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AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Tad is surprised to see Jake at the bar just having a drink. Jake begins to talk about the women he is currently involved with. Angie suggests that Frankie fake a medical condition to get out of going back to Iraq. Frankie tells his mom that he does not need a way out of his deployment; the soldiers in Iraq need him. Annie thanks Ryan for being at the hospital with her and apologizes for the restraining order. Kendall believes that Annie is faking and keeps saying that the baby is perfectly fine. Greenlee cautions her that she does not know that for sure. Tad cannot believe that his brother is seeing Amanda Dillon, because she is a bit young for him. He reminds Jake that her mother is Janet from Another Planet and her husband's killer, Amanda’s dad.

Angie goes to Fusion and suggests to Randi that they work together to keep Frankie safe and at home. Randi asks Frankie about his redeployment. Taylor has memories of her fiancée. Kendall does not believe Annie’s baby is at risk until Annie starts to get upset, which causes her to cramp. Kendall realizes that Annie is not playing, and she runs out of the room to call for help. Angie arrives at ConFusion and sits with Tad. Jesse leaves his jacket and the phone rings in his pocket so Angie answers it. She tells Tad that they have been getting calls at the apartment, but no one is there. She thinks that someone is after her husband. Annie has lost the baby; she wants to tell Ryan everything.

ATWT Recap Written by Karen

All of the digging for gold bars that Paul did at the work site leaves structural damage too far to be repaired. Meg is upset that Paul is acting strange, and Barbara fears that James is trying to drive Paul insane.  Carly helps Jack see that hiding the evidence is against everything that he stands for and that he won’t be able to live with himself if he doesn’t come clean. He agrees, but Janet & Brad have already destroyed the evidence. Jack comes clean to Margo. Lily leaves a message with Holden to come watch the kids while she goes off to meet Mike at the hotel for a tryst, but he doesn’t get the message, and by the time the parents arrive home, Ethan is missing. Playing alone at the construction site, Ethan chases a ball into the deep hole.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The kids gather around Eric’s bed and Felicia declares that her mother’s mojo did the trick and now her dad is back. They get him up and in a motorized wheelchair. Eric states that all he remembers is he thought he was dead. He looks directly at Stephanie and says he remembers her. She quips she hopes he doesn’t remember her as a twenty-five year old model, too late for that. When asked if he would like anything, he asks for Donna. Ridge tells him that she is out of town on Forrester business. Actually she is just right down the hall getting Owen ensconced in Kristen’s old room. Owen tells her that she was a good wife for as long as she could, but she doesn’t have to go on proving it. And for a man who doesn’t even know that she is there by his side. She allows him to comfort her, but she tells him not to push her. Brooke drops in again unexpectedly at Taylor’s and again finds Jack in a fussy mood. Rick finally confesses that Taylor is still not bonding with him. Brooke goes upstairs and is shaken when she sees Taylor having such a difficult time with Jack. She offers to hold him and he immediately starts gurgling and settles down. Later Taylor admits to herself that she is anxious and tense, but wonders what Jack sees so terrible in her that he can’t love her.

