The TV MegaSite's Monday 9/15/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Annie suffers a miscarriage. When Kendall and Greenlee find out, Greenlee is sympathetic, but Kendall feels that Annie is just faking it. Annie confesses all to Ryan about the things that she had done to hold on to him. (Annie leaves out the part where she had killed Richie) Angie tells Tad that she had been receiving phone calls. Taylor listens to a romantic song on the radio, and reminisces about her lost love. Jake walks in and just stands there watching her. She is taken aback when she sees him. Randi encourages Frankie to run away with her to keep from going back t Iraq. Frankie refuses her offer. Annie tells Ryan that she doesn’t deserve to be forgiven, and then pushes him away yet again. Ryan join Zach, Kendall, Greenlee and Aidan. Everyone offers him condolences except Kendall .Ryan tells them that he needs some time to be alone. He walks away. Aidan encourages Greenlee to go and talk to him. Kendall starts to go too, but Zach holds her back .Richie applauds Annie for her performance. Annie orders him away from her that he is dead and that he cannot hurt her anymore. When Annie opens her eyes, Richie is gone. Amanda watches Jake and Taylor from the door.

Jesse joins Tad and Angie. When Angie questions him as to where he had been, Jesse lies to her. Amanda questions Jake if he would want a woman like Taylor. Jake grabs her and kisses her passionately. They lie down on the sofa, kissing, when Jake’s beeper goes off. Jake leaves Amanda to go to the hospital. Greenlee tries to convince Ryan that Annie’s miscarriage is not his fault.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

When Allison opens her door, Morty runs in with Chris right behind him. Dani goes looking for Chris and learns he took a sick day. Chris tells Allison he and Morty miss her and wonders if she is happy being married. Allison wants him to leave, but Aaron comes out of the shower and demands to know why Chris is in their room. Janet comes to talk with Carly about Jack. Carly tells Janet that she surmises that Jack is taking full responsibility of what happened. Jack quits the force because he took evidence and it got destroyed. Margo isn’t so quick to let this happen though. Carly and Janet talk about Jack’s high morals and Carly tells Janet that Jack may never forgive her because she speaks from experience. Lily and Holden search for a missing Ethan. Margo thinks there is a way out of this for Jack, but he won’t let her get involved. He doesn’t want her compromising herself and ultimately he knows she, he and Hal would do the right thing. Margo begrudgingly accepts his resignation. Jack praises Margo and thanks her for being such a great friend and boss. Aaron kicks Chris out of his room and goes to call the Front Desk about Chris having a dog in his room, but Allison is quick to defend Chris. Jack tells Carly and Janet that he quit the force. Janet wants him to fight, but Carly understands and explains that Jack has to do this. Holden and Lily can’t find Ethan and end up blaming each other for a minute because Holden was with Carly and she was with Mike, but then they come to their senses and agree to work together. Allison talks Aaron out of calling on Chris and entices him out of his jealousy by leading him into bed. Dani comes to take care of Chris. Morty doesn’t seem to bond with Dani like he did with Allison. Janet tries to get Jack to go home and talk with her and while he appreciates why she asked him to do the thing he did and he ultimately takes responsibility, he can’t go with her. Jack and Carly are hanging out when Holden calls about Ethan going missing. Jack and Carly show up to help, as Lily is momentarily thrown by her, but Carly promises she just wants to help. Holden and Lily call the police, as Jack is forced to admit he quit the force. Aaron talks about his desire to start trying to have a baby, as Allison looks overwhelmed. Chris and Dani end up kissing, but Dani pulls back telling him that he needs to get over Allison first. Chris assures her that he is fine, but then realizes he isn’t and stops himself before he takes things further. They agree to remain friends with benefits for the time being. Allison tells Aaron that she is not ready citing her school and career, but Aaron is sure of himself and tries to persuade her, but Allison looks very unsure. Margo shows up and they all talk about the circumstances around Ethan’s disappearance. Holden gets a lead Ethan was in the woods; Margo gets a lead and Carly and Jack head out to look themselves. Allison finally relents and agrees to talk babies at a later date…sooner rather then later, Aaron hopes. Aaron surprises Allison with impromptu honeymoon reservations; he already ok’d it through Bob. Again, Allison looks unsure, but she covers well and tells Aaron she is going to pack. Lily and Holden find Ethan’s blanket and hope he is asleep underneath it, but he is not there. Holden comforts Lily. Allison spies Dani and Chris kissing. Lily is so scared that Ethan is hurt or worse, as Holden wants her to be strong for when they find him. Lily wants her and Holden to make a promise to never forget what is important after they get through this, as Holden readily agrees. Carly and Jack come across the gaping hole on the farm and worry. Carly and Jack think their and Lily and Holden’s worst fears are realized when they find Ethan’s shoe by the open hole.

