The TV MegaSite's Thursday 8/14/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Jesse instructs his staff to search Route 77 where Richie’s body was found and look for a missing lug wrench from Annie’s car. Cassandra and Frankie are sucking on sundaes at the malt shop. They ask about each other’s life and they both agree that currently their lives suck. Aidan has Greenlee in his arms as they enter their hotel room; he has decorated the room with white rose petals. Kendall asks Zach if he would renew their vows; he says, “No”. Jake runs after Taylor on the beach. They make small talk, but she is not interested in him. Erica wants to know if she could jeopardize Sam’s campaign. Greenlee and Aidan make love!

Angie cannot believe that Frankie beat down a low-life-pimp, and Cassandra, and her friends ran down Richie Novak. Jesse tells Angie that maybe the kids hit Richie, but did not kill him. Greenlee does not want to take Aidan’s name. Erica lies and tells Sam that she ended the relationship with Jack. Zach wants Kendall and he to focus on their own lives, and not be in someone else’s life. Taylor knocks on the Hubbard’s door, and asks for Frankie Hubbard. Frankie come to the door, then give Taylor a big hug as he pick her up, and spin her around.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jack and Carly go to pick up JJ at camp.  Henry is concerned about Bonnie’s tactics in handling his clients, but she is only concerned with making the club money, which Henry realizes soon enough that she is doing very well for him.  Faith interrupts Lily and Mike having breakfast after he spent the night, and she worries if they were alone.  Neal calls Mike because he wants a meeting at the Farm about the soil, as Lily and Mike head over…. and a nervous Faith decides to join them.  Meg and Paul are enjoying some alone time when Mike interrupts to call about the Farm.  Neal delivers bad news – the contaminants in the soil are so high that they have to pull out of the project.  Jack offers Carly an ear and Carly actually takes it; Jack tells Carly no one has a right to judge her, which leads Carly to say he is her biggest problem.  Emma worries that she won’t be able to hold onto her land now.  Paul offers to bail the Snyder’s out.  Carly admits to Jack that his new judgment-free act towards her proves he is moving on with his life. Paul admits to Meg he is doing this to be her hero, but Emma surprises them when she turns down his offer flatly; she won’t be a charity case or to be used to impress Meg.  Paul defends his stance and Meg stands by his side and tells Emma that she needs to step up and show him respect.  Paul goes to Barbara for help. While Jack and Carly are helping JJ pack, Carly remembers her time with Holden, as Jack realizes it and asks her if she loves Holden.  Mike tells Lily that he is going to have to leave town now that his work his done.  Holden sees Mike and Lily kiss and wonders what is going on with them, as Lily happily and icily tells him that she slept with him.  Carly admits she doesn’t know how she feels, but she misses having a man find her irresistible.  JJ interrupts Carly and Jack hugging.  JJ has made Carly and Jack a frame that has their family picture inside.  Lily and Holden have another fight, which leads to Lily telling Holden to sign the separation papers and they won’t have to deal with each other again.  Carly and Jack admit they had fun together and should have done more of this during their marriage.  Paul rides to the rescue and then offers Mike his job back, seemingly to the chagrin of Holden.  Mike tells Lily the good news, as Holden interrupts with the signed separation papers.  Henry encourages Bonnie to drag her feet looking over Paul’s papers since he is doubling her fee.  Neal interrupts Carly and Jack’s talk telling her that he is leaving town, as Carly seems distracted by Jack’s departure.  Lily and Holden end things, as Lily takes off her wedding ring.  Neal offers Carly Paris, but she turns him down.  Holden takes off his wedding ring, as across town, Mike comforts Lily.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie shocks Beth and Bridget by saying she can not be Jack’s Godmother, she might not even be around. Bridget assures Katie that she will have her own happy family someday, but she feels like she is also bonded with Jack and would be the perfect Godmother. Beth understands and Katie bemoans what will she do? How could she betray Bridget this way? Nick thinks back to those nights – the prom and on Catalina with Katie. Then he sees Bridget’s face and the times they have spent together. Bridget tells him that Katie turned her down, but she knows he can get through to Katie. She thinks she really needs this. Steffy tells Marcus that she wants him. He wants her too, he loves her, but he laments that he can not continue this romance until her family approves of their relationship. She begs him not to pull away.

