The TV MegaSite's Friday 8/15/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Taylor and Frankie were in the same platoon. Carmen and Randi were friends when they were young. They use to hang out in the boutique and dream about clothes. Greenlee, Aidan, Zach, Kendall, Annie and Ryan watch a videotape of Greenlee and Aidan’s wedding. Richie’s ghost tells Annie that the video shows that her hubby’s face looks like he just lost the love of his life. Greenlee drops her ring in the toilet; Ryan helps her with retrieving the ring, but the door will not open. Richie’s ghost tells her that Ryan thought she was asleep so he sneaked away with Greenlee to join the “mile high club”.

Annie tries to enter the bathroom; Kendall stops her. Richie’s ghost tells Annie to Grab something, and crack the bitch’s head open. Annie eyes the portable fire extinguisher. Frankie saved fourteen wounded soldiers by taking them to safety. Kate and Krystal play hide and seek; Krystal hides outside and Kathy locks her out. Kendall overhears Annie talking to someone; Richie’s ghost asked her what did she want him to do to Greenlee. She says that she wanted him to kill Greenlee. Taylor starts to leave and they hug in Frankie’s doorway. Randi sees them hugging, and leaves. Zach and Aidan get the restroom door open; Aidan and Annie see Ryan and Greenlee hugging each other.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Margo maintains that she took the day off to take care of her man, so why is Tom working as usual? They can only hope that Emily loves Casey enough to let him go. Likewise Emily catches her mother at the hospital checking on patients instead of resting. She gives her the good news that she is going ahead with the annulment, but that doesn't mean she and Casey are through. He doesn't care how old she is or what she will look like twenty years from now. Emily sees her niece, Dani, in the diner and they catch up on family history and Dani seems to approve of her Aunt Emily as a cougar to Casey. Parker doesn't show up at the train station from tennis camp. Carly calls Holden as she is worried and he meets her there. Jack eventually does too and the Snyder men exchange snide barbs. Jack throws it in Carly's face of what an example she is setting. If Parker lived with him at the farm, he'd have Janet move out.

Parker surprises Liberty by showing up at her place. What's love in tennis when he has her? She manages to call her Dad and he accuses Parker of wanting a death wish and he's about to get it. Brad drags him home and Jack reads Parker the riot act and strips him of all in his pocket. He goes nowhere without Jack knowing about it. Jack lights into Brad as well who snaps back. He later tells Katie that he doesn't think anyone can get Parker to leave Liberty alone. Her solution is to arrange a planned date for Liberty so Parker will think she is no longer interested in him. Holden can't stay away from Carly and comes to her door to check on her. She tells him he can't be there, she can't need anything from him. For the sake of her children who Jack could threaten to get custody, she can not see Holden. She needs to let him go.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge walks around his office….the one that used to be his office and he laments to Brooke that he still has enough clout to get into the building at least. She advises him not to torture himself like this, take a nice long vacation. His mind is on Steffy right now and he knows what they better not be doing. But they are. Fortunately they are interrupted by the towel man. It gives them time to reflect. Marcus wants to do this the proper way and make Ridge know that he is worthy of pursuing his daughter. Katie tells Nick that this may be wrong, but she doesn’t regret having his baby. He admits if it is wrong, then he is too. His one prayer that night was that she know before she died how much he loved her. So they are now there and he does love her. She admits she loves him too and that is why this baby is so special. She feels like she is dreaming, but…..there is a big but…….she doesn’t know whether she is allowed to feel happy or excited.

Ridge doesn’t know Marcus, but he states that it is possible he is using Steffy as a Forrester to get ahead in the company. Brooke’s point is well taken, but what is he to do? He points out no matter how bad things get, they are always better because she is here. Nick doesn’t have the answers, but he does know what is happening here and now and it feels right. Katie asks what about Bridget? What about Destiny?

