The TV MegaSite's Monday 8/25/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Angie is at home when Jesse returns from work. Angie is upset because Cassandra is leaving. Jesse tries his best to comfort her as best as he can. Cassandra make plans to go to Canada. Jack visits Erica and brings her some files that she had requested. Jack wonders why that Erica had wanted these files tonight. Carmen comes back from shopping and interrupts Adam’s and Annie’s little meeting. Annie lets Adam know that she knows about his little plan to take over Fusion and wants to help him to bring Greenlee and Kendall down. Kendall and Greenlee visit Ryan and gives him the letter from the lawyer that Annie had been hiding from him. Ryan comes to the conclusion that Annie had planned this whole pregnancy. Cassandra begins to have second thoughts about leaving town this way. Erica tells Jack that she doesn’t want Carmen to get hurt. Adam questions Annie as to how she had found out about his little plan to take over Fusion. Ryan questions Greenlee and Kendall as to why they are doing this to him. Kendall explains to Ryan how they had found the letter. Erica comes to the conclusion that Jack is using Carmen to make Erica jealous.

Carmen models her new dress for Adam. Adam lets Carmen use one of his cars to go on her date with Jack .Adam calls Erica for a date and then takes her to the Yacht Club. Andre lets Cassandra that he is not leaving town with her. They share a tearful good-bye. Jack and Carmen arrive at the Yacht Club for their date. Adam and Erica arrive and Erica sees Jack with Carmen. Carmen realizes that Jack is only using her to make Erica jealous. Carmen gets up and kisses Jack in order to make Erica jealous. Erica sees “red” when she sees Carmen and Jack kissing. Annie comes home and wants to know why Greenlee was here. Ryan confronts Annie with the letter. Greenlee catches up with Kendall in a bar. Kendall lets Greenlee know that Ryan could never love Annie because Ryan is still in love with Greenlee.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Alison receives good news on one of her nursing tests. Aaron thinks since her career is starting to take shape, she should focus on them. Dani needs a favor from Chris. Alison admits that she loves Aaron, as he hides a ring box from her and offers to make her lunch. Dani needs to see violent crime records from the Morgue so Chris introduces her to the man she needs to speak with. Lisa tries to keep Lily from bumping into Carly at Fashions. Holden leaves the Lakeview restaurant when Mike walks in. Aaron hides his engagement ring for Alison in her sandwich and when she sees it, she is shocked by Aaron’s proposal. Carly and Lily have an awkward meeting, as Sage is invited by Natalie to hang out at her house. Lily matter-of-factly tells Carly that Holden is all hers since he signed the separation papers. Mike tries to talk with Holden; if he wants Lily back, he needs to be honest and tell her, but if not then he needs to let her go. Holden tells Mike that it is over, but he doesn’t have to like watching his wife with him. Alison tells Aaron that she is unsure how to feel; she thinks they are just getting back together as a couple and isn’t sure they should rush it. Aaron understands but suggests Alison wear the ring for a few days to see how it feels. Faith doesn’t react well to hearing her mom is going on another date with Mike. Dani faints into Chris’ arms when she sees Mort about to autopsy a gun shot victim. Carly calls Holden to tell him what Lily told her. Carly is glad to no longer feel like a home wrecker since Lily gave them permission; she suggests a real date. Dani asks Chris out for lunch. Susan shares Alison’s good news with Chris and mentions how Aaron told her that Alison has something to show her. Alison stares at her ring, as she contemplates a decision. Mike offers to take Lily and the girls to MagicLand Amusement Park with his VIP passes. Natalie and Sage are thrilled, but after they go to get ready, Faith wonders if Mike is trying to buy them off. Mike wants her to give him a chance because she might have fun, but Faith seems protective of her dad. Carly and Holden have their date; they are awkward and don’t have much interesting to say to one another. Carly is confused as to why this is. After they go upstairs and Carly thinks the passion isn’t there when they are finally allowed to see one another because it was no longer sexy or mysterious. Carly thinks they were kidding themselves and it was just he fun and exciting at the time. A dejected Carly leaves Holden’s room. Mike manages to show Faith, Natalie and Sage a great time, as well as win them big stuffed animals too; he seems to be slowly winning Faith over. Holden shows up at Carly’s and tells her that she was wrong about everything and he will show her, as he kisses her passionately. Alison snaps at Chris when he sees her hiding her hand. She doesn’t want him to see the ring, but he was just trying to help thinking she was hiding a rash from the after effects of the poison. Alison tries to apologize, but Dani interrupts them and tells Alison that she is taking Chris out to lunch. Chris tries to stay and talk with Alison but she tells him to go. Aaron brings Susan to see Alison so she could show her the ring; Alison tells an elated Susan that she and Aaron are engaged. Susan can’t wait to plan her wedding, but she is called away. Aaron asks Alison if that means she has given him an answer. Alison tells him that she has and it is yes. Carly and Holden are sitting on the floor in a blanket when Sage arrives home; Holden is able to hide before she gets in the house though. Holden listens while Sage tells Carly about how Mike is Aunt Lily’s boyfriend and then about how much fun they had at the amusement park with Mike and about plans Mike has to take them to the car races soon. After Sage goes upstairs, Carly ushers Holden out and worries about what he heard. Holden promises her that he is ok and that he isn’t thinking of Mike or Lily right now – only her, as he hugs her, but his face says something different.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie will not listen to Nick on the subject of terminating this pregnancy. He tells her that she is a heart transplant patient. There will be risks with this pregnancy, she can not ignore that. She confides that she wasn’t supposed to live, yet she did. And now she is pregnant. In her book, that is a miracle. She feels a baby is the only part of him she will ever have. And should something happen to her, then he and Bridget will raise the child. She just needs him to have a little bit of faith. Reluctantly he goes along with this. Donna is skeptical. She tells Owen that she will see him stay behind bars if this is true. Owen admits he confessed to trying to kill Eric, but he did it to protect Donna. She has got to believe him and still be on guard for the real culprit. He has her in tears and fearing of what might be out there to cause more harm. Stephanie visits Eric while Rick is there. She feels responsible since she didn’t trust her first instinct and instead just backed off to let Donna have Eric. She says trust her, Owen did not act alone. She tells a comatose Eric she is so sorry he is going through this. But she vows whoever did it will pay, there will be justice as she will see to that. She fills Pam in on the details and of course Pam jumps to the conclusion that it is the hot tamale, Donna. She thinks both Donna and Owen are in this together and advises Stephanie not to let them weasel their ways out of this. Stephanie speaks to Eric again and swears she will not let him down. Lunching at his desk, Lt. Baker chows down on his hotdog and later a donut while son Charlie munches on a healthy salad and they discuss the absurdity of the case – the new guy in town falls for the sexy heiress. Only one thing in the way, her husband so he fills him with potassium chloride.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nick runs into Melanie in Marseilles, and she decides to make him her new “sugar daddy.” Nick gets a call from Max and Stephanie, and goes to bail them out of jail with Melanie in tow. When she finds out Nick knows the two of them, she accuses him of ambushing her. Trent tells Nicole that he has one final “favor” to ask of her. He tells her that he needs her help finding out if Melanie, his daughter, has met up with Max. He wants to keep the two of them far away from each other. Marlena has regained consciousness and has all of her memories. She worries that Stefano will go after Johnny. John wants to take her home with him after she is released, but Marlena refuses. Lucas tells Sami that he wants custody of Allie, and calls Mickey, who tells EJ and Sami that Lucas has a good case because of Stefano being on the loose. Maggie tells Lucas that she thinks he is falling for Chloe, but warns him to take it slow. Lucas tells Sami that they can go to court, but there is no way in hell she will win custody.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

