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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Krystal accuses Kathy of pushing her off a ladder. Tad questions Kathy as to what had happened when Krystal fell off the ladder. Krystal scolds her for lying. Amanda shows Randi the yacht when there is a knock on the door. It is Taylor with her gear. Jesse and Frankie discuss Fletcher and what the police is doing to stop him from killing Randi. Everyone at Fusion readies for the launch party of the new fragrance “Bella.” Greenlee and Aidan arrive at the party. Ryan and Erica arrive. Sensing the animosity between Ryan and Aidan, Greenlee orders them to shake hands. Annie can’t get over Amanda becoming the new face of “Bella.” Adam congratulates Babe on the new fragrance. Babe and J.R. kiss while Annie looks on. Fletcher sneaks into Fusion. Amanda and Randi urge Taylor to go to the Fusion party. Taylor moves in with Amanda on the yacht. Tad takes Kathy’s side when Krystal accuses her deliberately hurting her and Jenny. Krystal senses something is wrong with Jenny. Jake stops by to examine Jenny. Jake tells Krystal that Jenny is fine just a little scared. Krystal suggests to Jake that Kathy needs psychiatric help. Tad tells Krystal, “no” that Kathy doesn’t need help.

Amanda asks Babe if she is still sore over using her pic for the new fragrance campaign. Babe replies that she is still a little sore. Adam and J.R. can’t wait to see Kendall and Greenlee’s faces when Adam and J.R. take over Fusion for Babe. Colby tries some of the new fragrance. Fletcher grabs Randi from behind. Randi begins to yell as does Amanda. Taylor rushes to the rescue and drags Fletcher off Randi. Taylor relives an experience that she had had in Iraq and breaks Fletcher’s neck. Jake and Frankie come to the rescue. Jake examines Fletcher and pronounces him dead. Krystal tells Tad that if he doesn’t do something to protect Jenny from Kathy that she would do whatever it took to protect Jenny.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Allison and Cris continue to bond as they are persuaded to take care or Mrs. Ward's dog Voldemort since she can't take him to her new assisted living home. Aaron wonders why Allison doesn't seem to care about planning the wedding. Paul is very upset when he digs on Snyder land and doesn't find the money he needs to pay off Derek. Henry tells Bonnie to stay away from Derek after he overhears a phone conversation in which Derek tells someone that he did as he was told and put a good scare into someone else. Bonnie doesn't take Henry's advice and insists on dating Derek. Bonnie agrees to come back to work at Metro just because her working there aggravates Vienna. Holden is uncomfortable when he arrives to talk to Lily and he sees Lily and Mike in bath towels kissing each other. James tells Paul that the money he wants is buried very deeply and he must use a back hoe to get the money out.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

By phone, Katie checks with Nick to see if he is still preparing to tell Bridget the news that Katie is pregnant. He answers yes and she wishes him luck. Brooke arrives in response to Katie wanting to share some news. Katie rambles as she tries to explain how she happens to be pregnant and how this will hurt Bridget. Stephanie and Ridge sit by Eric’s side and she is thinking positive and he is trying to prepare her for the negative. She admits she hasn’t thought of that. She is afraid and tells Eric she will never forgive him if he leaves her. Owen informs Donna that all the charges against him are dropped. He encourages her to relax, go on with business as usual. He will attend to her needs, fix her something to eat, whatever she needs.

