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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Samuel visits Erica in her hotel room. Upon receiving a distress call from Annie, Ryan rushes to Annie’s aide. Annie tells Ryan that Emma had had a bad dream. Annie tries to reconcile with Ryan. Kendall walks in just in time to hear that Zach is going to get rid of Josh. Zack orders Kendall to go home, but she refuses. Franklin lets Angie know that he had been recalled to Iraq. Angie is completely against the idea of him going back to Iraq. Angie and Frankie both receive a call from Jake that there had been a two bus accident with injuries and they were needed at the hospital. Colby comes out onto the patio and hears a noise in the bushes. She picks up a vase and prepares to throw it as she demands to know who is in the bushes. Pete comes out from his hiding place and lets her know that he had been keeping an eye on her. Greenlee comes into the living room and finds Aidan, sleeping on the sofa. They begin to have a calm conversation about Ryan and Greenlee’s feelings for him. Zack tells Kendall that Josh had stolen 20 million dollars from him. At first Josh denies it, but then he decides to come clean and confesses that he had stolen the money for a business venture. Samuel tells Erica that the charges against Andre had been dropped and that Andre would be joining him on the road in his campaign for senator. Samuel asks Erica to join him on the campaign trail. Erica refuses. Annie tries to reconcile with Ryan, but he refuses. He lets her know that he doesn’t love her anymore. Annie slaps him.

Kendall demands to know what Zack is going to do with Josh. Zack lets her know that he is going to make Josh disappear. Kendall asks to talk to Josh alone. Kendall manages to help Josh to escape from his captives. Kendall lets Zack that if he goes after Josh that their marriage is over. Greenlee and Aidan make love. Annie comes to the decision that the only way she will get Ryan back is to kill Greenlee. Josh goes to Erica for help.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Aaron surprises Allison while she is wedding dress shopping with Susan and Emily to give her a gift – her favorite box of chocolates. Allison teases Aaron about buying her this when she has to fit into her dress; they agree to hand out the gourmet chocolates at the rehearsal dinner that night. Dani convinces Casey to help her get a date with Chris; he finally gives in and agrees to help her. Chris calls Allison asking her to help with ‘their puppy’ since he is stuck at the hospital. Allison ends up blowing off wedding dress shopping to do as Chris asks, as Emily and Susan question her excuse of needing to take a nursing school test. Barbara tells Paul she can get him the money he needs to pay off the loan shark in a week so she wants him to tell James to leave. Henry is leery of Derek and Vienna is annoyed by Henry’s attention to Bonnie’s love life. Paul tells James he doesn’t need him anymore. Paul meets with Derek and tells him that he needs a week and he will have his money. Derek tells him that they don’t have a deal and then throws a subtle threat again against Meg and tells him that he has 24 hours. Paul asks Henry for a favor in getting Derek off of his back; Henry is unsure but then agrees. Chris runs into Allison at his room and they seem awkward with each other, so Allison leaves quickly but leaves her chocolates behind. Barbara reiterates to James that Paul doesn’t need him anymore. Casey asks Chris to lunch, but then Dani shows up and Casey leaves and Chris smells a set up. Allison realizes she left her chocolates at Chris’ and lies to Aaron to head back there. Henry makes some calls on Paul’s behalf and realizes Derek was not sent by Henry’s associate – but by some mysterious third party; Henry calls Vienna looking for Bonnie to warn her, which annoys Vienna even more. Chris tells Dani that he only wants to be friends. Allison arrives at Chris’ and finds the puppy ate her box of chocolate; she calls Chris in a panic and he leaves Dani and races off claiming a hospital emergency, but she sees Chris head upstairs instead. Casey and Emily talk about their annulment, as Casey still wants to get married someday. Emily tells him that she doesn’t want that based on her history; this upset Casey who reacts poorly. Derek lures Henry, who is following him, to the wine cellar at Fairwinds and to James. They trap Henry and order him to call Paul and tell him that Derek is dangerous and to do what he says. James and Derek lock Henry in the wine cellar. A frustrated Vienna is looking for Henry and assumes he is missing because of Bonnie. In front of Emily, who doesn’t look pleased, Dani tells Casey their plan didn’t work out. Chris and Allison nurse the puppy back to health and share a moment where they look about ready to kiss; Allison appears upset and Chris asks her what is wrong. She tells him it isn’t all about the dog. Paul tells Barbara that Derek didn’t go for his offer and so he has to stick with James; he has to continue to dig up around the Snyder farm until he finds the money no matter what. Aaron arrives at Lily’s where many people are decorating for the wedding and wonders where his ‘bride’ is.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

After making love, Bridget steels herself for what Nick is going to say now. Something happened that night he took Katie to Catalina Island. Owen has Roman hands and Donna a willing mouth, but she pulls back and tells him still that she can not do this. Stephanie swears to Ridge that his dad woke up and spoke, but is back to sleep now. They just have to wait, but she feels he is on his way to recovery. She wants to take him home so he will wake up in familiar surroundings, but she does not want to wait and get Donna’s permission or her even involved in this. She tells Ridge that Donna gave up that right tonight when she saw her with Owen in Eric’s bed. Ridge calls Donna to meet him at the hospital. There he tells her a Forrester needs to be in Paris at an important showing. Since Eric can’t go, maybe she should. Reluctantly she agrees. For Ridge this works out perfectly. With the cheater away, Eric will awake to the woman at his side who really loves him. Donna says good-bye to Eric and cries for him to come back to her. She will wait forever if she just has a sign, although if he doesn’t she knows he wants her to go on with her life.

