The TV MegaSite's Thursday 8/21/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Babe and Amanda are working on a secret project at Fusion. Barry is visiting with Adam and they are talking about stealing Fusion from Greenlee, Kendall, and JR. Fletcher meets Frankie and requests the payment for Randi’s release from her contract. Fletcher threatens to hurt Angie or Cassie if Frankie does not pay up. Greenlee cautions Babe about speaking to Kendall and she in a disrespectful way in front of their employees. Adam tells Barry that he cannot believe that JR wants his bimbo wife, Babe to be CEO of Fusion. Annie tells Kendall not to pretend that she cares about her. She tells Greenlee to not pretend that she doesn’t want Ryan back.

Fletcher suggests that Frankie get him pills from the hospital to pay off Randi's debt. Jake identifies Taylor’s foot problem known as “plantar fasciitis”, which is the most common cause of heel pain. Though she tries to pretend that her foot is healed, the military doc won't let Taylor return to Iraq just yet. Adam wants Barry to know that Fusion is their target. They will attack the leadership of Fusion on multiple fronts. Annie cannot believe that Kendall is concerned about Spike spending time with her, but allows Greenlee to spend time with him after she stole him and almost killed him. Annie quits Fusion. Kendall and Greenlee beg Annie to stay. Annie tells them both to go to hell. Kendall tells Greenlee that she made a copy of the key that Annie was hiding.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Meg is planning a surprise for Paul, but he is a bit preoccupied when he sees Emily’s front-page story on the Farm project. Emily is pleased with herself, as Casey tells her that his mother actually invited her for dinner, but Emily thinks it isn’t a good idea since inherently they all don’t like each other so why push it. Margo finds Dani looking through her files and is none to happy. Derek tells Paul that he misrepresented himself when he borrowed the money and he wants it back now. Holden doesn’t want to help Lily out when her babysitter backs out because she is going to lunch with Mike; a fight ensues, as the kids hear it. Dani tries to explain that she has authorization to be there, but Margo orders her out. Emma helps Meg plan her surprise, as she deals with morning sickness. Paul and Derek don’t agree and Paul pleads with him to let him make a profit, but Derek won’t hear of it and tells him that he owes him his money now or else. When Holden and Lily see how the children react to their fighting, they apologize to one another, and Holden offers to stay with the children while she goes out with Mike. Dani complains to Casey and Emily about Margo, as Casey promises to help; Casey goes to his dad, who thinks that Dani should be allowed at the station and agrees to talk with Margo. Lily is frazzled when she meets Mike and he starts to question if she is there to make Holden jealous; he wonders if she is using him; Lily promises that she is not doing that. Paul comes looking for Lily, but he finds Holden instead, who is more then happy to send Paul to the Lakeview looking for Lily. Tom speaks with Margo about Dani, who is not pleased to hear Casey did Emily and Dani’s bidding for them. Faith pretends that the fighting only upsets Natalie and Ethan, but she asks Holden to try to get along with her mom from now on. Paul finds Lily and asks her to float him the loan, as she offered to do so before. Lily needs to think about it, as Mike is unsure what to tell her so Lily needs to find someone who can work through this with her. A furious Margo goes to see Casey, Emily and Dani and lets her opinion be known on what she thought of their tactics. When things turn personal, Emily kicks Margo out. Margo tells Dani she is not welcome in her station, as she leaves. Emily makes a call because of this. Lily talks with Holden about the project and giving Paul money and he advises her against it in the end even though they considered all their options. Paul tells Barbara that he thinks Lily can bail him out, but a call from Lily soon proves he was wrong about that assumption. Paul realizes he is out of options, but is worried about what this will do to Meg because he gave her his word. Meg worries about if it is too soon to tell Paul about the baby because what if something happens. Emma advises her to rely and depend on her husband and to share all things with him. Lily asks Holden to stay for lunch, as the kids are thrilled to see this. Emily, Dani and the Mayor show up at the station and Margo is ‘forced’ to allow Dani to work there. Casey wonders about Emily’s relationship with the Mayor after he sees how much clout she had with him. He realizes he was probably her client, but Emily won’t say. Margo tells Tom what happened, who is surprised to see Emily has that much clout with the Mayor; this leads Margo to wonder what Emily has done to get that close with the Mayor. Paul prepares to tell Meg the truth when she beats him to the punch and surprises him with news that she is pregnant. Paul is very emotional, as he reacts to the thrilling news; he makes a split decision not to tell Meg what has happened.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Beth and Stephen stop by Forrester’s to visit Donna but find her gone. Stephen has a lot of bad memories about Eric and his office. First he took Beth from him, then Brooke and now Donna. He’s been a thorn in his side for so long. Right now he can not hurt the Logan’s anymore and Stephen's glad. Stephanie has brought in a leading coronary expert and asks him to be realistic of what Eric’s chances are. She asks is this the best they can expect. Marcus continues to accuse Owen of trying to murder Eric. Lt. Baker and son stop by just in time to stop Marcus from punching out Owen. Marcus again points the finger at Owen as the culprit. The incident of the gin bottle as a gift to Eric is presented and then an hour later he has the heart attack. Baker wants to search the house for more clues since the gin bottle was thrown away. Brooke fills in Stephanie, Ridge, Felicia and Thorne that Eric’s heart attack wasn’t just a regular heart attack but something orchestrated. Despite Brooke’s protests, everybody else feels that Donna is somehow involved. They barge in at the house and Donna is shocked they believe she was behind the poisoning.

