, but Marcus was carted away before he could read it. Brooke assures Donna that Stephanie is no longer his wife, so she can not rule the house. She rushes out to see Eric. Donna tells Marcus later that she thinks she has gotten Brooke’s ears and has an ally in her. Dr. Seifert pronounces Eric is making progress and doing well, though he feels something is weighing on his mind. Stephanie assures Eric that the worst is behind him. Everything he needs, wants and loves is here. Eric thinks, “except for Donna.” He finds part of the letter that he was able to save where she says she loves him and wants to see him to explain.

Against Stephanie’s wishes, Ridge allows Brooke to enter the compound. Stephanie admonishes her that she is allowing her in as the mother of Eric’s children, but not to mention or be an advocate for Donna. Eric wishes to see Brooke alone and they have a good visit. She wastes no time in telling him how much Donna loves him and he doesn’t know the whole story. More than anyone else, Donna prayed and fought for him the entire time. She is disappointed that the family hasn’t made Eric aware of that. Stephanie walks in when Brooke is telling Eric how loyal Donna really was, and she won’t explain or try to whitewash what he saw, but Donna was only receiving comfort from Owen. Stephanie grabs her by the arm and jerks her away from his bedside and assures her that Donna will never get close to or hurt Eric again. Equally as emphatic, Brooke tells Stephanie that she will not stand by and let Stephanie manipulate the situation and keep Donna from Eric. She just will not allow it!

Days Recap Written by Jenni

The mayor tells Abe and Roman that someone will have to take the fall over the debacle at the hospital. Abe accuses the mayor of taking a bribe from Stefano, and resigns. Daniel goes to bat for Lexie at her review in front of the hospital board. Kate is admitted to the hospital for tests and begins to cough up blood. EJ asks Nicole on a date, and she accepts as long as Sami doesn’t interfere in their relationship.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Carly is jealous when she spots Jax on a date with Leyla. Spinelli and Maxie help Carly experiment with online dating. All of Carly’s matches are a bust, except for one. Carly’s perfect match online turns out to be Jason. Diane is upset about her breakup with Max so she confides in Jason. Max confides in Sonny and Kate. Jerry tells Alexis that Sam is “coming on to” him. Lulu meets Laura’s doctor. Laura decides it’s time to tell the family she’s awake. Nadine is invited to stay with Nikolas until she recovers. Matt reveals that Noah is his father. Patrick overhears Matt and Noah talking. Robin and Patrick disagree on whose last name to give the baby.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Cassie and Cyrus go at it again over Grady. Remy's father is back in town and Remy is excited. They meet up at the hospital. Reva has a video chat with Josh and it doesn't make sense. Leaving her puzzled. Remy is talking with Olivia about Ava. Olivia has it in her head that Ava is coming back. Remy tells her that Ava doesn't want to come back to Springfield. Cassie is making cookies when Frank stops by. The conversation is Cyrus and Grady and their sticking around. Olivia and Remy get into an argument over Ava. At which Remy just walks out leaving Olivia in tears. Jeffrey is talking to Reva about Olivia's being devastated over Ava. But that she should take it easy and get off her feet. Reva tries to tell him of her video chat with Josh. Jeffrey tells her to slow down when she starts running her mouth. Jeffrey tells her that Josh being over to Afghanistan is logical, he going to help Josh is logical, but she going over is not logical. She tells him she has made up her mind and leaves the room. Olivia gets a recording when trying to contact Jeffrey. Remy's father, Clayton won't give Remy money to go and get Ava. Cyrus is shocked to see Cassie home. She tells him she parked in back of the house. Cyrus goes home and looks for his break in kit and can't find it. Then we see Cassie in her home she sees a case on the floor and picks it up. It is Cyrus' break in kit. Remy meets Olivia to tell her that his She wants his help. But he agrees with Jeffrey, so Reva leaves. Frank visits Cyrus, who is still looking for his kit. Frank arrests him for a robbery. Cassie examines the kit as she calls for RJ to come downstairs. Reva finds Jeffrey and says she is sorry for earlier. That is the reason she married him. Jeffrey says he'll go. Just then. She gets a text message from Josh. He found Shayne, he's safe, and they are on their way home.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

It's the first day of high school. Everybody notices that Starr is pregnant. And she becomes a subject of gossip. Her peers taunt her at the assembly committee. She takes the microphone and warns them all not to end up like her. The principal does not appreciate her "behavior". Meanwhile, Dorian confronts Ray Montez, demanding to know what he wants. He replies he does not want any money. He wants to adopt his niece. And she is ready to go to battle with him, very angry and panicked by his threats. Tess tells Natalie that Jared will never find her and will forget all about her. And she (Tess) will seduce him. Natalie is confident that that will not happen, even if Tess plots all her plans. Gigi determines to tell Shane the truth that Rex is his real father. And she demands that Brody gets out of her home. Right then, Adriana calls Rex and tells him she wants him back. But he tells her that will never happen. They are through. He is in love with Gigi.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Jack bails out Adam and enlists him to help take down Victor. Lowell is found by the police and arrested. Daniel’s art show in NYC is a hit as he is accompanied by Colleen and ex-wife Lily. Amber also shows up and the fireworks start but fizzle quickly until Liam shows up and its revealed that he is none other than Billy Abbott. Nikki and Phyllis talk about her new position at the magazine and making it more enjoyable for Nick. Adam wants Heather to pull some strings with the DA to get the charges dropped and Victor ventures off the ranch.

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