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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jack meets Erica for lunch at the Yacht Club. Jack inquires of Erica as to how things are going between her and Samuel. J.R. and Babe do work at home . J.R. asks as to where Greenlee and Kendall are. Babe lets him know that they are in Las Vegas. J.R. hands Babe a check to buy Greenlee and Kendall out. Randi arrives for work at Fusion. Amanda welcomes Randi to Fusion. Amanda inquires as to how Randi knows Carmen. Randi denies knowing her. Carmen serves Adam breakfast in the living room. Adam pretends not to see her as he is reading the newspaper. Krystal is cleaning house like a woman that has something on her mind. Tad questions her as to what is wrong. Carmen questions Adam as to what Krystal had said to him, but Adam refuses to tell her. Carmen gives Adam helpful advice concerning Colby and her drinking. Carmen begins to box up all the alcohol that is on the bar. Adam unpacks the liquor as quick as Carmen can pack it. Babe questions J.R. as to why he is wanting her to buy out Kendall and Greenlee. Babe lets J.R. know that she doesn’t want to run Fusion. Colby comes into the living room where Carmen is. Carmen lets Colby know that she is hiding the booze from Adam. Erica thinks that Jack had found someone else. Krystal tells Tad about Colby’s drinking problem. Adam visits J.R. at the office. J.R. lets Adam know that they are taking over Fusion.

Adam tells J.R. that he will never be a big business executive. Krystal lets Tad know that he is the only man for her. They kiss. Jack tells Erica to date other men. Jack assures her that she will always have a place in his heart. Carmen teaches Colby the Salsa.. Babe makes herself at home, sitting in Kendall’s chair. Jack receives a call and makes a date with Carmen for the dinner.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Allison is released from the hospital, and Chris offers to take her home, but Allison wants to see Aaron first. Casey feels like Emily is burying herself in her work suddenly to avoid him. Mike learns of a problem with the project at the Snyder Farm. Lily and Holden visit with Aaron. Aaron talks about forgiveness with them after his near death experience. Allison comes to visit with Aaron, and he is thrilled to see her. Neal comes back to town and visits with Carly in hopes of spending time with her again. Emily explains to Casey that she thinks they should get an annulment; Casey doesn’t want one, but Emily is insistent. Lily and Holden grab coffee and everything seems to be going well until Holden mentions he has moved out of the farm and is staying at the Lakeview. Lily is sure it is so he can see Carly. They fight and Lily tells him to sign the divorce papers and send them to her attorney. Carly accepts a date for lunch with Neal. Mike tells Neal that the farm has high levels of toxins in the soil, as Neal is worried about the project. Carly tells Mike that Holden and Lily are still divorcing because Lily can’t forgive Holden. Aaron tells Allison that he still loves her, as she looks conflicted. Mike goes to see Lily. Neal and Carly have their date in an attempt to start over, but Holden showing up at the same restaurant puts a damper on their plans; Holden leaves quickly, which Neal can’t help but notice. Carly’s attention seems elsewhere afterwards. Their date is cut short when Neal has to leave because of business. Casey commiserates with Chris of all people about Emily, and he gives him some valuable advice. Carly calls Holden to tell him that he didn’t have to rush out of the restaurant on her behalf, but he blows her off brusquely claiming he was worried about Aaron almost dying last night. Carly goes to see if Holden is alright and the two of them end up venting to one another about life and realize they are in the same boat. Mike lends support to Lily, who wonders what Carly has that she doesn’t. Chris wants to take Allison home, but she balks so he wonders if she is still afraid of him. She tells him that they are fine, but she is staying with Aaron. Allison tells Chris that she is confused and needs space. Casey tells Emily that he will give her an annulment, but Emily wants to stay married because she doesn’t want to lose him. They end up reaching a compromise. Holden wants to be with Carly, as she tries to deny her feelings. Holden tells her that he is tired of denying their feelings because his marriage is over. Carly tries to deny their connection, but they wind up kissing and undressing. Lily and Mike end up kissing. Carly stops herself and Holden from going any further claiming that they need to do the right thing because she did not chose the right thing before when she slept with her best friend’s husband; she walks out on Holden. Lily and Mike start to have sex.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Beth is all smiles as she tells Katie that she found some pre-natal vitamins in the trash. Someone in this house must be pregnant. She assumes it is Brooke and Katie must jump in and tell her she is wrong, it is she that is pregnant. She absolutely wants to keep it a secret and not tell anyone else. Beth guesses that it is Nick’s child. Does Nick know? She will have to tell Bridget eventually. Bridget brings up the subject to Taylor about Katie being Jack’s Godmother. Taylor apologizes for past things she accused Bridget of. She surprises Bridget by saying she has already asked Ashley Abbott. Regardless, Bridget continues her campaign for helping Katie and Taylor agrees. Marcus tracks down Owen at Donna’s and assures him that his mother does not need him here. The last thing she needs is to spend time with a loser. He’s wasting his time cozying up with some rich woman so move on. Owen denies he has anything to gain here. He is just a friend to Donna, yes one that he is attracted to, but nothing is going to happen there. She is happily married.

