The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 8/27/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

As Babe arrives for work at Fusion, she finds that no one is there except Randi. She is upset with Amanda for not being there for them to present their new fragrance line to Randi. Randi doesn’t seem to like the name of the new fragrance, “Working Girl.” Jake awakens to Taylor doing push-ups and challenges Taylor to a contest. Amanda arrives with breakfast and finds Taylor and Jake doing pushups. Angie feels quite depressed because Cassandra left town. Jesse tries his best to comfort her. Jesse receives a phone call from one of his officers, who notifies him that they found a lug wrench in the bushes on the road where Richie Novak was murdered. Jesse immediately wants it sent to forensics to see if it has blood on it. Kendall tries her best to awaken Zach and tell him what is bothering her. Zach turns his back to Kendall and doesn’t want to hear anything about Ryan and Annie. Ryan awakens beside Annie in bed. Ryan assures her that he isn’t going anywhere. Just as Jesse leaves for work, Angie receives a phone call from an unknown caller who doesn't speak. At ConFusion, Ryan lets Zach know that Annie lied to him. Amanda and Babe ask what Randi doesn’t like about the new fragrance when Greenlee and Kendall come into work. Kendall replies that the new fragrance belongs in the toilet. Annie comes into work and asks for her job back. Despite opposition from Kendall, Greenlee welcomes her back . Furious, Kendall begins to tell them all what she thinks of the new fragrance when Zach comes in and puts a halt to her tirade. Kendall leaves in a huff.

