The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 8/26/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jake and Taylor both try to rent the same apartment. Taylor is gracious and lets Jake stay the night. Tad and Aidan are home and are planning on eating a pizza before going to bed. Krystal warns them against eating pizza before going to bed. Kathy has a bad dream in which she dreams that Krystal had given Tad a poisonous apple. Carmen kisses Jack, and then asks him if it is making Erica jealous. Kendall tells Greenlee that Ryan loves Greenlee. Greenlee doesn’t hardly believe it .Kendall wants Greenlee to do something about this situation but Greenlee refuses, by saying that she loved Aidan. Ryan shows Annie the letter that Kendall and Greenlee had given him. Ryan then confronts Annie about the letter and why she had hidden it from him. Carmen blames Jack for using her to make Erica jealous. Erica calls Jack on her cell phone. Jack join Erica at her table and Adam join Carmen. Amanda pays Jake a visit at his new place. When Amanda learns that Jake doesn’t have a place to live, she offers for him to live with her on the yacht. Kathy once again dreams that Krystal gave Tad a poisonous apple and he went to sleep. She came running downstairs and hugged Tad. When no one is looking Kathy steals the apple.

Jake decides to spend the night with Taylor. Kathy lets Krystal tuck her into bed. Greenlee goes home to Aidan. Annie plays on Ryan’s sympathy. Ritchie appears and urges Annie to tell Ryan that she had killed Ritchie. Jack kisses Carmen for real. Adam join Erica at their table. Erica hits Adam once for Jack and then again for herself. Annie refuses to tell Ryan that she had killed Ritchie. Annie lies to Ryan and tells him that she is not hiding anything else from him.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Luke is still harboring some resentment towards Brian for suggesting he might want to go back in the ‘closet’, and he is making his feelings apparent. Susan is throwing an engagement party for Allison and Aaron that night, as flowers arrive for Allison – only they are not from Aaron; Aaron peeks at the note and sees they are from Chris. Dani tries to ask out Chris, who tells her that he has feelings for someone else – Dani figures out it is Allison. Casey is offended when Emily doesn’t want him to go to the family engagement party for Allison and Aaron. Aaron has a plan to stop Chris’ advances towards Allison. Holden surprises Lily when he shows up unannounced to take the kids, as Lily tells him that Mike is taking them all to the races. Lily and Holden argue, as Holden thinks Lily shouldn’t be allowing their kids to be around Mike because he could leave and therefore hurting their kids again – probably not the real reason Holden is upset though. Chris gets a text message from Allison supposedly telling him to meet her at the Lakeview. Dani and Casey commiserate together and then decide to crash the engagement party on each other’s arm. After their argument, Holden explains that Aaron got engaged and that is where he wants to take the kids, as Lily is hurt that noone told her. Lily offers to drop the girls at the party. Emily is bothered when Casey shows up with Dani and drags him away. Aaron asks Lily to stay at his party and she calls Mike to cancel their plans. Brian asks Lucinda to go camping and mushroom hunting, as he admits to her that he is afraid he has lost Luke’s trust; she is sure he will come around if he gives Luke time. Chris walks in as Aaron is toasting to his new bride-to-be. Allison doesn’t understand why Chris is at her party and is even more confused when he says she asked him; Allison and Chris realize who set him up to show up there. When Luke finds out that Brian is taking Lucinda camping, he is worried and wants he and Noah to check into Brian. Allison is furious with Aaron for pulling that scheme on Chris, as they argue. Dani follows Chris to a bar after he showed up at the engagement party where he is getting drunk. Brian tells Luke that one of his references told him that he was checking up on him; Luke is skeptical so Brian invites Luke and Noah to join them camping, as Luke agrees. Aaron gives Allison a heartfelt apology, as they make up. Lily and Holden talk about Aaron and the past and agree that they should focus on getting along for the sake of their family, as they agree with a shake to make more of an effort.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie is shown in to talk to Owen in jail. She needs to know why he’d want to kill Eric. He denies Donna had anything to do with it when Stephanie accuses both him and Donna. She tells him she understands. Donna is a very sexy, attractive girl and now she is wealthy. Stephanie weaves her little story to make it acceptable that this could happen to anyone. She realizes he is a con man and not a very good one. Now he is saying that the plan went awry and he planted the pills to frame Donna. Stephanie assures him if they are guilty that they will both pay dearly. In front of Lt. Baker, she tells Owen that he and Donna are in this together and somehow she is going to prove it. Beth laments to Stephen that she wishes there was something they could do for Donna. They agree that the past is over and nothing is hanging over them anymore to block a future together. He tells her that Eric has no power over him now and he will not give in to Stephanie anymore. Beth says that the girls all need Stephen in their lives, and so does she.

