The TV MegaSite's Monday 8/11/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Cassandra and Colby arrive at the Yacht Club. Cassandra sees Dré and runs to him, concerned about him. Colby is stopped by Pete whom she accuses of stalking her. Pete says he's just looking out for her, because he loves her but takes it back when she reacts in horror to his declaration. He just wishes he could be a different person, so she would like him. In Las Vegas, Zach and Kendall prepare to be witnesses for Annie and Ryan who want to renew their vows. Kendall has her doubts about Annie and feels that there is more going on than meets the eye. Zach tries to relive Kendall’s fears but wants to keep Annie as a friend to find out more about her brother's murder. Annie worries that Ryan just wants to keep her happy for the baby's sake, but he assures her that he loves her. Greenlee tries to convince Aidan to marry her right here and now, so as not to waste any more time. Even though Aidan has his doubts about getting married this way, he agrees. As the ceremony is taking place, Annie and Kendall decide to peek into the chapel and are surprised by what they see.  With everyone present, Aidan and Greenlee get married using her earrings. Tad wants to break into Annie’s car to gain evidence that will incriminate her, but Jesse advises him against it. In the end, Jesse turns his back and lets Tad continue his investigation. Jesse and Tad think it's curious that the lug wrench is missing from Annie's car trunk and wonder if it's the murder weapon. Pete, Colby, Cassandra, and Dré go over what happened again and wonder if maybe they didn't kill Richie after all. At Fusion, Babe and Amanda clash when they each hire extra help who just turn out to know each other. Once Carmen sees Randi, she decides to let her have the job.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Aaron is not allowed back in the hospital to see Alison. Margo realizes Rick is behind the poisoned gifts and that is probably why Paul and Barbara are working with him. Alison’s health continues to decline. Rick tells Barbara and Paul that he will give them the antidote if they get him $1million dollars and a helicopter. Emma learns Meg is in the hospital. Meg continues to see hallucinations of Sophie telling her to kill Paul. Chris realizes by the amount of toxicity in Alison’s blood that Rick is trying to kill her. Margo and Rick talk about what he wants in return for the antidote; he wants her to talk with the Governor about commuting his sentence. Between Barbara and Margo, Bob learns he needs to give Rick access to the lab. Tom is back in town and goes to see Casey, where he sees how sick he and Emily are and that they are married as well. Barbara gets Rick his money, while Paul rents a helicopter per Rick's request, but Margo is having them both watched. Alison’s heart rate is very low, but they are able to give her adrenaline to help her, as Emily is worried that she is going to lose her sister. Aaron figures out another way into the hospital. As Emily thinks she and Casey are dying, she pleads with Tom to never let Daniel know about her past. She also pleads with Tom that he give Casey his blessing over the wedding whether he means it or not, and Tom obliges. Rick tricks the guard and renders him unconscious with a needle allowing his escape. Susan’s path crosses with Rick next and he promises to save her daughters right before he kisses her and then sticks her with a needle too. Barbara is brought to the station with a suitcase full of money; Margo puts it together when she learns Paul rented a helicopter. Chris thinks he found the cure so he tries it on himself. Meg demands that ‘Sophie’ leave and suddenly her hallucinations stop. Paul flies the helicopter to the hospital where he sees Rick struggle with a guard, overtake him and take his gun. Margo and the police show up and foil Paul’s plan, but they are concerned when they learn Rick is free, armed and dangerous. Aaron is maneuvering his way through the air ducts of the hospital. Emma is on the phone with the hospital trying to get information on Meg to no avail. Chris realizes he has the antidote, and rushes to tell people. Rick takes Meg hostage by gunpoint and then shows up with her in Alison’s room. Chris finds Casey, Emily, Tom, Alison and Meg being held hostage by Rick. Paul and Margo show up and there is a stand off, as Rick taunts them about his antidote being really saline. When Rick is about to fire his gun because Margo won’t give into his demands, Tom tries to overtake Rick and has a heart attack in the process. Margo begs Rick to help him, but Rick tells her that they are going to negotiate first.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge cries goodbye to his dad and shuts off the ventilator. Brooke and attendants rush in and he tells them to leave Eric alone. He was in pain and did not want to be that way. His dad spoke to him and told him what he needed. He tells Brooke to call the family and have all meet in Dad’s office. When he tells them what he did, Donna attacks him and the others are aghast that Ridge took this decision upon himself without contacting them. He realizes they are on a mission to save Eric’s life, but he’s on a mission to save his soul. He pleads his case. Would any of them want to live like this? Then sign the paper allowing the doctors to take him off the ventilator. Donna pleads the opposite, give the doctors a little more time for Eric to come back to them.