B&B Recap Written by Stephanie

Donna tried to see Eric, but the Forrester children and Stephanie are not letting anyone in. Dr. Patrick says Eric has a long recovery ahead, and needs lots of love and support. They all promise to give Eric plenty and not let anyone, including Donna and Pam cause any more problems. They give Stephanie all the credit for bringing Eric back from the brink of death. Eric lets them know he was lost, but now he’s back where he belongs. He’s with his family and his Stephanie. Donna has to come clean with Brooke about getting caught with Owen. Taylor is still upset about Jack. Rick suggests calling Nick, but Taylor begs him not to let anyone else know. She doesn’t want to take a chance of losing Jack again. Stephanie goes over to warn Donna about trying to see Eric, since he’s made his choice. Donna tells her she will get her husband back and Stephanie won’t stop her.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

After meeting Phillip for drinks, Nicole recaps her film noir fantasy in which she is arrested for killing Sami, her husband EJ’s mistress. Later, EJ finds Nicole and tells her that he knows what she did to Sami, and that he could strangle her.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Carly gets a call that Jax has been in an accident. Matt and Nadine are trapped in a fire at the free clinic. Edward wants the other jury members to find Johnny guilty. Kate tells Sonny she hasn't forgiven him yet. Jax doesn't want to have anything to do with Carly. Lulu visits her mom. Elizabeth tells Jason she won't give up on him. The jury members deliberate and each side brings up good points. Sam flirts with Jerry. Nikolas shows up at the clinic, which is filling up with smoke. Nadine and Matt have passed out. Epiphany catches one of the jury members with a cell phone. Jason and Elizabeth are kissing in his bedroom when Carly walks in.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lizzie talks to the maid about her grandfather. Grady comes back and Simon is not amused. And Grady brings Dinah in toe. Jeffrey and Reva are enjoying themselves when interrupted by Daisy. Back at Spaulding Mansion, Bill is playing his electric guitar when Lizzie come over with a someone who wants to be a business partner, named Decker. Lizzie is mortified when she hears what is going on in the house. Cyrus has a proposition for Grady, but Grady isn't buying it. Jeffrey buys a 2-seater car and Reva reminds him they have a baby on the way. He says they can use it to be alone, that there will be times they won't have the baby with them. Bill puts away the guitar and comes down to talk to Lizzie and Decker. Decker agrees to do business with them.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dorian calls for a celebration to declare that she is ready to officially adopt Langston. Starr invites Marcie to attend and affirms she wants Marcie to be her child's mother. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Clint has Jared find Langston's uncle and pays him to go and find her and threaten to take her from Dorian. Jared is very uncomfortable helping him with his plan. And Todd is plotting a plan to have Starr's doctor "stage" the death of Starr's baby so that nobody will know that Todd and Marty are secretly raising the baby. Tess writes a letter to give to Jared that he will believe is Natalie informing him that she must leave him and go away as not to hurt her family. Natalie knows she is helpless to do anything about it. Sarah is very worried about Cristian. Cristian is in captivity and it seems his captors are going to "swap" Langston's uncle who has been released form prison, in exchange for Cristian as their new prisoner assuming the identity of Langston's uncle.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

Sharon’s letter to Nick is found by Jack who also shares it with .Brad finds out that Jill is behind his arrest. Nick reaches out to Victor by trying to deliver a letter to him at the ranch; he is shocked when he sees the current state of the residence. Neil asks Karen to move in and come back to Newman she agrees to the moving in part. Daniel still confused invites Colleen to NY for his exhibit. Glo and River wake up in a compromising position and Michael tells River to get gone. River requests to see Glo one last time and Jeffrey becomes suspicious rightfully so as Michael confirms that Glo’s been lying. Nick confronts Sharon and ask if she’s behind Victor’s hefty donation.

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