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AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Zach is overlooking the books at his casino when he finds out that someone has embezzled over twenty million dollars. Annie refuses Ryan’s help, because he lied to her forever about loving Greenlee. Kendall sees Ryan, and Annie talking, and asks if everything is alright; they both dismiss her. JR thinks that Colby was drinking, which explains her weird behavior, but she is having a reaction from the tainted perfume. Taylor tells Jesse that she used the chokehold on Fletcher, and broke his neck. The Fusion girls think that the launch party was a fiasco, because of the dead corpse in the building.

Kendall is getting anxious over Zach, because he is expected at the party, but has not shown up. Colby is laughing, itching, and showing signs of a rash. JR does not understand why the Palmer Courtland kid is practically living at the mansion. Randi believes that Taylor saved her life. Kendall asks Aidan if he is looking for Greenlee, and he tells her to mind her own damn business. Jesse sees the incident with Fletcher and Taylor as self-defense, and will not pursue the case further. Greenlee followed Ryan to the rooftop and starts talking about old times. Zach figures out who has stolen his money.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Luke changes his mind slightly about Brian once he sees how kind and respectful he is to Lucinda on their mushroom hunt. Luke is sad that he can't go with Noah to Rome because he has to work on his new foundation as well as attend Aaron and Allison's wedding. Liberty talks to Jack about how to win Janet back and Jack and Janet decide to start over together. Holden is upset that Lily can have a relationship with Mike but he can't be with Carly. Holden tries to persuade Carly to give him another chance but she says no because a relationship between them is too complicated. Brad and Katie are happy that Leo doesn't remember his accident when he awakens from his coma. Leo apologizes for what he tried to do to Liberty and Parker and Brad tells him they will try and forget about it. Brad tells Jack that he doesn't need to turn himself into the police because Leo doesn't remember the accident. Brad asks Jack to forget about his part in Leo's accident and since Jack is trying to cut people some slack and not be so hard on people he agrees to keep Brad's confession to himself.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Slightly bewildered, Eric opens his eyes and is awake. Stephanie welcomes him back and assures him the entire family was praying for this. She will call them and Donna too. Pam calls and wants to be sure the call isn’t monitored. She tries to apologize for what she did to Eric. Stephanie says she understands. Pam was not on her meds so she was not thinking properly. Donna is in bed with Owen and admits it feels so right, but she still loves her husband. She is still his wife and she can’t do this yet. Brooke rails at Katie for the revelation that she slept with Nick and now is carrying his baby. Nothing Nick can do or say will prepare Bridget for this. Bridget loves being on The Marlin, on the ocean, away from everything. She feels alive and like she could conquer the world. She initiates the lovemaking.

Katie remarks that she has been feeling shame, but she refuses to bring a baby into this world feeling that way. It’s extremely high risk, but they will make this work. Stephanie slowly ascends the stairs and inches toward Donna and Eric’s bedroom. She gets an eye full when she spies Donna and Owen going at it hot and heavy. When Stephanie returns to the hospital, Eric is sleeping again. She swears that she could not protect him from Pam, but she will protect him from Donna. She could not wait until he was gone, the bitch! Lying with Bridget afterward, Nick tells Bridget he has something to tell her. He wants her to be happy, but sometimes things happen where you hurt the person you love most. She realizes this is serious. He begins to tell her about the day he took Katie to Catalina Island.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Lexie and Abe talk with Steve and Kayla about the pressures facing them as Theo grows up. Lexie fantasizes about Theo being a normal child. Tony and EJ tell Stefano that they refuse to ally themselves with him, and Stefano tells the both of them that it’s over forever. EJ has a court injunction allowing himself and Tony to live at then mansion for now. Trent and Marlena talk and have drinks at the pub. He asks her out on date, but she refuses. Meanwhile, Nicole encourages John to try to get Marlena back. When he does so, Marlena tells him she wants a divorce. Nicole runs into EJ, and he admits that he felt like he was cheating on her when he was with Sami.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

It becomes clear that there is at least one juror already putting Johnny in the gas chamber as Edward loudly mutters his surety that he's guilty. The judge allows Scott to go ahead with the notion that Logan was a cop, so John's life is on the line, a fact Lucky is very wary about revealing to Lulu until she and Nikolas pressure him into it. Diane and Max try to figure out how to keep Kate from finding out what Clarice knows, but as the show ends, she's about to learn the truth. Carly officially gives her blessing to Sonny and Kate, saying how happy she is with Jax. He seems equally even more in love with her and reprimands Clarice for setting Carly up. Alexis' worry about Carly and Jax being a bad combination stalls Jerry's hopes of romance. Jason tries to convince the Jackal that he's a better person than Jason is, but is cut short by Maxie arriving to take care of Spinelli.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Cassie and RJ are getting ready for school. Grady meets Daisy at the swings and they chat about Reva's wedding. Grady answers Daisy's phone on the other end is Rafe. Jeffrey gets consulted about Reva's health. Reva goes to see Buzz. She wants some courage from Buzz. Billy meets Jeffrey at Cedars and asks about Reva and whether the cancer is back. Cyrus and Cassie talk about Daisy and Grady and trying to separate them. Rafe tells Grady he know it was Grady, who placed the tip to the police of his whereabouts the day he was arrested. Grady hangs up just as Daisy returns from her walk. Reva is at Buzz's bar about to take a drink when Jeffrey stops her and grabs the drink and drinks it himself. Reva asks Jeffrey what the doctor said. Reva asks how long she has. Jeffrey says 9 months. Buzz goes to see Daisy on Reva's behalf. He tells her something is wrong even though he doesn't know what really is going on. Grady and Cyrus meet up. They talk about girl problems. Reva and Jeffrey walk down to the lake. Reva is rambling on thinking she has cancer. Then Jeffrey tells her she is pregnant. Reva starts laughing. Buzz tells her what he knows of Reva and she tells him to leave. He does. Then Grady stops by. Daisy shows sadness and Grady asks what is wrong. She starts to cry. Reva is a little relieved that the cancer isn't back, but is shocked she is pregnant. Doctor tells them that Reva will have to stop taking some of her meds, but that things should go well. The doctor tells them since she is only 3 months along they can consider terminating the pregnancy if she feels it is too much on her health.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Rex and Gigi are ready to head back to Llanview. Cristian and Antonio notice them and tell Rex he better not be doing anything behind Adriana's back. Cristian later runs into a guy who tricks him and has him knocked out and kidnapped.

Tess knows she better do something now that Tina might be onto her. So she locks her in the room in the basement and asks Todd if he any any suggestions. Both she and Todd know that neither better "sell" the other out since neither she nor Todd want to be found out. John is having his uniform cop attempting to find out whom the woman is that Todd is hiding. Marty tells Todd that she will help him raise Starr's child regardless of how impractical it may be. Tess brainstorms as to how she can "get the goods" on Tina. And she remembers that Tina hid something in the safe. So she goes and uncovers the jewels. Natalie enters and discovers "Jessica" reaching in the safe. Nora and Clint admit that they might be breaking up now that she's found out about his secret scheme involving Langston that he did not trust her to know about and assumed she would be against.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

No show on Friday due to the U.S. Open!

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