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AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Cassie let Jesse have it about putting Dre in Jail. Annie sees Ritchie’s ghost who is at the casino taunting her. Zach has instructed Kendall to watch and observe, but she continues to talk and question Annie’s behavior. Tad, and Jesse come up with new theories about Richie’s murder. The lists of suspects are Zach, JR, Babe, Kendall, Greenlee, Ryan then finally Annie. Jesse thinks that maybe Richie was dead before Dre hit him, which would make his death a murder case. Annie let it slip to Zach that Richie wanted her to believe that he kidnapped Babe, because he loved her. Zach asked Annie if she saw Richie after he kidnapped Babe; Annie lied and said, no.

Krystal sniffs Colby’s water bottle; Colby catches her and is furious. Tad wonders if Annie could have killed Richie; Jesse tells him that Zach knows something about Annie, but is not sharing it with him. Jesse is suspicious, because Annie had Richie cremated too quickly, could she have done it because of incriminating evidence? Jesse finds Tad breaking into Annie’s car. Ryan asks Annie to renew their vows! Zach tells Kendall that Annie knows more about Richie’s death than she is letting on. Aidan asks Greenlee to marry him!

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Lily catches Holden hugging Carly at the Snyder farm. Carly begs him to go after Lily, but he’s done. Lily won’t listen to him and it takes two people to make a reunion happen. He tells Emma that he can’t spend the rest of his life doing damage control, he’s done. Meg fights the restraints and Paul tries to comfort her. Figment Sophie taunts her. Susan advises Emily to sleep, she can see Casey later. Susan checks on Alison too and advises Aaron these are her daughters, so yes she is doing everything she can, but she doesn’t even know what it is! Dr. Bob tells Kim and Chris that the reports are coming in and all of them seem to be the same for Emily, Casey, Alison, Chris and Meg. Kim finds Chris’ watch and denies sending it to him. Who did? Chris then questions Susan if Alison ever received a gift lately and she checks on if Alison’s dad really sent her the bracelet. They send it to the lab for tests. They discover Barbara’s necklace, the one Meg wore to her marriage and constantly since. Barbara is surprised by a phone call from Dr. Decker. He thinks he can help her family.

Emma visits Carly, no lectures, just wants to plead with Carly one more time to get through to Lily and assure her she has no designs on Holden. She tells Holden perhaps he is willing to give up, but she can’t. Carly goes to see Lily and is rebuffed by Luke. Lily doesn’t believe Carly’s pathetic lies. Carly fires back that Lily is her friend, but the biggest hypocrite she has ever known and Lily throws her out. Holden reserves a room at the hotel for a while and tells Emma they will all survive this, even her. Dr. Decker tells Barbara and Paul that Meg will be as good as new soon…..if they can come to terms for his help. He can save those people. Barbara put him in jail, so she can now help him escape.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At Forrester’s, Katie tries to focus on business but can’t. She keeps hearing Nick’s words over and over about this baby. She has flashbacks of Catalina, and now this miracle of life. Nick tries to comfort Bridget about her dad’s condition and to give her hope. She wants to talk to him about Katie and her being Jack’s Godmother. Nick tries to duck that, but she reminds him that he didn’t want to talk about it last night either. She can’t think of a reason why Katie would not want to do this. Ridge sits by his dad’s bedside and realizes Eric is getting worse. He cries that he needs him, this is not his dad. He needs some sign, blink his eyes, something. He hears “let me go.” Did he hear it, or is he losing his mind? Ridge begs Eric to hang on, but Eric repeats he is ready to go. Ridge is the only one who can…..please let him go! He repeats it to Brooke that he got his sign. He was not hallucinating, it was his dad.

