The TV MegaSite's Thursday 9/11/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Adam talks to Ryan about barging into his home to see Emma and Annie, (Ryan’s daughter and wife). Annie is at Greenlee’s home after sneaking in, and planning to kill her. She has began to have stomach pains. Zach thanks Kendall for the desktop sex; he asks her to leave because he still has work to do. Ryan calls out to Annie as she renters the Chandler mansion through the window. Annie sneaks into the bed with Emma; she doubles over in pain, and asks Ryan to help her and the baby. Erica is concerned that she may not see Josh again. She wants to know how to reach him; Kendall tells her that only Ryan knows how to reach Josh.

Zach’s man tells him that that Josh is in Europe. Zach wants Josh left alone, because Josh will forever be looking over his shoulder worrying about Zach. No one must know that Zach let Josh go. JR is suspicious about Adam’s relationship with Annie, and Petey. Petey figures out that JR has no idea that Adam is going after Fusion for himself. Annie is in trouble; they will give her a pelvic exam, and a sonogram. Greenlee arrives at the hospital to be there for Ryan. Erica cannot believe that Jack is not there for her especially on a day like today (9/11). Erica goes to ask Adam for support; she wants to talk about Zach Slater, and Josh. He turns her away.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Jack has a hard time dealing with taking the evidence when Margo accuses him of taking the evidence. Jack covers but Carly knows he is hiding something and is determined to discover what Jack is hiding that has him acting so strangely. Carly advises Janet that making Jack break his strict code of ethics even if it is for a good cause could cause the end of their relationship. Carly also tells Janet that Jack doesn't change for anybody but Jane is sure that her relationship with Jack is different then his relationship with Carly. Jack and Carly can't stop thinking about the kiss they shared after Aaron and Alison's wedding. James promises Henry he won't harm Bonnie and Vienna as long as he is a good hostage. Henry bangs on the pipes in the basement to try and get help and Meg hears him. Henry's plan doesn't work and James gets very angry with him. Vienna and Bonnie get suspicious and start looking for Henry so Derek locks them inside a warehouse together. James continues to pressure Paul to find the money and Paul reaches his breaking point. Paul has a fight with Mike at the work site and later Mike tells Meg that Paul's digging with a back hoe has uncovered massive structural damage and the project will have to be shut down. Paul goes to the work site to keep trying to find the money but falls inside a very deep hole.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie explains to Dr. Seifert why she is with Eric in his home and not the other Mrs. Forrester who is in Europe. She touches upon some fun times they had experienced over the years, but he has to dash those hopes when he tells her realistically Eric is not getting better. In fact despite moments of being lucid, he is worse. There is a change coming, but it might not be the one she is hoping for. She tells Ridge, Thorne and Felicia they need to pay attention. Their dad may not have long and they each need to speak with him, make peace and forgive him. Help Eric put that weight down and not carry it with him. One by one they each go to their dad and assure him of their love and forgive any old grudges either may carry. Stephanie too speaks with Eric and reminds him how she loved being young with him, middle-aged and she would have liked being old with him, but now he was slipping away. She tells him to have a safe journey and may God hold him in the palm of his hand.

Donna and Owen's jet circle LAX which is fogged in. She gloats that the Paris showing went well and she was better received than she thought she would be. Owen is sorry for bringing it up, but wants her to realize that others have accepted Eric’s condition even if she hasn’t. She claims she just can not give herself permission to let him go. Owen wants her to check into a hotel, but they go home and she declares this is her home and she will stay there. Not without him, he muses, so he will stay in one of the guest rooms. Stephanie notices Eric’s feet are very cold and she asks Thorne and Felicia to bring her a basin of water and some towels. They all watch in wonderment as she bathes his feet so lovingly while soothing him with words, blessing the day he was born and the first day she saw him. She tells her children their dad never wrote her love letters, yet here they stand her three love letters. Eric’s foot suddenly jerks and then he puts it upon Stephanie’s hand. She realizes he is awakening and goes to him and softly tells him that he is home, “sweetheart, you’re here. You’re home. You are safe. You’re home.” Barely audible he mouths the word “home.”

