The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 9/16/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Greenlee and Aidan wake up side by side in bed. Aidan rolls over and begins to kiss Greenlee. Zach and Kendall wake up together, but they seem to be miles apart. Kendall confronts Zach that he blames her for Annie losing the baby. The doctor visits Annie in her room, and offers her condolences in the loss of her baby. J.R. and Babe arrive to take Annie home as does Ryan. Zach denies blaming Kendall for Annie losing the baby. Kendall begins to rant and rave about how Annie had been using Ryan. Zach gets up out of bed and leaves her. Ryan tries to get Annie not to blame herself for losing the baby. Ryan wants to help Annie tell Emma about the baby, but Annie insists that she will do this on her own. J.R. and Babe arrive home with Annie, and manages to get Annie to sit down in a chair in the living room. They leave to go to work. J.R. promises Babe that he will find out what Adam is up to. Erica meets with Lou at the Yacht Club. He lets Erica know that he had cancelled, “New Beginnings.” Erica is completely beside herself. Through a lot of threats on Erica’s part, Lou decides to give her another chance to get up her ratings for “New Beginnings.” Adam watches Erica and Lou closely. J.R. arrives to meet Adam at the Yacht Club. J.R. tells Adam that he isn’t sure that Babe can take over the company from inside. Adam decides to bring down Fusion another way. The women of Fusion discuss “Bella” and how that Amanda doesn’t have enough money to pay for another shipment. Kendall, at first, decides not to pay for the additional shipment, but then relents. Ryan arrives for work with Zach, but cannot seem to keep his mind off Annie and the losing of the baby. Ryan feels that Annie and himself needs to find a way to mourn the loss of their baby.

Kendall finds out that Adam is planning on taking over Fusion. Kendall confronts Babe with the text message on the cell phone. Kendall goes to see Erica to let her know what Adam is planning on doing. Greenlee pays Zach a visit to discuss Kendall. Pete sneaks into the Chandler house and is confronted by J.R. J.R. demands to know what Pete and Adam are up to. Pete calls Adam and lets him know that Fusion is expecting an order of “Bella” that very day. Adam is thrilled. Annie, Ryan and Emma plant a tree as a way of mourning the loss of the baby.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Holden and Lily's friends and family come together to try and rescue Ethan and get him out of a very deep hole on the construction site. Paul remembers that he left the hole uncovered and can't help but feel terrible about Ethan's accident. James takes Paul's feelings of compassion and remorse as a sign of weakness and tells him to be a man handle the set back and continue looking for the gold. Paul and Mike both offer to go down the hole and get Ethan but Holden ends up going down to try and get Ethan out. Henry tries to escape by getting James drunk and stealing the key to his cell but James catches him. James points a gun at Henry and tells him he is through being nice and he had better start praying to live. Bonnie and Vienna fear they will never be found as they hold each other to keep warm in the cold warehouse. Katie and Janet feel guilty that protecting Brad forced Jack to quit his job. Brad is grateful for Jack's help but insists that quitting the police force was Jack's choice.

B&B Recap Written by Stephanie

Brooke and Rick talk about Jack. Brooke wants to be involved and reminds Rick she's Jack's mother too. She thinks Nick needs to know about the problem with Taylor. Rick and Bridget find out about their dad and visit. They’re informed about Donna’s infidelity by Stephanie. No one wants Donna’s name brought up to Eric. Ridge tells Brooke about how excited he is about his father. He reminds her they don't want Donna around. Donna tells Marcus about her incident with Owen and the Forresters seeing her. She tells him it was innocent and begs him to believe her. Marcus does and agrees to take a letter to Eric. He’s able to get in to see Eric, but is quickly thrown out. Eric reads the letter, before Stephanie comes in and throws it away. Eric is able to keep one page and has flashbacks of him and Donna. Owen shows up and Donna reminds him she's a married woman in love with her husband. She asks him to help her convince Eric nothing happened between them. She tells him this is goodbye. Owen can’t believe she’d be satisfied to continue fighting with the Forresters, when she could be with him. He tells her he loves her and plants a passionate kiss on her. Donna responds and looks confused.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Hope, Kayla, and Marlena all decide to go out for a ladies’ night out. Kayla admits to Hope that she fears Steve might go after Stefano. Marlena tells Hope that she caused Stefano’s coma. They all vow to be ready for Stefano if he goes after her again. Roman tells Sami that the judge has decided to extend Lucas’ visitation. Sami flips her lid. Marlena accuses her of being a spoiled, manipulative brat and tells Roman that they have to stop enabling her. Sami solicits John’s help, but Stefano gets the message and shows up instead. Nicole tells EJ that she called the police on Sami because she needs to start learning from her mistakes. Nicole gets sick again, and she and Daniel have a heart-to-heart about Chelsea and EJ. EJ and Lexie talk about Theo, and EJ witnesses one of his tantrums. Lexie tells EJ that Nicole is the lesser of two evils, and that he shouldn’t sell himself short to be with Sami. Stefano tries to convince Anna to show Tony an album full of his childhood photos, but she refuses.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Kate forgives Sonny and agrees to marry him. Diane holds a mock court at Crimson and tries to change Kate’s mind. Jax thinks Kate is making a huge mistake. Nikolas saves Matt and Nadine from the clinic fire. Matt is badly burned. Monica says Nadine has only minor injuries. Nikolas visits an emotional Nadine. Sam and Jerry have a dinner date. Jerry is skeptical of Sam’s motives. Sam tries her best to convince Jerry she’s as “bad” as he is. The two share a kiss. Jerry wants to take things farther but Sam refuses to move so fast. Later, Sam fills Lucky in on her progress with Jerry. Carly interrupts Jason and Liz in his bedroom. Jason is concerned and goes after Carly with Liz’s blessing. Carly is genuinely sorry for the interruption. She confides in Jason about Jax. The jury comes back with a verdict of “not guilty” for Johnny. The Zaccharas are ecstatic with the decision but Scott is enraged.