Steffy sets up her fantasy date with Marcus and orders the romance package. She admits to Rick that she is in love with Marcus. Marcus goes straight to Ridge who is agonizing in his office. Marcus accuses him, but then is sympathetic when he hears that Ridge changed his mind and wants Eric to stay on life support longer. Ridge tells him they don’t need this stress between the two families. Marcus knows he means that for him personally, stay away from seeing his daughter. Ridge tells Marcus he’s doing a good job, and he has no objections to him working here. But Donna’s long lost love child is not going to be dating his daughter. So end this flirtation now; it will be best for everyone. Bridget bursts in on Beth and Katie, and realizes Katie is going through a rough time. She tells her she can always confide in her. She doesn’t understand though when Katie says she can not be Godmother to Nick’s child. At the secluded site Steffy greets Marcus with a kiss and tells him they have something real, so she doesn’t understand his reluctance. She begs him not to listen to her dad, not now.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Chaos reigns at the hospital as more smoke/poisonous vapor pours in through the ventilation system. Steve and Joe are locked in the lab. Later, Kayla also gets locked in there while looking for them. Both Steve and Kayla pass out. Lucas and Chloe are also on the seventh floor. They separate to look for a way out, and Chloe hallucinates that her face is scarred again. Lucas also succumbs to the vapors and passes out. Sami hallucinates that EJ is Stefano. After she runs into the real Stefano, he tells her that he wants her and EJ to procreate and lead the family. Sami runs away into the stairwell and later trips EJ, thinking he is Stefano. EJ lies motionless at the bottom of the stairs. Stefano removes Marlena’s oxygen mask. Tony leaves a weak Anna in Stefano’s room while he and John look for a way to ventilate the floor.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

After the scare with Anthony, Alexis turns to Jerry, who vows that though he is dangerous still, he will never be a threat to her and will protect her from Anthony. Anthony is sure Claudia knows how to find Johnny. Meanwhile Johnny wants Lulu to get treatment for her potential madness. After Spinelli faints, Jason takes him in and Dr. Hunter treats him, or tries to, but the diagnostic light hurts his eyes and Spinelli won't cooperate. Maxie overhears the doctor's frustration and comes to Spinelli's defense. Jax visits home and Carly makes another effort to get him to stay.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Remy is at the park just walking. He throws back a ball that came toward him. He makes a call. Mel is a Company talking to her mom on her cell when Alex walks in. Alex waits patiently until Mel finishes her phone call. After which Mel sees Alex and smiling asks her if she wants her to by a cup of coffee for her. Alex says no. At the Mansion. Bill has come home from the memorial. Dinah tells her brother she is sorry she missed it. Alan figures out that Beth has been taking some courses at night. Alan is not happy about it. She says the reason she goes at night is to be with Peyton. Lizzie has had it with the fight and butts in saying she would be glad to be a babysitter for Peyton. Lizzie is speaking to a Mrs. Jones. Alex finds Alan doing nothing. Remy is in his EMT uniform outside. Beth is talking to baby Peyton. Alan and Dinah have a meeting at Company. Alan says he will not share his company with her, but cut her a piece. Then he mentions Gus. Dinah jokes that she is not writing songs with Johnny Cash. Bill and Lizzie talk at the park about the company and Alan.

OLTL Recap Written by Jeannie

Gigi and Rex think about each other. They throw a going away party for Rex/Bo. They go into the living room. Emma asks Rex to go for a walk. They go down to the barn. Gigi and Delphina wait for the right time to go to the fence. Gigi tells her about Rex, Shane and Brody. Layla argues with Brody about Rex being Shane's real father. Adriana sends Gigi Rex's toothbrush for DNA. Brody opens the envelope. Clint finds out about Asa/Bo sending Maria away and argues with Bo as they are about to leave to go to the fence so they can go back to 2008. Clint tries to punch Bo but knocks out Rex instead.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Jana’s bachelorette party is on and popping at Indigo, too bad Amber has to get wasted to enjoy it as she’s forced to endure the presence of Daniel and Colleen (who are on a date). Lily moves out of the love nest Cane and her prepared to build, not denying that there is still love there. Daniel and Colleen’s date is a bust while Michael and Kevin bond. Tyra reveals that she is not Ana’s mother making her Devon’s sister.

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