The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 8/19/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Angie serves Jesse breakfast of pancakes and sausage. Jesse complains about the syrup being lowfat and the sausage being turkey. Cassandra comes out of the bedroom and informs Jesse and Angie that she is going home to Paris because her father is having surgery. Randi comes into B.J.’s and orders breakfast for the women of Fusion. Frankie comes in and they start up a conversation. Randi tries every way to get away from him to keep from telling him what is really wrong. Amanda arrives at work at Fusion and finds that no one is there not even Randi. She is upset with Randi until she finds the note from Randi telling her that she had gone for breakfast. Jake comes into the office. Amanda picks up the vase of roses to show Jake and accidentally sticks one of the stems in her eye. At the Chandler mansion, Babe finds J.R. on the terrace, having breakfast. She compliments J.R. on how well he had handled Kathy the day before. Adam comes out onto the terrace and begins hurling insults as usual. Babe leaves for work. Adam questions J.R. if Babe had any idea what they had been up to and that she would soon be working for Adam. J.R. insists that she will not be working for Adam, but will be the CEO herself. Amanda lets Jake know that Greenlee and Aidan had gotten married in Vegas. Jesse insists to Cassandra that she cannot leave town pending the murder investigation. Cassandra insists that she is leaving no matter what Jesse says. Jesse does some checking and finds out that Cassandra’s father does not want her coming back to Paris.

Joe questions Jake as to what has happened to him since he had been home. Jake promises to take it easy. Jesse confronts Cassandra that she had lied to them about her father’s surgery. Frankie opens up to Randi and tells her about Taylor and the time that they had spent in Iraq. Frankie gets a call from Fletcher telling him that he had better get the money to buy Randi or Randi’s face would be re-arranged. Amanda and Babe go forward with their secret plan concerning Fusion. Adam also goes forward with his plan to take over Fusion.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

When Meg doesn’t feel well, so Paul suggests she make an appointment at the hospital to be checked out. Chris tries to be nice to Aaron and wanting to be his doctor, but Aaron isn’t having that, and tells he and Allison that he does not want Chris around. Emma worries about the state of her livestock and people, who eat produce grown on the farm. Emily stands up Casey. Chris wonders when Aaron and Susan will cut him some slack since Allison has forgiven him. Emily shows up harassing Paul and Mike wanting the story on the Farm project, as Paul is getting more bad news. Dani and Allison see each other, as Dani flirts with Chris. Derek flirts with Bonnie, which leads to hearing information about the Farm project he ‘lent’ money to. Allison off handedly calls Aaron her boyfriend, and when Chris hears this, he is disappointed. Paul pleads with Emily to let the story go, but she won’t be deterred. Meg almost passes out so Mike takes her to the hospital. Casey sees Paul and Emily together and assumes she stood him up for Paul. Dani gets a job in town. Allison alludes to her mom and Aaron at lunch that Dani was drooling over Chris. Chris and Dani have drinks and talk about living in Paris. Paul and Emily fight about the story, as Emily promises she won’t let this go and Casey worries about Paul getting even. Paul learns Meg is at the hospital and rushes there. Bonnie and Henry inadvertently give Derek the ammunition against Paul and his failing project. Derek shows up at the sight claiming to be a friend of Paul’s; Mike calls Paul, who tells him not to say anything because he will handle it. Emily blows Casey off to write her article. Allison and Aaron find Chris and Dani together, as Allison looks annoyed and Dani wonders if there is still something between them. Meg tells Paul that she was giving a clean bill of health, as Paul has to race off and Meg rubs her stomach smiling. Aaron is glad Chris is hanging with Dani because that means he will leave Allison alone, but she subtly looks upset with that idea. A thrilled Emily finishes her article and wants to hang out with Casey, but he is annoyed that she blew him off to write her story so he blows her off to go to class. Meg tells Emma that she just learned she is pregnant. Derek threatens Paul about the money he loaned him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Marcus these are serious accusations against Owen. Marcus says they are more than coincidences and Owen is at the house now so he’s going over to look after his mom. Ridge and Bridget have a serious discussion about Eric’s condition and he takes the blame for what almost happened when he turned off the machine. Both Bridget and Brooke tell Ridge not to beat up on himself so badly. Ridge hopes he gets another chance to show his dad how much he loves him. Marcus catches Owen with his hands around Donna’s waist and pushes him aside and tells him to get out. This time don’t come back. Donna claims that Owen is her friend and totally supports her. She definitely does not believe Marcus’ theory that Owen poisoned Eric with the bottle of gin. Brooke assures Ridge they will be married and his dad will be right there next to him.

