The TV MegaSite's Friday 8/22/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Adam walks into JR’s room to find Babe and JR in bed. Adam tells JR that he has an environmental angle that he will use to attack Fusion; all he needs is a minute of JR’s time. Randi tells Frankie that Fletcher killed Sherrie as an example to the other girls in his stable, because she wanted out of the business. The police determined that Sherrie died of an overdose. Randi knows for certain that Sherrie did not use drugs. Amanda dresses like a pirate for her date with Jake. Annie suggests that Babe and Amanda quit Fusion as well. Frankie did not plan for Jesse and Randi to be sitting at the table with him at the same time. They are both shocked to find the other one there. Annie interrupts Babe and JR at ConFusion. Kendall and Greenlee open Annie’s PO box and find a letter addressed to Ryan Lavery. Jesse is at ConFusion watching Annie. Adam suggests that Carmen buys herself a new outfit, for her date, using his credit card. He wants to thank her for having a sneezing attack, which gave him an idea. Jake and Amanda hit it off and he wants a second date. Frankie is in the hospital looking at the pill cabinet with the key in his hand. Annie knocks on Adam’s door to offer her help. Kendall and Greenlee give the envelope from Annie’s PO box to Ryan.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Acting much like that both woke up on the wrong side of the bed, Katie and Brad have problems in filming their segment at WOAK. Kim asks that they clean up their act otherwise there will be no audience. Brad and Katie take a break, but end up arguing about Liberty. Brad apologizes and admits he wants Katie in Liberty's life as he is not the cool dude he pretends to be. At the school car wash, Parker and Liberty have to put up with the adults who insist on being there to dog their every move. Carly makes a snarky remark about Janet bending over and showing off her assets. A water fight ensues just as Katie and Brad arrive. Brad is definitely not happy that he was left out of the loop and that the kids can be together as long as an adult is always present. Soon a larger water fight is under way involving all the adults. Carly comments to Jack that they are not setting a very good example. Parker and Liberty sneak off and end up back in her apartment. He wants to know if she was in on it to make Leo get Parker to back off. They are caught kissing by Janet who sends Parker on his way. She tells Liberty that she is afraid she will make one of her mistakes. Parker is expecting a lecture, but Jack tries to be cool. Liberty tells Brad that she got along without a dad for a long time and she can again. He's a good dad, but just needs to lighten up.

Paul reshapes the truth and tells Meg that the project is okay and back on track. She's mainly concerned about the baby. They get very good news that the toxins did not affect the baby. Emma calls and insist that Paul come over as that man is demanding his money. She is also worried about Meg and warns Paul to protect her from more stress. Alone, Meg has bad cramps but is helped by Derek from the Snyder project. He insists on driving her home which upsets Paul when he returns home. Paul threatens him not to come near his wife again and Derek scoffs at this saying he is in no position to make threats.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Owen confesses that he was the one who put the potassium in Eric’s bottle of gin. Thorne and Ridge rush him in attack and Lt. Baker and son have to restrain them. Stephanie blames Donna. Owen was never a part of their lives until she drug him into it and he did all of this for Donna. She’s sure she is up to this to her eyebrows. Accusations are thrown around and arguments ensue. Beth and Stephen rush in, and Stephen is incensed that the Forrester’s are laying this on Donna. This is not a conspiracy. Owen confessed, end of story. During a checkup, Dr. Caspery pronounces Katie’s baby is healthy and fine. Nick looks on as the proud father. Both assure the doctor they need all of this to be totally confidential, they haven’t told Bridget yet. The doctor gives Bridget a pamphlet and explains Dr. Patrick’s only concern is Katie’s health and this pregnancy could compromise her health and her life. Nick knows this means ending the pregnancy for some.

At the station, Lt. Baker quizzes Owen, but does not buy his confession that he fell in love with a beautiful married woman and felt he had to get rid of the husband first to get the fortune. Marcus fills Steffy in on the last day’s happenings. Donna shows up to see Owen and she wants answers. Why? She wants to know how he could do this to Eric and how could he betray her. He tells her she knows he could not do this. He told them that so he could protect her. Without his confession she would be the one in jail. The real culprit could come back and finish the job. Who would want to see Eric Forrester dead?

