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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Adam is on the phone when Krystal comes to visit him at his home. Krystal tells Adam that she is there to tell him good-bye. Ryan remembers walking in on Aidan and Greenlee’s wedding. Kendall, Zach, Annie, Ryan help Greenlee and Aidan celebrate their wedding. Randi walks out of Fusion, disgusted that she hadn’t gotten the job at Fusion. Zach orders the drinks and food for the wedding reception. Carmen and Randi discuss Frankie and how he treats Randi. Frankie meets up with Jake at B.J.’s. Jake questions Frankie as to what he was going to do to Fletcher. Adam lets Krystal know that she is the one good thing that had happened out of all this mess. Kendall is still “leary” of Annie’s actions. Krystal tells Adam that she doesn’t love him anymore. Adam calls her a “liar.”

Frankie and Jake discuss that Frankie had tries to get Randi to leave town. Randi comes into B.J.’s. Frankie and Randi’s eyes meet. Greenlee and Aidan continue to celebrate their wedding. Krystal says good-bye to Adam. Carmen arrives back at the Chandler mansion just as Krystal prepares to leave. Carmen goes into the living room and pours her and Adam a drink. Frankie and Randi kiss. Greenlee and Aidan leave the casino to go to their bedroom. Ryan, Annie, Zach and Kendall follow.

ATWT Recap Written by Gisele

As Margo and Rick point guns at each other, Tom screams in pain and Aaron drops in through the air vent. After shooting Aaron in the shoulder, Rick tries to escape from the hospital by taking Alison hostage. Chris finds the antidote and gives it to Bob, then follows Rick to the roof where he's able to save Alison, but there is no more antidote for her, since Bob gave the last of it to Susan. While unconscious, Susan has an out-of-body experience in which everyone keeps disappearing. Chris is able to make more and gives it to Alison just in time. When she awakens, Alison thanks Chris for saving her life then goes to see Aaron who's just had surgery. Meg has received her antidote and sits with Paul in Aaron's room where she apologizes for what she did. When Emma goes to see her grandson, Paul invites her back to Fairwinds. After Tom has heart surgery to replace his collapsed stent, he and Margo express their love for each other. Margo thanks Emily for helping Tom. Chris is happy that his parents now accept his marriage to Emily, but she's not so sure.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna is surprised to see Owen again, she thought he left town. He says he thought he might be needed. And this decision will be one she has to live with the rest of her life. Donna cries to Ridge that she can’t and won’t sign the papers. Eric needs more time and she is going to give it to him. Ridge rails they are just resigning him to living in hell and that Eric would not want that. Moments later he does a reversal and states that it is too soon. Oh my God, what was he thinking? He almost really killed his father. Donna forgives him and says all will be okay. Marcus warns Steffy not to be too openly loving at work. Until his mother and her father are okay with this, they have to be cool. Owen takes Donna home and she asks him not to leave just yet. He tells her to keep on believing in miracles and don’t stop. She is so grateful and doesn’t know what she would do without him. He assures her he is not going anywhere. Another employee tells Marcus that Owen is back.

Donna reminisces about her happy times with Eric dancing to tunes on the player piano. Owen turns it on and invites her to dance. He confides in her that he had to come back form San Diego. Life wasn’t the same. He needed to see her smile, her soulful eyes again. He won’t lie, he’s attracted to her. She almost succumbs to his closeness, but eventually tells him that she wants her husband back and if he is to stay there he has to respect that. He promises that as a friend he will not cross that line.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Marlena admits to causing Stefano’s coma. Kayla finds an antidote that will either make Marlena much better or much worse. John confronts Stefano, who vows revenge on everyone who betrayed him. Sami and EJ discover that they are all trapped on the seventh floor of the hospital. Purple smoke pours in through the ventilation system as they all discover that Stefano is missing. Kayla, Steve, Joe, Marlena, John, Sami, EJ, Tony, and Anna are all trapped.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Trevor urges Anthony to extend the family's protection to Lulu so that Johnny will have a better reason to come home. When Robin comes in for her ultrasound, she's very nervous, but Patrick works to calm her. Though surgery calls him away, she learns her baby is a girl. When Alexis informs Nikolas that the only way to save Lulu is to put her in the insane asylum, he turns to Claudia with plans to help get the two kids out of the country and into new identities. Trevor begs for Alexis to help him keep Johnny alive and out of jail. She would not be inclined to agree, but as the show ends, she finds Christina "playing" with Anthony.

