The TV MegaSite's Thursday 8/28/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Taylor is disappointed that the army doctor will not release her; she wants to return to her unit. Frankie wants to know why the army doctors are saying no to her. Annie tells Adam about the new perfume line Amanda is helping to fund; she wants to know if Adam has a plan; he believes that the less Annie knows, the better. Zach wants Kendall to stay with him for forty-eight hours and concentrate on them. He doesn’t want either of them to use cell phones or e-mails. Kendall is not buying it. Ryan and Greenlee are not on the same page, because he wants to return to the past with her and she wants to go into the future with Aidan. She never forgot what they had, but she knows what they had was in the past, and they should put it behind them. Kendall is not able to spend forty-eight hours with Zach, because she wants to return to work.

Amanda shows Jake David Hayward’s cabin, since he is looking for a place to stay. They make love for the first time. Frankie wants to know if Taylor is still having trouble with her foot, or if she is experiencing nightmares, flashbacks and any other signs of posttraumatic stress. Adam is asking someone to commit a crime that involves something illegal. The man refuses; Petey offers his services. Zach wants his wife back. Richie’s ghost tells Annie that she is not telling everything; he can’t wait until they find Annie’s lug wrench with his blood on it. Petey passed organic chemistry and he can make an additive that is colorless, odorless, and will ruin a batch of perfume. Greenlee tells Aidan about Ryan’s feelings for her since they promised each other no more secrets. Frankie tell Jesse that Fletcher is threatening him for drugs. Aidan gets angry and visit Ryan. Ryan says Hi, and Aidan punches his lights out.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

James messes with Paul saying he better talk to him or he will never see Barbara’s money again. Janet reluctantly talks about getting her own place because she thinks Jack wants that - until he offers to move in with her. Liberty keeps coming onto Parker and it is confusing him. Carly and Henry commiserate about being lonely. Bonnie and Derek meet for lunch; Bonnie realizes they have someone in common – Paul. James offers to help get back Barbara’s money, but they need to meet face to face. Brad surprises Katie and Kim by suggesting on-air that they should take a honeymoon to Tahiti with their audience watching. Janet tells Jack she would love to live with him – but wonders about their kids. Parker wants to make out, but Liberty teases him in her drugged state. An annoyed Parker leaves Liberty in her own world. Henry talks about how much he loves and needs Vienna when she walks in; Vienna tells him that she can’t live without him. Derek tells Bonnie he was going to invest in the Farm project, but now he has decided to pull out. Meg asks Paul who he was talking with, as Paul lies and said it was the TV. Paul tries to find out where James is when he walks into his house. James tells Paul that he knows Meg is pregnant and that Paul took money from a stranger; he needs him. Vienna tells Henry that she wants to work with him at the Metro, but becomes angry when she learns he hired Bonnie. Jack thinks they will find a way to tell their kids they are being responsible; Janet agrees. Brad convinces Kim to let them go to Tahiti to shoot the show. Liberty passes out, as Leo watches; he calls Brad anonymously and tells him Parker took Liberty into the woods and she is in bad shape. Parker comes home and Carly asks him how the picnic was, but Parker doesn’t want to talk. Brad and Katie find an unconscious Liberty, who awakens, sees her disheveled clothes and is confused as to what happened – just that she was with Parker and all she remembers was he tried to kiss her and she pushed him away. Brad is furious, as he stalks off telling Katie to get Liberty to the hospital. James tells Paul he wants to be fed and then he will leave; Paul reluctantly brings him a sandwich and finds Meg instead, as he covers. Vienna tells Henry it is Bonnie or she, as Bonnie and Vienna get in a cat fight. Brad stomps into Carly’s house demanding to see Parker, as Carly calls Jack, who ignores her. Brad drags Parker to the station telling Carly he raped Liberty. Bonnie tries to quit, but Henry tries to convince her to stay; Henry pleads with Vienna to understand. James threatens to tell Meg what he has been up to if he doesn’t stay quiet about him sticking around. Jack and Janet makes plans to see a house when Carly shows up furious as to why Jack didn’t answer his phone – Brad dragged Parker to the police station – saying Parker raped Liberty. Jack and Carly arrive at the station and Jack demands to talk with Parker first, as Brad promises that he won’t cover this up. Janet shows up at the hospital to see Liberty. Jack wants details from Parker with what happened with him and Liberty. Janet blames herself for what happened; she let her feelings for Brad and then Jack cloud her judgment; she should have kept Parker away from Liberty. Brad promises that he will make Parker pay for what he did.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Owen begs Marcus to forget about questioning him; go protect his mom so she is not the next victim. Marcus get a quick phone call from Donna that she has been attacked, but managed to get out and is heading to Big Bear. Donna calls Brooke to warn her and says she thinks it was Stephanie. Brooke enters the Forrester house and finds Stephanie’s keys still in the door just before she calls Ridge to get over there. Stephanie and Ridge show up and Stephanie is surprised that Brooke would think she was involved in this. Marcus posts bail for Owen. He and Steffy also go to the Forrester’s and heated words ensure between Marcus and Ridge. Ann calls Stephanie to warn her that she has proof from the pharmacy that Pam has not been taking her meds for at least three months. And they both know what happens when she doesn’t. Stephanie relays this news to the others and all admit that it doesn’t sound good, knowing how Pam feels about Donna.

