The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 8/20/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jesse looks at a pic of himself, Angie and Frankie. Angie comes into the room where he is. They discuss Cassandra and her recent behavior in wanting to go home. Erica gives Carmen a makeover. Carmen tells Erica that she had gone on a date with Jack. Erica is surprised. There is a knock on the door and it is Jack. He has some papers for Erica to sign. Carmen’s eyes lighten up when she sees Jack .Greenlee calls Aidan and tells him to wait thirty minutes before he comes home that she has a surprise for him. Tad sits on a barstool beside Aidan and smiles a sheepish grin when he hears Aidan talking to Greenlee. Ryan and Annie arrive at the Cambias’ to pick up Spike for the day. Kendall lets Annie know that Spike is at music camp. Annie goes all ballistic and accuses Kendall of deliberately keeping Spike away from her. Richie appears, but only Annie can see him. Kendall orders Annie to leave, but she refuses. Jake starts to move out of Greenlee’s but she stops him. She offers him some cheese, crackers and wine. Cassandra prepares to leave Angie’s and Jesse’s. Angie tries to talk her out of leaving, but doesn’t have any luck. Erica questions Carmen if she is romantically interested in Jack. Kendall advises Ryan to get away from Annie while he can.

Ryan refuses to leave Annie. Kendall agrees to work with Ryan, but she lays some ground rules for Annie. Cassandra meets with Dre at B.J.’s. Dre offers to leave with Cassandra so they can be together. Richie advises Annie to put a bullet between Kendall’s eyes. Jack visits Greenlee, bearing gifts, but gets an unexpected surprise. Jack lets Greenlee know how he feels about Carmen .Erica gives Carmen the go ahead to date Jack. Annie lashes out at Ryan for always taking Kendall’s side against her. Aidan arrives home and follows a trail of bread to Greenlee, who lies on the sofa in just her panties and bra. She feeds him a piece of bread and then they kiss.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Lily has a night to herself when Holden takes the kids, but Lucinda calls and wants her to meet her – no questions asked. Brian, Luke and Noah talk ideas for his foundation when Brian sees Luke and Noah acting affectionate. Katie and Brad leave Liberty in the dark about their setting her up with Leo, the WOAK intern. Parker takes Carly’s cell phone and calls Liberty and she tells Katie, who thinks this will work out perfectly if Parker follows Liberty on her ‘date’. Parker bribes JJ to help him get out of the house. Leo arrives as Katie, Brad and Liberty have lunch and pretend it is by accident; they ask him join them. Parker and JJ lie to Carly and say they are going to the movies. Lucinda shows Lily her new dresses and then asks her to throw a dinner for Brian. Lily teases Lucinda about how she heard Brian likes her. Lily invites Brian, Luke and Noah to dinner. Liberty sees Parker watching her as she sits with Leo and worries this is going to hurt him, but Katie tells her that it is the wake up call for Parker to back away a bit. Liberty begrudgingly goes along with their plan, as Janet sees what is going on when Parker takes off; Janet goes after him and explains that there is nothing going on with Liberty. Liberty and Leo leave, as Parker watches them. JJ is caught sneaking back in and Carly calls Jack, who knows where Parker is. When Jack, Carly and Janet realize Parker is gone and so is Liberty and Leo, Brad and Katie realize their plan went awry. Brad and Katie fess up, as Carly, Jack and Janet are furious. Leo is all over Liberty, who tells him to leave her alone, as she takes off and Leo follows her. Parker shows up and punches Leo. Liberty is thankful he saved her and calls her mom to tell her what happened. Everyone heads over as Liberty explains how Parker saved her. Brad thanks Parker, as Liberty is upset with her dad and Katie for setting this in motion. Brian warns Luke about the philanthropic world being very conservative; he might want to not advertise he is gay. Luke thinks it isn’t right to have to hide being gay and is annoyed at Brian’s suggestion. After Brian leaves, Luke tells Lucinda and Lily that he isn’t sure Brian is right for the job. Surprised by his about face, Luke admits what Brian said to him. Lucinda and Lily don’t believe Brian is homophobic, but he was simply trying to warn Luke of what he is up against; they ask him to give Brian another chance. Liberty would like to thank Parker for what he did, so Janet takes her to his house and pleads Liberty and Parker’s case to Carly and Jack. Lucinda orders Brian to make things right with Luke after his comments, as he agrees to do that. Luke tells Noah about Brian’s suggestion and Noah understands. Carly and Jack finally relent and agree to let Parker and Liberty hang out again. Carly and Janet hug when Carly thanks her for looking after Parker, as Jack sees this.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge calls Thorne and Felicia together and tells them he wants to apologize to Donna. He pushed her too hard. He wants them all together back at Forrester’s again. He thinks that is what his dad would want. They both think eating crow in front of Donna is asking a lot. Steffy overhears this and thanks her father for meeting Donna half way. Now maybe he will give Marcus a chance too. Bridget tells Marcus they will know within the hour about the blood test and if Eric was poisoned. Marcus is unsettled to find Owen still with Donna. He tells Owen that he is on to him and if he were smart, he’d get out now. Owen insists that Marcus tell him what he has against him as he’s been nothing but supportive. They end up in a shoving match until Donna intercedes and blurts out that Marcus believes Owen poisoned Eric. Owen listens to Marcus’ theories and tells him that is ridiculous.