During lunch on the their fire escape, Angie questions Jesse about the twenty years that he was gone. When Jesse clams up and refuses to tell her anything, Angie feels that he is hiding something from her. As Kendall sits at the bar in ConFusion, Zach comes in and hurries her out, then takes Kendall to their secluded place. Amanda, Babe, Randi, and Annie have a working lunch. They come up with a name for their new fragrance, “Bella” after Babe's real name, Arabella. Greenlee starts to leave Fusion when Ryan steps off the elevator. Ryan inquires as to the whereabouts of Annie .Greenlee asks Ryan if it's true. Ryan confesses that he does love Greenlee. Annie calls Adam to give him an update on her plan to spy on Fusion. When Jesse receives yet another mysterious phone call, he thinks he knows who it is.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Carly calls Jack and Janet to her house to talk about how they are acting in front of Liberty and Parker. Carly and Janet think they should back off and trust Parker and Liberty to do the right thing, as they get Jack on board finally. When Brad and Katie arrive, he feels they are ambushing him and is not receptive. Liberty wants to talk with Parker. Paul tells Barbara that Meg is pregnant, but she can see something is bothering him. Derek spends time with Meg and gives her baby a gift. Paul admits to taking money from a loan shark and how he is threatening his family. Paul questions if he isn’t more like James then he thought since he is putting his family in jeopardy. Barbara calls her bank and arranges to get Paul the money he needs to pay the loan shark back. Paul doesn’t react well when he sees Derek with Meg, but Derek covers. Meg doesn’t understand what has gotten into Paul and calls him on his behavior. Barbara diffuses the situation when she wonders what Meg wants to tell her. Meg tells Barbara that they are pregnant. Barbara feigns surprise and wants to throw a baby shower, but before they can talk details, Meg has more cramping and has to be taken to the hospital. When Parker wants to get physical, Liberty tells him that she wants to slow things down and just be friends. Parker doesn’t understand, but Liberty tries to explain that she can’t handle anything else right now. Liberty wants him to go to the picnic with her, but Parker leaves in a huff. Janet tries to appeal to Brad about Liberty and his controlling treatment of her. It appears she is getting through, but Brad leaves. Jack counsels Parker when he comes home upset about Liberty wanting to be just friends. Brad bites his tongue when Liberty heads off to the picnic. Katie admits to Brad that his obsession with being the perfect dad is taking a toll on their marriage. Dr. Schiller tells Paul and Meg that the baby is fine, but she suggests that Meg stay in bed as much as she can. The bank manager arrives at Barbara’s to tell her that she withdrew all her money from that account a few weeks ago; Barbara is incensed and Paul wants an investigation done; they find out the account the money went to was in the Cayman Islands to a Company named Black Pearl. The manager offers to loan Barbara the money, but he can’t get the money to her for a while, as Barbara worries. At the picnic, Leo apologizes and gives Liberty her favorite food from Java as a peace offering. Parker arrives and Liberty goes to spend time with him, as Leo watches. Janet notices how well Jack and Carly work together. Carly admits to Janet how she lied and disappointed Jack and how she hopes Janet can give him more then she did. Brad apologizes to Katie and promises that he will make it up to her because he couldn’t stand losing her. Liberty starts to act very strange as she eats her treats; she is all over Parker and acting erratic. Meg worries about what is wrong with Paul, but he is afraid to tell her. Janet and Jack talk about Carly because she feels insecure. Jack promises her that he is with her and the one thing she has on her side that Carly doesn’t is – honesty. Carly calls Jack and feels badly when she can tell that he and Janet are ‘preoccupied’. Liberty wants to run into the woods with Parker, as she drags him along. James Stenbeck appears on Paul’s laptop greeting him as he tries to do an Internet search on Black Pearl.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna gets it – she knows who tried to kill Eric. It was Stephanie! Both Marcus and Brooke have a hard time believing Stephanie would poison Eric just to get back at Donna. Stephanie interrupts their talk and tells Donna that she just saw her boyfriend in jail and so far he hasn’t ratted her out yet. Donna accuses Stephanie of the crime but has one question. Why didn’t she just go after Donna directly and leave Eric out of it? She warns Stephanie that she will have a security guard and Stephanie will not get near Eric’s room again. Stephanie threatens her that she will not stand for this slander especially when she thinks Donna is the one to blame. Ridge pays a visit to Owen and says he can’t do what he’d like, they might lock him up too. Owen assures him he is deeply saddened for what has happened. Ridge is livid. He doesn’t believe Donna is some sort of saint and that Owen acted alone. Marcus visits Owen and Owen advises him to look after his mom as that sicko is still out there. He should stick like glue to her until they find this person who is after her. Brooke and Ridge argue over who could have done this. He doesn’t believe it was Stephanie and Brooke doesn’t believe it was her sister. Donna goes home and is reminiscing to Eric’s favorite music and looking at their wedding pictures. She is unaware that a black gloved hand is just outside behind the bushes on the patio. Then “it” turns the front door lock with a key. The lights suddenly go out and the music stops. Donna panics and calls out for who is there? As she reaches for the light switch, a black hooded figure overpowers her.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Hope and Bo try to figure out what to do before they have to turn in the Hollingsworth tape. Phillip meets Bo, vowing to take the fall for this, and receives a subpoena to appear before a grand jury. Both Phillip and Hope try to convince Morgan that Phillip is innocent. Morgan spots Paul, who has escaped from John, outside the pub, and rushes after him. The police begin looking for him. Chelsea sets up a romantic evening for Daniel, but Kate texts him, saying Chelsea can never know about them. Chelsea finds it and hightails it down to the hospital to confront Kate. Kate is mum, but Daniel shows up and admits that they slept together. Marlena tells John that he is no longer the man she married, and that he can never get his memory back because Stefano took the disc. They’re through. John tries to change her mind, and even warns Roman to stay away, but to no avail. Roman offers to stay with Marlena at her place for protection, and she takes him up on the offer. John receives a call letting him know Paul escaped.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Carly is delighted when Jax believes that Kate did set her up to appear to lie in order to sabotage Crimson and he threatens to remove Kate from the magazine. Ric threatens legal maneuvers against Scotty that will get Johnny freed, and even Alexis is impressed enough to be willing to cut a deal, but Scotty remains in charge of the case, despite conflict of interest issue. Jax and Carly plan to attend Sonny's wedding and Kate does want them there, as a sign that all things are cool. Mike fears Sonny and Carly will reunite. Spinelli gets an infection and takes a turn for the worse, thanks to phony drugs. Robin continues to resist marriage, despite being ganged up on by her mom, Patrick and friends. She is just worried about her ill father and keeping his secret.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Grady and Daisy are half naked on her bed and he is kissing her all over. Natalia meets with the lawyer who will help Rafe. His name is Mr. Russo. The way he is acting, Natalia fires him. He says it is her loss as he leaves. Billy finds Josh playing basketball alone. They talk about Reva and Jeffrey. Josh wonders if Billy has been talking to Shayne because of what Billy said was what Shayne told Josh in a phone call. Jeffrey shuts up a ranting Reva with a kiss on the lips. Jeffrey explains that he was unsure of his life and she still wanted him in it after they lost Tammy's case. But he is sure now that he is ready to be a husband to Reva. She says give her two weeks. He says forget 2 weeks we will do it in 2 days! Josh tells Billy his is fighting demons. Frank is talking to Rafe about a gun they found. Rafe says he didn't have one. Daisy tells Grady she wants to be with him. Daisy meets up with Natalia the subject is Rafe. Natalia believe Daisy had nothing to do with Rafe's arrest. Daisy asks how Rafe is. Grady goes to see Rafe. Grady acts clueless when Rafe asks if Grady is to blame for his imprisonment. Jeffrey and Reva meet with a minister. Turns out to be Josh. The one Reva wanted is out of town. Josh says is s a professional and he could do this. While Daisy and Natalia are together, Mr. Russo comes back. Daisy and Natalia are confused. He tells them he can't fire her because he is a public defender. And the motion for bail was denied. Rafe later finds that out and is not happy. Reva and Jeffrey continue planning their wedding with Josh. Jeffrey tells Josh to back off. Josh ask what do they have in common. Rafe asks Frank for a favor. Grady lies to Daisy about his discussion with Rafe. Telling her that Rafe said they were good for each other. Grady then says maybe everyone is right and they are not good for each other. Daisy dismissed this notion. At the rectory, Reva tells Josh and Jeffrey she hasn't been so sure of thing in a long time as she is about marrying Jeffrey. Josh gives them 2 days to decide what to do. Jeffery thanks Josh. Lillian visits Reva. Lillian is talking about her recent breast exam. Reva says what a coincidence she found a lump.