GH: Night Shift Recap Written by Laurie

Claire seems to be taking Ryan’s death in stride.  Robert settles in at Robin’s apartment.  Stone falls over and hits his head.  Jagger takes Stone to GH – Robin arrives shortly after.  Patrick says Stone had a seizure and it sometimes happens with autistic kids.  Little is known about what triggered the seizure or if it will happen again.  Jagger tells Robin his insurance won’t cover Stone’s treatments.   Patrick puts Stone through a battery of tests.  Claire tells Leo that “last night was a huge mistake,” and the two agree to move on.  Later, Claire seems upset to see Leo kissing Saira.  Claire gets mad at Leo for cheating on Saira, claiming she didn’t know they were still a couple.  Kyle agrees to help Saira with a new project before he learns it involves breast milk.  Despite his initial reservations, Kyle enjoys working on Saira’s project.   Epiphany tells Kyle and Claire that she’s “dating” Toussaint.  Robert gives his nurse the slip and she alerts Robin.  Robert says he’d rather stay in a hotel but Robin won’t hear of it.  Robin tells Saira she’s nervous about the possibility of her child being born HIV positive.  Patrick deals with his own nervousness about fatherhood and he confides in Jagger.  Robin tells Patrick she’s lending Jagger money to cover Stone’s medical costs.  Patrick thinks it’s irresponsible of Robin to loan Jagger money.  Robin says Jagger and Stone are her family and Patrick seems jealous.  Robin has a get together for Robert’s birthday where Robert bonds with Stone.  Epiphany and Saira share boyfriend stories.  Claire overhears the conversation and feels guilty.  Leo tells Saira he’s ready to commit to their relationship.  Jagger is hesitant to take money from Robin.  Robin is overwhelmed with everything she’s dealing with so she turns to Jagger for support.

GL Recap Written by Beth

After Frank's visit to Natalia, Daisy visits. She wants Natalia to understand her being with Grady. Remy visits Olivia and they are talking about Ava and her probable release from the hospital. A black hooded figure comes upon Bill to scare him. Daisy goes to see Rafe. Lizzie and her mother, Beth don't see eye to eye. Bill runs into Dinah. Frank and Olivia run into each other and talk. After Frank leaves, Decker approaches Olivia with an offer. He tells her she has the face for his product. Olivia is stunned. She tells him no but then says nice to see you again. Daisy visits Rafe in jail. Their conversation leads to Grady and Daisy wants to talk about something else. The visit is over and Rafe thanks Daisy for coming to see him. Daisy then goes to meet Grady. He is not happy with her. He tells her that he doesn't need her to make him feel horrible. Dinah and Grady run into each other at the basketball court and Dinah boxes his ears in anger. Then grabs the basketball and just throws it and walks away just leaving him there....

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Ray Montez goes to interrupt Langston's adoption celebration to inform her that he wants to have a relationship with him. Dorian does not trust a word he says. But Langston does. He proves that he really is her uncle and appears as charming and convincing as Clint has instructed him to be. Meanwhile, Ray's wife goes to the prison where he's vacated from and notices Cristian Vega in her husband's place. Cristian urges her to call his brother and the cops in Llanview. They might be able to help her find her husband if she can help him get out of there. But she does not trust him. Tess plays Jessica and attempts to get Jared to believe that Natalie has dumped him and wrote him a letter. But he knows that she would not do that. Tina is ready to spill the beans to Jared. But she knows she must help her daughter find Cristian. When the talk to Bo and John, Tina is ready to tell Bo what has happened to Jessica. But remembering that Tess threatened to expose both her and Sara to Carlo Hesser if she does, Tina then realizes she better not. Nigel then admits to Clint that he helped Jared scam them. But Clint is not angry at Nigel. He asks him to keep doing the job he did for Asa and have the same loyalty for him that he had for his father.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Jack/ Sharon/Phyllis and Nick discuss the content of the letter and the reasons why it was written. They glaze over it and make nice but deep down they know something’s not right. Nikki lets on to Kay that she’s hiding the real reason why Victor went to Mexico, Kay refuses to let it go and goes to the ranch where she finds a defeated Victor. She forewarns that people are searching for answers regarding his trip to Mexico, Victor shows no fear and brushes it off. Adam confronts Cane about a job and is almost hired at Jabot but Kay vetoes that bill and Cane is forced to give him the heave ho. Nikki is questioned by the SEC; Jill enjoys some downtime at Crimson Lights even while Brad accuses her of selling him out to the feds. River tries to convince “Gloworm” that there’s still a spark but Jeffrey rebuts that and warns River that the battle is on. Daniel prepares to leave for NY and tells Phyllis that he has invited Colleen to the exhibit.

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