GH: Night Shift Recap Written by Laurie

Leo and Saira try to stay professional after spending the previous night together.  Patrick tells Robert about the tumor.  Robin explains the seriousness of the situation to her father.  A French woman comes into the ER and claims Patrick is her “lover.”  Patrick denies the accusation and asks Leo to take over.  Suddenly the woman speaks English to Leo and Claire.  The woman thinks she’s in Paris.  The woman’s sister comes to pick her up.  Suddenly the “French” woman loses her hearing.  Epiphany and Toussaint go on a date.  Robin has reservations about Patrick because of the French woman.  Jagger brings Stone to GH to see Dr. Batra.  Robert has a “talk” with Patrick about Robin and the baby.  Robert and Robin have a disagreement over Patrick.  Kyle interacts with some interesting elderly patients from a nearby senior center.  Kyle gives the seniors a lesson on “safe sex.”  Dr. Batra tells Jagger that Stone is autistic and tries to reassure him.  Robin tells Claire Robert’s return makes her feel like a little girl again.  Jagger keeps the truth about Stone from Robin.  Patrick learns the “French” woman has “a rare brain disorder.”  The woman still thinks Patrick is her ex so he goes along with her and apologizes.  He tells the patient he’s found the woman he’s always been looking for, which Robin overhears.  Robin “sets some boundaries” with Robert.  She says “comments” about her “personal life” being off limits.  Robin is devastated when Patrick says Robert has colon cancer.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Bill is on the phone when Billy arrives at Bill's office. Billy leaves after few words and Bill is back on the phone. He opens his briefcase to see the band that was around the baby's foot. Lizzie is sorting laundry when she comes up with an item with Peyton's name on it. At the park Mallet and Marina are talking about the trial and case and Marina says she is going to get Cyrus and Grady for Tammy's murder. Alan arrives home in a good mood. Sees Lizzie just finishing the laundry. They talk about her pain. And his good luck. He wants Lizzie to put this whole event behind her and them and to go on. Dinah drops by Bill's office. They talk about grief and grieving. Before Dinah leaves she quotes her Dad, Ross. Mallet and Marina continue their talk about her and her feelings and the case that just closed. Dinah catches Mallet undressed in a towel. Alan is talking with Alex as to what he deserves for the family. Alex is back! Later Alex and Alan are playing cards and talking. Alex is not sure Alan's connections with Gus is legit. Alan asks her if it were possible to talk to Lujack would she? She answers yes! Billy gets Vanessa to help him talk some sense into Bill. But it doesn't work. Mallet and Marina sleep together. Billy and Vanessa have lunch after talking to Bill. Billy says her being with him taking care of Bill reminds him of years back. She admits she misses some of it too. Alan and Dinah talk about his just missing jail and what she has done. They salute to freedom. Bill and Vanessa talk more.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Bo and Rex are struggling to get out of 1968 and dependent on the help of the "professor". Gigi is struggling to find Rex and dependent upon the help of Madam Delphina. We see when Maria and Clint were prevented from being together after she got pregnant with Cord, in 1968. In the present, Cord reunites with Tina for the first time in many years. And he tells her that he cannot trust her around their daughter and cannot go back to her. She is heart-broken, knowing that Cord is still the love of her life. Blair and John are growing closer while she reveals she may not be over Todd. Todd and Marty are growing closer while he reveals to her that he may not be over Blair.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

A reluctant Cane is appointed CEO of Jabot Cosmetics at the big shareholders' meeting. This shocks everyone especially Brad. Kay tells Cane he does not have to marry Chloe to establish his legal ties. Amber plans Jana’s bachelorette party, while at Restless Style they prepare for another photo shoot and continue to bicker. Colleen and Daniel go out on a date.

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