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Max tells Stephanie and Chelsea about Trent pimping Melanie out to resolve his debts. Melanie visits Nick in the hospital and kisses him. Later, she learns that Max has threatened Trent’s life, and she decides to return to Salem with him. Chelsea confides in Nick about her relationship problems. Morgan decides to give Phillip a second chance, and Kate learns that Morgan is her new intern. Victor tells Phillip that he needs to dedicate himself to the business, and Phillip hints around Daniel and Kate sleeping together. Victor lays into Kate for that, and she continues to cough. John tells Marlena to stay away from Trent, and she tells him that they are over for good. Trent asks Nicole for a loan, but she wants a divorce in exchange.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Kate tells Sonny in no uncertain terms that the wedding is off. Sonny confides in Mike. Jerry asks Sam to accompany him on a boat ride to see some property. When Sam turns him down, Jerry says he will take Alexis instead. Sam tells Jerry to choose between her and Alexis. Lucky worries for Sam’s safety in dealing with Jerry. Sam invites Jerry over for dinner. Liz tells Jason she’s willing to live dangerously in order to have him in her life. Jason isn’t convinced. Liz insists they can see each other in secret and nobody will be the wiser. Jason tells Karpov he was responsible for the attack on Karpov’s guards. Liz listens in on the conversation. Lulu swears under oath that she killed Logan. Everyone thinks she’s lying to protect Johnny. Spinelli is saddened by Maxie’s feelings of inadequacy after her testimony. Maxie decides it’s time to move out of the penthouse. Anthony threatens Trevor that Ric will pay if Johnny is found guilty. Ric calls Claudia up to testify on Johnny’s behalf

GL Recap Written by Beth

Cassie gets spooked. Lizzie goes to Lillian for comfort. Dinah gets angry at Bill. Part of Dinah's anger stems from the fact that Bill wasn't the father of Ava's baby. And she goes at great length to state that fact. Dinah ends by saying that Lizzie will take it all away from him. Lillian is concerned for Lizzie and tells her to be normal. Lizzie reminds her she is not normal. After getting some reports and reassuring Lillian she has it covered, Lizzie leaves the Nurses Station at Cedars. Daisy goes to see Cyrus about Grady. Grady goes back the Harley's and is met by Mallet and Marina, who don't hesitate to tell him to get lost or they will take him back to jail. After Marina's last warning, Grady leaves, but not before shouting his head off. Cyrus stays to make sure Cassie is alright to her chagrin. Dinah as her bags packed and is outside throwing them about. Bill is at his office just going through the motions without any heart in it. While Grady is arguing with Mallet and Marina outside, Daisy is inside the house looking through a window. Mallet gives Grady one more warning before letting loose and letting him walk away. Dinah goes to see Marina. Dinah thinks Harley is back, but Marina tells her no, that she is not coming back. Lizzie goes to Spaulding Enterprises to see Bill about her grandfather. After stating that she wants to give a reason to give her grandfather the reason to live. Bill and she kiss. Looking at the house from the inside, Dinah starts to plot her return. Dinah then goes to see Cyrus, who is not in the room when she appears but as she is talking, he appears from the bathroom in only a towel. Lizzie hands Bill a folder, looks like Dinah messed up big time an is in debt.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While Langston and Dorian are bonding and contemplating what it would mean if Dorian adopted her permanently, Jared is secretly meeting with Langston's uncle who is in prison. Ironically, Langston is searching for biological family on the internet, unknowing. Tess makes certain that Tina does not inform Clint nor Sara what she has done to Natalie nor inform them that she is Tess. Sara is very worried about what has happened to Cristian while he is missing in action. Carlo Hesser and his men are going to imprison and torture Cristian after he's told them Cristian is a murderer. And it sounds like they will "de-program" him and make him forget who he is. Rex goes to talk to Bo discussing his dilemma involving Gigi and Shane. He doesn't know whether he should let Shane believe the lie that Brody is his father or let him know the truth even though at the present time, Shane hates him and loves Brody. Gigi and Brody discuss the same thing while they are working together at Rodi's.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Cane finally hears the answer he’s been waiting for from Lily; she has decided to wait for him. Chloe sees them holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes longingly and seeks revenge. This prompts Kay to step in to end the drama, she wants both Cane and Chloe to decide the fate of their marriage. Brad is up the creek, he is busted and arrested at the Athletic Club by the FBI courtesy of Jill and Heather. Daniel’s dilemma is still alive and kicking as Colleen and him discuss failed relationships and his inability to get over Amber. Amber is in a bit of a situation which she shares with Kay before going to see Daniel, who she ask to reconsider and take her back. Colleen shares with Lily her new conquest Daniel, Lily gives her her blessing than is summoned to the mausoleum.

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