Donna admits to Owen that she had her dream, but she knows it is too late and Eric is not going to come back to her. She is all alone again. Again he champions his cause that she is not alone, she has him. She knows how he cares for her. Sitting on the bed, they embrace and kiss passionately. Away from the family, Eric has managed to guide his chair toward the voices and spies Owen and Donna. He is practically upon them before they see him. In his outrage, he gasps and with every strength in his body he shouts for her to get out. Donna starts with her explanations, just let her explain. It’s not what it looks like. She has been faithful to him. The family arrives and she begs them to tell Eric that she has been devoted to him. Stephanie cradles Eric’s head and soothes him that everything will be alright. He never has to see Donna again. Felicia tells her and Owen to leave and Ridge slams the door behind her.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Lexie is summoned to appear before the hospital board. She and Abe have a heart-to-heart about how Lexie feels like a failure because she is having trouble juggling her career and her family. Hope and Bo discover that Trent is married to Nicole. John knocks Trent out, and Marlena tells them to stay away from her. She adds that she doesn’t think Trent is remorseful about what he did to Max. Trent vows to make her sorry she messed with him. Marlena wonders what is wrong with John, who got dizzy during the fight. John practices shooting at a firing range and vows to kill someone if they win. Nicole gets sick. Tony and Anna eavesdrop as Stefano proposes marriage to Kate.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Liz continues to listen in on Jason’s conversation with Karpov. Jason says he will retaliate if Karpov attacks anyone under his “protection.” Liz says she loves Jason even though she doesn’t approve of the way he lives his life. Liz later goes to see Jason at the penthouse and says she’s more concerned with the present than the future. Liz and Jason kiss. Claudia testifies that she and Logan were having an affair. She says Logan attacked her and tried to rape her. Claudia says Johnny killed Logan to protect her. Laura consoles Lulu after her testimony. Jerry knocks Matt unconscious at the clinic. Jerry sets off the explosives and the clinic catches fire. Nadine arrives at the clinic and tries to get Matt to safety. Spinelli talks Maxie out of leaving the penthouse. Sonny is unsuccessful at gaining Kate’s forgiveness.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Bill has trouble getting the house back. Lizzie says it is a good thing. Bill isn't so sure. Grady reveals almost all of him to Dinah. She is at Cyrus' looking for him to offer him a job when she sees Grady in just a towel. Jeffrey is in the park with Reva actually enjoying himself in month so he tells Reva. Later with Billy, Reva has a good cry. Alone on a park bench, Jeffrey finishes his lunch when Olivia walks by and stops to talk to him. Olivia sees something in Jeffrey that makes her ask if Reva is pregnant. Jeffrey says, yes. Olivia seems happy for them. Jeffrey doesn't look so sure. Bill once again could be on Lizzie's bad side. Bill and Billy run into each other and the subject is Lizzie and what has happened to Bill in the last couple of hours. Billy seems thrilled to know that Lizzie was a good pupil. Reva is looking at the wedding pictures when the phone rings, doesn't sound good. She tells the dr. on the other end that she will get back to them. Jeffrey says to Olivia he wants to be a father. Reva calls Jeffrey to tell them the doctor called. Billy make what Lizzie did seem right in Bill's thinking. Grady and Cyrus have a brotherly chat about what Grady has been up to lately. Cyrus tells Grady he'll take care of it. With music playing, Reva and Bill and Jeffrey wonder a about what is going on with their lives. Reva and Jeffrey, but not together, end up at Cedar's neonatal unit to look in the window. Cyrus is alone thinking of Harley and angry at her for not coming back. Claiming they are now even. Lizzie is on the phone with a business contact when Bill comes in the house's library. Bill has in his hands the original title to the house and gives it to Lizzie. Bill agrees to Lizzie living back it the house, but in different bedroom as he wants to concentrate on things and can't with her in his bedroom. Reva and Jeffrey talk at the neonatal unite and Jeffrey tells her he is in for everything, they laugh and hug.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Rex and Gigi try unsuccessfully to get through to Shane that Brody is not his real father. And Rex gives up when he can see that his son hates him. He goes and talks to Roxy, revealing that he blames himself for the situation since he abandoned Gigi all those years ago and gave her reason to assume that Shane must believe that Brody was his real father even though they believed that Brody was dead. Nora admits to Clint that she believes it is unforgivable that he intends to use Langston in order to get to Dorian. Marco then goes to ask them what they were talking about that he almost overheard and he reveals that Langston called him to reveal to him that Dorian has agreed to adopt her and she's asked him to join her and Dorian and Starr to celebrate. Todd notices that Marty is able to walk and reveals that he feels "threatened" by the fact that she is no longer dependent upon him to take care of her. Marcie is determined to adopt Starr's baby with or without Michael. She reveals that to Starr's doctor. And at that point, Starr's doctor informs Todd that she will not help him take Starr's baby from Marcie.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Daniel is still finding it hard to come to terms with his decision to break up with Amber; Amber also has a hard time dealing with it and places another call into “loveline” humiliating herself as she begs for Daniel to take her back. Colleen is not having that as she goes over and seduces him. At the mausoleum Chloe sheds some crocodile tears professing her love for this baby as she and Cane figure out the fate of their marriage. Cane is ready to end it to be with Lily but Lily insists that Chloe has changed and for the sake of the baby he needs to make this work; they share a somber good-bye and Lily leaves apologizing to Chloe for her harsh words. River has come to Genoa City to explain things to Michael, who does not want to hear it. However, River and Glo reconnect and take a trip down memory lane in Michael’s absence. Sharon writes Nick a love letter while Nick writes dear old dad a letter of apology, Noah confesses that Sharon was the reason Nick got that line of credit for Restless Style, which prompts Nick to apologize for going off on her earlier in front of Noah at Restless Style.

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