The TV MegaSite's Monday 8/18/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad and Krystal are in their living room. Tad tries to talk to Kathy about how wrong she was for locking Krystal out of the house. Kathy remains silent and doesn’t want to say anything. Colby and Adam come into the Valley Inn dining room. Colby is upset about her attending college with this hit and run hanging over her head. Adam tries to offer her reassurance that everything will be alright. Aidan manages to get the bathroom door open, only to hear Ryan tell Annie that he will never leave her. Annie demands to know from Ryan what he was doing in the bathroom with Greenlee. Greenlee tries to explain to everyone that she had dropped her earring in the toilet and Ryan had fished it out for her. Kendall tries to calm Annie down about Ryan being in the bathroom with Greenlee. Kendall offers Zach help in fixing the bathroom door. Zach advises Kendall to take it easy on Annie. Carmen and Jack arrive at ConFusion for drinks. They are soon joined by Greenlee, Aidan, Zach and Kendall. Jack offers his congratulations to Greenlee on her marriage. Carmen tells Jack that he is the “perfect guy.” Jack lets Carmen know that he and Erica are no longer together . Pete join Adam and Colby. Adam receives a call from Barry and leaves the table. Tad lets Kathy know that Krystal had to be here. J. R. tries to talk to Kathy about Krystal. Even Krystal tries to talk to Kathy which ends up in them hugging. Kathy apologizes to Krystal.

Annie and Ryan arrive home. Annie immediately confronts Ryan about the secret that he and Kendall share. Annie mentions to him about the key that Ryan and Kendall had found. Annie, once again, lies to Ryan and tells him that the key was to a diary. Annie pretends that she is worried about the baby in order to get Ryan’s sympathy. Jack asks Carmen out on a real date. Carmen is speechless and rushes out of ConFusion. Pete kisses Colby much to Adam’s dismay. Adam gets on the phone with Palmer and orders him to keep Pete away from Colby. Kathy sits on the stairs and tears the head off the doll that Krystal had given her.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Bonnie presents Paul’s case to the Board in order to get it approved. It looks like they may be turned down. Mike learns of more problems with the soil right before Lily surprises him by showing up with a picnic; Mike comes across as blowing her off and not particularly happy to see her at that moment. Lily is upset that Mike treats her that way, takes off, as Holden witnesses this, and goes after her. Aaron comes home to the farm to convalesce. Allison shows up to take care of him. Emma tries to convince Holden to come back home, but he needs time to himself at the Lakeview. Chris is back on staff at the hospital, as Bob worries about him and Allison working together again. Luke and Noah meet with Lucinda, who has a great possibility for director of Luke’s foundation; he also seems to have a strong interest in Lucinda. Allison tells Aaron that she is afraid of hurting him because he is her best friend. She also tells him that she isn’t ready for anything else right now. Brian tells Luke that he considered this project because of Lucinda, which Luke can’t help but notice. Paul’s project is approved, and he is given only 30 days to clean up the Farm site. Holden tries to talk with Lily about what is wrong, but she snaps at him angrily and Holden leaves in a huff. Bob doesn’t understand why Chris continues to pine away for Allison when she has turned him down. Chris tells him that he saw things in a different light when he thought he would lose her. Allison realizes Aaron’s wound is infected; she calls the hospital and ends up with Chris, who tells her that he will come over to check on Aaron, much to Aaron’s displeasure. Mike gives Paul and Meg the even worse news about the soil and now Paul is faced with needing much more money and time to keep this project afloat. Meg thinks he should back out because there is no way he can take this on, but Paul won’t be deterred. Chris tends to Aaron, and Allison can’t help but be impressed, as Aaron is less then thrilled. Lucinda tells Brian that he got the job, as he turns around and asks her out to dinner. Luke and Noah make plans to go on a date. Aaron worries if Allison can handle giving him antibiotic injections 4 times a day and seeing him that much, as she promises that she is up to the task. Mike apologizes to Lily, as they try to figure out what they want and are to one another. A worried Emma finally receives news from Meg that the project got the green light. Emma is overjoyed and very appreciative of Paul; she thinks this is a sign Meg maybe right and he has changed, as Meg looks concerned knowing what Paul has to do for her mother. Paul goes to see Henry about his ‘contacts’, as Henry cautions him about how dangerous they are, but Paul won’t be deterred. Brian makes Lucinda dance with him, as Luke and Noah join them. Aaron happily tells Meg and Emma how happy he is Allison is spending all this time with him, as Allison and Chris bond more and look forward to working together. Henry worries about the path Paul is choosing and cautions Bonnie to stay away from him from now on. Paul meets with Henry’s contact and is given a briefcase full of cash with strict payback requirements. Meg interrupts their meeting, as Paul doesn’t share the real extent of his business with this man. Chris assures Bob that he is going to go after Allison but he will do it right this time. Luke and Noah take notice of how into Lucinda that Brian seems to be. Lily apologizes to Holden for how she acted when he was checking on her. They talk about how they need to learn how to act better with one another. Lily learns that Carly is no longer in Holden’s life, as he assumes Mike is no longer in her life either. His observation is wrong, as he learns that when Mike shows up to take Lily out.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna sits at the piano and can't hide her sadness from Owen. Far into nostalgia, she says she can not remember the last song Eric played, but she knows he is going to come back to them and be the man he was. And they all owe Owen so much as he talked her into not listening to Ridge and pulling the plug. She’s going to try to make up for how they have treated him. Marcus shares with Brooke that he is worried about his mother. Owen is trying to get his hooks back into her again. He turned Felicia down for a mere $200,000, but Owen is looking for a much bigger prize with Donna if Eric is out of the picture. Taylor asks Steffy who is the mystery man? The one who put that big smile on her face. They discuss Marcus until Rick barges in from the shower and seeing Steffy makes a hasty retreat.