Bridget knows something is bothering Nick, but he sloughs it off as him just worrying about her, her stress with all she does. They can make it through these tough times. Ridge looks at his dad and cries that he knows he does not want to be here, stuck here like this. He kisses him good-bye and says he loves him so much. He has flashbacks of his dad and himself, an unbeatable team. But now let him go! As agonizing as it is, Ridge’s fingers slowly moves to the machine and he pushes the off button.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

After a reporter accuses Bo of destroying the evidence in the Paul Hollingsworth case, Bo folds and admits that he destroyed it. Roman arrests him. Melanie and Max both get arrested when the bracelet Melanie gave Max turns out to be stolen. Stephanie shows up, but doesn’t have enough money to bail Max out. Georges bails Melanie out, and Stephanie ends up in jail with Max. After Phillip learns of Bo’s arrest, he tells Morgan about the tape. She slaps him and runs off. Stefano tells Tony and EJ that he knows about John running his empire. He divulges that Marlena was the one that put him in the coma, and that he is going to get his revenge. Meanwhile, Marlena lies on her floor unconscious.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Although Jerry shows up with a tip about where the next bad drugs incident might occur, he only incurs more suspicion from Sam and Nikolas. After Claudia rescues Nadine from Ian in a dark alley, Nikolas chews Nadine out, then takes Claudia aside to ask if she can reassure him about Lulu and Johnny being okay. She can, as she has spoken to her brother on the phone. Sonny finding out that Karpov has been trafficking drugs threatens to blow their deal and possibly end his life before Kate can have her dream wedding. Maxie does her best to boost Spinelli's ego until Jason interrupts and demands that Spinelli take the PDA Carly swiped from Karpov and use it to find out everything possible. Johnny works to give Lulu a special birthday. Karpov makes implied threats to Mike and refuses to let Sonny quit working for him.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Opening scene is at Tammy's grave. Reva surprises Jeffrey at Company by offering a cup of coffee to him. They apologize to each other. They talk before he gets up and goes. Daisy meets up with a shaven Grady. She tells him they are making her testify. Grady can't understand how when she wasn't even in the car. After a bit he leaves her at the pond. Cyrus gets some information. Beth still isn't convinced of Alan's visions. He tells her he'll have to believe for the both of them. Josh goes to see Cassie. He is not sure he can handle the trial. He tells her he still cares. Cassie views pictures of Tammy and RJ on her computer. Cyrus sees Grady coming toward him and closes the file of info he received. Grady sees the file on Cyrus' lap and asks what it is. Cyrus lies to him saying it is nothing. Reva meets up with Daisy and wants to take a walk. Daisy walks away from her. Jeffrey is talking to a fellow lawyer. Grady talks to Alan about what he will do if he goes down without him. Trial begins with a female judge. Jury is brought in. Each lawyer does their opening statements. There is a coffee break and the jury leaves. Reva walks up to Jeffrey to lend support. Jeffrey is not sure of how the opening statements went with the jury. Reva talks to a woman named Grace. Reva says she is worried about her. Grace tells her not to. Reva just can't shake the feeling something is wrong. She enters the courtroom as questioning of Frank Cooper begins by Jeffrey. The opposing counsel is grilling Frank. Jeffrey gets up asking about juror #2. He asks her about Alan Spaulding. Jeffrey says she saw her with Alan as one of his followers. The judge wants all in her chambers and has the bailiff get the alternate juror. During brake Alan and Grady talk. Grady threatens Alan with an orange suit. Outside, Cyrus and Cassie see each other and talk. He gives her the information he got earlier. Cyrus tells her that he gave Grady a miserable life. Just as they end their talk, Reva walks up. Cyrus leaves. Reva can't believe Cassie met with him. Cassie says she doesn't believe anything he says. Beth tells Alan to put his family first. Daisy goes to Tammy's grave. Cassie is on the stand after trial resumes. The defense takes a crack at Cassie, but she holds her ground. She does look over to Jeffrey, he smiles. She looks up at Reva, who is in the Gallery and Reva smiles and nods her approval. Alan goes to Tammy's grave and sees Daisy there. They talk about Tammy and Gus.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Rex and Bo are still stuck back in 1968, dependent upon "Delbert Fina" to help them. At that same time, Gigi needs Madam Delphina to take her to find Rex. Tina informs Natalie and Jared that she does not hold a grudge against them for what they did. She informs them that Asa kept Clint from knowing his son, who is her husband, Cord. And we go back to the past to see when Clint (played by Jared) got Maria (played by Natalie) pregnant with Cord Roberts. Bo plays Asa, attempting to bribe Maria to leave his son. John and Antonio struggle to find Talia back in Mendorra with no help from the mayor.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

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