Steffy praises Marcus in that who knew he had a little Sherlock Holmes in him. She knows his mother is number one for him, but perhaps she can be number two. She reveals that it is not easy for her to trust people, but she goes to bed at night thinking how lucky she is to have him. Donna tells Brooke that Owen is in love with her and that is why he confessed. Someone else is out there who tried to kill Eric. Brooke reminds her that this is the same man who made a pact with Felicia, so she shouldn’t trust him. Pam catches Donna rifling through Eric’s desk. Donna claims she is trying to find some clue, any clue who might have gone after Eric. Pam keeps accusing Donna and her boy-toy being in this together. Sorting all the facts out, Donna blurts out that she knows who tried to kill Eric and blame it on her.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole tries to get Trent to tell her why he doesn’t want Max and Melanie to know one another, but he refuses to say. Later, he listens in on Caroline’s conversation with Max. Meanwhile, Max is still in jail with Stephanie. Stephanie blames Melanie for getting them into this mess, and she says she can’t bail them out. She thinks Nick can, but he doesn’t have enough money, as bail as been set at ten thousand euros. Max threatens to call Trent unless Melanie goes to her wealthy friends for the money. Chelsea urges Phillip to take responsibility for what happened to Bo. Daniel and Kate talk about how Chelsea can never know what happened between them. Later, Chelsea sees them hugging. Bo reveals to Roman that he had the original tape the whole time, and the duplicate was destroyed. He begs Roman for time to find out what really happened to Paul Hollingsworth. Roman agrees to give him 48 hours until the tape must be turned in. Caroline lays into Victor for what he did to Bo, and tells him she wishes he had never found out Bo was his son. Later, Victor apologizes to Bo. Phillip calls, telling Bo that he can’t let him go down because of what he said to Paul.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Carly is amazed when she finds that Lulu is happy and optimistic when she visits the girl. She is unaware that Lulu and her mother was able to have a heart to heart during which Laura expressed her belief in Lulu's strength and swore her to secrecy. Both Lucky and Nikolas fear for Lulu, and Nikolas is willing to deal with the Zaccharas to save his sister. Lucky continues his investigation and to pretend he and Sam are broken up. When Jerry confronts her over her opposition to his romance with Alexis, something that is making progress stall out for him, it turns into flirting. Jerry is also quite alarmed that Carly might be getting involved with Karpov, as he is among the more dangerous mobsters out there. He urges Jax to keep her away from the gangster. Spinelli's surgery goes well, despite Nadine's recalcitrance at working with Doctor Hunter. Claudia tracks down Trevor and again promises him sex if he will free Johnny.