Bridget meets Nick on The Marlin and they prepare for some romantic night fishing. She realizes how serious he seems. He keeps reminding her they can fall down, brush themselves off and get up and start again. Brooke is livid and does not want to hear all these justifications. She slaps Katie when she hears that not only did she and Nick make love, but now Katie is pregnant with his child. Owen tucks Donna in bed and they fight the feelings of not throwing themselves into each other’s arms. As Stephanie talks to Eric his eyes flutter and he calls out Donna’s name. She cradles his head and kisses it and promises him everything will be all right.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Max and Melanie exchange childhood stories. He asks her to think about coming back to Salem with him. Trent calls and Melanie hangs up on him. Later, Max tells Nick that he fears Melanie is hiding something. She calls someone and asks them to get her out of there, as things are getting too intense. Daniel begs Chelsea for another chance, but she tells him that they can never be together. Later, she tells Theo that she is going away for a little while. Lucas moves out of the DiMera mansion while Tony and EJ refuse to go. Victor meets with Stefano and they both are happy to be doing business with one another again. Roman and Abe urge John to file a civil suit against Stefano and he agrees. Paul tells Roman that he left town under his own free will and planted the cocaine and started the fire on his own with no help. Stefano later reveals that he threatened Morgan to get Paul to confess. He tells John that Paul will implicate him unless he agrees not to file a suit against Stefano. John tells Roman that he is dropping the suit. Victor calls Phillip to tell him that Paul confessed all and that he is now off the hook. Later, John tells Phillip that he is still at war with both him and Stefano and vows revenge against Stefano. Bo meets with Internal Affairs. Stefano tells EJ and Tony that he now has total control of the DiMera empire.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jury selection for Johnny's trial ends with Edward and Epiphany enpaneled and the case begins. Scott claims Logan was an undercover officer, so the death penalty is an option. Lulu and Laura continue to talk, but Laura displays physical weakness. Patrick continues to enlist compatriots, including Coleman, to video pleas to Robin to marry him. Jax buys a new home for a fresh start with Carly. Clarice is desperate to find Kate and blab that Sonny cheated once with Carly.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Mallet talks to Daisy. And Reva witnesses the fight between Josh and Jeffrey and stops it. After the fight is stopped, Jeffrey hints that something is wrong with Reva and that they all need to be there for her. He then walks away so Reva can talk to Josh. She tells him the cancer is back and that she found the lump. Josh says he is sorry she has to go through this and he still loves her. Josh asks Reva if the kids know. And then asks if he can tell Billy. She says yes to both questions. He then leaves as she calls after him. Jeffrey comes back to Reva and they hold hands. They walk back to the party shoulder to shoulder. Marina asks Remy how he is lately. Josh tells Billy about Reva and tell him he is giving up on her. Back at where Reva and Jeffrey are supposed to get married there is a bulldozer there. Remy and Marina have gone with them. Marina suggests a plan B. Jeffrey says there is no plan B. Jeffrey has an idea of what to do, doesn't go into length with it and he and Reva take off leaving Remy and Marina stranded at the former site of the wedding. Reva and Jeffrey catch up to Lillian and Buzz. Then Buzz's phone rings. Now they have cupcake problems. Reva still says she doesn't care and now they search for a minister. Jeffrey says forget it. As long as they have them. They all take off to find a minister to marry Reva and Jeffrey. Josh is alone on the stairs of his church talking to God about his calling. Josh's cellphone beeps and he starts laughing. Then he tells God to look after Reva. Jeffrey and Reva and party stop off at an outside hot dog vender for hot dogs as the wedding meal. Jeffrey and Reva have some quiet time on a blanket. Marina and Mallet are together and Marina starts laughing. Mallet wonders why. She says in short it is about the events of the day. Reva sees Daisy and asks what is up. Reva thanks her for not bringing Grady. She says no problem. Reva says she wants to walk and get beer. Daisy says, really? Reva smiles and says, none for you. They both walk arm and arm to the rest of the crowd. Josh goes to see Cassie and tells her it is goodbye. Reva picks Daisy to be her maid of honor. Jeffrey performs the ceremony and they kiss. Back at Cassie's, Josh realizes they didn't fall apart because of Reva or the kids or that they didn't love each other. They just fell apart. Back at the wedding they are now playing kids games. Buzz is talking to Lillian about life. Jeffrey and Reva are now in bed and talking about what they used to have and didn't haves and their love. Jeffrey gets news that Reva is pregnant.

OLTL Recap Written by Jeannie

Tina discovers Jessica/Tess in the basement with the workman. Jessica sends the workman away. She tells Tina the room was built for her to have some privacy. Marty tells Janet that Starr will give Todd the baby. Marty says she will help him with the baby. Janet is shocked. Cole visits Langston to ask if they can still be friends. He tells her about meeting Starr at the country club and leaving her to follow Karen. Langston hits him and yells at him for being such a jerk. John gets Fish to use a computer program to figure out who is the mystery woman in the video. Todd walks into Starr's childbirth class and tells her he realizes he was wrong and now supports her giving the baby to Marcie. Starr is happy but Blair and Marcie don't believe he's telling the truth. Tina realizes that Jessica is really Tess. Tess locks her in the secret room and calls Todd. She tells Todd to get over here fast because they have a little problem.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

The Great Victor Newman has returned to Genoa City, after catching Adam and Heather in the act he retreats to his study. There he summons his loyal subjects Michael and Neil then Victoria and Nick arrive after receiving the call from Estella (the glorified maid). Neil shares with Lily and Devon that he was fired by Adam from Newman, that is short lived when he arrives at the Ranch and is not only reinstated but also promoted to CEO. Adam enters the study to be ripped a new one by his estranged father, not only is he reprimanded for his actions, he is fired and kicked off the ranch. Chloe’s revelation has the Chancellor Mansion in an uproar, Jill has decided to take actions in her own hands but Cane won’t allow it. Lily finds out Chloe’s Esther’s daughter after overhearing their conversation at Crimson Lights, Cane confirms this. Cane and Lily have a heart to heart conversation at Crimson Lights and then his house, where they end up giving in to passion which causes them to share a longing, lustful kiss. Chloe decides to move into the mansion because of Cane’s ill treatment towards her.

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