The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 9/2/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Randi arrives for work at Fusion as does Amanda. They discuss the part y that they are planning to launch their new fragrance, “Bella.” Ryan sits alone at the beach when Erica comes up to join him. Erica notices Ryan’s face and wonders what had happened to him. Ryan lets her know that Annie had left him and had taken Emma. Annie and Emma arrive on Adam’s doorstep. Babe and J.R. offer them refuge for a few days until they figure out what to do. Adam comes out into the foyer and sees Annie. Adam wants to know what she is doing here and is against the idea of Annie staying a few days. Babe hugs Annie and tells her that she had to get to work. Erica questions Ryan if he still loves Annie. Ryan doesn’t know how to answer. Erica then asks him if he loves Greenlee. Tad, Krystal and Kathy prepare to paint the living room in their home. Angie arrives with some brownies. Angie confesses to Krystal how she had questioned Jesse about his past. Pete arrives at the Chandler mansion and wants Colby to go to the Fusion party with him, but Colby refuses. Annie listens to Adam’s, Colby’s and Pete’s conversation. Ritchie appears up behind her. After Pete leaves, Ryan arrives to see Annie.

Ryan questions Annie about Emma. Annie being uncomfortable with Ryan being there, asks him to leave. About this time, Emma hurries in and hugs Ryan. Annie and Ryan take her into the living room and explain how that they will no longer be living together. Adam and J.R. plan the downfall of Fusion through the new fragrance, “Bella.” After Angie leaves, Tad finds a doll lying on the ground with its head torn off.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Paul wants to sell the company back to Lucinda but she says no and she also refuses to loan him the money to pay off Derek the loan shark. Derek takes Barbara hostage and Paul promises to give Derek his money today if he sets Barbara free. Derek sets Barbara free and with no other option Paul is forced to agree to help James get the money he has buried on Snyder land. Brad is shocked when Leo doesn't come back up after he throws him in the reservoir. Brad manages to revive Leo and calls 911 but hides when paramedics arrive to help Leo. Janet and Katie figure out what Brad did and Brad admits the accident to Katie. Katie pleads with Brad to turn himself in but he is afraid to lose his family and go to jail. Carly persuades Jack to understand why Janet didn't believe him when he said Parker didn't rape Liberty. Jack apologizes to Janet but she breaks up with him because she knows she can't live up to his high expectations. Janet and Katie both plead with Jack to help Brad after telling him the details of the accident but Jack tells them both he must do his job. Carly overhears Brad apologize to a comatose Leo at the hospital. Liberty apologizes to Parker for blurting out his name after her attack. Liberty tells Parker she never for a minute thought that he hurt her so Parker accepts her apology.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna tells Owen how sorry she is. She just couldn’t make love. She’s married and loves her husband. Owen assures her that Pam is long gone and can’t hurt her any more. She feels safe all because of him. She sees a shooting star and believes it is a message from Eric to continue with her life and feel love. She and Owen share kisses. The family discusses that Pam is a potential killer and is still on the loose. Stephanie is not going to minimize what her sister did. She just was not aware, but declares that Pam is mentally ill and they need to have compassion. Dr. Patrick warns Katie that continuing with the pregnancy could jeopardize her life. He tells Nick that is it highly dangerous to continue, please consider that. She gushes to Nick that all is well. It’s time to tell Bridget. She has to believe that in time Bridget will come to understand and accept this. Nick agrees to tell Bridget tomorrow. Stephanie speaks with Eric and hopes he will forgive Pam. She hopes something good will come from all of this. She assures him that she is there for him. She believes he can come back. His eyes flutter.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Max and Stephanie argue about Melanie, and Max reveals that he plans on staying in France until he can convince Melanie to come back to Salem. Abe and Lexie bond with Theo, and she promises to be less critical of his interactions with their son. Morgan meets Paul at the park, and he is arrested and hauled down to the station. Phillip meets her there and asks for an apology. She refuses, saying that falling in love with him was a huge mistake and that her father was right about him. Stefano comes home and Bo arrests him. Later, the D.A. refuses to press charges, telling Roman to let Stefano go. Steve goes ballistic. John tries to figure out if he still has rights to the house and DiMera holdings, but EJ explains that all bets are off now that Stefano is back. Stefano comes home and tells them all to get out of his house. Roman calls John and tells him that they’ve found Paul Hollingsworth, and that he must come down to the station for questioning or face arrest.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Echoes of Carly all over the place make Kate fear she's just part of their lives for good. Laura helps Lulu work through her hallucinations. As they prepare for the trial, Trevor refuses to put Claudia on the stand and wants to put Lulu on. Johnny freaks out and announces he'll confess first. Karpov is irate over being deported and wants Jerry to handle things. Dr. Hunter admits to Maxie that he is investigating the phony drugs.

