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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Annie paces the floor in her bedroom at the Chandler mansion. Ritchie appears to her and begins to talk to her. Ryan puts on his motorcycle helmet, hops on his motorcycle and leaves. Zach confronts Kendall over her remark that if he gets rid of Josh their marriage is over. Kendall continues to argue with Zach and he tells her to shut up. Erica urges Josh to tell her what has happened. Josh asks Erica for money to leave town, but Erica refuses. Angie urges Frankie not to go back to Iraq. Jesse walks up to them and wants to know what is going on. Angie tells him that Frankie had gotten his papers to go back to Iraq. Taylor moves her toes and remembers things that had happened in Iraq. Angie begins to blame Jesse for Frankie wanting to go back to Iraq. Josh explains everything to Erica about the money being stolen from Zach. Annie lets Ritchie know that she knows what she has to do. Zach refuse to give Josh another chance. Kendall storms out of Zach’s office when she sees that she cannot get through to him. Erica goes to talk to Zach. Kendall walks in and finds Josh stealing money from Erica’s safe. Jesse owns up to Angie that there are things that he hasn’t told her. Annie goes out onto the patio and drops her bathrobe. Pete watches her from the bushes. Ryan receives a call from Kendall. Erica visits Zach.

Taylor is overjoyed when she finds out that Frankie is going back to Iraq. Frankie lets her know that he doesn’t want to go back to Iraq. Annie finds out that Pete had been watching her from the bushes. Annie gives Pete helpful advice concerning Colby and for him not to ever give up on her. Ryan refuses to help Josh leave town. Zach and Erica walk in and finds Josh gone. Zach demands to know where Josh is. Ryan tells Zach that he will not be dealing with Josh but with Ryan himself.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Casey is upset with Emily and feels she doesn't care about him because she doesn't want to stay married to him. Emily later explains that marriage doesn't work for her but she is committed to him. Casey understands why Emily doesn't want to be married and the couple makes love after Aaron and Alison's rehearsal dinner. Alison is very late to her rehearsal dinner and Susan sends Dani to look for her because she is very worried about her. Alison is very overwhelmed by the thought of her wedding tomorrow and Chris thinks its because she doesn't want to get married. Chris apologizes to Alison for not realizing that he had to earn the right to be with her and admits to her that he loves her and he hopes she also loves him. Chris and Alison make love and Alison arrive feeling very guilty to her rehearsal dinner. Chris and Alison are also not aware that Dani saw Alison coming out of Chris's room half dressed. Alison later tells Chris that she doesn't intend to tell Aaron what happened between them because it was a mistake.

Jack tells Brad and Katie there is evidence that places Brad at the scene of Leo's accident and later Brad asks Jack to hide the evidence against him. Jack is conflicted as to what he should do but Liberty tells him that during the crisis with Leo she discovered what it felt like to have a father for the first time and she doesn't know what she would do without Brad. Jack heads to the farm and shows Janet the evidence and she offers to help by hiding it and not telling him where it is so he won't feel so guilty about taking the evidence from the station.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric has been moved to the Forrester house and Rick is happy about that, but not that Stephanie and Ridge did it without consulting Donna first. He wants to talk to Taylor about this. Taylor approves of the new doctor, but she too doesn’t want to ignore the fact that Donna should be told. Ridge explains that Donna cheated on Eric, perhaps even as they speak when she is on her way to Paris, so they don’t give a damn how she feels. Brooke tells Katie that she doesn’t know how Bridget will get through this or how she will ever trust any man again. Bridget rails at Nick. A marriage is between two people, not three so he should have thought of all these ramifications before he slept with Katie. She orders him to take her back to the marina. He doesn’t want anything to change, he doesn’t want to lose her. She says there is no marriage here. It’s been based on lies for months. He’s telling her now because he has to, not because he wants to. There is no trust, there is no marriage. Wracked with pain, Bridget drives away and lets herself in at Brooke’s. Brooke confronts Nick on the boat and wonders what he wants. Does he expect Bridget to forgive him?

Taylor tells Rick that it’s clear that Stephanie is back to her old self, being in charge and running people’s lives. Stephanie tells Eric that she has hopes and dreams but no expectations except that he will come back to them. Brooke understands when Nick says that Bridget wants to end the marriage. He was mistaken about her in thinking she could easily accept this. Katie tells Bridget that she is sorry. Bridget looks upon her aunt with contempt. Katie stands there and tells Bridget to say what she will, she deserves it. Bridget continues to put her through a guilt trip. She wanted her marriage, her life with Nick and her home. She wanted it all, and nothing now she can say will change that. Bridget gave Katie back her life and now she wants to take hers.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Hope gets a background check done on Trent for Steve, and they learn that he is married. Steve frets about his interest in Max finding his sister, and wants find Trent’s wife. Nicole tells Trent about it, and he asks for a loan for a gambling debt. Nicole refuses. Chelsea meets Max and Stephanie in France. Melanie is missing, but Nick has found her on a yacht. Trent has arranged for her to meet with an old friend of his. The plan is that she stays the night with him, and Trent’s debt will be forgiven. Nick tries to save her, but is tied up by one of the man’s goons. He later escapes and knock the man out, but is shot for his efforts. Max, Chelsea, and Stephanie show up with the police to save the day, and the paramedics work on Nick. Lucas, Chloe and Allie arrive at the Horton cabin. Chloe struggles with handling Allie and tells Lucas that she doesn’t think this will work out. Kayla tries to get Kate to get a chest x-ray, but she claims to be too busy. Daniel tries to get her to get one, too, but Kate refuses. Kate’s assistant, Chris, hires Morgan to be Kate’s new intern.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jason and Maxie agree to tolerate each other for Spinelli's sake since they both care about them. While talking to Johnny, Nikolas realizes that Lulu killed Logan. Once again, Lulu and Laura talk, and through this, Lulu begins to believe all things DO work together for the good. Jax declares that his marriage is over. Though this upsets Jerry, when he meets with a recently snuck back into the country Karpov, he's still able to contemplate a creating a tragic event at Nikolas' clinic. Sonny and Claudia's cars have a wreck. Sam seeks to bring Lucky peace of mind.