Days Recap Written by Jenni

John continues working on the wiring for the ventilation system. Tony finds Anna unconscious and revives her. Stefano threatens John over an intercom, telling him that he will be his pawn again. Tony explains why he attacked John with a wrench. He and Anna both pass out just as John finds the problem with the wiring. Marlena tries to get Anna to understand that she wants the syringe, but fails. Later, she receives a mysterious female visitor. EJ comes to and Sami admits that she has feelings for him. She tells him a future for them may be possible. Lexie warns Nicole that EJ isn’t over Sami. Tim gets the surveillance cameras working briefly for Roman and Abe. Nicole sees Sami and EJ kissing. Kayla and Joe come to only to find Joe missing.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Nikolas and Anthony clash over the arrangements each wants to make to save Johnny and Lulu. When Johnny heads toward Shady Brook, Lulu freaks out, but he is able to calm her by agreeing to go on the run out of the country if she will get help. Jason confides to Liz that he feels betrayed by Sonny. Jax and Carly begin to move closer. Overhearing that the DEA plans on raiding the port that night, while Sam is transporting placebos for Karpov, Lucky fears for her. His fears seem to have basis; she is in the middle of a shoot out. As Johnny takes his leave, Scotty catches him.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lizzie is at Jeffrey's office. She wants to help him take Alan down. She wants her daughter back. Jeffrey still wonders. But the more Lizzie talks the more he believes she is being truthful. Alan tries to derail Beth's higher education. Alan gets up and in back of Peyton and tells her that once they get the house back she'll have plenty of room to play around. Bill wonders what Dinah is up too. Beth asks Alan to babysit. Then has second thought, but Alan says he can be both father and mother during the day while she takes her classes. Jeffrey tells Lizzie that the is no guarantee that Jonathan and Sarah can come back even with Alan behind bars. Lizzie says she realizes that, but she can hope. Jeffrey also reminds her of Alan's wrath. Jeffrey starts talking to her about what a questioning could do to her sanity. Later Lizzie runs into her mother, Beth. Who by this time has gotten her books for her courses. Alan is playing with Peyton. Alan calls Lillian for lunch. He's looking at Peyton while on the phone with Lillian. Jeffrey goes to Towers and finds Dinah. Bill and Alan have a confrontation that end up with Alan collapsing. Bill thinks about just leaving Alan there but changes his mind and stays with him. Meanwhile inside Jeffrey and Dinah continue their talk about Alan, Bill and the company. Lizzie goes to the park swing. Alan comes to and looks at Bill and calls him Gus. Bill tries to tell him he is not Gus. Bill tells Alan he is going to take him to Cedars to be checked out that he thinks Alan had a seizure. Bill finally finds Lizzie, but she wont let him talk. Beth gets home and finds Alan there like he was this morning. He doesn't even tell her of the seizure, but only that he heard from Gus. Bill finally shuts Lizzie up enough to tell her he thinks something seriously wrong with her grandfather. Beth and Alan kiss until the phone rings. Alan says it can wait and the continue their kiss. Dinah leaves a message for Alan saying, "They are coming after him again".

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Todd comes through the window to Starr's room in an attempt to get her to understand that he wants what is best for her and wants his family back. She is still angry at him but doesn't let Blair know he came by. Blair is seeing John. Bo and Rex are still stuck in 1968 and dependent on the professor to get them back to the present. It looks like Bo has gone back and has been able to get in touch with Matthew. But Rex cannot get back. Gigi is also trying unsuccessfully to find Rex and dependent upon Madam Delphina until she gets struck by lightning and then wakes up in 1968 and she goes to enter the old Buchanan ranch.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Kevin and Jana wed. Cane tells Lily he has proposed to Chloe as she parades around CL flaunting the ring (that just happened to be Lily's). Jill supportive of Caneís decision decides that itís time she step in and lay down the ground rules, for Jabotís sake. Tyra tells Devon the truth about Ana being his sister; Ana still does not know the truth. Amber mistakenly wanders in on Colleen and Daniel preparing to get BUSY!!!

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