After having a hallucination and meltdown while visiting Johnny, Lulu is taken back to Shadybrook where she visits her mother, in tears, to confess how much she fears her fate of madness. Laura actually responds and manages to speak to the girl. When Scott begins to talk about moving Johnny to a tougher jail. Claudia starts trying to move Heaven and Earth to stop it. Though she wants Ric to deal with the case, only Trevor is available, so she decides to break into Alexis' office but gets caught. Claudia does suspect there is more going on than has been told. In the wreck, Maxie is unhurt, but Spinelli's spleen is ruptured, forcing him to need an operation and the untrustworthy Dr. Hunter is the best option they have. After getting blood on her wedding gown and Sonny seeing her in it, Kate is sure they are cursed and is willing to go to outrageous lengths to uncurse things, so Sonny turns to Lois' mother to help him deal with her nuttiness.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Cassie gets angry at RJ for talking to strangers. Natalia offers to drive Olivia to her appointment. Olivia thought it was because she thought Natalia would think she skipped it. Grady watches by the sidelines as Rafe is ordered by a cop to come out of the house with his hands up. Grady is loving this. Rafe agrees to come out if no one shoots. Cyrus tries to teach Cassie about hatred. Frank tries to reason with Daisy. Natalia meets up with Rafe at the police station. Natalia is positive that all will turn out ok. Rafe isn't so sure. After Olivia tries to help Natalia. Natalia tells her to go to the doctor and leave her alone. Grady and Daisy meet up. Daisy wants to be with Grady. Grady tells Cyrus what he's done with Rafe. Cyrus isn't too happy with it. Later on at the police station, Olivia talks some sense into Rafe. Telling him to tell Natalia that he loves her and is sorry for the mess he put her through. Blake visits Cassie and gives her some pointers on dating again. Frank meets up with Natalia and offers to help as much as he can. Olivia also tries to help. Natalia is grateful to both. Cyrus goes back to Cassie's. She wants to know why. He says he was worried about her. Cassie once again reminds him that his brother killed her daughter. At the hospital, Rick is talking to both Olivia and Natalia about Alan and also he is worried for Olivia and doesn't want her to get sick again. Daisy and Grady make love.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Gigi is with Rex is 1968 while he plays Bo being shipped off to war. She tells him he cannot go through with this, realizing she already lost him once. But he tells her he must follow history. Knowing this is "do or die", she finally spills the beans to him that he is Shane's father. Meanwhile, back in Llanview, Brody seems to be having the same premonition and goes to test the toothbrush that Gigi has put in a plastic bag for DNA. Antonio, Cristian and Sara are headed to Mendorra to find Talia. John and the cops go and search Todd's home. Tess is there to help him get away possibly, if he keeps her secret. And before they can break into the room where Marty has stayed, the bodyguard has already gotten her out.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

Nick and Nikki are still in Mexico, Nikki presumes that Victor is dead. Nick refuses to give up and prepares to take Nikki home. As they leave, the phone rings and the bartender informs them that a body has been found. Nikki and Nick stay to confirm its identification. In Genoa City. Adam is in overdrive, showing proof of a death certificate from the Mexican authorities to Michael and Neil. He informs them that he is now in control of Newman Enterprises. When Neil refuses to give into Adam’s reigns, he is fired. Cane reluctantly marries Chloe who shares her unhappy childhood with him.

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