Marcus and Katie talk on the rooftop lounge and he laments that finding his birth mother, Donna, was the best thing that ever happened. He hopes that a baby will be in the future someday for Katie. She mentions Owen, and Marcus tells him that he is gone and not coming back. One by one the kids share the agony and give their opinions, the hardest decision they will ever make. Donna feels for them, but she will not give up on her husband. She believes in miracles and he is going to be one of them. Even Stephanie loves him enough to let him go. Ridge begs Donna to sign the paper and let this be the last loving thing she does for him. Do it for the man she loves, set him free. He hands her the pen and she is stopped just in time by Owen entering. He tells her she is in control here, not the Forrester's, so don't let them control Eric's life.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami confronts Stefano about Marlena’s whereabouts when she goes missing. Anna and John go looking for her, and discover Marlena lying unconscious at her townhouse. She is rushed to the hospital. Stefano admits his involvement to Tony, and they argue about whether or not what Stefano did to Marlena was justified. Sami asks to speak to EJ alone after promising John to accept him for who he is. Meanwhile, mysterious smoke pours into the hospital through the vent system.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Nadine's kiss shocks Nikolas, but Liz has seen this coming. Before Nikolas can apologize for reacting badly, Claudia arrives with a message from Johnny, wondering about Lulu's potential for insanity, setting off Nikolas' fears for his sister and prompts him to confide in Claudia. Though Maxie rescues herself and Spinelli from becoming corpses by lying that they were about to have sex, Spinelli is humiliated that he needs rescuing. Jason warns both kids and Carly from getting involved in the mob war. Karpov refuses to cancel Sonny's contract.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Trial continues. Jeffrey, Reva, and josh are all sitting together. After a bit Josh gets up and talks to Cassie. Cyrus is talking to Grady. Daisy and Alan are at Tammy's grave and talking about going to church. Alan asks her if she goes. Daisy says no. Alan reminds her of when Gus protected her when she was found in the car. That she should trust her mother, Harley. Daisy is remembering when she first met Grady in a room that she was sharing. During court break, Reva talks to Jeffrey. He feels he is loosing the case and is sorry for Tammy and Cassie and Reva. Josh and Cassie meet. Cassie tells her she is not angry at him anymore. Frank look haggard when he arrives at Company. Natalia sees him and asks how it went. Frank says rough. Then Natalia sees Frank isn't telling her something she should know. He tells her that someone decided to shoot at Rafe and ask questions later. Frank assures her he is fine. Josh and Cassie have a talk with Mel about their divorce. Mel suggests a counselor. They say they have tried it and it didn't work. Mel hesitates and says ok. Then gives them advice. Trial is about to start up again when Daisy arrives. Reva corners her telling her Daisy almost gave her a heart attack because no one has been able to get in touch with her. The judge comes in and Jeffrey call Susan aka Daisy to the stand. He takes her back to the day of the accident. She tells the court she was sort of dating Grady. And was Tammy's cousin. That she loved "her cousin". Some questions Jeffrey asks are different from when he questioned her before. Jeffrey tells the Judge this. Daisy says she had taken something before the accident. Jeffrey tells the judge that Susan aka Daisy is lying to the car. Jeffrey asks about the moments after the car struck Tammy. Daisy says she was high. Jeffrey ask about Rafe and where she met him. Jeffrey then starts yelling about Daisy's lying. Reva is in the back with leaning on her hand shaking her head. Mel asks about the boys. Josh says he adopted them for life and is willing to share custody and take care of them. Mel says ok and that she will file the divorce papers and leaves. Josh and Cassie talk about family, Marah, etc. Daisy leaves the courtroom with Reva not far behind and catches up and asks, "What just happened in there." That she lied. Then they talk about Harley and Dylan and how they gave her up. Reva reminds her that he didn't even know until after she was adopted. Daisy says that now her adoptive parents are both dead she is now stuck with her birth family. Back at Cassie's Cassie asks Josh if anything happens to her that he'll take care of the boys. Josh says of course. Jeffrey has his closing arguments. Daisy is on the balcony listening to Jeffrey. The jury is in. They find him not guilty. Cassie walks in just in time to hear this. Reva is not pleased and shows it. Cassie is shocked. Grady and Daisy kiss. Reva tells Jeffrey he did the best he could. Jeffrey says it is not over. Then Josh comes in. Alan says with the trial over he is free.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Todd and Marty are comfortable together and getting along as he confides in her all that has happened to him. Marty similarly confides in John where neither still have a clue just whom Todd is "seeing". Tina admits to Sarah that she is still in love with Sara's father. Cord coincidentally comes to pay his family a surprise visit. And Clint and Nora both remark how Cord has been single for a long time and may still be in love with Tina. Starr calls Cole. He tells her that they are through and he is not going to reconsider. The Buchanans are still struggling to find a way to get B.E. back from Dorian. Tess has hired a construction guy and obviously has a "plan" that is no good. Natalie and Jared know that they are not welcome in the family yet discover that Tina may be their friend.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

Lily and Cane face a huge dilemma with the results of the DNA leaning towards Cane being the Chloe’s baby daddy. Lily advises Cane to marry Chloe for the sake of the baby. Adam is on the rampage and pissing off everyone except Heather, who tells him that he’s doing the right thing referring to his handling of Victor’s disappearance. Nikki goes to Jabot and confronts Jill and Brad about them luring David into gambling so they could oust her and David out of the company, this information provided by Adam.

Nick and Phyllis make out, Lauren and Michael discuss the whereabouts of Michael’s biological father and Tyra expresses the importance of family to Neil.

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