Steffy tells Marcus to forget her dad. She loves Marcus and if he does too, then show her. They fall back on the bed. Nick argues that he can’t get through to Katie either, but Bridget begs him to try. Nick won’t listen to Katie talk about losing the baby. She claims she will break Bridget’s heart, but he reminds her that he said it once before, this will all work out. She agrees that as guilty as she feels, she does not regret having his child.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Roman gets the list of who all is on the seventh floor, and confirms that Lucas, Chloe, and EJ are upstairs when Nicole and Phillip ask. Nicole confides in Phillip that she has feelings for EJ, but thinks she has too much baggage to pursue him. Phillip encourages her to do so, and then tells Nicole that he feels he has done some horrible things and doesn’t deserve to be with anyone. Stefano almost injects Marlena with the antidote, thinking it is a painkiller, but doesn’t. He tries to convince Marlena that it is best for her and John to be apart, as he has moved on with his life, and doesn’t deserve to be burdened with a paralyzed wife. John and Tony argue about John claming the DiMera fortune for himself. Tony tells John about Stefano always trying to pull him and Marlena apart, and finally succeeding recently. John asks Tony whose side he is on, and Tony agrees that he is on John’s--at least while they work on the ventilation system. Tony hallucinates and thinks he sees Stefano. He goes after him with a wrench. Anna snoops around in Stefano’s room. He catches her and ties her up, knocking her unconscious.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Claudia refuses to admit she has been in contact with Johnny. After Alexis shares the threat towards her girls with Sonny, he is angry with her for not telling him everything to begin with an for trusting Jerry near them. Then, he goes to Jason and informs him that his deal with Karpov is off, so Jason will no longer be protected from them, and that he needs to make certain the Zaccharas stay away from his kids. Sam and Lucky share an illicit moment or two. When Johnny begins to shift into escape mode, Lulu tries to get him to leave her behind so as not to be slowed down, but he won't do it. They head towards Canada. Even though she is grateful to Jason for all his help, Robin agrees with Patrick that he should stay away from their daughter. Liz's heart aches for Jason as she realizes anew how much Jason gave up to keep her boys safe. Anthony moves Claudia back into the house.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lizzie awakens upset. Natalia goes to Alan's for breakfast and a talk. When asks if she has spoken with Rafe, she says no. Olivia tries to cheer Jeffrey up. Olivia also says she spoke with Ava and she is getting good care at the health facility. Reva is just about to go out food shopping when a knock on the door derails it. The person at the door is Josh with a bag of goodies. Reva lets him in. Reva feel Josh is getting on her nerves, but in a fun way. He leaves telling her he'd love stay for breakfast, but has a lot of work. Jeffrey goes to see Alan, but doesn't get much out of him. Again Olivia shouts at Natalia about Rafe's safety. Lizzie wonders what kind of mother she is. Lillian tries to help her deal with it. Lillian tells Lizzie to stay in Springfield with family. Lizzie says where ever she is she will not stop missing baby Sarah. Josh is out side looking at plans for the Veteran's Hospital when Billy comes by. They joke a bit. Billy mentions Cassie. Josh starts to feel down, then perks up with mentioning that he and Reva are talking and he is building this place. Jeffrey visits Reva and the mention of Josh's name makes Reva tell Jeffrey she is glad she will soon be his wife. At the former Spaulding Mansion. Alan is on the stairs when Lizzie comes up beside him. Alan says he is making plans for the family. Telling her she will have her room when she visits from LA. Then she tells him things that make him question her about going to LA. Then they argue about Jonathan and Sarah. Lizzie tells Alan it is because of him that Jonathan took Sarah away. Reva and Jeffrey are at his office on the couch. Jeffrey is talking about family and her being it and his not running around anymore being a vigilante. Reva says he still can do his job. She is not stopping him. Reva talks to Lizzie about Jonathan and Sarah. She tells Lizzie that until Alan is out of jail, Jonathan won't bring Sarah home. Jeffrey is on the phone and gets some info he thinks might help. Alan comes into his house to find Olivia there. She is not happy. She goes into him, yelling at him about Emma and other things. He tries to make piece by hugging her. She doesn't buy it. Lizzie talks to Alan about needing Sarah back. Alan tells her he made it all up. He was pretending that Gus gave him that info. Lizzie says the house he mention in is "visions" did exists. Alan didn't know that until she told him. After arguing back and fourth Lizzie gets up and leaves. Reva and Billy talk to each other about Josh and what he is up to. Bill thinks Reva is pitting Jeffrey and Josh in a competition. Reva says there is no competition. Jeffrey is on the phone talking to Reva's answering machine. Lizzie walks into his office as he hangs up. Lizzie is surprised that Jeffrey is not going to go after Alan again. That is until Lizzie tells him she can help him.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Bo and Rex are struggling to get out of 1968 and back to the present and dependent upon the help of Professor Fina while Gigi is struggling to save Rex and dependent upon the help of Madam Delphina. Back in Llanview, Jared and Natalie sense that maybe they should not be living together under the same roof as Jessica, regardless of how cordial she appears. Meanwhile, Jessica is really Tess and is plotting a plan for some sort of "construction" work to be done in the basement that will have some sort of "affect" upon Natalie and Jared. Blair reveals to Dorian that she is seeing John. There are questions about what happened to Charlie when he was last seen at Dorian's home. And John is still wondering what is up with the mysterious invalid woman whom Todd is hiding in his new place.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Kevin, Jana, and their entourage have landed in Malibu to prepare for the upcoming nuptials. Amber and Daniel begin to reconnect but the moment is killed with the arrival of Colleen. Cane is tormented, as he flashes back in time to when he and Lily were happy, this brings him to his decision to marry Chloe in name only. Lily is miserable at Indigo as her family tries to cheer her up. To make matters worse, she runs into Cane at CL. The Newman clan and Neil tell Adam that his new boss in Victor’s absence is none other than Victoria. JT gets a lead, a Victor spotting perhaps? Victor is shown in Mexico still on his covert mission. Chloe is floored by the proposal and more importantly the ring which was once Lily’s. Tyra struggles with revealing the truth to Devon about Ana.

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