Earl, the maintenance man, calls Pam and alerts her again about the bears up at the cabin site and that Mrs. Forrester is on her way there. Not far behind Donna, Pam shows up at the cabin. She insists she is going to do some fly-fishing, despite Donna telling her she can not stay. Then Pam confesses she knew Donna was there and wants to be her friend and have a little heart-to-heart. Owen calls that he is on the way to the cabin as soon as he is released. He sees the toxicology reports and figures out that it was Pam and her lemon bars that poisoned Eric. Donna is starving, nothing in the cabin but jars of honey so Pam offers her lemon bars, the one thing she does well. Donna declines, but then takes one as Pam reveals she feels insulted. Donna laments that she will never like her or trust her. In a police car, Owen leaves Donna a cell message that it was Pam. Do not go near her or certainly not eat anything she might offer. Donna turns her head for a moment and looks back to find herself looking down the barrel of a shotgun with Pam telling her not to move.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Trent tries to get Nick to tell him where he is, but Nick refuses to say. Steve tells Caroline that he is starting a P.I. business. Trent takes him up on his services, asking him to help him find Nick. Steve agrees, but later tells Caroline that he knows Trent is looking for Max, and plans to keep an eye on him. Steve calls Stephanie to warn her Trent is looking for them. Melanie manages to get Max and Stephanie out of jail with her friend Tiffany’s help. Tiffany agrees to drop all the charges if Max goes on a date with her. Max agrees, and she kisses him even though she knows he has a girlfriend. She also warns Max to stay away from Melanie, as she is bad news. Stephanie sees them kissing, but forgives Max, knowing that it wasn’t his fault. Melanie and Nick decide to get to know one another. Chelsea confronts Daniel and Kate about their fling and storms off. Daniel confides in Lexie. Lexie urges Chelsea to get the whole story before she gets angry. Chelsea tells Daniel and Kate that she wants to hear the whole story from them.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

