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AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Greenlee, and Aidan are in Las Vegas playing at the craps table. Zach, Kendall, Ryan, and Annie are on the Cambias Jet going to Las Vegas. Ryan comes over to Zach and Kendall and asks why are they really on the trip with Annie, and he. Fletcher’s goons throw Frankie into a van, then closes the door. Fletcher is in the van pointing a gun at Frankie. Kendall, and Zach convince Ryan that they want the extended family. Randi is at Confusion waiting to meet Frankie for lunch. Fletcher calls Randi, then cuts her loose as long as she stays out of his territory.

Fletcher wants Frankie to buy out Randi’s five-year contract or he will hurt or kill her. Amanda gives Randi her card so she can call and schedule an interview. Frankie suggests that Randi leaves town. When Kendall asks Annie about the car accident, she becomes defensive. Babs encourages Aidan and Greenlee to get married. Jake is jogging when Taylor runs past him. Jake runs to the end of the track and sees Taylor there. They introduce themselves; she rushes off. Ryan daydreams about Greenlee then tells Annie that he is thinking about the woman he loves.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Carly asks Henry to pick up more of the slack at Metro.  Luke pleads with Holden to reconsider signing the divorce papers Lily sent him.  Lily tells Mike that Carly and Holden were having an affair.  Meg continues to see hallucinations of Sophie telling her that Paul is against her, as Paul tries to get her help with Dr. Michaels.  Holden goes to talk with Lily about the divorce papers and sees her flirting with Mike.  Henry agrees to help Carly out when she explains that she is trying to get over making a mistake with a man and she needs to spend more time with her family because of that.  Henry tells Bonnie that Vienna left him.  Lily flaunts hanging out with Mike to Holden.  After Holden leaves, Lily continues to flirt with Mike, who suggests they stay friends so none get used or hurt.  Confused and overwhelmed with delusions of Sophie, Meg holds a gun to Paul.  Lily asks Mike to lunch.  Holden goes to Carly and asks her to help with his marriage; while asking Carly to talk with Mike, he also sends her mixed signals.  Bonnie receives a big chunk of money from a sketchy client she got off on a technicality and she voices her displeasure about what her occupation is now like.  Paul struggles with Meg for the gun, gets it a way from her, and then calls for an ambulance.  Carly talks with Mike about his interest in Lily, as Mike explains that they are just friends, but when Lily arrives dressed to the nines, Mike realizes he wasn’t clear enough with her.  Lily is hurt when Mike essentially turns her down, but Mike is adamant that he wants to be her friend; he even offers her advice as to how to handle forgiving Holden.  Meg is admitted to the Psych ward.  Lily decides to go see Holden.  Carly goes to see Holden to give him an update.  Henry asks Bonnie to work for him and she finally agrees.  Lily walks in as Holden hugs Carly thanking her for talking with Mike; Lily is incensed. 

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick tells Katie that those memories on Catalina are theirs. She knows, but it also is going to be very real for Bridget. Nick justifies it as pure and honest as they thought Katie was dying, but they can’t hide this. They agree to wait until the baby is perhaps past the initial peril of risk before they tell Bridget so they can protect her from the hurt as long as they can. Ridge is on his way to the hospital, but tells Bridget that he needs to know exactly what Eric’s chances are and what is happening? She explains that brain damage may have been done over this length of time. Prognosis is not good and full recovery is highly unlikely. Ridge muses how will they get along without their dad? He can’t believe this is it. There must be some treatment or some specialist that can help. Bridget reminds him there will come a time that the family will be asked to make a very tough decision, to take him off life support.

Brooke tells Ridge that he’s the head of the family so the others will be looking toward him to make the decision. They need to prepare Donna. Ridge agrees. Despite all their differences, they love each other very much. But not just Donna will make that decision, the whole family should be there and make the best decision to end Eric’s suffering. Nick insists that the man upstairs must have a plan, so take it one step at a time and think positive. Right now, this baby is meant to be. Katie clings to him.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Bo and Hope arrive at the church to renew their vows. Doug and Caroline preside over the wedding, and Steve and Kayla give us a quick history of Bo and Hope’s previous weddings. After the ceremony, a reporter shows up, asking Bo how he can live with himself, since he’s a liar and disgrace to the police force. Lexie confronts Tony and EJ about why they have acted so concerned about Stefano. They tell her that they are afraid of what kind of revenge Stefano will wreak when he wakes up. John almost smothers Stefano, but Marlena calls and distracts him. A masked man with a syringe stalks her as she and John argue about Ava. She admits that she told the police Ava left town. John tells Marlena that he is with Stefano, but says he won’t hurt him, as he has something else more important to do. Later we see him at Bo and Hope’s wedding. The masked man attacks Marlena. EJ and Tony discover that they both know Stefano is awake. The head into his room and demand to know what he is up to.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Karpov attempts to seduce Carly, offering her all the material goods she could want in return for "gratitude" in the form of sex, but she refuses to be bought or betray Jax, in reverse order. Meanwhile, an alert employee sees Carly go with him and lets Jason know. Kate and Sonny discuss a happy future, but both are somewhat worried about the risks of happiness and Sonny does not want to live off a rich wife. Nikolas orders Nadine not to stalk Dr. Hunter. Lulu is haunted by Logan's specter, prompting Johnny to offer to run off with her further, despite their promise to babysit Lotus. After running into Jerry during her undercover work, Sam is even more convinced he is a suspect, something Nikolas agrees with. Jerry does declare his love for Alexis to her as they "chat". Lucky can't arrest anyone on mere hunches though. Jason rescues Carly from Karpov.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Olivia is feeling down about her daughter and thinks no one understands, not even Jeffrey, so she leaves him. Buzz and Natalia talk about important people in their lives they've loved and lost, like Gus and Rafe, but wish to communicate with. They go visit Beth and talk to Alan on the phone.  Ashlee calls Daisy to see if she needs a job. Daisy tells her about her problems with Grady and the trial. Ashlee encourages her to tell the truth. Ashlee next visits Olivia. While Daisy is talking with Grady, Frank appears and tells her he had her car towed. As Beth and Alan argue, Jeffrey shows up and advises Alan to confess. Daisy doesn't appreciate being treated like a criminal by Frank. Grady tells Daisy where her car was taken and helps her get it back. Jeffrey warns Daisy not to lie on the stand. Ashlee makes another blog entry.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Cristian, Antonio, Sarah, and Tina return home and run into Viki in the airport. Viki is shocked to see her sister after all these years. They catch up. Viki confirms that she is going to Africa. A mechanic comes to the house to inform Viki and Natalie that he knows that somebody deliberately tampered with the brakes of Natalie's care and it was attempted murder. But Tess intercepts him and persuades them to trust her and not tell them. Tina finds her dog after David gave him to nuns at the airport and returns home to meet Tess who has apparently never heard of her. Bo and Rex are still stuck in 1968 and attempting to get back to the present. Madam Delphina runs into Gigi when she's working at Rodi's with Brody. She seems to know how to help Gigi and Rex find each other even though they are not connecting on their own.

Passions Recap Written by Drew

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

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