The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 9/17/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall enlists Erica’s help in seducing Adam to get his mind off of taking over Fusion. Adam talks to Pete on the phone and asks him if his concoction is ready for their plan to be put into effect. Babe and Amanda are excited over getting their first shipment of “Bella.” Carmen, happily cleans and talks to everything in Adam’s house. Carmen finally lets Adam know that today is her birthday. Greenlee and Jack meet at the Yacht Club. Jack has some jewelry boxes in front of them on the table. Jack wants Greenlee’s help in finding the perfect gift for Carmen. Colby is thrilled when Andre visits her. She is also glad that the charges against him have been dropped. Pete comes up and interrupts their conversation. Colby and Andre closes the double doors and leaves Pete outside. Pete sneaks inside and leaves his concoction on the table in the entrance hall. Carmen picks up some mail off the table and begins to open it .She gets a paper cut on her finger. It begins to bleed. Adam picks up the concoction bottle, opens it and rubs some on Carmen’s finger. It begins to burn. Carmen faints from the concoction entering her bloodstream. Pete in a round about way, lets Adam know that he had put the concoction on Carmen’s finger. When Carmen comes to, she is drunk just like Colby was when she had used “Bella.” Erica agrees to help Kendall.

Adam is on the phone on the terrace. Pete steals the concoction and leaves the Chandler mansion. Erica tells Opal all about what Carmen had done to her concerning Jackson. Erica buys Carmen a new dress plus she buys one for herself. Opal feels left out and wants Erica to buy her one too. Erica takes the dress to the Chandler mansion. Carmen is thrilled. Jack arrives with flowers and Carmen’s present. Carmen is thrilled when she opens the present and finds that it is a diamond bracelet. Jack kisses her on the cheek while Erica watches jealously. Pete sneaks into the Fusion shipping garage and opens one of the boxes of “Bella.” He reaches into one of the boxes to get one of the bottles of “Bella.” Amanda walks up, puts her hand on his shoulder and tells him that he is “busted.”

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Carly advises Janet to stop trying so hard when it comes to Jack. Emma wrestles with her guilt of Ethan falling down the hole. James tells Derek it is time to put their plan for Paul into motion to teach him about the real world. Derek kidnaps Paul at knifepoint. Holden tells everyone that he is headed down to save his son now. Jack pleads with him to let someone else do it, but he won’t be deterred. Meg thinks Emma blames Paul, but she doesn’t… she blames herself for being selfish and wanting to sell the farm because she needs a break. Paul tries to make a deal with Derek, but he takes him to the reservoir, ties him up and takes him out in a boat. Paul and Derek struggle and Paul goes overboard tied to a concrete block. Carly tells Janet to be patient and Jack will come back to her, but Janet can’t help but want to try harder every time she sees him. Lucinda and Luke arrive. Carly wishes Holden well when he heads into the hole, as he admits to her that he waited for Lily to tell him that. Holden and the equipment fall when he heads down the hole, as Lily and everyone react in horror. Jack and Mike are able to rescue Holden, who falls unconscious once he is pulled out, as Lily reacts emotionally, and Mike and Carly notice. Meg is able to motivate Emma and to get her to stop being so hard on herself. Henry tries to rationalize with James – to no avail. Derek tells James he did what he asked and Henry hears what happened. James tells him that this will prove what Paul is made of. Derek seems upset by having to do all of this and wonders what kind of father James is. James reminds him that he owes him. Mike and Lily make a care package for Ethan to send down. Carly goes to get something to bring down to him too. Paul comes home wet and muddy and Meg demands to know what is going on. Paul tries to side step her, but she demands answers. Paul tells her about the farm, needing more money and Derek, the loan shark. Meg is incensed, and wants to call the police, but Paul won’t let her. He can’t tell her why, but she needs to trust him. She can’t after what he has done to her again by lying to her and risking all of their lives. She is leaving, but Paul pleads with her to stay; he feels he has to be perfect all the time and if he isn’t, she is always ready to leave him. Holden is given the ok to leave the hospital, as he and Jack talk generally about why he left the force and how his outlook on whom he is as a person has now changed. Janet comes to see him and they talk about the ramifications of what he did on their relationship. Jack tells her that he needs time to figure out who he is. Janet tells him that she will be waiting. Carly gives Mike the one-way microphone from Metro so Lily can hear every noise Ethan makes, but she asks him not to tell Lily. Lily hears Ethan signing and thanks Mike, who looks at Carly. Jack realizes it was Carly’s idea and he hugs her for it. Henry tries to reason with Derek, who he thinks is starting to look conflicted by his actions. Derek seems to listen to Henry, but then changes his mind. Holden arrives back at the site to see Carly and Jack hugging and Mike and Lily hugging.

B&B Recap Written by Stephanie

Brooke and Ridge discuss their upcoming wedding. Nick is back, so Brooke rushes over to give him the news about Taylor’s problems with Jack. She paints the picture that Jack is really going to suffer without Bridget being around and tries to make Nick see how she can help. Steffy drops by and tries to encourage her mother about Jack. Taylor decides she better get over and talk to Nick before Brooke does her thing. Stephanie allows Beth to visit with Eric. The two women decide not to discuss Donna. Ridge later talks to Stephanie about all she and Eric have been through and how he hopes him and Brooke can endure like them. Stephanie quizzes him about Brooke’s willingness to sacrifice her relationship with Jack to be with him. Ridge is confident that she’ll stay away from both Jack and Nick. He wants no parts of raising Nick Marone’s baby. Little does he know she’s at Nick’s discussing how differently things would have been had they still been together. Taylor shows up and overhears them discussing her. She lets them know it doesn’t help with them always looking over her shoulder and judging her. Nick just wants her to be honest with him. Brooke asks Taylor to let her help.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Stefano holds a cocktail party at the mansion. Marlena is the guest of honor, and he accuses her of putting him into a coma. Marlena admits to doing so. Stefano is surprised when Tony and EJ show no sympathy for him, and he vows vengeance on all of them. John warns him not to harm Marlena. John also promises to help Sami, who is crushed when EJ tells her to grow up. Later, Marlena apologizes to her for what she said at the police station, and Sami says she is proud of her for trying to protect them by getting rid of Stefano. Lexie and Abe get an invitation to the mansion, but don’t go. Lexie talks about her fears for Theo, and worries about losing her job.