GH: Night Shift Recap Written by Laurie

Jagger, Patrick, and Leo come to GH after playing basketball.  Jagger hurt his ankle.  Jagger and Leo start to form a friendship.  Patrick and Robin steal a moment together in the elevator.  Claire shows Kyle some of her potential online dates.  Robert asks Toussaint to shave his hair short.  Two contagious Cystic Fibrosis patients come into the hospital.  Robin learns the two are a couple.  Robin doesn’t want the two patients near each other.  The young man, Cyrus, plans to propose to the woman, Moira.  Leo is jealous of Jagger and Saira's friendship.  Claire signs Kyle up for Internet dating.  Leo tries to persuade Jagger to take Stone to a specialist, instead of Dr. Batra. When Saira finds out, she hits the roof. Robin is surprised to find Robert and Patrick bonding over a game of poker.  Robin learns her female patient, Moira, doesn’t have long to live.  Jagger reminds Robin that it’s Stone’s (Jagger’s brother) birthday.  Patrick overhears Robin tell Jagger that she still has a “connection” to Stone through her HIV-positive status.  Toussaint asks a nurse out for coffee in front of Epiphany.  Patrick worries that the baby may be born HIV positive.  Patrick watches as Cyrus proposes and is turned down.  Patrick is jealous of Robin’s past with Stone and sometimes wishes he could understand what she is going through.  Robin needs him to be healthy, because if anything happens to her, Patrick must be there to take care of their child. He insists nothing is going to happen to her.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Natalia and Olivia are still hanging out together. Natalia reminds Olivia of what Rick said. Olivia reminds Natalia how is not creditable with what he is saying. Bill and Lizzie are arguing about Alan. Reva is on the phone with Hawk when she gets a delivery. She opens the package to find a dress in it. Josh comes to the door. Reva doesn't see him as her back is to him. When she turns to put the dress away he startles her. Once in the door, Josh takes the dress from Reva and admires it. Reva tries to take it from him a couple of times. She wonders if he is there to annoy her. Jeffrey goes to see Lizzie about Alan. The discussion turns angrily between each other. Jeffrey leaves and Bill just shakes his head. Doris goes to Jeffrey about Rafe. Jeffrey actually defends Rafe to her and tells her to watch her step. Jeffrey gets a call from a treatment center concerning Ava. They want to put her on a different course of treatment and need his permission. Emma brightens Olivia's spirits. Josh get a telephone ear full from Alan about faith. Jeffrey goes to see Natalia and tells her that Doris is out to get Rafe. Lizzie goes to see Reva about what she should do about testifying against Alan. Josh and Bill talk about a 5 Street Project. Natalia gets a call. Jeffrey talks to Olivia about Ava and Olivia tells him he is a good family man. Bill gives Lizzie info that Alan is in NY. After Lizzie goes to pack. Bill calls his pilot and tells him to fuel up the jet he is going to NY. Natalia visits Rafe at the jail. Josh gets a text message from one of the kids about Reva. Jeffrey goes home and tells Reva to pack a bag, they are getting married.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

In 1968 when it looks like Rex (as Bo) is going to get shipped off to war and Gigi knows she cannot lose him and be stuck in the time warp, she reveals to him that he is Shane's father. At that point, they both get sent back to the present. He demands to know why she has lied not only to him but to Shane for all these years. She tells him she believed she had no choice since he abandoned her and she never thought she'd see him again. Tess walks through Todd's home and finds Marty. At that point, she knows that Todd would not dare reveal her secret with what she now knows. Antonio, Cristian and Sarah go to Mendorra and find Talia.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Jack is conducting a television interview to diffuse the expose written in Restless Style about him. Nick and the fate of Victor is the discussion at Restless Style as Sharon and Phyllis continue to feud; this time about who has the right to worry about Nick. Noah searches for answers about his grandfather’s disappearance, only he is not quite sure to ask because Phyllis, Jack and Sharon are all singing different tunes. Devon and Lily throw Ana a going away party as she prepares to go to New Hampshire, Tyra shares that she will be accompanying her. Neil pleads with her to stay and Karen can’t wait to see her go. Cane tells Lily he has married Chloe and ask that she wait for him, while Chloe’s purchases for the baby arrive at her new address. Chloe can’t wait to tell all of Genoa City that she is married to Cane. The body identified by Nick and Nikki is not Victor but Walter’s. As they prepare to return to Genoa City, Nikki bails.

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