Marcus makes Donna promise that she won’ be around Owen again. If he shows up, call the police. He wants to prove his theory, but he needs time. Jackie visits Eric and swears this would not be happening to him if he had made his life with her. Marcus convinces Bridget to run a blood test to see if Owen poisoned Eric. That way he’d get the widow and the fortune. Bridget knows Marcus doesn’t trust Owen, but is he capable of murder? Owen returns and Donna is cautious, but he keeps telling her they are a team and are in this together all the way. Marcus talks to Eric and thanks him for loving both Donna and him. Now he’s going to repay that favor. Bridget returns with the results of the blood test.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole continues her fantasy in the thirties. Chloe tells Phillip that she loves Lucas, and quits her job as a singer. Nicole kills Sami, then calls Lucas for help disposing of the body. He tells her he won’t have anything to do with it and leaves her a gun in case she wants to commit suicide. Nicole then goes to EJ, admitting what she did. She threatens him with the gun, and he agrees to run off with her. As they pack, Lucas calls the police and tells them that Nicole murdered Sami. Chloe shows up, and she and Lucas admit they love each other, deciding to leave town together. Abe and Roman arrest Nicole, telling her she’ll get the electric chair. EJ refuses to wait for her.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Desire to help their siblings bonds Claudia and Nikolas, but does not keep him from giving Nadine a strong kiss. Anna arrives to stay with her daughter until the birth, but sees Patrick defending Layla from Dr. Hunter and thinks he's back to sowing wild oats. Lulu is sure she is stuck at Shady Brook forever and states that when the Quartermaines, who are now considered her family, visit. Lucky and Sam are both grateful to Liz for her help in saving Sam's life and tell her the truth about their "break up". Karpov's lawyer hits on Sonny.

GH: Night Shift Recap Written by Laurie

Family Values:  Robert packs his bags and tries to leave the hospital.  Robin says Robert needs surgery and chemotherapy.  Robert balks at the idea.  He wants to return to work and get his treatment someplace other than GH.  Robin threatens to have Robert committed by declaring him “incompetent.  Claire and Toussaint discover a live patient in the morgue.  Jagger brings Stone to see Dr. Batra.  Jagger is frustrated but Dr. Batra has high hopes for Stone.  Leo has bad news for the family of a critically injured gay burn victim.  Kyle confides in Claire about “coming out” to Leo.  Kyle sympathizes with the burn victim’s partner.  The woman asks if Kyle can get her partner’s eggs so she can follow their plan to have a baby.  Kyle goes to Patrick but gets no place at first.  Eventually Patrick sees things Kyle’s way.  Leo stands up for Kyle against the patient’s homophobic father. Robin confides in Patrick about Robert.  Epiphany and Robert talk.  Jagger tells Robin the truth about Stone.  Toussaint is offended when he overhears Epiphany telling Claire about a disastrous date.  Epiphany doesn’t tell Claire her date was with Toussaint.  Kyle and Leo have a minute of closeness.  Robert agrees to stick around for his treatment.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Cyrus and his brother are about to have a meal and talk when Daisy comes by. Cyrus is the first to see her because Grady just went inside the house. Grady tells Cyrus he invited Daisy. Cyrus then figures out why earlier Grady asked how much food he made. Josh comes by Cassie's, but she forgot he asked him over to talk about the divorce. Reva gets a bouquet of flowers from Jeffrey and he is there when she reads the card. The moment turns cold at the mention of Josh. Cassie tells Josh she will be ok without him. He tells her he finally believes that. Reva is getting cold feet and tell Jeffrey. She says they keep saying they will marry and then they don't. Reva says she can only find peace to marry after Jeffrey finds Alan guilty of all the things he did to her family. He turns to her and gives her a flower and tells her after this trial he will marry her. Daisy is still with Cyrus and Grady. She says she feels unwanted and threatens to leave, until Cyrus tells her to sit down on the bench. Cassie is rifling through a bag when she hears a knock at the door. It's Jeffrey. He tells her he is going after Alan. That he'll handle it and he is on her side. Josh sees Reva and they talk. He tells her he signed the papers. Reva then sees Buzz and they talk about marriage. She reminds him of his last. Josh goes to see Jeffrey. Josh sits down after saying if Reva can wait so can I. Jeffrey calls Josh a selfish person. Cassie orders Cyrus to get out. But he doesn't go until he tells her that Grady is sorry for causing pain. Josh goes to see Reva again and gets on her nerves. Including reprogramming her cellphone. Jeffrey goes to see Cyrus but sees Grady instead and warns him not to go anywhere. Because once he has Alan, he will also get Daisy for perjury. Grady says what does he need to do. Jeffrey says when he calls him to testify against Daisy and Alan he will. Rafe comes back and winds up at Daisy's.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Gigi is traveling in 1968 and at the ranch. She seems to know that Rex is nearby. And she goes to find him in bed with Emma. She is upset but later realizes that he only loves her. He explains to her that Brody gave him reason to believe that she was done with him and sleeping with Brody. She tells him that is not true. And they conclude that they were meant for each other. Back in Llanview, Shane has a premonition that he will "lose" Brody, find out he is not his real dad and he admits to Brody that he can sense that maybe Rex is his real father and the right man for his mom. John is dreaming while Blair is in his bed. He sees Marty. She informs him that she believes what Todd has told her about him. At that same time, Marty dreams about John when Todd is sleeping in her bed. She asks him if he is the right person for her or if Blair is. Bo talks to Asa's ghost and stands up to his father by telling him he no longer wants to fill Asa's shoes. He does not treat women the way Asa does and is proud to be himself whether Asa approves of his choices or not.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Nikki and Paul arrive in Mexico and locate Victor but, are unaware of the danger they are about to face. Nick tries to warn Nikki but, the call drops and he is unable to. Victoria evicts Adam from the Ranch, he is not happy with this and states that he will find out his legal standing, in the meantime he’ll bunk with Heather. Glo and Jeffrey are going on their long overdue honeymoon to the Cayman Islands, but of course there’s money and scheming involved as they plot to take over Jabot. Ana finds out the truth about Yolanda being her mother, after getting a call from an Arts school Kay has gotten her a scholarship to.

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