After melting down and hallucinating again, Lulu goes to visit Laura. There, she shares with her mom all the news of Port Charles, from Scotty having a son to her saga of waffling between Logan and Johnny, ending in her confession of murder. Trevor demands the truth from Claudia and Johnny and reveals that his motive in wanting to clear John is not just for sex with Claudia, but he wants to use success to force his father out of the position as lawyer to the family. On Kate's insistence, Sonny whisks her to the Island. Jax does his best to keep Carly away from the Karpov family, including beginning an investigation into their immigration visas. In the hospital, Spinelli fantasizes about Maxie and Sasha fighting over him, as a plethora of real life women worry about his condition. Robin goes on the loud speaker to turn down Patrick's proposal, explaining she does love him, but does not want to marry at all.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Jeffrey is taking a nap at Reva's and she is trying not to wake him. He does wake up as soon as she leaves the room. Dinah and Ashlee are talking business. Lizzie is in NY searching for Alan. Reva goes to the hospital and meets up with Lillian. Reva says the lump could be nothing and why now. Lillian is being a sympathetic ear and friend to Reva. Lillian then follows Reva into the bathroom and rubs her shoulders as Reva tell her she is sorry for her outburst. Buzz and Jeffrey talk about the wedding.. Buzz wants to know where. That is where Jeffrey has goofed. He doesn't have a location. Jeffrey get Buzz to go and help him find a location for the wedding. Dinah goes down stairs in her mansion to find Alexandra on the couch in the library. They talk about the Company and Bill. Lizzie thinks she has found at least one place Alan was. She speaks to a housekeeping person. Later Lizzie is in a bathroom looking at a picture of Sarah and crying. Bill walks in and tries to comfort her. Buzz and Jeffrey are driving around when Jeffrey spots a perfect place for a wedding. Buzz isn't so sure. Hawk visits Reva, who thinks he is up to something. Hawk reads her and asks if the cancer is back. She evades his question with a question about why he is there and if it has anything to do with Josh. She reminds Hawk that she and Josh are over. Jeffrey and Buzz meet up with a guy who thinks they are the ones getting married. When Buzz lets it slip that Jeffrey is his "Partner". Bill and Lizzie are still talking. Finally after hearing this guy talk. Jeffrey and Buzz decides to play along with what this guy, the planner is thinking. Jeffrey thanks Buzz for playing along. Buzz just laughs. Hawk reminds Reva she has tried to let go of Josh by marrying other guys before. Reva tells him that when she was a little girl she needed Hawk. She is grateful she had Sarah, Rusty and Roxie. But she was missing him. That is why she always raised hell. Hawk says Sarah is up in Heaven looking out for them. They begin to laugh. Hawk wants one last father-daughter dance. Bill and Lizzie go searching for Alan showing his picture everywhere. In their travels Bill does some nice things as to get Lizzie a balloon and a meal. They stop for lunch and talk about where Alan could be. Reva checks out her dress for the wedding. Bill tries to kiss Lizzie which makes her angry. She thinks he is helping her to get back at Alan. Reva goes to a house that has a demolition sign on it. She then looks at the porch and sees a Wedding banner draped above the porch stairs meant for her. She is touched. Jeffrey then comes by her and tells her this is where they are getting married. Back at the hotel room Lizzie has cooled down some. She rambles on about messing up. Bill listens to her. She looks at him without another word..

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Rex and Gigi agree to go back to Llanview and be parents to Shane. They visit with Noelle and Moe, at the Bon Jour cafe. They are not certain what to do but want to be a family with Shane. Tess is still Tess and has the goods on Todd. He also had the goods on her. Natalie finds out that Clint has put Jared up to helping him with a plan that could "motivate" Dorian by possibly hurting Langston. And she demands that he calls it off. And if that causes Clint to disown them both, so be it. In Mendorra, Talia, Antonio, Cristian and Sara orchestrate a plan to have reporters and media people believing that Carlo and Jonas are having a gay affair. And Antonio confirms to Carlo that it's all over now. He is taking Talia back to Llanview.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

The reading of the Victor’s last will and testament is conducted by Michael at the Ranch; the outcome for Nick and Victoria not promising as it is revealed that Adam has inherited a bulk of Victor’s estate and fortune. Michael’s dad is MIA. Chloe is a faker and Cane realizes this as she tries to get out of going to the wedding party in their honor; as they settle in Esther shocked addresses Chloe as her long lost daughter Kate. Jana and Kevin return from their honeymoon and are given the news of Victor’s death; Jana blames this is on the Ouja board and orders it be burned. Nikki aimlessly wanders the beach of Mexico searching for Victor, lo and behold he is found alive and in all one piece. Heather is now the lady of the ranch thanks to Adam.

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