GH: Night Shift Recap Written by Laurie

Listen To My Heart:  Mac comes to visit Robert at the hospital and uses humor and sarcasm to show his concern and support for his brother.  Mac and Robert bicker about who was the bigger hero in their past.  Robin worries about her dad.  She explains the upcoming surgery to him.  Patrick agrees to “observe” Robert’s surgery.  Robert insists on discussing his will with Robin and informs her that she and the baby will inherit “everything” he has if things go badly.  Robin says she wants her baby to have a relationship with Robert.  Robert tells Robin he doesn’t want a colostomy, if worse comes to worse.  The two share a close moment before Robert heads to the operating room.  Jagger brings Robin a good luck trinket for Robert.  Leo tends to a soon-to-be groom (Larry) who has fainting spells.  The bride arrives and accuses the groom of trying to ditch her.  Leo learns “stress or high levels of excitement” cause the fainting spells.  Larry wants to go through with the wedding, but the bride says they should wait.  Larry collapses and Leo performs emergency cardiac surgery.  After the surgery, Larry develops an infection. Since Larry is allergic to penicillin, Leo seeks Saira’s help with an alternative.  Saira’s holistic method works.  Leo asks Larry about love.  Claire runs into an old classmate at the hospital.  Jagger attends a support group for parents of autistic children who share personal stories about their kids.  The meeting makes Jagger uncomfortable.  When he learns that Saira has a brother with autism, Jagger commends her for her “courage” in sharing her story.  After Saira gets emotional thinking about her brother’s illness, she and Jagger share a kiss.  Mac stays with Robin during Robert’s surgery.  Patrick says the cancer is worse than they thought, and Robert will need a colostomy, but Robin has the final say.  Robert awakens to find Robin, Patrick, and Mac waiting in his room.  Patrick explains the surgery.  Robin explains that the colostomy was done to save Robert’s life.  Claire’s childhood friend gets on her nerves.  She learns he has four kidneys.  The two share an organic dinner in the hospital.  Jagger helps Robin come to terms with her decision about Robert.  Saira tells Robin about kissing Jagger.  Robin thinks Saira is already interested in Leo.   Saira and Leo express a verbal interest in each other.  Patrick offers his hand while Epiphany changes Robert's bag.  When the procedure causes Robert great pain, Robin can’t stand to see her father like that, so she leaves the room, crying.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lizzie hurries to stop what will be an argument. She is too late. As she arrives unnoticed by Alan or Bill, she overhears part of their argument. Billy is trying to lift Josh's spirits. Reva is on the phone with Jeffery, who is sampling cupcakes, and he is all ready to get married and wants to know if Reva will show up. After they hang up, she begins to wonder. Back at Spaulding, Lizzie is still hiding as she listens to the fight between Alan and Bill. Bill calls security to have Alan escorted out. But he still doesn't go. Just someone comes up behind Lizzie. Josh has enough of Billy and walks away. Marina and Mallet have a picnic in the park. Frank and Coop are also in the park and see Marina and Mallet. Frank doesn't know what to make of it. Reva calls Lillian over to talk more about the diagnosis and the wedding to Jeffrey. When Jeffrey arrives, Lillian lies to him on the reason she is over. She leaves and Jeffrey and Reva get down to talking about the wedding. She asks him if he got the license. Back at Spaulding Bill and Alan still are talking about Alan's health. Just then Lizzie comes in. She speaks up for Bill saying that Bill is trying to make the Spaulding name great again. Alan doesn't believe her. Just then he collapses. Reva is going through her closet when she comes upon papers she has no idea of. Josh receives a gift of a bible from Billy, inside is an old picture of Josh and Reva from the 1980s. Billy comes in a truck and Josh agrees to go with him. Reva is sitting in her kitchen and she starts to cry. She later meets Jeffery and tells him of he lump. He just hugs her. Jeffrey reassures Reva he'll stick by her no matter what the diagnosis. He even jokes about his car and other things. Then tells her we will get married and then deal with the results. They kiss. Billy and Josh talk about what they think Reva needs. Including capturing her and driving off to Oklahoma. Buzz and Lillian are together waiting for the wedding to start. At the hospital, Alan is rambling on about going home. Lizzie reassures him he is home. Then Rick takes him for some tests. Later Buzz finds Jeffrey trying to write his vows. Buzz can't believe his ears when Jeffrey tells him. Josh goes to see Reva, but hears her on the phone with one of the kids and doesn't bother knocking. Back at the park, where the wedding is taking place, Buzz is making out with Lillian and Frank and Coop are board. Jeffrey arrives all dressed up and finds Josh outside. They talk about the wedding and the one in the movie. Jeffrey admits it is like the one Josh and Reva had, but they don't care. Josh tells Jeffrey that he was going to kidnap Reva and take her to Oklahoma, but didn't. Josh says he is walking away. At that moment Josh grabs Jeffrey. In the hospital waiting room, Lizzie and Bill talk. They kiss. Buzz and Lillian join Mallet and Marina on their blanket waiting for the wedding. Jeffrey and Josh have a good old fashion fight. The phone rings at Reva's. Rick calls Reva about the tests. He doesn't have them but tells her Dr Hendricks should expect them soon and will call.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Todd has a "plan" which he reveals to Marty. He tells her that he is going to raise Starr's baby and she can help him. She seems a bit confused as to why he is so "confident" that it will work. But he seems to believe that he can have things his way. Meanwhile, John is investigating Todd's home with surveillance cameras and suspects "Jessica" of knowing Todd's secrets. Bo goes to talk to his niece. Tess makes efforts "play Jessica" and give Bo no reason to suspect that she is not herself, but she cannot answer his questions. Meanwhile, Tess and the contractor go down into the basement and forget to close and lock the door. Tina's dog follows them unseen while they are distracted. Tina then goes after her dog and asks them what their big "secret" is. Starr is still adamant about having Marcie adopt her baby with or without Michael or Cole on board with her plan. Blair and Marcie both accompany her to her birthing class. But Todd spies upon them and has "other plans." Cole reveals to Langston that he and Starr are not getting back together, and he may have a better "connection" to her.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Adam is now in charge and ruling Newman with an iron fist as he and Brad plan their reign. Nick and Victoria talk about the letters they received from their father. Paul searches for Nikki and locates her, she tells Paul that Victor is alive and despises her and wants to remain dead to his kids. However, she does call and share with Nick and Victoria who are at Crimson Lights with Sharon and Noah that he is alive and well. Jack interviews Adam for Restless Style. Amber tries to keep up the charade of the faux boyfriend trying to make Daniel jealous and Adam and Heather are caught in the act by Victor who has returned to GC. Noah enrolls in public school.

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