Katie wonders if Nick is telling the disturbing news to Bridget right now and she envisions of how it could go badly. And badly it does. Bridget listens and then asks what else has changed except for him not keeping his pants on and having sex with her aunt? She only wanted him to give Katie some special moments, this was not a green light for sex. Bridget asks if he is in love with Katie. Does he want to run off with her and indulge in this fantasy? Slowly he says no, Katie is pregnant with his child. That is why he is telling her now.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Marlena tells John that it’s over and that she plans on dating other men. Sami and EJ argue about Lucas sharing custody of Allie. Sami wants to file an appeal, and EJ tells her that she has to act more responsibly if she wants to do so, since her actions will be scrutinized by the court. He adds that he will choose his son over her if she doesn’t straighten up her act. Marlena agrees that joint custody is fair, and thanks EJ for trying to get Sami to see reason. John sympathizes with Sami, who swears that is just concerned for Allie’s well-being. He promises to help her. Lucas shows up to take Allie to the Horton cabin. Sami thinks that something bad is going to happen and vows to fix this, no matter what EJ says. Hope and Bo have a romantic picnic in the park. She tells him about confronting Daniel and that she thinks he and Chelsea need to work this out on their own. Phillip tries to talk to Morgan, but she tells him that she can never forgive him. Anna tells Morgan that she has an idea of where she can intern in the fall, and later tells Kate about her without divulging her name. Kate tells Anna to set up an interview with her assistant. Meanwhile, Kate’s cough is persistent. Lexie meets with Tony and tries to talk him out of going against their father. Tony refuses, and later tells Phillip that he and EJ want to ally themselves to Phillip to bring John down.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Carly and Sonny find themselves explaining and begging forgiveness from Jax and Kate. Futilely, Claudia urges Johnny to admit the truth, that Lulu killed Logan, but in light of Scott adding the death penalty to the case, he's adamant about not doing so, more than ever. Nadine comes ninety nine percent of the way to admitting she loves Nikolas as he bails her out of jail and she explains how she landed there. Sasha and Jerry take measures to continue their illicit business after Karpov is deported, but Jerry warns her that if Karpov finds a way to keep up sexually harassing Carly, he will pay. Robin's labor pains turn out to be Braxton Hicks, but are sufficiently frightening to turn Patrick into being purely supportive and swear to back off the pressure. Maxie and Spinelli continue to bond.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Buzz becomes a go between with Daisy and someone she cares about. Grady once again calls police to say there has been a break in and damage to outside property. This to get Rafe in trouble. Then goes ahead and wrecks the outside himself. Jeffrey goes to see Lillian for advice, but it only goes between them. She tells him what she knows as a nurse. Cyrus goes to Cassie for comfort when he doesn't hear from Harley. In messing up the yard Grady hurts his hand and is caught by Remy. Cyrus comes by the house and sees the damage. Daisy is at Cedars when she sees Grady in an examining room. He lies to her. Cassie meets with Reva at Towers to congratulate her on her wedding and that she is pregnant. Reva tells Billy and gets a so what kind of response which makes her angry enough to tell him at least Cassie congratulated her. Jeffrey tells Buzz, though Buzz is worried he is supportive. Cassie sees Grady with Daisy and announces who got Rafe arrested. When Daisy questions him, he just walks away. Reva reminds Billy she has never raised her children from birth to adulthood and she think she deserves the chance. After Daisy finds out about who has been getting Rafe in trouble she starts in on Grady. Grady now realizes she still loves Rafe. Cyrus goes to see Cassie and she grants him 5 minutes. When he goes in the house she wants to know if he was there looking for Grady. She threatens to get her gun. Jeffrey goes home to see Reva, who is packing for their trip. He questions her on how she feels. She says she feels great. They agree that things the way they are, are great.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Tess realizes she cannot keep Tina locked in the basement forever. SO she motivates Tina to "help" her by showing her that she knows that Tina stole the jewel and reminding Tina that Carlo Hesser is still at large and will not give up until he finds out who stole the jewels. Meanwhile, Carlo and his men are holding Cristian prisoner and ready to brainwash him. Shane makes it clear that he loves Brody and recognizes only him as his father and wants nothing more to do with Rex. But Rex and Gigi wonder what to do, given that Rex is his real father and they have discovered they are in love. Blair and John are getting closer. Todd and Marty are also getting closer. And he talks her into moving away with him and starting "anew" realizing there is no way they can hide forever in Llanview.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

Victor’s personal leave of absence has everyone baffled wondering what Victor has up his sleeves. Nikki goes to the ranch to try to talk some sense into him; while Victoria worries about being unemployed but not for long because Neil offers her a job. Adam is screwed after Jack refuses his alliance and Heather wonders when he will flee Genoa City in search of bigger and greener pastures. Restless Style, Restless Style the fighting continues and Nick wants it over so Jack and him decide to leave the fate of Restless Style to a coin toss which Jack wins, so he thinks. Brad is forced to resign from Newman by Neil.

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