Stephen remarks that he’s doing it again. He’s allowing this big dark cloud to hang over his head because of this office. He admits he has not stopped loving Beth after all these years. And he wants to be the man she deserves and to take her in his arms and never let her go. Lt. Baker tells everyone to hush with all the accusations and leave the investigation to the police. Charlie finds potassium chloride upstairs in the bedside table, something that could be mixed in Eric’s drink. They want to continue this at the station and Charlie pulls Donna by the arm; they want to speak more with her. As she is being carted off, Owen speaks up and says he is the one responsible, he tried to kill Eric.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Rescue attempts continue to be made at the hospital. Sami and EJ are rescued, and Nicole confronts EJ about seeing him kissing Sami. Lexie encourages her to get EJ away from Sami, but Nicole refuses. Lucas and Chloe run into Stefano, and he shows Lucas feed of Sami kissing EJ. Lucas claims that he doesn’t care. He tells Chloe that he is over Sami and wants to move on. Kate confronts Sami about not caring about Lucas. Steve and Kayla continue to scream for help, and Lucas and Chloe hear them after following Joe’s cries. Steve and Kayla eventually find him in a room and have a joyous reunion. The police finally break into the seventh floor, and Roman and Abe get a message from Stefano, telling them to arrest Marlena for attempting to kill him or else he will mete out his own justice.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

To Robin's dismay, Patrick, after much agonizing, proposes on the General Hospital loudspeakers. Anna believes Robin should take the remainder of her gestation period off to enjoy being pregnant. Sonny admits to Kate that Karpov is in the mob and trying to lure him back in. Spinelli engages Maxie's help in trying to save Jason from Sasha. Both Lulu and Johnny beg their siblings to get them together before she goes catatonic, but are refused, so Lulu turns to Jason.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Remy goes to Olivia's looking for Ava. When Olivia arrives and sees him banging on the door, she tells him she is not there. Remy tells her, he thought she was on his side. She tells him not anymore. Jeffrey is not happy with some info he just got. Marina and Mallet are in bed together when she realizes she is late for work. She gets phone call from Josh just before she leaves. Ashlee goes to see Daisy and yet they get into another fight over Grady and what he did and why Daisy is still with him. And also what it did to her family. But before Ashlee leaves they make up. Daisy tells Ashlee that Rafe is back in town. When talking to her son, Natalia she says the last time she knew, Rafe and Harley were in trouble. While with Olivia, Remy notices she looks rundown and suggests seeing a doctor. She ignores him and leaves. Marina and Mallet talks to Jeffrey about the case against Grady. Natalia is worried that people will find out Rafe is back. Rafe tells his mother that he went to the Beacon and no one saw him. Jeffrey gets a cop to help him in his research of Alan Spaulding. Remy finds Jeffrey and they later go for a drink. Marina makes a phone call to Daisy. Marina wants to know the last time that she spoke to Harley. Marina is a little skeptical as to what Daisy is doing during the call. Daisy tells her she is with Ashlee and has Ashlee prove it. Ashlee tell Daisy how she feels about Daisy and her changing of boyfriends. While talking with Rafe, they hear a knock on the door and Olivia's voice. Natalia answers it trying to cover for Rafe, but Olivia sees him. Jeffrey and Remy talk about being Dads. Natalia and Olivia talk about Rafe being back. Natalia is still nervous about letting people know he is back. Olivia says, "Are you hearing yourself"? She is lucky to have him back. Natalia goes home expecting Rafe to be there. When she calls out to him and he doesn't answer she gets nervous. Rafe goes to visit Daisy. Jeffrey goes to see Olivia about Ava and what they should do. And also about Remy. Olivia says she is not changing her mind about Remy. Olivia give Jeffrey advice about his saying he is a failure. Olivia in shorts says to Jeffrey, stop kicking yourself. Jeffrey and Olivia's talks turns to Gus and Alan and their connection of late.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr goes to have her ultrasound and later has lunch with Blair and Marcie. The three of them are ready to agree to all be a part of the baby's life. But not everybody is ok with that. Cole somehow seems to know that something is going on behind his back. And Todd threatens the nurse with blackmail, informing her that he knows her son got in trouble and he can send him back to prison if she does not "cooperate" with him. Meanwhile, Jared attempts to get into the good graces of Clint. Clint tells Jared they might be able to work together in order to overthrow Dorian. But it might involve some "dirty business" involving taking Langston from her. Tina seems to know how to make Sara and Cristian appreciate her when she shows them how she can help Antonio get Talia back. But she senses something is "not normal" about Jessica. Tess is really there and she rips into Tina with hostile abusive verbiage that her aunt knows is not who Jessica really is. And Tess also "displays" that she is not the real Jessica when she goes to the OB-GYN clinic and causes a scene, when Todd overhears her.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Nikki and Paul are still in Mexico, when Paul hears about Heather’s collapse he heads back to Genoa City; leaving Nikki to receive the news of Victor being presumed dead. She shares this with Nick who is on his way there. Heather collapses at Restless Style and is rushed to the hospital, where they inform her that her red blood cells are low and she will need to be admitted. Amber still plays the game of revenge with her make believe boyfriend Liam, arranging a fake meeting at the GCAC where Colleen and Daniel are meeting for lunch. Lily shares her paternity story with Ana, who refuses to forgive Tyra. Lily also has a shoot at Jabot for the new lipstick shade “Restless Style”, unbeknownst to her Chloe is overseeing it. Cane and Lily share an awkward moment, Daniel is enlisted to scare Noah straight and Nick tells Paul that Walter is a marked man. Chloe suggests Cane and she elope and Brad tries to cause waves for Jill.

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