The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 9/10/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall visits Zach in his office at Cambias Industries. She urges him to take a break, but he refuses. Babe gets ready for work in the Chandler mansion. J.R. comes up behind her and puts his hands around her waist. They kiss. Adam comes downstairs and sees them kissing, in the living room. Annie dreams that Greenlee is at work at Fusion. Greenlee is brought a cup of coffee, and she takes a sip of it. She notices that something is wrong with it .She takes another sip and begins to choke. Annie comes in and Greenlee urges her to help her, but Annie refuses. Kendall tries to apologize to Zach for what Josh had done, but Zach doesn’t want to hear her explanations. Ryan walks in all prepared to make restitutions for what Josh had done to Cambias Industries. Kendall leaves Zach’s office and goes to work at Fusion. Kendall tells Greenlee what Josh had done to Zach and Cambias Industries. At the hospital, Tad and Krystal are there to meet with a psychologist about Kathy’s actions. Tad is skeptical about Kathy seeing a psychologist. Annie and Babe arrive at work. They discuss how well the sales are going on their new fragrance, “Bella.” On the pretense of being hot, Annie pulls off her sweater to reveal the bruises on her arms. When Babe sees the bruises and questions Annie about them, Annie tells her that Ryan had done it. Kendall doesn’t believe her story. Babe questions Annie as to what had happened that would make Ryan do this. Ryan is served with a restraining order to stay away from Annie and Emma. Richie appears to Annie and encourages her to kill Greenlee with a pair of scissors. Annie backs down from killing her with the scissors, but vows she will kill Greenlee tonight. Pete comes to see Colby, but runs into Annie. Annie kisses him on the cheek and encourages him to never give up on Colby. Annie steals Adam’s pistol out of its hiding place.

Kendall once again visits Zach and tries to get him to take a break, but once again he refuses. Kendall pushes all the papers off Zach’s desk, and they begin to kiss. They make passionate love on the desk. Annie fixes the bed so that it will look as though she is in the bed and then she leaves through the window. Annie sneaks through the window at Greenlee’s. Annie aims the gun at Greenlee’s head but cannot pull the trigger. Richie goads her into killing Greenlee. Annie pulls back from pulling the trigger. Annie begins to have pains in her stomach.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Vienna and Bonnie get into a fistfight because Vienna thinks Bonnie knows where a missing Henry is. Henry continues to be held captive in Paul’s wine cellar by James. Paul arranges to get a back ho over to the farm to find James’ money. Meg surprises Paul by getting ready to go to Alison and Aaron’s wedding. Jack continues to wrestle with his decision to take the evidence against Brad. Sage gets ready, as Carly sadly admits that she wasn’t invited to the wedding. Holden seems to be casually looking for Lily when he finds her happily kissing Mike. Aaron happily prepares for his wedding while Alison is the opposite, as people wonder what is going on with her. Dani knows the truth though, as she suggests to Alison that she not get married, but their conversation is interrupted. Paul tries to talk Meg out of going to the wedding, but to no avail. Chris alludes to Casey that he doesn’t think Alison should get married because she seems overwhelmed. Chris assures him Alison won’t back out of this commitment. Vienna hides out, as Bonnie has a date with Derek. Holden and Jack tentatively mend fences. Carly drops Sage off at the wedding and Holden asks her to stay. Alison starts to cry, as Emily and Susan are giving her the ‘something old, something new’. Alison explains she has made mistakes, but Susan reassures her it is all in the past – not knowing really what Alison is talking about. Emily asks Alison if she wants to tell her something, but Alison pulls herself together and tells her that she is fine. Dani tells Casey that Alison cheated on Aaron and she needs to tell him, but Casey pleads with her not to ruin the wedding. James tells Henry they will play Gin Rummy to see if he lets him go. Derek finds Vienna hiding, but doesn’t let on he saw her, but he calls James telling him that they have a problem. The wedding begins, as Chris shows up unknown to everyone, but Dani, who sees him. Alison looks out into the crowd when the minister asks if anyone has just cause as to why they shouldn’t be married. Paul leaves during the ceremony claiming it is a work emergency. Lily and Holden exchange looks when Aaron talks about loving Alison forever. Aaron and Alison are married. Dani tells Chris that she knows; Chris leaves after he asks her not to say anything. Lily and Mike make plans to meet in the woods. Paul is digging near the Farm. Carly sits by the pond with the ‘magical’ flower Sage gave her. The myth is when you open your eyes your true love will be before you. Carly closes her eyes. Lily is elsewhere picking a flower that is the same one Carly holds, as she closes her eyes. Jack appears in front of Carly when she opens her eyes. Holden appears in front of Lily when she opens her eyes. Emma sends Mike to the farm to try to find out what the noise is. James wins at Gin Rummy. Derek tells James that he thinks Bonnie and Vienna are working together to find Henry and they should be dealt with. Henry pleads for James and Derek not to hurt them; James tells him then he must handle it. Carly and Jack talk about the past and his future. When Carly almost falls getting up, she winds up in Jack’s arms. Carly wishes Jack well in his new life with Janet; she is happy that someone so nice to replace her. Jack tells Carly no one can take her spot, as he kisses her. Holden and Lily talk about their past and wind up kissing. Both couples stop things and head back to the wedding. Vienna gets a call from Henry claiming he is playing Black Jack. Vienna tells Bonnie something is wrong because Henry doesn’t play Black Jack. Mike finds Paul digging at the farm. Janet notices Jack watching Carly when she picks up Sage. Emma notices how well Lily and Holden are now getting along. Chris sits alone missing Alison. Aaron and Alison start their honeymoon at the Lakeview, as Alison admits that she has to tell him something. Aaron tells her that he knows she might not be ready to make love – he is just thrilled to be married to her. Alison hugs him, as she looks distraught.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget wonders what else does she have that Katie can take? She sees no reason to keep talking about this though Katie needs to. Maybe Bridget is to blame for pushing them together so much, just to give Katie a little happiness. And she will not raise this child should something happen to Katie. She is through being taken advantage of, it will never ever happen again. Taylor agonizes that Jack cries so much and she is sleep deprived. Rick volunteers to take over for just a bit to allow her some rest. Brooke doesn’t need Nick’s apology, it is Bridget and Katie that deserve that. She drops by Taylor's to speak with Rick. She is worried that Nick’s actions may affect his marriage to Bridget and ultimately her relationship with little Jack. Taylor gets defensive and assures her that Jack is okay. He’s getting all the love and attention he needs. Rick confides in Brooke that they are having some problems with Jack crying and not sleeping enough, but they are working it out. Even seeing Jack does not relieve Brooke’s concern.