Steffy hopes Taylor will help her change her dad’s mind about Marcus. Taylor tells Rick that his Tarzan act wasn’t very funny. Donna tells Owen more of her past with Eric before they were married. How everyone just thought she was some bimbo and it would never last. And how wonderful Eric was when he accepted her son and was going to include him in his will. Owen says Eric is holding on for his life, and so must she. Give him a reason to wake up. She’s special; Eric is a lucky man. Earl, the maintenance man, schmoozes with Pam and in the process tells her that the bears are attacking the Big Bear cabin looking for food. Tell others to be sure and keep all the garbage locked in the garage, especially those many bottles of honey the second Mrs. Forrester ordered. Marcus suggests to Brooke that perhaps Owen was responsible for Eric’s heart attack. It happened so quickly and just a few days after Owen arrived and then there was that special gin bottle. He wasn’t even invited to the party, but Owen brought a bottle for the host. What if gin wasn’t the only thing in that bottle? What if he was poisoned?

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole gets drunk at the DiMera mansion and fantasizes that she, Lucas, Sami, EJ, Phillip, and Chloe are all living in Salem back in the thirties. Lucas is a P.I whom Nicole comes to see because her husband, EJ, is cheating on her. Come to find out, Sami, Lucas’ wife, is the one sleeping with EJ. EJ leaves Nicole, and when Sami comes looking for him, Nicole strangles her. Chloe is a frumpy girl with a great voice that Phillip hires to sing at his club. She has the hots for her former boss Lucas, but he tells her he can’t be unfaithful to his wife. Phillip thinks he can give Chloe everything she needs. Later, after Sami leaves him, Lucas comes after Chloe and finds her kissing Phillip.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Kate becomes jealous when Karpov's lovely lady lawyer tries to woo Sonny back into the fold. Carly attempts to seduce Jax again, but does not ask him to come back, just says she knows he is not ready. He is convinced her ankle was truly hurt, though. Sam is shot in the raid and Lucky turns to Liz for help. Before going to Lucky, Liz is threatened by Anthony, and she reminds him of her connections. Claudia attempts to visit her brother in jail. Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Lulu is heavily drugged and convinced that she is on the road to becoming just like her mother and wracked with guilt over Johnny.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Daisy sees a help wanted sign at Company and get the nerve to go and ask for it. Buzz and Frank are sitting at a window table when she comes in and asks to apply. They both look at her in shock. Cyrus and Grady are talking about Daisy and her trust in her. When asks by Cyrus if he'd give up on Daisy. Grady tells him he didn't give up on Harley when things got bad between them. Bill and Lizzie talk again about the company and Alan. Bill tells Dinah about Alan's collapse. Dinah says he's lucky. But that Bill shouldn't worry about Alan Spaulding. He should be thinking about the company. Lizzie goes home to talk to Alan. She suggests a stress test for him. Alan laughs but then says he doesn't need one but thanks her for her concern. Cassie, Mel and Blake are sitting around a kitchen table taste testing recipes. Cassie and Mel taste one of Blake's, who wants their honest opinion. They lie and say they like it. They all laugh. Frank gives Daisy strong advice about Grady. He tells her he is doing this because he loves her and then tells her to pack her bags that she is going to see Harley and this time she is going, Frank says. Frank and Daisy are outside arguing. Grady overhears it. Back at Cassie's the party winds down and Blake and Mel tell Cassie they are with her during the divorce. Daisy goes to see Cassie to apologize for her betrayal. Cassie isn't buying it. Cassie still doesn't want to see her. Bill and Lizzie is at the hospital waiting room At first Lizzie doesn't want anything to do with him. Then he shows her a deck of cards. She pushes the chair she is sitting on over to where he is and they start a game. Rick winds up being the doctor to see Alan. Alan wants another doctor. Daisy and Grady meet up. Grady is sorry for putting her in the situation she is in. That he is going to leave. Cassie goes to see Cyrus and tell him an ear full about Daisy and Grady. Cyrus doesn't even look at her while she is ranting on. After she has said her fill he follows her home. She tells him to leave. Daisy and Grady sit under a tree in the park holding hands. Daisy tells Grady about what happened with Cassie.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Rex is still trapped in 1968 afraid he will never see Gigi again. But he "takes comfort" with Emma who looks just like her and they sleep together. Not far away, Gigi meets all of the people in 1968. She wonders why Noelle is Rosa, why Jared is Clint and most importantly why Shane is young Spencer. But she knows she must find Rex. Back in Llanview, Marcie and Michael are still at odds about adopting Starr's baby. But they admit they still love each other. John is sleeping with Blair. Marty is having nightmares and remembering being raped. But she still trusts Todd and wants him to be there with her so she is not alone. Todd hasn't a clue what to do and appears afraid.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

The wedding is over and Kevin, Jana and their entourage prepare to leave, but not without shocking revelations. Jana shares with Daniel that Amber as well as herself saw him doing the deed with Colleen. Michael has finally had a chance to meet his long last dad River (aka Lowell) and vows to never want to see him again as he bids him adieu. Jill begins grooming Cane for his new position as CEO. Victoria and Nick continue to deal with the prodigal son Adam as Victoria flexes her corporate muscle to let him know who’s boss. Paul and Nikki prepare to go to Mexico to find Victor while Victor plots his revenge on Walter, who just happens to show up in a bar in Mexico. Kay and Jill fight about Jabot.

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