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Stefano and Rolf make plans. Stefano breaks the queen in the chess set and tells Rolf he plans on raising a whole new generation of DiMeras to carry on the vendetta. Roman assures Steve and Kayla that they will put Stefano behind bars. EJ and Tony make a pact to take back the family name, but Anna forbids Tony from doing so. Nicole confronts EJ about what happened between him and Sami, and EJ insists that he cares about Nicole. Chloe and Nicole toast to Sami’s undoing by her own hand. Sami wants to move out of the mansion after she figures out Stefano has been there. Lucas shows up, saying that he wants to take Allie and leave. Marlena wakes up after John’s heartfelt speech, asking her to work on their marriage. Marlena does not recognize him.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Although she loves him, Robin turns Patrick down, crushing him and inciting her girl's night out buddies to rectify the situation and impel her to the altar after all. When Lucky comes to visit Lulu, he discovers that her "brother with the motorcycle" took her out, which leads him to the truth that Jason took Lulu to see Johnny. Even Claudia is able to see that they did need to see each other, even if she believes Lulu could ruin her brother's life by testifying to the fact that she saw "him murder Logan." Claudia believes that to be the truth, not knowing that Lulu did it. Maxie fears that Lulu will crack and that will result in Maxie herself being charged as an accessory to murder. As she and Spinelli head off to continue their investigative work, they begin to skid into a wreck situation. Sonny begins to panic about the wedding after seeing Kate's dress. To thank Nadine and apologize to her, Nikolas treats her to a fancy dinner and dancing at Wyndemere, but she is very uncomfortable, for the most part.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Olivia gets an unexpected house-call from Rick. She tells him she is fine. That she has better than a doctor, faith. Marina goes to see Daisy and finds Grady there. Natalia calls Rafe and tells him she has to see him. Mallet gives Natalia advice concerning Rafe and his safety. Back where Daisy is supposed to be staying, she comes home to find Marina there. Marina reads her to riot act and asks what is she up too. Olivia still tries to convince Rick she is fine and she has something better than medicine. When Alan's name come into the discussion, Rick reminds her who Alan is and what he is capable of. She finally surrenders and he leaves. Marina talks to Mallet about Daisy and the trouble she is in with the family. Alone, Grady wants to know if Daisy is mad at him. Grady tells Daisy his take is that Rafe left for her to rot. He stayed with her. Rafe finally meets up with Natalia. Rafe tells her in short he is leaving town. Natalia wants to know when he decided that. She tells him the more he refuses to go to the police the more dangerous it is for him. Rafe hears enough and starts running. He stops for a breath at a field. Daisy and Grady are kissing when her cellphone goes off. It is Rafe wanted her to meet him. Grady says he'll go. He goes to the hallway and listens in on their conversation without Daisy knowing. After the phone call she goes out to the hallway outside her room and continues where she left off with Grady and leaves. Natalia goes to see Mallet. They don't know that Marina is listening in on their conversation. After Natalia leaves Marina comes in and says to Mallet, "So Rafe is back. Mallet say that Marina is emotional. Marina can't believe her ears. And tells him off. She then orders him upstairs. Natalia and Olivia meet. Olivia is concerned about Natalia. And asks if it is Rafe. Natalia confides in her. Olivia tells Natalia she feels she is failing Gus. Promised to keep Rafe safe, etc. Natalia and Olivia hug. Rafe doesn't know what to do and tells this to Daisy. Daisy suggests Alan. Rafe says that Alan can't be reached. Rafe then looks at Daisy and gives her a passionate kiss. Grady disguising his voice calls the police and reports that a Latino tried to mug him. Gives them Rafe's description. Marina and Mallet agree to some rules on how to handle each other in certain situations. Marina is trying to state her point while Mallet starts to kiss her. They are disrupted by a uniform bringing some info in for Marina to look at. Natalia tries to talk Olivia into seeing her doctor as Olivia is trying to convince Natalia to get Rafe safe. Rafe and Daisy meet up and talk. Rafe sees through a window that the cops are outside. Daisy says she didn't call them. Outside Grady is watching from a distance as the cops try to talk Rafe out of the house.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Bo has returned to the present in Llanview but is worried that Rex and Gigi are still stuck in 1968 at Asa's ranch. And there's a reason for that which neither of them is aware of. Rex is still living the life of young Bo and ready to go off to war. Gigi knows she cannot let that happen to him but does not know what to do. Back in Llanview, Brody somehow knows that Gigi is gone and fears she may not come back. And he knows she has some sort of "secret" involving DNA. Bo is still processing the significance of his dream and how all of the modern-day people who played the characters in 1968 were similar to them. But he believes that playing Asa really motivated him to smarten up and not follow in his father's footsteps. Tess runs into Todd at the clinic. She knows that he has secrets that could get him in trouble. He knows that she is Tess and only playing Jessica.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Victor is lost at sea and presumed dead, word spreads across Genoa City like a wildfire and people close to him reminisce. Nick rushes to a drunken Nikki who strolls down memory lane with Kay about her tumultuous romance with Victor. Kay alerts Paul and Nick of Nikki’s slip and continues to console her. Heather awaits her diagnosis as the doctor states they’d like to run more tests. Adam goes to Newman to claim what is his. At Restless Style, Phyllis likes the reaction from Sharon and Jack regarding the expose on Jack. This is short lived once the news of Victor is heard.

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