Nick returns and tries to assure Bridget their marriage can work through this. She takes off her wedding ring and hands it to Katie and tells her she can have him. She could not possibly live like this again and all she would see is the two of them making love. She asks Nick why he even married her? She’s the best thing that ever happened to him, yet it wasn’t enough. He begs her not to leave. She tells him he made a decision yet she has to live with it. He has Katie now and another baby on the way so he doesn’t need her.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Chelsea lays into Melanie for getting Nick shot. She later confides in Stephanie about her break-up with Daniel. Max finds out that Trent tried to pimp Melanie out to absolve his debts, and he vows to kill him. Chloe and Lucas bond with Allie at the cabin. Sami heads up there to see Allie and EJ follows her. Nicole calls the police to report a possible kidnapping. Sami shows up as Chloe heads out to the shower and finds Allie alone. She and Lucas argue about it. The police show up and tell Sami to hand her daughter over to Lucas. Daniel calls Phillip to get him to convince Kate to take an x-ray. Phillip finds out she slept with Daniel and lays into him. Later, he tells Morgan that he wants to be with her and kisses her.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lulu is dismayed that Nikolas wants to send her to Switzerland and that Laura approves, but before he can, Scotty has her taken to court to testify. Maxie's testimony does no harm or foul to any case, though it might have cemented her slut reputation. Nikolas and Claudia each admit to each other that they know who did kill Logan. Jerry catches Sam and Lucky together, but they turn it into a play acted scene of a cop harassing her, not reunited lovers. Jerry defends her, hoping to score points with Sam's mom, Alexis. He later warns Sasha that there might be someone onto the fake drugs scam.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Alan is still trying to get Beth and Lizzie to free him from Cedars. Alexandra comes in with breakfast. When all else fail, Alan calms down. Lizzie wants Alan to give her his rings and watch for safe keeping. Bill gets a message on his cell he likes. As Lizzie leaves the hospital, Dinah runs into her. Dinah gives an ear full to Lizzie about Alan, who just stands there and takes it. Mallet helps Marina put a for sale sign on Harley's house and also helps her clean it out. Lizzie stands her ground with Dinah and tells her that she (Lizzie) and Bill belong together and she now realizes it. Bill visits Alan and uses Alan's unconsciousness and talking in his sleep to fool him. Mallet and Marina are on a mission. Dinah has the cook make something special for Bill. Bill and Lizzie listen to Alan ramble on in his unconsciousness and Bill answers him, by saying, "Ok Dad." Bill then leaves the room and closes the door. Lizzie thanks him for that moment. She then realizes Bill is for her. Mallet and Marina's Mission was to check the house. She forgot to turn the oven off. Luckily nothing is wrong. A couple comes by and Mallet tells them a fake story about the houses history that puts the couple off. After they leave, Mallet tips over the for sale sign. Lizzie makes an announcement or does she? Or is it in Alan's head as he goes under for surgery. Bill and Dinah talk about Lizzie and Bill wants Dinah to stop talking bout Lizzie and Alan the way she has been.

OLTL Recap Written by Jeannie

Cris taunts Hesser about how much Talia hates him. In Columbia, Jared finds Langston's Uncle, Montez, in prison. Clint calls and Jared warns him this guy is a real bad man in prison for murder. Clint tells him to do what he has to do. Langston talks to Starr about Cole and what Delphina told her about a missing family member. Jessica/Tess has Natalie and teases her. She says she's Tess and out to settle the score. She's going to make her and Jared suffer for what they did to Nash. Bo, John, Antonio, Talia and Sarah figure out Hesser must have Cristian. They make plans to help him. Talia tells Sarah she should have taken him out before. Now she can do it and make it look legal. Montez talks to Jared. Jared tells him about Langston and wants him to come claim Langston. Montez has no interest in the teenager but Jared says if he does this he will get out of jail and get a trip to America. Montez says no thanks, he wants something to sweeten the deal. Jared says take it or leave it and gets ready to leave. Hesser tells Cristian he is going to put him in a Columbian prison. Then he orders two men to come in and beat him up.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

The SEC is breathing down Jill’s back which prompts Cane to request that she step down temporarily; she does not go happily but concedes and decides to go after Brad with the big guns. Daniel is facing a dilemma trying to juggle two women Amber and Colleen who are ready to come to blows at Crimson Lights. Daniel does admit to Colleen that he still has feelings for Amber; as Amber tries to locate the whereabouts of Liam. Glo and Jeff corner Jack trying to get the skinny on taking over Jabot, Jack is suffering morally and gets a visit from John’s ghost. Jack decides he does not want to do business with the Bardwells, but Glo lies and says that she has gotten Kay to sell her her stocks. Kay applauds Cane’s handling of the situation with the SEC. Jana and Kevin are in the middle of Daniel’s love triangle.

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