GH: Night Shift Recap Written by Laurie

Robert receives his first treatment of "rigorous chemotherapy." Claire's high school friend, Ryan, auctions off his extra kidney. Leo's personal relationship with Saira makes him nervous. Leo confides his reservations in Jagger. Jagger comes to the hospital "on behalf of the FBI" to look into General Hospital's "involvement in human organ trafficking." Ryan's auction is "shut down," and Leo, Claire, and Epiphany are reprimanded. Because of the auction, the hospital may be forbidden to do organ transplants. Patrick begs Jagger to drop the case. Jagger says he'll do his best but he must "monitor" Patrick to ensure he's doing his job. Patrick isn't happy with Jagger's news. Jagger's monitoring annoys Patrick. Jagger gives Patrick a passing grade on the evaluation. Ryan suggests to Claire and Kyle that they donate his kidneys in return for a "good deed." Ryan announces a "pay it forward kidney competition" in the middle of the hospital. Patrick and Jagger agree to Ryan's plan. Robin buries herself in research instead of visiting Robert. Patrick tells Robin that Robert fell while trying to be independent. Patrick wonders why Robin won't go see her father. Claire admits to Kyle that she has feelings for Ryan. Shortly after, Claire tells Ryan she has reservations about her chosen career. Ryan heads for surgery after asking Claire on a date. Epiphany and Toussaint discuss their "romance drama." Saira and Jagger discuss the "bad timing" of their kiss. Jagger agrees to keep Saira on as Stone's doctor. Robert has a meltdown when Kyle comes in to take blood. Robin comes into the room when she hears her father yelling. Claire is crushed when she learns Ryan died in surgery. Toussaint tells Robin that Robert needs "a daughter" and his "dignity." Ryan's death causes Epiphany to seek forgiveness from Toussaint. Robert awakens to find Robin at his bedside. Robert agrees to stay at Robin's while he's recuperating. Claire says goodbye to Ryan. Kyle does his best to help Claire. Claire heads to a bar where she runs into Leo. Leo offers Claire some advice, which leads to a kiss.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Buzz gets a message from Harley she is selling the house and doesn't want to come back home. Marina is not happy when Buzz tells her and Mallet. Frank gives Natalia some time with her son in the jail. Dinah tells Alexandra she regrets doubting Bill. Lizzie visits Alan in the hospital. Alan wants out of the hospital doesn't mind telling anyone who'll listen. After visiting her grandfather she overhears another telephone conversation Bill is having in the hallway. Bill does ask Lizzie who Alan is. She says not good. That Alan is afraid of loosing Gus again if he goes through with the operation. Marina and Mallet are at Harley's house and Marina is talking about painting it when Gus first bought it. Mallet tries to cheer her up. Beth visits Alan with her baby. Beth warns Alan to stop thinking they are a family. Beth is very serious when Alan tries to be funny. Alex tells Dinah not to make the same mistakes with her brother as she did with Alan. When Dinah pays for her drink and walks away Alex mumbles that she just doesn't get it. Lizzie tries to talk some sense into Bill about working together. Lizzie gets Alan out of the hospital but when they get to Company he looks bad. She talks him into going back. Dinah talks to Bill about getting him out of what she calls "mess" he is in. Bill says he'll call a friend for damage control and Dinah doesn't like that. He agrees to do what she wants to get out of the mess he is in. Bill thanks Dinah for being there when he needed her. Lizzie gets Alan back to Cedars where they are met up by Bill and Dinah. While Bill is helping Lizzie get Alan squared away with his room, Alan and Dinah talk. Bill tries to apologize to Lizzie for what happened earlier.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Bo has returned to his job and welcomes Antonio and Talia back form Mendorra. But the mayor is preventing John and officer Fish form continuing their investigation of the mysterious woman at Todd's home. He erases and destroys the computerized imagine of Marty before John has a chance to see it. John is spending time with Blair. Meanwhile, Todd and Marty are bonding together. Tess has the goods on Tina. Tina does not want to help her to hurt Natalie. But Tess reminds Tina that can have her sent to prison so she will never see Sara again. Sara seems to know that Cristian is in danger and urges the cops to find him.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Nick dreads the idea of losing Restless Style, when he finally comes to the terms with handing it over to Jack and Sharon; Michael comes to the rescue. Victor has come through with the money to enable Restless Style to stay under Newman control, thanks to Sharon. Victoria decides to take the job offer Neil proposed at Newman with Nick’s blessing. Jack is out for Victor’s blood and confronts Nikki and Adam in hopes of getting information or forming an alliance. Adam of course bites because he’s been tossed aside by dear old dad like garbage. Phyllis and Nick disagree about the direction of Restless Style and Michael becomes Victor’s proxy.

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