Carl gives Bridget the toxicology report. Owen tells Donna that he is only making her life worse with all these accusations so he will leave. Bridget arrives at that moment and states the test came back positive. There was a substance in Eric’s body that induced cardiac arrest. Marcus feels vindicated while Owen and Donna stand in disbelief.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

John fixes the ventilation system and fantasizes about seeing a young Stefano, Santo, and his old self. Santo tells John that he never knew Colleen was pregnant, but feels she did what she thought was best for John. Later, both Santo and the Old John try to convince the New John that the life he is leading is wrong. He has to let Marlena help him find the man he once was, as she is the only one that can. John insists that he likes his new life, but cries a little after Santo leaves. Meanwhile, Marlena is visited by the ghost of her sister, Samantha. Samantha has come to blame John for the problems Marlena is having, but Marlena convinces her how wonderful John is, and how she can’t give up on him, much as she was unable to give up on her sister so many years ago. After Sam disappears, Marlena is able to grab the syringe and inject herself with the antidote. Tony and Anna are revived as the ventilation system pumps in fresh air. Stefano has little Joe and hands him off to Rolf, who is helping Stefano put his plans into motion.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lulu has tons of visitors; first, Scotty attempts to bully her, but is stopped by Sonny who tries to reassure the girl and empathize. Then, Maxie comes to see her and brings word that Kate is holding her job. Before he sees Lulu, Nikolas goes to see Laura and spill his worries to his mom, those about his sister, then about Nadine and her crush on him. Nadine is rather unhappy about the fact that Nikolas has vowed to never kiss her again. Kate finds her wedding plans keep going awry, due to balky designers. She and Sonny have a serious conversation about his dark side, and his bipolar condition. Spinelli is terrified that Jason will get involved with Sasha, the Karpov lawyer. Trevor begs Alexis to get Johnny freed, for the sake of her daughters. Lucky, however tries to get Johnny to take the complete fall and thus keep Lulu safe from prosecution. Claudia goes ballistic when she hears that.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Grady runs into Olivia and they talk about Ava. Grady doesn't realize that Ava is Olivia's daughter and goes on and on until Olivia interrupts and says that Ava is her daughter. Alan is trying to convince Natalia that Rafe is ok and will be home soon. Lizzie is on the phone talking about co-operating fully. Rick then calls about Alan's tests. He doesn't want to tell her over the phone and asks her to meet him at Cedars. Bill is in a meeting when a phone call comes. He tells the guy he has to go. Grady says he needs a job. Olivia still won't give him one. Not even a chance. Finally she just walks away. Daisy's reunion with Rafe is sweet. He gives her a necklace he had gotten for her. Alan and Natalia continue their talk at the park. Alan tells her that he wishes he could give her proof of Gus' taking care of them. Bill gets to Cedars. Lizzie sits down for the results of Alan's tests. Rick says Alan has a blood clot in his brain. Lizzie wonders if this is causing Alan's visions. Rick says they can't tell that for sure. Lizzie wants her mom. Rick wants her to call Alan. Bill sits with Lizzie while she talks about her grandfather. Grady walks in on Daisy and Rafe. Rafe is not happy Daisy being with Grady. Daisy stops what was to be a fight between them. Lizzie finds Alan at a restaurant. He tells her he feels fine. She tells him if he doesn't go back to the hospital he is going to die. Back at Company Bill is waiting for Lizzie. She arrives and tells him how it went with trying to get Alan to go to Cedars. He seems to care. Alan is on the phone with someone. He doesn't know Rafe is behind him. Alan turns around and Rafe come from behind a tree. Alan is excited to see Rafe and hugs him. Rafe and Natalia reunite happily. Lizzie overhears a conversation Bill is having on the phone when she come to move in.

OLTL Recap Written by Jeannie

Jared and Natalie are in bed. They talk about getting jobs. Natalie smells something burning. Downstairs Tina is trying to make muffins. Todd and Marty walk up. She tells him he snores. She says she dreamed about John McBain. John goes to work as the new commissioner. Someone leaves him a bag. In it is a bagel and a note about last night. John looks at his file on the mystery woman Ramsey was keeping. He tells his officers to bring in Keys, Todd's old bodyguard. Blair comes home in the morning. Addie, Starr and Langston guess who her new boyfriend is. Blair denies its anything special. Addie suggest calling Delphina but Blair forbids it. Starr and Blair go to the doctor. Marcie meets them there. Nora tells Clint that Bo called Matthew. They are happy. Simon comes in and has information for Clint. Nora and Cole go out to breakfast. Simon gives Clint some information on Langston. Clint is happy about what he sees. Jared goes to Clint and asks to help get BE back. Clint asks how low will he sink and shows him Langston's file.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

It is deadline day at Restless Style, Nick and Phyllis are planning their revenge on Jack and Sharon; which just so happens to be an expose on Jack written by Phyllis under an alias name. Ana and Devon talk about Tyra not being her biological mother as Neil comforts a hysterical Tyra. Glo confronts Kay trying to make nice after badmouthing the appointment of Cane as CEO of Jabot. This comes after she and Jack discuss their strategy to takeover Jabot. Noah invites some friends over to the pool at the ranch and is caught by Nick.

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