OLTL Recap Written by Jeannie

Cristian, Antonio, Sarah and Talia put their plan into action. Jessica goes to John telling him that Todd really doesn't have a woman in the house. John wonders why she's so intent on making him believe it. Talia pretends to be in bed with Jonas as the General comes in. She tells him Jonas is asleep because they consummated their marriage. Todd goes to Llanfair looking for Jessica. He finds Tina who tells him how mean and nasty Jessica has been to her. She tells him about how the dog wanted to go in the basement and Jessica got very angry. Bo visits Lindsay in jail. Brody and Shane share breakfast. Shane gives him a scrapbook of his life. The DNA test comes back positive that Brody is Shane's father. In Texas Gigi and Rex talk about how to tell Shane he's the father. In Mendorra, Cristian and Sarah set up the unconscious Carlo and Jonas in bed together. Talia takes the press on a tour of the palace and opens the door so everyone sees the two men in bed together. Todd knows Tess is out and he asks about what she's hiding in the basement.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Jill finds out about the article in Restless Style and is furious sounding off on all involved. Kay also is not happy and advises Jill that she will be watching her closely from this point on. Cane and Chloe talk about trying to get along for the sake of the child. Nick and Jack go at it after its brought to his attention what Jack said about Victor. Jack wants to do an article on Victor but Sharon refuses. Adam fires Victoria and hires Brad then tells Heather to pack her bags and prepare to move into the ranch. Nikki is MIA and everyone is concerned, Paul leaves for Mexico to find her. Nikki refuses to leave Mexico without answers.

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