GH Recap Written by Mandy

Patrick and Robin discuss Matt’s condition.  Carly tells Jax that they should talk.  Maxie criticizes Spinelli’s idea about an internet dating service.  Johnny visits Lulu.  Anthony suggests rewarding Claudia.  Alexis and Lucky discuss the fire at the clinic.  Diane and Max discuss Carly’s pain.  Liz announces that Nadine is doing well.  Anna fills Noah in on what happened while he was gone.  Maxie and Jason argue.  Diane tells Max that their relationship is over.  Sam and Alexis discuss the trial.  Lulu tells Johnny about her visits with Laura and he gives her an anniversary present.  Anthony rewards Ric and Claudia for saving Johnny.  Robin asks Anna to use the database to find information on a patient.  Lainey tells Johnny that it should be his last visit.  Nikolas offers for Nadine to stay with him when she is released.  Lulu visits Laura and suggests that she made up her mom’s recovery.  Noah recognizes Matt’s name. 

GL Recap Written by Beth

Natalia has a bad day with car trouble. She goes to Frank to ask about Rafe. Reva tries to come up with a text message to send to Shayne about the baby and Jeffrey. So much so she is late for a lunch with Cassie and tells her about the baby. Cassie says she is happy for Reva. Reva asks for help, though and Cassie isn't sure what Reva wants. At Company, Jeffrey is torn over going on a honeymoon and visiting his daughter. Olivia tells him to go on the honeymoon. He thanks her and Olivia leave his table. Reva still tries to convince Cassie to help her out. Cassie asks her if this is a way to apologizing for the past. Reva wants to know why Cassie is angry. Cassie tells her she is not angry, just surprised at Reva. So she tells Reva she can't do this right now. Frank is on the phone trying to get some one to help him help Rafe and is getting nowhere until he asks Coop about a guy who used to come into Company with the old Commissioner of Police. Reva asks for Fr Ray's help in guidance. She tells him about the baby. Natalia goes to Jeffrey to ask him to talk to the judge. He tells her it wouldn't do any good. Once the judge make up their mind the judge sticks to it. But he does offer her other ideas. Rick, Frank and Coop are at the bar each having a beer and talking about Franks current love life or lack there of and Natalia. Whom both Rick and Coop think that Natalia would be perfect for him. Natalia is at the bus stop. Reva tells Jeffrey about her problem of trying to tell Shayne about the baby. Olivia and Cassie are in a discussion when Natalia's name comes up. Both women are hurting for her. Then they discuss Reva and her recent marriage and baby being on the way. Olivia tell Cassie she is all for people helping themselves. Cassie agrees. Natalia asks the Manager to mail her paycheck to her. Jeffrey tries to put a bag on the back of his little car. Reva kids him about it. Jeffrey tells her as soon as he comes back from seeing Ava they will do the honeymoon thing. Natalia continues to pour her heart out to Fr. Ray. RJ is excited about a video game he wants to show Cassie. Natalia goes to a quiet place to cry. Frank goes to Cedars to see Natalia and runs into Lillian, who tells him where she is. He goes to Alan's room when he opens the door he finds her crying. Jeffrey goes to see Olivia and finds her lying down. Reva emails Shayne and gets her email returned just as Josh calls her. She can't hear what he is saying which drives her crazy.

OLTL Recap Written by Jeannie

Natalie is still trapped as she watches Tess try to tell Jared he has to accept that Natalie is gone. Jared says he will never accept it. Clint talks to Ray about moving in on Dorian to get BE back. Ray sees his sister in Langston. Bo comes in. Ray leaves. Ray visits Langston to give her a necklace that belonged to her mother. Langston is thrilled. When Langston and Starr leave for school Dorian confronts Ray. Matthew is worried about his first day in high school but Bo, Nora, Clint and Cole assure him he'll be fine. Vanessa Montez visits Cris in jail. He begs her to help him get in touch with Antonio and promises to help find Ray. Tess teases Natalie about Jared losing interest in her and moving on. Jared goes to John for help with Natalie. When there Jared recognizes Carlo Hesser as the man he saw in a Columbian prison. John thinks they might have a lead. Tess tells Natalie she will watch as Jared falls out of love with her and in love with Tess.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Revenge is the song Jack is singing especially after Sharon admits going to Victor requesting he gives Nick his job back. He gives Victor an ultimatum in a envelope which is enclosed with photos from the crash; Jack states he be going to the tabloids with them if he refuses to face the music. The sordid love triangle between Colleen/Amber /Daniel continues as he prepares to go to NY. Phyllis and Nick fight over Restless Style, Nikki helps resolves the issue and Phyllis thinks hiring her as interim editor -in-chief would be good, Nick agrees. Adam gets himself arrested after he tries to get into the ranch to see Victor; Brad’s on a witch hunt as he tries to figure out who set him up, he tells Heather to find Walter.

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